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Am liebsten bin ich zu Fuß in der Natur unterwegs. Beim Wandern ist in den allermeisten Fällen meine Familie mit dabei, wenn die aber nicht überredet werden kann (z. B. zum Rennen), dann gehe ich auch mal alleine.


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  1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander salió a correr.

    Hace 6 días

    24,7 km
    7,7 km/h
    2.790 m
    2.850 m
    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      Since there won't be enough time for a hike this weekend for various organizational reasons, I'm at least out for an extended run.
      The monthly Strava HM still has to be ticked off ... by the way there was a lot to discover: The last Mohicans of the rhododendrons, fat tadpoles and newts. However, I didn't notice the gigantic hole I must have fallen into after the descent to Boxberg.
      The GPS was disastrous today - I'm not used to it. Workout doors: 22.8km; 6.7km / h; 800hm; 2600kcal 😁

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      • Hace 6 días

    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      After the support of the local gastronomy every Friday, the following note for everyone: The stages for the relay hike "MitWandern 2021" across Germany are now public and can be reserved by you.Everything else under the season account and the invitation tour: komoot.de/tour/381093527

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      • Hace 7 días

  2. Ein 🐟 namens Wander y 7 más planificaron una caminata.

    7 de junio de 2021

    A Nicolet, Peter62 y 8 más les gusta.
    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      Dear all,You are probably already informed about the MitWandern 2021 event - the relay hike through the whole of Germany (komoot.de/user/staffel).
      The Fisch would like to point out to you today that the stages - contrary to what was announced - will already be activated next Friday (11.06.21, approx. 3:00 p.m.) and that you can then make your "reservation" on the linked Moodle lists ( Edit: Watching the children homeschooling for too long ... "Doodle lists" 🤣).
      So that you can find out about the route in the south of Germany in advance and maybe even think about a stage, rethink it or make it tasty, you will find the stages from Mainz to the Allgäu linked here in the form of collections at MonacoTrail.Left:
      > Stages 116 - 137 (Mainz - Herrenberg): komoot.de/collection/1190180/-mitwandern-2021-e116-e137-mainz-herrenberg
      > Stages 138 to 159 (Herrenberg - Haldenwanger Eck): komoot.de/collection/1187978/-mitwandern-2021-e138-e159-herrenberg-haldenwanger-eck
      It would be great if you were there.

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      • 8 de junio de 2021

  3. Ein 🐟 namens Wander y Conne hicieron una caminata.

    5 de junio de 2021

    15,9 km
    4,1 km/h
    430 m
    440 m
    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      Our last Hunsrück loop takes us one more time to the Dhron for the Wackentour (but we don't have the long hair wigs with us 😁).
      The sky is still covered with thick clouds, which are crushed by the many wind turbines on the way, slightly bored, until at the end some sun actually peeks out.
      To my delight, there is again a large portion of forest trails today - to my displeasure, the night was not enough to completely dry my shoes again, and the wet meadows and many rivulets that still romp about on the hiking trails are not much wearing either contributes to this - on the contrary. But: You get used to everything ... (in the end there is Sandalem, uh ... n 😇).
      The landscape was again very beautiful, but it must be emphasized that with a blue sky the views are certainly much more impressive.
      Nonetheless, we will definitely come back sometime (unfortunately Geyerley has not yet dared to open again ...)

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      • 5 de junio de 2021

  4. Ein 🐟 namens Wander y Conne hicieron una caminata.

    4 de junio de 2021

    6,74 km
    4,7 km/h
    220 m
    200 m
    A Eisbär 🐻‍❄, Karin y 42 más les gusta.
    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      For the second round today we have chosen a tour near Morbach, the place where we moved into our quarters - it should turn out that it wasn't such a bad idea ...The eponymous oil mill is located right at the beginning and can (if not a stupid epidemic prevail) be visited with advance notice. Otherwise, a holiday apartment is apparently also being offered for rent in the historic outbuilding - a charming idea. Shortly after the start it starts to trickle, but stops as soon as we have put on our raincoats ... 🙄
      We always hear the rumble of thunder, but trust a little in our luck from yesterday to stay dry today.
      A couple of longer passages on forest management paths lead us to an ascent over a forest meadow, which brings us to the highest point of the hike - a lookout point with a panorama bench. Oil production plays a subordinate role in Morbach at best - but there is a paper producer with several plants around the city. The unsightly concrete cuboid that you can see from the view is one of them ...
      The descent from there now leads back to the vicinity of the village via forest paths and we pass another vantage point. From there we see what will soon overtake us: a fat, dark rain front. It starts on an unexpected plank path over a section of bog: Either "cats and dogs", "twine" or simply "like out of buckets". The paths swell to rivulets incredibly quickly and not only the shoes are soaked.
      We skip the last loop and look forward to the warm shower.

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      • 5 de junio de 2021

  5. Ein 🐟 namens Wander y Conne hicieron una caminata.

    4 de junio de 2021

    11,4 km
    4,6 km/h
    460 m
    440 m
    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      Actually an "extended" dream loop was planned today, similar to our tour yesterday, but due to the unsteady weather forecast for the Hunsrück we changed our minds and instead tackled two individual "dream loops".
      The landscape of the Hunolstein Gorge Tour is very varied: beautiful meadow paths, forests and of course the path through the eponymous gorge. The heavy rains in the last few days have ensured that the watercourses are full and rushing properly.
      The village of Hunolstein is also passed and you can see what is left of the ruin - in any case, the view from the former keep (?) Is great.
      After a section of forest, the path turns and follows the Dhron for a while - an unplanned foretaste of tomorrow. At the Kopusfels there are many boulders scattered in the river bed, around which rapids form. It's fun to watch and listen to the noise. This is followed by another highlight, the Hölzbachklamm. A narrow, partly rope-insured path runs along the stream. Everything is full of moss and the water gurgles happily. The rest of the way runs through forest and meadow valleys back to the Hunolsteiner Hof farm café (fantastic cake).
      Path technically not demanding (mostly field or forest paths), but the landscape is beautiful.

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      • 5 de junio de 2021

  6. Ein 🐟 namens Wander y Conne hicieron una caminata.

    3 de junio de 2021

    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      Finally another long weekend that can be used for tours in other areas with overnight stays outside of your own four walls. 😊
      We ended up in the Hunsrück, where we sniff the "much-sung" dream loops. At the beginning we start with a Combi of two such rounds at Idar-Oberstein.
      The flat “Rund um die Kama” leads on narrow paths along the Nahe through the NSG Kammerwoog and Krechelsfels to the edge of Enzweiler and (for the most part) back on the other side of the river. A nice introduction to many babbling brooks on the north bank and lush meadows on the south.
      The connection to the “Nahe-Felsen-Weg” through the Idar-Obersteiner pedestrian zone is disillusioning: Not much of the reputation as the “city of gemstone cutters” seems to have spread to the place itself - it seems run down and deserted, and I wonder whether that's just because of the holiday.
      Later, the Internet tells us that the Schinderhannes comes from Idar-Oberstein, that Bruce Willis was born here and that the city won an award in 1988 for the most consistent disfigurement of a historic city center. That explains a lot, among other things. also that we were relatively surprised to find something like old town (probably for tourists) below the rock church.
      Now there were stairs and stairs and then again narrow paths 😊. Sometimes the paths are so steep that they were secured with ropes and there are great views from many places. Here, too, many rushing streams - and many rivulets on the paths ... the heavy rains of the last few days are noticeable here.
      Thanks to the guided tour on both laps, those responsible managed to ensure that the nature experience is not neglected. Our personal is reinforced by the fact that we are accompanied by a threatening, rumbling sky for the last five km.
      Fortunately, we didn't get wet 🤞🏻

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      • 4 de junio de 2021

  7. MitWandern 2021 y 13 más planificaron una caminata.

    31 de mayo de 2021

    1. MitWandern 2021

      "MitWandern 2021 - 3 days through Germany together"
      Dear hiking friends,From July 16 to 18, 2021, komoot's largest relay hike to date will take place.
      For this relay hike, 7 active komoot users have come together to organize this XXL campaign. The initiator is Jan, who had already organized a 1200 km relay hike in NRW over Whitsun 2021.
      -----The following principles apply:
      - The start and end point must be identical, the route may differ
      - It doesn't matter in which direction (A-B, B-A) you run
      - Your komoot profile must not be "private" because every tour should be public
      - At the end of the tour you simply mark the account "MitWandern 2021" so that we can add to the collection
      - To make it easier for us to sort the collection into the correct order, it would be great if you had the stage number at the front of the tour (you can of course change that afterwards)
      ----To assign the stages, we have created 8 doodle surveys:
      E001 - E029:
      E030 - E052:
      E053 - E067:
      E068 - E083
      E084 - E106:
      E107 - E115:
      E116 - E137:
      E138 - E159:
      Simply enter your name under which you are active at komoot and the link to your komoot profile. Just choose your desired stage, if it is still free.Should you still not be able to walk your set route, please let us know so that we can re-open the tour for other interested parties.----The corresponding collection:
      ----To the do-it-yourself shop:

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      • 31 de mayo de 2021

  8. Ein 🐟 namens Wander hizo una caminata.

    29 de mayo de 2021

    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      Workout doors: 19.6 km, 918 m elevation gain (komoot crashed)Today a Palatinate tour, because we wanted to stop in a hut again and the leased ones are probably slowly opening again ...90% narrow paths and nature trails, lots of rocks, great views, the gorse left and right in full bloom and the first hut spritzer this year - a successful tour.
      From Leinsweiler we are at the Slevogthof to the Neukastel ruins, from there over the Fohrenberg to the Scharfenberg ruins (currently under renovation) and from there through the valley past Bindersbach to the climber's hut. Actually, we wanted to stop by the ruins of Anebos, but here three well-known circular tours run past with a parking lot directly at the Trifels - Saturday is almost like Sunday ... so skipped.
      The first hut meal this year was served at the climbing hut - what was I looking forward to? After a short visit to Asselstein and astonished watching the climbers, we climbed the Rehberg and enjoyed the view there. It went back to Leinsweiler via the Cramerweg.
      Today the forest smelled beautifully of resin in places ☺️😊

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      • 29 de mayo de 2021

  9. Ein 🐟 namens Wander y Conne hicieron una caminata.

    23 de mayo de 2021

    14,9 km
    4,9 km/h
    310 m
    320 m
    A Ein 🐟 namens Wander, Biitii 105 y 73 más les gusta.
    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      A little round in Kraichgau for Whitsunday.
      For what feels like an eternity we have had in-laws again. That's why today, for once, quite deliberately a not too long loop on mostly wide paths without many meters in altitude.
      I had already heard a lot of good things about the products of the Gmelin winery and their broom management, which I could finally try for myself today.
      It started on the outskirts of Eschelbach, past the Galgenberg towards Rohrwiesensee. Through the forest over the Schleeberg (not looking long enough for the barrows) we made a short detour to Erlensee and then through Eichtersheim with its castle park to the Geißenpeter tavern in Michelfeld.
      Immediately after eating, we fell into a deep GPS hole. 🧲
      From there it went back on the edge of the Herrmannsberg.

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      • 23 de mayo de 2021

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