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  1. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    Hace 2 días

    64,5 km
    19,1 km/h
    650 m
    650 m
    A Eric, Speedy y 101 más les gusta.
    1. Bergmuffel

      Oh ..... actually I wanted to go through the Zückshut forest to the beer machine ... 😕Then I got away quite late and actually drove into the Berliner Ring again ...Let's see if that's shorter.And ... what happens ..... exactly why I NEVER drive on the Berliner Ring ..... all 42 traffic lights red. 😒
      And only 1 km shorter.
      Driven out the back of the beer vending machine ... it was quite good ... beautiful forest!After that I drove around here and there.I put myself off badly with the cover picture.Does anyone see the seating in the hill, or what it should be (Fig. 22)?
      Me too ... rushed in at full throttle! 💥
      A lot of spectators included .... 🤦‍♂️
      Luckily it went off lightly. 🥴On the way home, I didn't feel like the road or the Main ... so I drove home over the mountains.It was great .... even if I really messed up on the last few kilometers .... the junior will scold ... he first cleaned the bike!So it was no longer wet at all on the last descent ...FSA home!Curious tour & greetings!

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      • Hace 2 días

  2. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    Hace 4 días

    67,8 km
    15,6 km/h
    1.250 m
    1.260 m
    1. Bergmuffel

      With the great weather and the shabby prospects for the next few days ???Get on your bike!To be on the safe side, the minimal air loss at the front has been eliminated - refill sealing milk ... done!
      Up in my living room? ... Always good!
      Then panoramic to Baunach ... Great!
      Fortunately, during a break on the Main with a lot of crumble cake, the imaginary tour to the beer vending machine moved into the background!
      It was also too crowded for me down on the Main ... and too greasy ... so I took the Kreuzberg with me right away.
      Clearly with a great descent down!
      Hallstadt was circled on the flood dam with almost no roads ... flawless.Then, worthy of a highlight, the beautiful dirt road to Gundelsheim. With a great panorama towards Stammberg!
      Also one of my first mountain bike routes!
      Gundelsheim was also bypassed almost without any roads on the flood dam .... take whoever is there with you! Great way!
      My former home trails in the Zückshuter Forest are always worth a trip to me!
      The same goes for the panoramic dirt road with many potholes to Kemmern!
      Just awesome!
      In Kemmern another flood dam to go around ... great!And zap ... I was already very close to the other bank of the Main ... whoever thinks will be rewarded with a great trail in the beautiful Main meadows!Back in Dörfleins, the Kreuzberg was climbed again!
      The great descent to Oberhaid should not be missing on such a great tour.
      I am cleanly greased on a walk to Vierethsknock ... lay down on foot .. I can!
      Then the Rennweg was tackled after almost 50 km, like a mountain grouch ... Uphill!
      A detour to the east bank of the Möchsweihers was a must ..... clean!
      But then the Oberhammer!
      After a few kilometers of forest and muddy mud
      Rennweg expects me, as soon as I get my nose out of the forest, one mega view after another.
      I couldn't stop being amazed at the great evening light!
      Just genius!
      Then, however, the direct route up to Veitenstein followed ... with an already suspected worst-case scenario!
      Isn't the 20% mountain-like, rocky and root-penetrated slope enough on its own!
      Of course, the whole thing has to be interspersed with ankle-deep mud in places!
      Close your eyes and through ... and I was upstairs again ... in my living room.There was a lot going on at the top ... that's how it went ... conquering the last climbs with burning calves ...
      on the horny forest highway ...
      FSA home!Super nice tour & greetings!P. S .: On the first uphill to the Veitenstein, my thigh probably downloaded a hike and invited countless people to do it 🤦‍♂️ .... Bad planning..sorry for that & greetings!

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      • Hace 4 días

  3. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    Hace 5 días

    A Moni🌷, Klaaner y 115 más les gusta.
    1. Bergmuffel

      After a less than pleasant road tour around the outside, after a short pit stop there (with Stella's delicious pancakes) I fortunately did another lap in the Lußberger Forest.A detour to the Veitenstein was also included!That saved the rainy holiday!Unfortunately it starts to rain again with the dangling around Reckenneusig!So it went ...FSA home!Gentlemen's Day Tour & GreetingsP. S .: I wish all fathers the best on Father's Day!

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      • Hace 5 días

  4. Bergmuffel y madD salieron con la MTB.

    Hace 7 días

    A Alf ㊙️, Christine y 157 más les gusta.
    1. Bergmuffel

      Lockdownfreak madD has not been to the Altenburg for a long time ...
      So I promptly invited him to a mountain-grouchy delicacy tour.
      Shortly before six it was ...
      Get on your bike ...Nice and cozy, with panoramic views and trails rolled to Bamberg ... hardly a trace of rain.
      At the Aufseßhöflein shortly before Bamberg it starts to pour significantly ... so rain jacket out.
      It has been 10 years under its belt, but aweng is holding back something.
      Then the next chicane ...
      Railroad crossing closed!
      So back and into Hallstadter Str. In ... with countless traffic lights ...
      So I arrived at the Mühlwörth meeting point well-moistened.
      Shortly afterwards, the fat bike rolled up like a swarm of wasps.From there we went with a cozy chat in the pouring rain through the grove and via Sauersberg up to Altenburg.The cool Hollergrabentrail and the loop around the castle fell victim to the weather.But not the beautiful descent!
      My phone rings at the Waldschrat's.
      The junior worries and my wife basically insists on being picked up from the city.
      Here you go, do it like this ... the prospect of another 20 km way home in the rain wasn't that tempting anyway.
      So continue downhill with a great view ... always nice and slow, even the fat bike reached its limits with the smear.Then we splashed up the Domberg as planned to take the great descent behind the Michelsberg.A matter of honor!At the Otto Church, where my wife arrived at the same time as us, it was time to say goodbye.MadD then, shame on my head, wanted to completely slam down on the main trails (!!!).We'll see how far he's come!Pit-wet tour & greetings!

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      • Hace 7 días

  5. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    10 de mayo de 2021

    A Wuwl, hs-co y 122 más les gusta.
    1. Bergmuffel

      Because things went so well for me today, I munched on a bite after the round with the junior, enjoyed a cold hop bowl ... then it worked again ...Get on your bike!At first I actually wanted to cross the Veitenstein and then down the Rennweg ... and up again.But then I decided to do this mountain test on the way up to my living room.Let's see what height meters there are for a possible Everesting.So Veitenstein up.
      Then the direct descent to the main road to Lußberg.
      The whole thing back again.
      So, the direct way back up with the bike, of course pushing, is a good workout!Then thundered down the forest highway, be careful with the chicane below, you can quickly get away from the window.Continue through Reckendorf and straight up the bad ramps up the Kraiberg.
      Back down again to Höfen.
      The whole thing back again ...
      Then it went ...FSA home!Mountainous tour & greetings

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      • 10 de mayo de 2021

  6. Bergmuffel y Bergmuffel Junior salieron con la MTB.

    10 de mayo de 2021

    1. Bergmuffel

      After we had passed the time today with screws, the junior, and with cleaning, the old man, we clearly had to go out together.The bellies were full of sushi in the late afternoon ...Get on your bike!Via Leucherhof and the great main trails we jet to Dörfleins.After a sociable break at the foot of the Kreuzberg, we set out for a leisurely ascent.Once at the top, the great ravine was thundered down. 😁When we arrived downstairs, we immediately started a second round.Unfortunately nothing more came of it.Flat foot at the back of the junior. 🤔
      Fortunately, the little one never leaves without a backpack full of tools.
      So quickly patched it up, but then the motivation was gone.
      So it went ...FSA home!Kreuzberg tour & greetingsP.S .: A bet was made from Baunach onwards.
      Who would be home sooner.
      The junior on the street or me on the dirt road ...
      So I took a photo on the way, took the mountainous way home, showered at home and opened a beer ...
      No ... you lied ... we were almost as fast!

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      • 10 de mayo de 2021

  7. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    9 de mayo de 2021

    A Antje, Cadi1906 y 115 más les gusta.
    1. Bergmuffel

      Little Stella wanted to be in Eggenbach at 10 today. To ride.
      What is the old man doing during that time?
      He's clearly doing a lap!
      Yesterday I was still pondering where to go in this wonderful corner ...
      To cross the Eiberge again as an eager crosser of the Eierberge?
      The Banzberg was within reach and has been on the to-do list for a long time ...
      So I planned a little round there.
      This morning, however, I remembered the "keeper of the field" again!
      So quickly put the Banzberg back in the digital garbage can and aim for the "shaving brush tree".
      The wonderful lake landscape near Staffelstein was part of the planning.
      So the bike and Berviech stuffed into the car and off to Eggenbach.On very beautiful dirt roads and a lot of asphalt, I was immediately with the old tree veteran. The egg mountains always beautiful to my right!
      An awesome pause there.

      Then it went bluntly down to Nedensdorf.
      The Main stood across from me and the Staffelsteiner Lakes.
      So quickly to Unnersdorf to the next bridge over the Main.
      On the other bank of the Main, a quick run along the wonderful quarry ponds.On the continuation of the journey, behind meadows, a heavy pushing passage was rewarded with a wonderful view of the Main valley.After a less than pleasant descent on fresh gravel, I was already back in Eggenbach.Tree-like tour & greetings!And ... I wish all mothers the best for Mother's Day!

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      • 9 de mayo de 2021

  8. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    8 de mayo de 2021

    77,6 km
    16,2 km/h
    1.220 m
    1.230 m
    A illywhacker, Wuwl y 137 más les gusta.
    1. Bergmuffel

      After the domestic order was restored in the morning, it went in the afternoon ....Get on your bike!I climbed the beautiful high path to Baunach, then a dream trail down to the Main.There I went on another dream trail for a while until I spontaneously decided to climb the Kreuzberg.Probably because of the refreshing meadow run down!The overcrowded passage on the canal in Bamberg was unfortunately not very motivating, so I had serious doubts about the subsequent "storm on the Altenburg".Fortunately, on the beautiful uphill over the Sauersberg, it practically flipped the switch so that I drove the thing home.Pretty much ALL the ways up and down and around the Altenburg!Including downhill carrying passage where I almost dropped it on foot ... and down the stairs!I gave it to the Sauersberg by the way!After a lap of honor through the courtyard, the west tower was climbed!Of course I saved the most beautiful descent for the final.At the end I drove over the Michelsberg and the ERBA into the sunset.Although the legs were already heavy, there was still a short detour to the Main Canal confluence rich in water.There is a really great way to get there. Recommendable!Then it went through no man's land over the usual hot feeders ...FSA home!Altenbergrich tour & greetings!

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      • 8 de mayo de 2021

  9. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    7 de mayo de 2021

    24,1 km
    25,1 km/h
    100 m
    110 m
    1. Bergmuffel

      Actually, I wanted to accompany lockdown freak madD for a bit on today's (?) Tour.A plan with many variables ...Is he even going there today ...?.
      (Accidentally spotted a plan ...)
      Maybe he turned left after all, or right ...?
      (On the other main side ...)
      Isser through ..?
      (Sped past me in Kemmmern?)
      With too many variables, it was a colossal failure ...
      Didn't meet him.
      Would have been cool!
      It was worth a try ...
      Let's leave it at ...Get some fresh air & greetings!

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      • 7 de mayo de 2021

  10. Bergmuffel salió con la MTB.

    6 de mayo de 2021

    A Andreas, Fuentes y 107 más les gusta.
    1. Bergmuffel

      After work at home, for once, leave more chaos than eliminated ...... then I was gone again!Get on your bike!Before Baunach it starts raining, so I crumble into the forest.When you arrive in Bamberg, take the Gackensteinweg straight away .....Now I also know where little Wegla is going in the Devil's Trench ... namely there.To stay warm, a leisurely walk to Altenburg ...Then a new, old little path at the Altenburg was driven on, and I turned it out of a chic loop.Whereby the "Stückleinsweg" caught my eye.
      Very interesting....
      I will soon be driving to a "storm on the Altenburg" .... ouch .... because then it will have to be climbed a little more often ... the Altenburg!
      I'm looking forward to it!
      My scout troop at the point a "Thank you very much".Luckily I was able to bridge the worst bad weather with a coffee at Mühlwörth.Then I drove down the Michelsberg again at the back and up again ... back on Domberg, the rain starts again properly.So off towards home.Still caught the wrong dirt road in Kemmern!
      Then we went straight across the field ... the path freshly plowed ...
      The mare squealed, the junior is going to scold.The feet slowly got wet ...So quickly on ...FSA home.I still liked it and ..
      .... the wonderful photo of the Semberg was worth the trip!

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      • 7 de mayo de 2021

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