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"Bin überzeugter Schönwetter-Fahrer"
Wenn es mein Job ermöglicht plane ich die Tour via komoot und los geht´s dann quer durch Berlin und Brandenburg.
Fahre gerne alleine aber auch sehr oft mit Kollegen/Nachbarn zusammen, wir haben viel Spass dabei und es bis heute noch nicht bereut, sodass wir für 2019/2020/2021 schon so einige Touren geplant haben =O)
2021 war ein viel zu kurzes Jahr, viel Arbeit wenig Zeit um sich um komoot zu kümmern bzw. genügend Zeit um ne Runde zu drehen. Hoffe 2022 wird um einiges besser =OI)


2.667 km

Tiempo en movimiento

203:32 h

  1. DonDeddy hizo una caminata.

    13 de octubre de 2021

    16,9 km
    7,0 km/h
    160 m
    180 m
    A Liane, Marchocia y 135 más les gusta.
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin 😁
      Erfurt is a beautiful city, and the end 😂🤘🙏

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      • 16 de octubre de 2021

  2. DonDeddy hizo una caminata.

    1 de octubre de 2021

    A Fabio Aronica, Susanne y 94 más les gusta.
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin = OI)
      So, this time I managed to do something, and what we never thought possible, after seven years of marriage, or it's already eight, it finally worked out great, grin
      First of all, Mum was invited to eat deliciously, then it went to the big gondola ride (Berlin cable car) to finally take away her fear of the height and the swing, she has already made it up so often but never really dared, today was the day the day.
      What can I say, it worked
      Holding hands everything went super easy, hold your fin and it went into the thing and zack it started, the funny ride. Now and then she has pressed so hard that I now know what real pain is, but what not to do for the mistress = OI)
      The end of the song, you wanted to do one more lap, that the year 2022 may come.

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      • 4 de octubre de 2021

  3. DonDeddy y B__24 dieron un paseo en bici.

    15 de septiembre de 2021

    A Flitzer Mäse, Marcel y 165 más les gusta.
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin it's that time again = OI)
      I got some advice not to go on a bike tour, but we wanted to know better, so a 78 km tour turned into a 62+ with some obstacles = OI (
      The first two hours went without any problems and even had time to visit MacDoof.
      Shortly afterwards it started with the accident No. 1, passenger says to the right, I can't hear anything, so we cut ourselves, zack he took a flight and flew in the face, I found a good stop, even could watch how it fell, luckily nothing happened to me = OI)
      Misfortune no. 2, a few kilometers further I wanted to change from the street to the bike path, must have pedaled too hard, the gear shift landed in the spokes and the chain was also in the ass, the memory was off Back in 2020. Nothing worked anymore, so Google asked where the nearest bike shop was, luckily only a kilometer changed, so turn around and the big pushing started. The good man was able to help me quickly, new gear, new chain and after thirty minutes I was 59 euros poorer, but could continue our tour.
      Misfortune No. 3, in the middle of the street, in the middle of nowhere, the announced rain started, we thought we could make it without it, but the rain god had a different opinion. We only had a possibility to take shelter somewhere after a few kilometers, so it was unfortunately too late to put on the rain suit, but icke was soaked from top to bottom. Since it didn't get any better, we changed the tour to get back to Berlin from the next train station.
      All in all it was a fun tour, but I still think that a nice weather tour is much better, but if you have little time because of all the work you have to do, you should take full advantage of every opportunity = OI)

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      • 17 de septiembre de 2021

  4. DonDeddy dio un paseo en bici.

    3 de agosto de 2021

    66,1 km
    15,1 km/h
    200 m
    180 m
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin 😁
      Yippi, I'm back 😝
      This time a fun round was announced, by car, thanks for taking it with you, we went to Erkner. Meeting with the rest of the group was announced and after unloading we started already.
      The route was well planned in advance, there was also something nice to see, only you couldn't stop everywhere to take a photo, but whatever, relaxation was the order of the day.
      The roads were great, I liked the drive through the forest best, there was the, uff der Ruschiwechsel, - root, - and eat dust avenue 😅, everything was there.
      At the end of the planned tour we said goodbye together, but I'm still home alone, the weather was great and there was still time.
      I even met a good friend with his daughter, then cycled home together and even had time for two ice-cold diesels, mistress was doing sports, great

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      • 3 de agosto de 2021

  5. DonDeddy dio un paseo en bici.

    1 de agosto de 2021

    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin 😁
      Today my mistress was of the opinion to do a little round, so nothing like ruff uffs bike and off we went.
      This time I was very surprised by my mistress, last year I was able to run next to her, she was walking so slowly, this time she wanted to show me and once gave it so much, we also rocked a little mountain, yeah 🤟

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      • 2 de agosto de 2021

  6. DonDeddy y Herthaner 1961 dieron un paseo en bici.

    17 de julio de 2021

    55,1 km
    11,7 km/h
    260 m
    240 m
    A Sascha K., Sybille y 129 más les gusta.
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin = OI)
      So today it was Schwerin's turn to be conquered by us, yeah.
      First icke had to get out of bed at three, which wasn't that easy, but what not to do for a good bike ride. The trip went off without any problems.
      At the beginning of the tour, the aunt from the navigation system started on strike, probably didn't want to go to work that early, but after the third attempt it worked and off we went. At first the lap went around the lakes, which was very relaxing. The residents and other cyclists were from the good school, friendly and helpful.
      The trip was tough, it was more of an uphill and downhill ride, but the worst was, there was more uphill than downhill, that's why I still believe that downhill is the best of the best.
      There were many swimming spots around the lake, so we chose a quiet one and went for a swim. It was just wonderful, not too cold and not even overcrowded, what more could you want, we would have liked to have stayed longer, only the next mountain was calling.
      Schwerin is a beautiful city and the castle wanted to be conquered by us with great joy, unfortunately icke was disappointed very quickly, they probably meant it too well for me during the restoration, so it's not mine, it's just a matter of taste. At first I stood around in the blazing sun for half an hour, just to inspect the castle from the inside, it was a joke, six euros admission, and that just to stretch my feet on two floors. What there wasn't much to see was not my thing, so I was out faster than in. I know there are beautiful castles, but these are far from me. I prefer to stay at my churches, I could stay there for hours, luckily there was one to visit and I was happy to be there.
      The city tour was short-lived, on Saturday from four there were dead pants, so that we could still take the time to enjoy a beer there.
      The return trip was really exhausting, football fans from "FC Stahl Brandenburg" met us on the way, they knew how to celebrate and how to lift you, that for two hours without a break, the later it got, the louder the chants, you were then really happy when you got off the train.
      All in all, it was a great tour, just hope that there are not so many mountains on the next one and that it is not soooo warm, because 28C in the shade had it in sight = OI)

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      • 19 de julio de 2021

  7. DonDeddy hizo una caminata.

    10 de julio de 2021

    5,17 km
    4,4 km/h
    10 m
    10 m
    A Sandra, Grit y 131 más les gusta.
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin 😁
      This time it went to a Spreepark Berlin tour.
      It was interesting, but still a bit disappointed, you don't get to see everything too much, howl.
      Punishment must have been, if icke had been there earlier, there would have been more to discover.
      Unfortunately you could not deviate from the fixed path, behind you ran a rude security guard, where I always say the sound makes the music, paying attention is fine and nice but even if a lady wanted to step out of line, he would have it for her on a sensible one
      Can explain way, but just another topic.
      All in all, it was interesting but I don't have to go there again, so look for a few pictures and videos on Google 🤪

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      • 11 de julio de 2021

  8. B__24 y DonDeddy planificaron un paseo en bici.

    5 de julio de 2021

    31,4 km
    26,0 km/h
    80 m
    80 m
    A DonDeddy, weisweber y 9 más les gusta.
  9. DonDeddy dio un paseo en bici.

    8 de junio de 2021

    47,0 km
    16,7 km/h
    150 m
    150 m
    A Beate, Mantimann y 157 más les gusta.
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin I'm back again = OI)
      Oh man, what a crazy tour it was, because nothing worked this time.
      A tour from Nauen to Berlin was planned, nothing came of it, I just slept through it, so plan B had to go, a tour with a lot of "oh look here and look there".
      After a good two kilometers, my aunt from the sat nav snapped, didn't show me anything or even spoke a word to me, so a restart was due, but I didn't get far, then didn't feel like it anymore and just had a free snout for a round shot in Berlin.
      There was a lot to see, but I didn't stop everywhere, just wanted to step on the pedals, zack still a few kilometers, without the Navitante but with a lot of heat = OI)

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      • 9 de junio de 2021

  10. DonDeddy dio un paseo en bici.

    20 de mayo de 2021

    A Armin Allgäu😊, Czapello y 183 más les gusta.
    1. DonDeddy

      Moin Moin I’m back again = OI)
      This time we went straight home from Potsdam, all alone, in complete harmony with nature and what can you say, it was awesome. There was a lot to discover, I loved pushing my bike up the mountain.
      In Potsdam I have enough time to study the sights in peace, that alone was worth a trip.
      The weather was great, so I took a short break halfway, got vitamin D and read a bit in the book.
      Part of the trip then went through the streets of Berlin, with a lot of noise, annoying pedestrians and drivers, but that was only short-lived, luckily there are nicer ways far away through the capital.
      So let's see when the next trip is due, currently it's a little difficult for me, which is due to the weather, all the work and a few other things, but don't give up = OI)

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      • 22 de mayo de 2021

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