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Wanderer in und um Hannover. Ab und zu auch in Nordhessen unterwegs.
Andere Regionen in Deutschland warten auf ihre Entdeckung.


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  1. Sven y Joachim hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    11,8 km
    5,0 km/h
    250 m
    220 m
    A Sven, EmEf y 150 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      Today a short hike through the Deister.
      I started at the parking lot on the Nienstedter Pass. This was very well attended.
      Forest paths led me over the wall path to my intermediate destination, the Annaturm.
      Shortly before that, it went up again steeply and when I was at the top I was welcomed by the Annaturm for lunch.
      Strengthened it went from the Annaturm over forest paths to the radar station of the German air traffic control.
      Shortly before the parking lot at the Nienstedter Pass I saw a memorial stone for the assistant forester Heinrich Meyer and the caretaker Heinrich Bode.
      This was a short but beautiful Sunday hike, just right in these not-too-long autumn days.

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      • Hace 4 días

  2. Sven hizo una caminata.

    10 de octubre de 2021

    6,97 km
    5,6 km/h
    50 m
    40 m
    A Sven, EmEf y 168 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      Since I've already seen the everyday people of Celle at a few Komoot friends, I really wanted to see this exhibition by Christel and Laura Lechner myself.I myself am quite enthusiastic about the characters that have been integrated really nicely into the city and look as if they are in everyday life and we are allowed to look over their shoulders.A beautiful exhibition that can be admired in Celle until October 15th.

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      • 10 de octubre de 2021

  3. Sven hizo una caminata.

    9 de octubre de 2021

    8,04 km
    6,1 km/h
    40 m
    40 m
    A Jettebarney, Levram DC 🦊 y 160 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      In the evening a short walk through the illuminated Hanover.

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      • 9 de octubre de 2021

  4. Sven hizo una caminata.

    2 de octubre de 2021

    7,01 km
    5,7 km/h
    30 m
    20 m
    A Sven, Belinda Schönstein y 174 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      Today a short walk through the city of Hanover. From Hildesheimer Straße it went to the Aegi and on to the Kröpcke.
      I took a coffee break near the opera and then went back through the Maschpark and along the Maschsee to Hildesheimer Straße.
      Information about the robot:
      The sculpture bears the name Wertgigant and comes from the artist HA Schult.
      It represents how much electronic waste is generated in Germany every 72 seconds.
      The sculpture is 6 meters high and weighs a ton.

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      • 2 de octubre de 2021

  5. Sven hizo una caminata.

    23 de septiembre de 2021

    18,4 km
    4,4 km/h
    540 m
    510 m
    A Sven, Markus ✌️ y 181 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      Today I picked out Premiumweg 17 over the Waldkappeler Berge.To the tour:
      From the parking lot in Waldkappel we went to the Centbuche in the late morning. From there the forest path led me to the first observation tower on this premium path, the pioneer tower on the Mäusberg.
      From above there is a beautiful view of the Hohe Meißner. (You could also see some of the transmission towers, but they were too far away for the photos.)
      There were more steep inclines up to Knots Keller, a cave made of shell limestone.
      The path then led me to the Ziegenküppel lookout tower at 445 m above sea level.
      A beautiful new wooden tower with a great view of Waldkappel and a large wooden terrace, where it was wonderful to have a picnic.
      I took my snack and continued my way over the ridge.
      I noticed the many different figures on the ridge, only a few of which I photographed.
      It is best to go the way yourself for the other beautiful characters. All really would have gone beyond the scope.
      Via forest paths I came to the lookout point at Burghofen, where there is also a nice bench with a table.
      The Premiumweg led me through Rechtebach past the church, which I didn't visit because I simply didn't have the time.
      After I had crossed Rechtebach I went back to Waldkappel to the parking lot.
      On the whole, the tour through the many inclines was very strenuous, but it was easy to walk on the forest paths.
      There were some good highlights and nice views from the towers. I can recommend the premium trail over the Waldkappeler Berge.
      Today the weather played along very well.

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      • 23 de septiembre de 2021

  6. Sven hizo una caminata.

    17 de septiembre de 2021

    16,5 km
    5,0 km/h
    140 m
    150 m
    A Michael Karl, Sven y 152 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      Before leaving Ulm, I walked the fortress path around Ulm and Neu-Ulm.
      A very interesting and informative way about the federal fortress.
      The many pictures are partly informative and I took these photos so that I can read a lot in peace, because I simply didn't have the time on this tour.
      The federal fortress Ulm was one of five other federal fortresses and at the same time the largest in Europe.
      It was financed by the German Confederation and completed in 1859.

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      • 18 de septiembre de 2021

  7. Sven y Joachim hicieron una caminata.

    16 de septiembre de 2021

    5,59 km
    4,9 km/h
    20 m
    20 m
    A Sven, Jettebarney y 121 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      The destination of this route hike was the Wiblingen Monastery, located south of Ulm.
      The Wiblingen Monastery is a former Benedictine abbey that was founded in 1903.
      The monastery complex is located in the triangle between the Iller and the Danube south of Ulm in Baden-Württemberg.
      To the tour description:
      It went through the alleys of Ulm through the fishermen's quarter and down to the banks of the Danube.
      We continued a bit along the banks of the Danube to the Donaubad and on a tarred path past the campsite.
      After I left the campsite behind me, it went on the road to a bridge that led me over the Iller and also led me from Baden-Württemberg to Bavaria.
      A tarred path followed through the Pfingstengriess landscape protection area to Wiblingen to the monastery of the same name, which I visited.

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      • 18 de septiembre de 2021

  8. Sven hizo una caminata.

    15 de septiembre de 2021

    A Sven, Sabine Langguth y 127 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      One day after exploring the city of Ulm, I went to Blaubeuren. The goal was the kissing sow and the blue pot.Immediately after arriving from the train station, it went uphill, which was very exhausting.
      Once at the top I was rewarded with a great view and the effort was forgotten.
      We continued over rocky paths and roots that were slippery from the rain.
      Some climbs were pretty steep, but not like at the beginning.
      The steepest descent was on the way to Blautopf.
      When I arrived at the blue pot, I noticed that it shines really nice blue even in the drizzle.
      There I took my break and there was a pretzel and a pair of white sausages to strengthen myself.
      After circling the Blautopf, it went steeply uphill again. Arrived at the top of the Ascher Steig, it went downhill through the village of Sonderbuch.This was followed by the ascent to the Rusenschloß, which was probably built at the end of the 11th century.
      During the Staufer period, the castle served various noble families as a residential and protective castle.
      A very strenuous hike with a lot of vertical meters that I'm not used to, but the views and the rock formations were worth it.
      However, there is no grating or railing on the rocks, just a notice sign, stepping at your own risk is on the rocks.
      I can recommend this tour if you are near Ulm or Augsburg, but this hike requires a good level of fitness.

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      • 18 de septiembre de 2021

  9. Sven hizo una caminata.

    7 de septiembre de 2021

    A Sven, Adelbert y 143 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      After spending the night in Zündstoff City, we took the Urwaldsteig to the mountain station of the funicular up to the Peterskopf. From there I hiked a bit on the Warzenbeißer Kunstweg with some interesting works, such as the wind tower, the light house, the tense head and "the beginning".I hiked around the Bloßenberg and got beautiful views of the Edersee, which is well filled again.
      It went on streets through Bringhausen past the church and back to the bank of the Edersee.
      I found a cafe nearby where I ate a piece of cake and enjoyed a coffee with a view of the lake.
      After the coffee break, we went through the forest over the Urwaldsteig to the Peterskopf and back at the funicular to Zündstoff City, where we had dinner before we drove home.Quite a strenuous tour, but it was well balanced with great views.

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      • 7 de septiembre de 2021

  10. Sven hizo una caminata.

    6 de septiembre de 2021

    9,06 km
    4,9 km/h
    190 m
    200 m
    A Sven, fadenkäfer y 131 más les gusta.
    1. Sven

      A short walk in the afternoon after I checked in at the Edersee in Zündstoff City and moved into my hut.
      It went from Hemfurth to the barrier wall, once over the wall and a bit over the Ederhöhenweg to the small pulpit, from which one has a beautiful view of the dam.
      At the end of the way it was back on the main road past the crazy house, where the interior is upside down, back into Zündstoff City.

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      • 7 de septiembre de 2021

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