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    1. Andythecat

      Today it was the turn of Sulz and I started not from the Sulz train station, but from the hiking car park at the Schillerhöhe. It is leaving Oberndorf (Balinger Straße), in the direction of Boll, left in the first sharp bend. From there it goes directly to the Boller Felsen.At the time there was only fog to be seen.No matter ... I know the view😇 So on along beautiful forest paths and paths in the direction of the Denkbach Gorge. There I ran further out of habit, I had to turn left down to the Neckar .. There you walk a bit and then turn right (also missed it), onto a beautiful forest path, to the Stumpen Hütte.Den the forest trail a bit, to the ruins of Albeck. Nice views and seating are available for a break. It goes down to Sulz and left to the Panoramaweg, which ends at the Stockenberg observation pavilion. From there you have beautiful views of the whole of Sulz. Then it goes down to Sulz, a little through the city and along the Jubiläumsweg like the direction ruin Albeck, which you walk past below. Now it's always slightly uphill towards Sigmarswangen. On the way there are the impressive sequoia trees. Later I saw another 4 "small" ones at the edge of the path. A small pond also invites you to take a break When you reach the Sigmarswangen hiking car park, unfortunately, there is a not so nice part: overland on tar, almost to the Celtic jumps. But manageable with good weather and mood. ”You come later on the Schillerhöheweg and the goal is the Schillerhöhe. A view In Oberndorf one expects. From there it goes over a beautiful path, back to the hiking car park. It was beautiful and a worthwhile tour for non-residents, especially since it is quite demanding, depending on your fitness Greetings Andy

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    1. Rusty

      Hello Andy, nice how you motivate yourself again and again and do your laps almost every day, before or after the shift. 💪👌👍
      Of the pictures, I particularly like the last two, with the reflections in the water. 🤩📷

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    1. Andythecat

      Today, as is so often the case, I was very, very undecided where to run. That has to be different: I wanted the Maisacher Turmsteig or the circuit from Sulz, but I didn't feel like it. So this circuit was selected from the Planachiv. Parking Wasn't that great and it was recommended to me to park at the community hall. From there it goes out of the village, on the Altensteig path. Above Altensteig you come out and has a very nice view of the old town. So down the hole and along the Nagold, to the water room, where unfortunately there was a construction fence around the entire bulkhead system. I saw a carp swimming there. The type of fish that was not listed on the boards😇 ... Shortly before the Men @ work barbecue hut, the turning point comes and it goes up to Monhardt, relaxed, beautiful forest and sunshine and just for me. ..schön.Monhardt hiked through and it was only 12-14%, later with a 17-18% gradient straight to the view of Monhardt. Then it goes to Waldorf. From there, on very pleasant, beautiful forest meadow paths to the Panoramaweg. The Panoramaweg leads to Egenhäuser Kapf. It's really nice there, with seating. A short descent to Egenhausen and you're back in front of your car. I didn't expect much and got all the more for it. I enjoyed the tour and tomorrow is an early shift anyway ... You don't have to be broken there😂😇 I graduated in Obi, with pizza and an Alpi😀Liebe greetings Andy

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    1. Andythecat

      Today I just wanted to do a little lap, to the Luftschnappa😉 and AnHei's Aischfeld waterfall loop fit very well. After a short drive, it started. The "waterfall" comes relatively at the beginning of the tour and a path leads along it to the left. It's not much smaller than the Urach, I mean - but it's at least a beautiful sight. To take a picture of it from below, you have to be careful. It's really greasy and without proper hold down there. A little further follows Circular route, as a path .... unfortunately much too short. After that, it continues on wild, wider forest trails. The area is generally quite wild. Lots of ferns, moss lichens and a forest floor interspersed with stones. When I wanted to photograph a crevice, I stopped Relatively close crack behind me. I turned around and a quite large fox was standing on the slope. Unfortunately, after a short period of reflection, he took his legs in his hand. At the turning point there is a small fish farm with trout and gold fox In addition, there is a private property with 2 donkeys. You have to avoid this off-grid and land up on the Hinterer Aischbachstrasse. There it goes along a little and leads to a beautiful path that is even quite long. Cross the street again and back to the starting point. Nice little tour that is worthwhile if you are in transit or live in the area. Greetings Andy🙋

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    10 de octubre de 2021

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    1. Andythecat

      Today's hike was a compromise hike, but a very enjoyable one So I rummaged through the archives and found this tour. It is also called on Komoot only round from Langen Schiltach. I have already hiked in St. Georgen and the starting point was also the Gasthof Staude From the hiking parking lot, it goes on easy paths to the Rappenfelsen. There are always beautiful panoramic pictures. The forest is also beautiful in this area. A good bit before the Rappenfelsen, the path becomes a path and it becomes significantly rockier. Before When I reached the Rappenfelsen, I looked at another rock to the left of it and climbed to the edge there and took the first pictures of the fantastic view. It is not the Allgäu🤷‍♂️😂, but a highlight in this area The ascent and the view are secured by the actual Rappenfelsen. Unfortunately, the view was clearly restricted in one direction by trees. From there you can see the Triberg. So on and it went over a path that opened to a wide path, towards Ober Rötenbach, which has a very nice little chapel.

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      • 10 de octubre de 2021

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    9 de octubre de 2021

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    1. Andythecat

      Description later ... Squatting in the garden with my brother is more important🍻😊Update:
      So now for the update 😉 Finally a normal weekend again, but still a bit broken from the painting So where should it go? Looked through my plan list and the Wiesensteig interested me the most. The starting point was the Rench and it went from there steadily uphill, but very moderate up to the beginning. You have very nice views with little altitude climbed. Later there are beautiful paths and stone crossings over the Wilde Rench. Really beautiful , but today's wind, the rustling of the trees and the sun created a great atmosphere. In addition, I was almost the whole tour for myself. Once you have reached the Renchtalhütte, the descent follows again and the paths become more beautiful again. Almost at the end of the tour, you still have beautiful views of the Dollenberg. I really liked the tour and the weather was bombastic Greetings Andy🙋

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      • 9 de octubre de 2021

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    4 de octubre de 2021

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    1 de octubre de 2021

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    1. Andythecat

      I chose this tour at short notice this morning, because my back is perking up again ... Hornisgrinde was actually on the plan. So I went to Alpirsbach, which is 20 minutes away, in front of my front door. Parking at the train station is no problem and after a short time In, it goes right away, slightly uphill along the Ehnisbach. A little later it is much steeper up until you reach the Jägerbrunnen and the Jägerhütte. Up to there there are a few gaps in the forest with beautiful views of the valley Part you change to the S1 path and it is really great. Large sandstones always look beautifully out of the ground. It is also nice and long. Next to the path there is a viewing platform, but it seems a bit pointless to me ... Who is waiting Here in the morning for the sunrise? That's what it is intended for, which certainly looks beautiful. The descent is again via wide paths, at the edge of which there are sometimes huge fir trees. At the Kapf it goes back to Alpirsb Oh, in and then after Komoot there is a small city tour, which I skipped because I know Alpirsbach well. I wouldn't have had any fun with it, due to well-known events. A nice tour that was fun. Greetings Andi🙋

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      • 1 de octubre de 2021

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    28 de septiembre de 2021

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