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  1. Nicolet hizo una caminata.

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    1. Nicolet

      Two days ago I decided to look at the white spots on my personal map and came across the Donnersberg. Little did I know that the weather forecast would send me there today.
      In the last few kilometers from where I started, I felt like I was in another world. An extremely narrow path ran along numerous curves, reminiscent of the single-track roads in England, only to end in a depression in the small, very pretty hamlet of Hahnweilerhof. Parked in the only possible place and after a few minutes already left the last house behind me and startled a hare. The first two kilometers were on a wide field and forest path, which I found extremely pleasant after the last experience. At a large children's camp I then turned onto a narrow path with gnarled trees and needle-like ground. Who would have thought that I would still be able to do K2 in my life? What a nice surprise. I had found some abandoned pits on the map and was curious to see what to expect. The first pit "Green Lion" could already be seen from afar, but unfortunately it was fenced off. As the rock in the pit already suggested, the entire subsurface was again and again either pebbly or very rocky. I crossed a gigantic field with a yellow hollow tooth, which I had taken for dead nettle (after all, both belong to the mint family - I feel rehabilitated). Again and again this wonderful path led out of the forest and offered a wonderful view over the gentle hills of the Donnerberg. This was followed by the two pits Katharina II and I, which are located directly next to each other. These are also fenced in, but you still have a good view of the fascinating rock formations, which give a rather arbitrary impression. We continued on a beautiful but wide forest path until it branched off to the right on a densely overgrown path. At first with reluctance, the nettles were still too firmly dug into my brain, I enjoyed this fantastic, rocky path more with every step. It's hard to believe that these rocky paths, which are more reminiscent of distant vacations, are practically on my doorstep. Finally, the Falkensteiner Gorge is what I really like. This additional little dangling is really something very special. However, for whom this staircase with the knee-high steps was built, I don't really understand. Maybe Rübezahl lived here? And the chain anchored in the rocks should create an alpine feeling, at least it is difficult to reach it at all.
      I have to walk back a little along the wide forest path and, completely surprisingly, I have a fantastic view of Falkenstein Castle. Here I am surprised by a downpour that not even the weather app knows about at the moment. By the time I've put the rain cape on myself and my backpack, it's already over and I reject the idea of shortening the tour. Falkenstein Castle offers a great opportunity to fully explore and walk around it. Then it goes steeply downhill in order to circumnavigate the castle on a rocky path and to catch a few wonderful views, which are embellished by a cloudy sky with wonderful depth. The Hohenfels ruins from which nothing more than the sign can be seen and another great lookout rock before I cross the Rote Halde. I'm lucky, it literally glows in the sunlight. A beautiful forest path leads me to the car, also past the hermitage.
      After weeks, I had pulled myself together again to go on a tour by myself and I really enjoyed it.

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  2. Nicolet hizo una caminata.

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    1. Nicolet

      This tour will be remembered for a long time, if not out of enthusiasm. The start was still leisurely from Rodalben, then on a narrow path on the rock path. The weather quickly changed from sunshine to a heavy downpour. Fortunately, we were not far from the bear cave and managed to shelter there and wait for the pouring to finish while making an important phone call. So far so good. We continued on a now quite wet and narrow path that kept growing. After we had crossed the shoed roundabout in Pirmasens, the wilderness continued to increase. The nettles grew thicker and taller. While we meandered through the muddy, completely soaked ground and nettles, always disregarding one of the two, our feet in our shoes smacked our lips with every step while our calves burned. I think we have never given up on a planned highlight, but this time it got really too much for us and we decided to do without the waterfall and turned back. Unfortunately, the further way was not necessarily better and in search of the tunnel entrance of the old Fehrbacher tunnel, which I had discovered as Lost Place near Kauai, we made our way through some nettle fields. Finally we decided that the tunnel exit had to be much further down and groped our way across the fields through the forest until we came across a steep and dry stream bed, which we then climbed down. It had started raining heavily again and we always listened with one ear behind us, whether suddenly torrential masses of water would overtake us from behind. Suddenly the rails were in front of us - but about 12 meters lower. While we were still wondering how and if we could get down there, a train suddenly thundered out of the tunnel. This was definitely not the abandoned tunnel. We fired at the retreat back to the top, which shouldn't be that easy. The steep terrain was covered with slippery clay mud and with every step the feet slipped down at least as much as they had walked. We would never have made it without sticks. Back again, the fight through the biting jungle should continue. Now we had also discarded the tunnel plan. (When transferring the off-grid section to Komoot, something did not go quite right, as I discovered later in Kauai's tour, we should have made our way further towards the waterfall)
      As soon as the jungle opened and gave way to a knee-high meadow, a modern concrete castle appeared in front of us (if I've done my research correctly, this is a waste incineration plant). A short overland stretch followed. I had feared asphalt on white Komoot paths - or in this case I had hoped for it, but here too we found lush vegetation. Soon we were able to look forward to a couple of pretty paths to the Mariengrotto, before our calves were to be further maltreated here as well. We didn't really know if we should be happy when the nettles were replaced by blackberries as we struggled up a steep slope to avoid the four-lane expressway. We made our way through the thorny bushes full of hope, as a white Komoot path should await us upstairs. Unfortunately in vain, the green hell continued. The tick spray had definitely been washed off by the many wet plants, and the sunscreen had been rained off the arms, however, was not a problem. As if it weren't enough, a horde of hornets suddenly decided to attack us, which at least spread the stinging and stinging over the whole body.
      The actually not too long route had robbed us of all (mental) strength and so the last three wonderful kilometers could not really compensate us anymore. Only the fluorescent moss or mesh in the rock bunker elicited a cheer from me. The overdose of serotonin, histamine, acetylcholine and sodium formate (Wikipedia) should painfully remind us of the certainly beautiful tour in autumn the next day. The next tour will definitely be a sightseeing tour.

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  3. Nicolet y Lada hicieron una caminata.

    24 de julio de 2021

    A Michael, Michael y 156 más les gusta.
    1. Nicolet

      Due to the volatile weather situation, the planned tour in the Palatinate had to give way to this one. It had been on my list for a while and I was very curious about the via ferrata around which I had planned this tour.
      The starting point was the large meadow parking lot at the outdoor pool and soon it was time to climb the first of today's numerous stairs. So we quickly had a nice view over the Main valley. At the start of the via ferrata the first disappointment, it was officially closed with large, unmistakable signs. It didn't help, we had to be content with more vineyard seasons and at least we chose a more spectacular one. The further way should lead us through the grounds of the city palace of Klingenberg am Main. What Komoot probably didn't know, this one is private. So we just took a quick look inside and turned back here as well. Due to the changed route, we suddenly stood in front of the old spice office. Let's go in and replenish our supplies. It is probably not often that someone with a climbing helmet goes shopping there! Unfortunately it started to rain now, but since it was very humid, we didn't wear rain jackets and enjoyed the numerous wild stairs. At 12:00 noon we got to the pretty observation tower with an adjoining restaurant. According to the plan, the tower should be open until 5:00 p.m., but we found it locked. Unfortunately the landlord did not give us the key. He must go straight away. And that on a Saturday lunchtime when numerous hikers were out and about and some were still sitting on his terrace. We then experienced more friendliness at Klingenberg Castle, which in turn was closed due to the Castle Festival. Here we were at least allowed to take a look inside while the dishes of the previous evening were cleared away. Down into the valley where the entrance to the Salamander Gorge soon welcomed us. Except for those painted on stone, we didn't see any salamanders, but the numerous wooden bridges gave the gorge a particularly idyllic charm. At the branch into the Heinenschlucht my disappointment about the lack of water quickly gave way when I realized that one would have to share the path with it. A great experience and my highlight of the day. Since we could not find the branch, we went back on the same route and were able to enjoy the rest of the Salamander Gorge. The conclusion was a long, wide ravine that led us almost back to the car. Even if we weren't able to actually visit almost all of our destinations, we found it to be a successful tour.

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      • 25 de julio de 2021

  4. Nicolet y Lada hicieron una caminata.

    21 de julio de 2021

    A christian, Andi y 111 más les gusta.
    1. Nicolet

      Since we had business to do nearby, we wanted to take the opportunity to explore the area. We parked in Frankstein on a small parking lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. The idyllic-looking path awaited you with an extensive nettle bath. Hardly any more than waist-high vegetables waded through, there were some fallen trees to crawl through or climb over. Then the path became wide and we didn't take much impressions of the Erlenbachtal. Since there was a lot to talk about and think about, we didn't perceive it negatively that the first half of the route wasn't particularly exciting. From the Glasbachtal onwards, nothing was left to be desired, a narrow path led above the flowing stream. This went over into the four Glasbachseen. Just a few minutes later, numerous old stone stairs awaited us, uphill, downhill, around Diemerstein Castle and through rocks. We were a bit disappointed to find that there is apparently no access to the castle itself, although it seems to be quite large and not so badly preserved. The only access we could discover was via a narrow spiral staircase in a castle tower. However, this was locked. From here it should go over a narrow path to a lookout rock, but the path was fenced off for the "Auerochs Project". At least we could see some of the animals grazing on the steep slope and we didn't regret not having to share the narrow path with them. So we walked along the easily accessible street until we came to the entrance of Frankenstein Castle. In return, all the more opportunities to explore this impressive building awaited us here. At the end we climbed the Rabenfells to enjoy a wonderful view of Frankenstein Castle and the railway tunnel below.

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      • 22 de julio de 2021

  5. Nicolet y Lada hicieron una caminata.

    18 de julio de 2021

    A Andiblum, Matthias Brandt y 131 más les gusta.
    1. Nicolet

      For a long time, Lada had wanted to visit Eltz Castle. Today it finally happened. Since we had to expect a lot of crowds and we had a long drive ahead of us, we arranged to meet at a P&R parking lot at 6:30 am. Neither of us had the thought that Moselkern could be a crisis area and were accordingly surprised when the access road was closed due to flooding. So we parked well in front of the place on the edge of the field and first had to hike to our starting point at the Ringelsteiner mill. The spontaneously chosen access route turned out to be a dream path over steep rocky paths. At the Ringelsteiner mill, the Elz greeted us, flowing brown, obviously with a high water level, but it didn't make a worrying impression. From here it went straight on on a wonderful path, also here partly rocky, always rooted and sometimes very narrow uphill. The constant ups and downs should accompany us throughout the day. When we arrived back down at the Elz, we had to cross it again and were allowed to enjoy the first view of Eltz Castle, which was lit by the sun. We knew that access was limited and we were happy to actually only be visitors 7 and 8. This is how we got hold of the first tour, which was still pleasantly thin with 6 people. (A guided tour is compulsory for 11 €, there is practically no outside area that can be visited apart from the café and the souvenir shop.) The tour was extremely interesting and the premises very impressive. With 80 rooms there were 40 chimneys and 20 toilets. A real luxury for the time.
      An hour later we left the castle gate and the first visitors streamed towards us from the nearby parking lot. It was very idyllic and went up again on a steep, narrow path. Since I had planned a round trip again, it was a supposedly boring way to go for the first half of the oval. Fortunately, the path turned out to be by no means boring, as the satellite image had suggested. On the contrary, it was quite varied, sometimes across the open field where luckily a pleasant wind accompanied us, sometimes shaded along corn fields, through wild paths and small wooded areas. So we reached the Eltz again faster than expected and the Pyrmont Castle greeted us from afar with its mighty walls. Here, too, a path that looks to the southern climes along sunlit rock faces. To our great regret and astonishment, the castle was actually still closed due to Corona. It's a shame, we wanted to spend our lunch break here. So we went on until we got back to the Elz, which rushed strongly here and plunged into the depths, and we discovered a cozy place for our Vespers below the bridge chapel. We had passed the zenith of the path and from here our way back began. Mostly along the Elz we had to find out what masses of water must have rolled along here just a few days ago, not a blade of grass was standing upright anymore, everything was covered by a thin layer of mud and where previously narrow paths accompanied the bank, the path often looked itself like a washed-out stream bed. Fortunately, all of the numerous bridges that had to be crossed had withstood the amount of water and the path was always passable, even if it was often quite obviously saturated with water. When we came full circle, we were allowed to take another look, this time from the other side, of Eltz Castle. Back at the Ringelsteiner Mühle we treated ourselves to a small sundae before we started the climb back to our car.

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      • 19 de julio de 2021

  6. A Andrea, Alf y 121 más les gusta.
    1. Nicolet

      It has been shown that it is much easier to drive to a nice tour than to create a successful tour at a certain destination. Since we were busy in the area, we wanted to take the opportunity to explore and with great difficulty I had put together a lap of the right length. We start in a parking lot not far from the Michelbach castle. A small castle that serves as a restaurant. From here we first have to go through the village to get to the vineyards. Here it is quite steep uphill and we have a nice view so quickly. On a pretty staircase we go a little downhill past a rusty lookout hut to an old stone hut. As soon as we leave the vineyard, the path becomes difficult. Again and again you have to avoid countless huge fallen trees, you can only rarely climb over them. In between there is knee-high grass, nettles and blackberries. To my relief, however, the complaints do not materialize, but I still keep in mind that I will have to wait a long time for another company after this tour. While we were making our way through the undergrowth, we must have missed the Hüttlengesäss castle ruins or they were hiding in them.
      After a beautiful and long ravine, we strive towards the Hahnenkamm Lake, where a nice prospect with a pavilion and sunbeds has been created. The steep rock face at the edge of the lake is impressive. From here the path becomes really beautiful, little overgrown, narrow paths with roots and rocks. After a few more meters of altitude we come to the pretty Ludwigsturm, where two viewing platforms can be climbed. Right next to it is a pretty hiking restaurant, which is a good argument for all the hikers who are now coming towards us. We are now at the height and a wonderful and rocky path leads over a wide ridge. From then on it goes steeply downhill again and the path is not always easy to see and so we come off the path twice. Leaving the steep terrain behind, the landscape changes, it becomes rural. Alzenau Castle can already be seen from afar. In the absence of time, we leave it to the sightseeing from the outside and start the way back, which mostly leads along the stream.

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      • 11 de julio de 2021

  7. Nicolet y Lada hicieron una caminata.

    7 de julio de 2021

    1. Nicolet

      Nach dem ultimativen Wochenende war es gar nicht so leicht eine Tour zu finden, die dagegen nicht verblasst. Es musste also ein Kontrastprogram her. Vorweg, ich empfand das durchaus als gelungen und mein Dank geht hier an Andrea H. mit ihrer phantastischen Vorlage zu dieser Tour.Start des heutigen Abenteuers mit Sightseeing war der riesige Parkplatz des Opel-Zoos, der auch wieder seine Pforten geöffnet hat. Somit war auch der Philosophenweg, der durch den Zoo hindurchführt, wieder begehbar. Erstaunlich, was einem hier schon als kostenloses Schmankerl geboten wird. Nach Durchquerung des Zoo-Randgebiets geht es weiter auf schmalem Weg um dann in dem wunderhübschen Städtchen Kronberg zu landen. Ich bin hin und weg, welch wunderschöne alte Fachwerkhäuser sich durch den ganzen Ort ziehen und die man über abenteuerliche Treppen erreichen kann. Ich, die Ortsdurchquerungen eher meidet und die Natur bevorzuge, möchte mich gar nicht trennen von diesem Kleinod. Die kostenpflichtige Besichtigung der Burg Kronberg verschieben wir auf ein anderes Mal, wir haben noch viel vor. Nächstes Ziel ist das Schlosshotel Kronberg, dessen spannende Geschichte ich erst zu Hause recherchiere und dann im Highlight dokumentiert habe. Das Schlosshotel liegt in einem riesigen Park der eine bunte Mischung aus englischem Rasen und überwucherten Wiesen darstellt. Schön ist auch der Rosengarten, der allerdings schon größtenteils verblüht ist. Hier könnte man Tage damit verbringen diesen zu pflegen. Da es keinen rückwertigen Ausgang aus dem Park gibt, müssen wir eine große Runde drehen, um dann ein großes Stück weg parallel dazu wieder auf der Straße entlang zu gehen. Kaum das Wohngebiet verlassen führt ein schmaler Pfad zum Viktoriatempel, dessen Namen weitaus pompöser klingt als das was uns geboten wird. Ich hätte es maximal als kleinen Pavillon bezeichnet. Genau mein Geschmack sind die felsigen Pfade und der Blick auf die Falkensteiner Burg. Um dort hinzugelangen müssen wir kurz den Ort Falkenstein mit seinem Grandhotel und der riesigen Klinik durchqueren. Das Fabrikartig anmutende Gebäude erweist sich bei meiner Recherche als Krankenpflegeschule des riesigen Klinkikums. Erneut ein Aufstieg über schöne Pfade zur Burg Falkenstein, welche leider nur an Wochenenden zur Besichtigung geöffnet ist. Direkt dahinter ist der Dettweiler Tempel ausgewiesen. Scheinbar bin ich nicht lernfähig, auch von einem Tempel hatte ich mir etwas anderes vorgestellt. Ein hübscher Pavillon mit Blick auf die Frankfurter Skyline. Leider ist es dort ziemlich vermüllt und stinkt unglaublich nach Bier. Auf dem Weg zur Burg Königstein entdecke ich schon von weitem ein interessantes von Wald umgebenes Türmchen. Ein Blick in Komoot verrät, dass es sich um die Villa Andreae handelt. Fix wird diese eingeplant. Den ganzen Weg den Berg hinauf begleitet uns ein Eisengitter mit vergoldeten Speerspitzen. Von der Villa selbst (ich habe schon kleinere Villen gesehen, die sich als Schloss bezeichnen) ist leider nicht viel zu sehen, um so spannender die Geschichte dazu, die ich zu Hause recherchiere. Details dazu habe ich im Highlight hinterlegt. Eine nette Anekdote verrate ich hier – hier wurde der Film zu Hanni und Nanni gedreht (falls das noch jemand kennt 😊) Diese Villa ist zwar das absolute Prachtstück dieses Wohngebietes aber die anderen kleinen Villen drumherum können sich allesamt mehr als sehen lassen. Wir fühlen uns wie die armen Schlucker.
      Herrliche abwechslungsreich auch der Weg der uns zur Burgruine Königstein führt. Hier empfängt man uns schon mit den Worten, „wir schliessen aber um 19:00“, so sputen wir uns mit der Besichtigung der doch recht großen Burganlage. Jede Burg hat doch wieder ihren ganz besonderen Reiz. Diese überrascht uns nach dem großen Tor mit einem winzigen Eingang, der links in verschiedene dunkle Räume und einen kleinen Innenhof verzweigt und dann durch einen sich windenden niedrigen Tunnel in die Burganlage führt. Auf der Anlage sind mehrere Gebäudeteile zu besichtigen. Besonders hervor sticht die hohen einsame mit Fenstern durchbrochene Mauer. Die Besteigung des Turmes mit seinen 168 Stufen und 6 Etagen belohnt die Mühe mit einem grandiosen Rundumblick. Von hier entdecke ich auch gleich wieder „meine Villa“. Alles in allem drei gut angelegte Euro Eintritt.
      Wie schön, dass die Tage derzeit so lang sind, so können wir auch noch den Schlosspark mit der Villa Borgnis mitnehmen und sogar die Villa Rotschild noch ansteuern. Hierzu durchquert man auf einem recht verwucherten Pfad den Park der Villa, wir fanden sogar wunderbar reife Himbeeren die uns einen Stopp einlegen ließen, um dann plötzlich vor dem herrlichen Gebäude zu stehen, das heute ein Hotel und ein Restaurant beherbergt. Beim Verlassen des Grundstücks auf der Fahrstraße sehe ich ein Plakat „Langzeitwohnen in der Villa Rotschild“. Vielleicht sollte ich mir das mal anschauen? Das letzte Stück zurück zum Parkplatz ergänzte das heutige Kontrastprogramm wieder mit einem wunderschönen Wiesenpfad.
      Lange habe ich nicht nach einer Tour so viele Recherchen durchgeführt. Diese Villen und Burgentour hat wirklich 4**** verdient.

      • 8 de julio de 2021

  8. Nicolet y Lada hicieron una caminata.

    4 de julio de 2021

    A Anette B., Alf y 114 más les gusta.
    1. Nicolet

      The second tour in Luxembourg was actually planned as a nice round tour over 19 km. Unfortunately, the weather forecast spoke of thunderstorms and continuous rain. So we decided to shorten these and keep the best highlights if possible, so the route seems a bit uncoordinated. My legs thanked me anyway.Parked at a nice large parking lot in Berdorf and yet the narrow, densely overgrown path began right next to it. Directly behind it a grandiose gorge opened up through which a rocking, zigzag suspension bridge led. Turned at the crossing point, which was difficult for us, because the countless stairs and steps on the right looked too tempting. However, a look at the map was reassuring as we should return via this. We immediately surprised us with the L’Enfer (in German hell) a terrific highlight. The cave is 55 m long, often quite narrow, sometimes you have to bend down, sometimes you have to climb. A great experience before going back to the Müllerthaltrail. We descend, cross the street and first stand in front of the sermon chair and then immediately crawl through it in a small labyrinth. Now the path leads a piece over a wide field and then flows onto an enchanted path always along the Aesbech. This path always leads along the stream and often it has to be crossed over thick stones. The small stream is lined on both sides by steep rock walls, which are overgrown with green climbing plants like a jungle and dangle down from the lianas. Again and again there is only a narrow path between the steep rock faces, sometimes over bridges. Definitely worth seeing. With a heavy heart we break off this wonderful path and turn back to choose the shorter path we have decided. After we have enjoyed the continuous Hohllay cave, it is again a piece of plain to walk through wide land. Here follows our last exciting stage in which we sometimes not only have to take off our rucksacks, but also push us through the crevices, holding our breath, across the tipping path. Mind you on a designated path, which one could have avoided. In order to find the robbers cave we had to look for something because it is drawn in the wrong place in Komoot. On two steel ladders you go down into the cave and after another crawl you get back to the daylight on the other side. This section is appropriately called the labyrinth. Numerous branches, stairs and passages lead through the crevice system. We could certainly have explored a few more. A path marked in Komoot turned out to be not only very steep, but also with an insurmountable ledge at the end if you didn't want to jump 1.50 into the depth.
      So far it had only been dripping from time to time, but as soon as we were on the way back over the suspension bridge it got stronger. Just in time for departure, the sky opened its locks. What a fantastic experience with perfect timing. I won't forget this weekend anytime soon.
      Unfortunately, Komoot and the GPS were not able to assign the corresponding coordinates to the images, so I had to put everything back into the correct order afterwards. Therefore, the points on the map are not always 100% hit.

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      • 5 de julio de 2021

  9. Nicolet y Lada hicieron una caminata.

    3 de julio de 2021

    2,43 km
    2,9 km/h
    100 m
    90 m
    A Alf, Levram DC 🦊 y 82 más les gusta.
    1. Nicolet

      Although today's tour did me more than I am used to, the detour to Beaufort Castle still had to be taken with me.
      And I have to say it was worth it. Alone the path through the wild forest, when the view opens over the lake and you can see this pompous castle in the distance, directly increases the anticipation and curiosity. With 5 € obolus you can stroll through the many corridors, rooms, stairs and towers to your heart's content. Again and again, new interesting views open up. The lords of this castle must have been a bit rougher than in Vianden. The wine cellar was only a fraction that big, but they were lavishly equipped with torture chambers and dungeons.

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      • 4 de julio de 2021

  10. Nicolet y Lada hicieron una caminata.

    3 de julio de 2021

    A Heinrich Hechler, Ute K. y 98 más les gusta.
    1. Nicolet

      I got the inspiration for this fantastic weekend from Kessie Lillie a year ago. Since then, the desire to see it in person has never let go of me. Now the time had finally come and the weather forecast decided at the last moment to play along.We started at a beautiful parking lot for hikers on a very tranquil path, directly over a wooden bridge, narrow paths and cutting rock formations. On this day I should discover many faces in the rocks, but above all teeth. Everywhere looked with skulls with teeth and I would not have been surprised if a little dinosaur had turned the corner.
      But first of all it started with stairs that led directly to a tufa spring. From there it went on over a wonderfully curved, never-ending wooden plank path and ended at the Ripspuer, a small biotope in which countless toads lolled on a large tree trunk in the sun. Since I had planned a round trip again, I had to overcome a short dry spell that led over gentle fields and a small town. From kilometer 7 onwards, a never-ending fireworks display should not let us rest. Each of the following highlights would have been worth planning a tour. It started with a little jungle feeling and huge ferns, then quickly opened up and we stood in the midst of fascinating rock formations, through which a beautiful narrow path led steadily. Quite a few times we were convinced that this was the end of the path, only to continue at the end of the rock face with a sharp bend through a narrow cliff. The passage through the “Deiwepetz” was particularly exciting, which was not only particularly narrow (the oncoming traffic had to turn around), but also pitch dark for a long time, as the crevices at the top were closed. After this spectacular cave passage we were so flashed and spoiled that we couldn't even get a photo of the next narrow crevice. Throughout the day it went up and down stairs non-stop. So an absolute dream for every stair lover. After my longer compulsory break, however, my condition had suffered a lot, so that it became too much even for me or my legs towards the end and so I am inclined to believe Garmin, which measured 910 hm here 😊 The path led again and again also over a small stream and once a crevice made a bend several times, then branched off again in the middle of the crevice and took over a staircase and bridge onto said rock. Simply overwhelming.
      Another highlight to be highlighted was the robber's cave. The entrance to this cave seems completely inconspicuous but at the entrance an icy cold wind blows towards you, so that you realize that I really have to hide a cave behind it. In order to get into this, it is advisable to take off the backpack so that you can feel your way around the sloping entrance. Inside you absolutely need a flashlight / headlamp. Via a narrow passage, once you are forced to crawl and also have to climb a bit, you get to the back of the cave. The ceiling glitters and sparkles in the light of the headlamp. When we go out, the humid and humid heat hits us like a wall. After this long detour, we came to the probably quite famous Schiessentümpel, as the crowds suggested. Perhaps spoiled by the rest of the tour, I expected this spectacle to be a little more exciting, but definitely worth a detour. The further dangling to the Eulenburg was definitely worth it. The grand finale of the tour was the huge wooden staircase back to the parking lot
      Due to the countless crevices in the rock, Komoot found it very difficult to record the path and the GPS to record the location, so in the end all the images got mixed up. I tried to put them in the correct order, but I didn't always succeed. I ask to look it up.

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      • 5 de julio de 2021

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