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    1. Gerhard

      Round trip Neckargemünd (Little Odenwald)
      Start at the Sinnenpfad parking lot in Neckargemünd. A piece of the Neckar cycle path upstream, then the ascent to Dilsberg and through meadows and forest to the stone table, probably the highest point of the tour. After an extended picnic break, it went downhill, via Lobenfeld and Mönchzell to Meckesheim. Then in Elsenztal via Reilsheim and through the Bannwald to Neckargemünd. The tour runs on good quality bike paths, a detailed route description is available here:
      OutdoorActive: The Neckargemünd round trip takes us through the Little Odenwald to historical sites, castle ruins, the Lobbach Monastery and back to the beautifully situated historic old town of Neckargemünd. Wonderful forest and nature reserves with their streams offer a variety of impressions. outdooractive.com/mobile/de/route/radtour/rhein-neckar-kreis/rundtour-neckargemuend-kleiner-odenwald-/17520494

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    1. Gerhard

      Castles cycle path near Annweiler or Trifelslandtour.
      The start was the hiking car park between Ranschbach and Leinsweiler. The signs for the Burgen Cycle Path can only be seen very sporadically. The tour is varied, a route description can be found here:
      A short but challenging round trip takes you past castles, through the Palatinate Forest and along the wine route. outdooractive.com/mobile/de/route/radtour/pfalz/trifelslandtour/30984600

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    14 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Gerhard

      Rhine-Main pleasure Route 10, excluding Groß-Gerau. Parking: in Stockstadt at Netto-Markt (journey 50km, 40 min.) A varied tour, mostly away from the country roads.RMV-Route10, through the Hessian Ried between Kühkopf and Groß-Gerau

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      • 14 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Gerhard

      LU, Mundenheim, Neuhofen, Waldsee, Koller ferry, Schwetzinger Wiesen-Riedwiesen, Rheinau, Reissinsel, LUSecond tour for city cycling LU.The path to the Riedwiesen was partially closed and is not necessarily recommended by bike. The Rheinau industrial area should not be driven through on working days. The bikes must be parked at the entrance to the ripping island. The walk is worth it!

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      • 8 de septiembre de 2021

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    6 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Gerhard

      from LU to the ferris wheel near Bad Dürkheim and to the pond in Ludwigshain southwest of Weisenheimriesenrad-citystar.deCity cycling in LU starts today: stadtradeln.de/ludwigshafen

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      • 6 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Gerhard

      Lu, Ma Neckar to railway bridge, Käffertaler Wald, Lampertheim Süd, Wilhelmswörth Weiher, Altrhein ferry, Friesenheimer Insel, LU.Picnic at the Schönauer hut in the Käffertal forest. The Fischerklause at Wilhelmswörth Weiher was still closed.

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      • 4 de septiembre de 2021

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    2 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Gerhard

      Kirkeler Wald: Listening tour, rock path, women's fountain, water rocksSuggestion for the rock path: out.ac/qIxgX
      Listening tours: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.locatify.guide.lauschtour

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      • 2 de septiembre de 2021

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    21 de agosto de 2021

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    1. Gerhard

      Mörlenbach, Wald-Michelbach u.z. - Solar trolley Überwaldbahn

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      • 22 de agosto de 2021

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    6 de agosto de 2021

    1. Gerhard

      from Schönbach via Gusternhain to the Heisterberger Weiher, via Driedorf and WWQ cycle path (Westerwald Querbahn) back.
      Break at the Heisterberger Weiher with a snack.

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      • 6 de agosto de 2021

  10. Gerhard hizo una caminata.

    5 de agosto de 2021

    A Gerhard, Susanne y 52 más les gusta.
    1. Gerhard

      Extra tour Dernbachwiesen northern part. Section on the LDB path.We started at the hiking portal near Seelbach, walked clockwise, against the suggested direction, took the shortcut and thus hiked the northern part. Half of the way there was heavy rain for an hour after a thunderstorm. After waiting for 30 minutes on a somewhat sheltered bench, we continued walking, the paths had become very muddy, as expected. When we reached the Temple of Jehovah the sun was shining again and we had a dry picnic break there.
      We liked this extra tour very much, the signs are sufficient and clear, the abbreviations are also signposted. It's a shame that the Temple of Jahntempel has grown over and the view over Herborn is blocked there.

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      • 5 de agosto de 2021

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