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2015 ging das los: Ein Bekannter und ich hatten die Idee, ein wenig zu wandern. Zunächst war alles noch sporadisch. Später wurde fast eine regelmäßige Kulthandlung daraus, beinahe jeden zweiten Sonntag ging es wandern. 2017 kam dann Komoot dazu. Die erste Wanderung mit Komoot war von Basdorf zum Summter See am 23. April 2017. Und im Mai dann die erste Großwanderung von Bernau nach Usedom in acht Tagesetappen.
Und jetzt: Ohne Komoot geht fast gar nichts mehr. Und weil damit immer mehr Verpflichtungen kommen, muss ich immer wieder raus ... und wandern, wandern, wandern ...
Hier habe ich die 66-Seen-Wanderung komplett angelegt zum Nachwandern:
Und hier sind meine schon gewanderten 66-Seen-Etappen:
Und hier sind die 20 Grünen Hauptwege durch Berlin zum Nachwandern:
Und hier meine schon gewanderten Grünen Hauptwege:
Unter creativ-studio-majewski.de/Kalender kann man Wandkalender für 2022 erwerben. Alle Fotos (außer Vietnam) sind auf Wanderungen mit Komoot entstanden.E-Mail: heiner.majewski@gmx.deHier habe ich ein paar Gedanken zum Thema Gesundheit hinterlegt: gesundheit.creativ-studio-majewski.de


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  1. Heiner y dkozian planificaron una caminata.

    Hace un día

    16,2 km
    4,8 km/h
    90 m
    90 m
    A Heiner le gusta esto.
  2. Heiner hizo una caminata.

    Hace 6 días

    A Heiner, Der Waldkauz y 58 más les gusta.
    1. Heiner

      Because of the bike rally, the traffic in Berlin was nothing but chaos today. My friend from Mariendorf had difficulties getting to Koepenick. Instead of 1:00 p.m. at the Spindlersfeld train station, we met around 2:00 p.m. at the Schlossplatz in Köpenick.At around 2.15 p.m. we start our Sunday tour at the Rübezahl bus stop (bus 169). First we walk to the Teufelssee, which we almost circle around once. We continue to the teaching cabinet and past the root pavilion a little uphill to the edge of the Müggelberge. We walk past a small peat bog that I didn't know yet to the Müggelheimer Damm, which we quickly cross. We continue on to the Müggelsee, where we arrive at the point where the workers' camp Kuhle Wampe was back then. We walk a bit along the Müggelsee and then continue through the forest in the direction of Kleiner Müggelsee. There are masses of people on and next to the bathing area at the Kleiner Müggelsee. And it is bathed diligently.
      We walk past quickly and on to the Neu Helgoland restaurant. Since we would have had to wait a long time for the ferry to arrive, we continue to hike to the rowing ferry across from Alt-Rahnsdorf. After we registered our needs and noticed that we wanted to get the ferry on the other side, the ferryman immediately jumps into his boat and rowed us over. By the way: the one with the five strokes of the oar is a legend, it takes ten 😁 But we really made it to the ferry on the other side, because it was already approaching.
      We take the ferry past Neu-Helgoland and Müggelhort to the Müggelwerderweg pier in Rahnsdorf. Then we cross the Fredersdorfer Mühlenfließ (Senitz) on a small bridge and continue towards the Rahnsdorf S-Bahn station. On the way we pass the toad pond through which the Senitz actually flows. But she has no water here. But the toad pond, which was once three times larger, looks very idyllic, even if two thirds of the water surface is missing. Our little Sunday hike ends at Rahnsdorf S-Bahn station at around 5.45 p.m. A minute later we are already sitting in the S-Bahn (S3) in the direction of the city.
      Today was a nice, leisurely tour through a couple of beautiful corners of Köpenick. The weather was nice, unfortunately a few degrees too much, but dry and sunny. Fortunately, we mostly walked on relatively deserted paths, but from time to time we had to use the busier routes, where sky and people were on their way.

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  3. Heiner planificó una caminata.

    31 de mayo de 2021

    A Heiner y Mademoiselle Unterwegs les gusta esto.
  4. Heiner y dkozian hicieron una caminata.

    30 de mayo de 2021

    A Heiner, Der Waldkauz y 75 más les gusta.
    1. Heiner

      At around 9.55 a.m. we start our tour at the Hottengrund bus stop (bus 134). First it goes uphill in the Luisenberge, then we were a little out of breath for the first time. After the descent we hike along the Sacrower See to Sacrow. Here we reach the park with the tranquil Sacrow Castle. On the banks of the Havel, we visit the Heilandskirche, which has been shining in its old splendor for some time. Unfortunately, many others had the same idea ...
      On the banks of the Jungfernsee we continue on the hiking trail that we have to share with other hikers and cyclists. Unfortunately, the variety is missing here, although it is a beautiful path. The view of the lake only exists in a few places. We totally overlooked the Römerschanze excavation site 😏
      It continues now on the banks of the Lehnitzsee. Here you can come closer to the shore a little more often and have beautiful views over the lake. Unfortunately, the path is often blocked by fallen trees, which is why you have to organize climbing activities from time to time.
      Hoping to find a way to get a piece of cake there, we leave the planned route and walk to Krampnitz, which turns out to be a not very large farming village. Cake is not an option here. From here we hike a short distance on a path that has not been planned, but which is also very beautiful. Above all, there were no cyclists here.
      Soon we will reach our main route on the Krampnitzer Weg, which leads almost dead straight to the east. At the bathing area on the north bank of the Sacrower See there is the Seeterrassen Landleben Potsdam, which will open again on June 3rd. Today there is only one snack shop at the entrance to the terraces. We treat ourselves to a nice piece of cherry crumble cake and coffee or tea. Unfortunately the prices are a bit high here, but the cake is very good. From our uncomfortable seat on the edge of the terrace we can watch the well-frequented bathing area. So strengthened, we walk past the Luisenberg mountains to Kladow and along the Sakrower Landstrasse to the bus stop, which we reach five minutes before the bus leaves at around 2:45 p.m.
      All in all, it was an interesting hike through an area rich in forests and water. Unfortunately, one way or the other stretched a bit and you often had to avoid today's numerous cyclists. But most of the trails are beautiful hiking trails and trails. The weather was great, maybe a bit too warm again. And the sun was shining all day.

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      • 30 de mayo de 2021

  5. Heiner hizo una caminata.

    29 de mayo de 2021

    10,2 km
    5,6 km/h
    90 m
    100 m
    A Heiner, dkozian y 61 más les gusta.
    1. Heiner

      This is a short tour through the expanded old town of Köpenick. Around 12.45 p.m. I start at the S-Bahn station Berlin-Köpenick (S3) and first walk a bit through Bahnhofstrasse and then on through Parrisiusstrasse. On Puchanstraße I pass the Hauptmann-von-Köpenick-Schule and to Mandrellaplatz with the Köpenick district court. Here in the associated prison, Communists and Social Democrats and other opponents of the Nazi regime were brutally tortured and murdered by the SA during the Köpenick Blood Week in 1933.
      Now it goes a little through the Seelenbinderstraße and then into the Bellevuepark, which I reach after crossing the Erpe. There used to be a small castle here a long time ago, but it no longer exists. Interesting here is the old oak, which was able to remain at the instigation of the local residents. I walk on through the busy Friedrichshagener Strasse, then along the Erpe to get to the Old Spree. Here the Erpe flows into the Spree. Opposite the Baumgarteninsel, a garden colony that can only be reached by boat, greets you.
      A little further on I come to the former site of the Mecklenburg village, where apartments are being built today. Next to it is a memorial for the Köpenick Blood Week 1933 on April 23rd. April 23, 1945 was the day on which the Red Army reached Köpenick.
      In Lindenstrasse, I take a look at the Catholic Sankt-Josefs-Kirche and walk on over the dam bridge. Here I turn left onto the promenade that leads past the Freiheit fifteen, an event location with a variety show and the Dutch ship Ars Vivendi. In addition to the former Lehmofen restaurant, which apparently did not survive the lockdown, there has been a nice eatery for four years that have an offer to go on Katzengraben. I fortify myself with a Mediterranean vegetable pan. Then it goes on to the freshly restored fire station in the freedom and through the freedom in the old town of Köpenick. Through Alt-Köpenick, the former Schloßstraße, I pass the Anderson Palace, the oldest building in the old town, and turn into Rosenstraße at the Köpenick town hall, known from the captain of Köpenick. One of the oldest restaurants is located here, the Gardestube.
      Through Böttcherstraße, Grünstraße and Kietzer Straße I now reach Müggelheimer Straße, which only got its current course in the eighties. For this, many old buildings were demolished and gardens removed. I walk a little through Müggelheimer Strasse and then turn south into Wendenschloßstrasse. The old tram depot in Köpenick is located here. An old tram car happened to be in front of the hall.
      Through Charlottenstraße I come to Gartenstraße on the Dahme and to the Krokodil, a youth hostel and restaurant on the former Gartenstraße swimming pool, which is no longer accessible today. We continue to the Kietz, where the Köpenick Slavs were resettled in the 13th or 14th century. Beautiful old fishermen's houses can be found here, and three alleys testify to the age-old right of way so that all fishermen had access to the Dahme.
      I continue along the Frauentog to the Schlossinsel Köpenick, which I circle around once. In Köpenick Castle, the court ruling against the friend of Crown Prince Friedrich II was pronounced, which was for life imprisonment. Friedrich's father, King Friedrich Wilhelm I, later turned it into a death sentence, which was carried out in the fortress of Küstrin in front of the Crown Prince.
      After the tour on the Schloßinsel, I cross the Lange Brücke and walk through Gutenbergstrasse to the old town on the Dahme. Here you can admire the skyline of Köpenick. We continue along the Dahme and Spree to the water town Spindlersfeld, which is being built on the former premises of the Spindler laundry, Rewatex in GDR times. Condominiums are being built in the old factory building and new city villas are being built around it. On the Spree, I visit the former home of the Spindler Brothers in Eiselenweg. Past the dog sports field, the former Ernst-Grube-Stadion, and through the Spindlersfeld settlement, I reach the Berlin-Spindlersfeld S-Bahn station (S47) at around 3:45 p.m., where my tour ends.
      In beautiful, mostly sunny hiking weather, it was an interesting tour, of course very road-heavy. But that's what city tours are like 😁

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      • 29 de mayo de 2021

    1. Frank Meyer

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      Hier auch die vorgeschlagenen Streckenverläufe, die sich aus meinem Havelprojekt mit Cornell sowie meiner Wanderung auf dem E10 zusammensetzen:
      E030 Waren - Kratzeburg komoot.de/tour/376711533
      E031 Kratzeburg - Wesenberg komoot.de/tour/376715018
      E032 Wesenberg - Fürstenberg komoot.de/tour/376717472
      E033 Fürstenberg - Dannenwalde komoot.de/tour/376719369
      E034 Dannenwalde - Zehdenick komoot.de/tour/376721543
      E035 Zehdenick - Nassenheide komoot.de/tour/376723688
      E036 Nassenheide - Borgsdorf komoot.de/tour/376726067
      E037 Borgsdorf - Hennigsdorf komoot.de/tour/376727698
      E038 Hennigsdorf - Wustermark komoot.de/tour/376729191
      E039 Wustermark - Werder komoot.de/tour/376730786
      E040 Werder - Potsdam komoot.de/tour/376732272
      E041 Potsdam - Saarmund komoot.de/tour/376735506
      E042 Saarmund - Trebbin komoot.de/tour/376737317
      E043 Trebbin - Zossen komoot.de/tour/376739041
      E044 Zossen - Groß Köris komoot.de/tour/376740567
      E045 Groß Wasserburg - Groß Köris komoot.de/tour/376742808
      E046 Groß Wasserburg - Lübben komoot.de/tour/376744098
      E047 Lübben - Lübbenau komoot.de/tour/376746232
      E048 Lübbenau - Burg komoot.de/tour/376747169
      E049 Burg - Cottbus komoot.de/tour/376749259
      E050 Cottbus - Spremberg komoot.de/tour/376754946
      E051 Spremberg - Schleife komoot.de/tour/376756391
      E052 Schleife - Bad Muskau komoot.de/tour/376760412
      Für die übrigen Etappen benutzt diese Links zur Anmeldung:E001 - E029:
      E053 - E067:
      E068 - E083:
      E084 - E106:
      E107 - E115:
      E116 - E137:
      E138 - E159 :
      Tragt dort einfach euren Namen ein, unter dem ihr bei komoot aktiv seid und den Link zu eurem komoot-Profil. Sucht euch einfach eure Wunsch-Etappe aus, sofern sie noch frei ist. Solltet ihr eure festgelegte Strecke doch nicht gehen können, gebt uns bitte Bescheid, damit wir die Tour wieder für andere Interessenten freigeben können.Wir freuen uns auf eure Teilnahme und wünschen allen, die dabei sein werden, ein wunderbares individuelles Erlebnis innerhalb der 'virtuellen Wandergruppe'!Für Rückfragen und Bemerkungen nutzt bitte hier die Kommentarfunktion oder kontaktiert mich unter mail@wandern-berlin-brandenburg.de

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  6. Heiner hizo una caminata.

    24 de mayo de 2021

    A Heiner, Der Waldkauz y 43 más les gusta.
    1. Heiner

      Unfortunately, the time setting on the camera was wrong, which is why the photos are all wrongly positioned.
      Here is the tour from weisweber: komoot.de/tour/311416246

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      • 24 de mayo de 2021

  7. Heiner y dkozian hicieron una caminata.

    23 de mayo de 2021

    17,9 km
    5,1 km/h
    200 m
    200 m
    A Heiner, u8li y 50 más les gusta.
    1. Heiner

      Around 10.45 a.m. we start our tour at Werder (Havel) train station. First we climb the stairs to Friedrichshöhe. Here is a sad sight, the former excursion restaurant has been left to decay and vandalism. It is said to have been a nice destination once. It continues through the small city forest of Werder to Glindow. Now we walk 3.5 kilometers on the bike path next to Glindower Chausseestrasse (B1). It's not a dream hike. On the outskirts of Glindow we experience a small Buddhist oasis behind a fruit and plant shop. It feels like several hundred small Buddhas adorn a beautiful café area. And the cake here is homemade and very good.
      Then we reach today's destination, the Lindicke fruit farm near Plessow. The farm shop offers regional fruit and vegetables, honey, oil and of course fruit wine, because we are in Werder.
      We leave Glindower Chausseestrasse (B1) and hike to Plessow. Here we first reach the former manor house Plessow, which today houses an education center of the Federal Ministry of Finance. A little further we come to the village church of Plessow, a gem. The two administrators stand in front of the church, one invites us to visit the church. It is open because a confirmation is to take place here from 2 p.m. One tells us how they have been trying for about fifteen years to restore the house to its current dreamlike state. And they really succeeded!
      We then continue walking along a beautiful avenue lined with oaks, beeches and birches to the motorway on the north bank of the Großer Plessower See. We are now walking east along the shore of the lake. The lake itself always offers beautiful sights. Unfortunately, the noise from the motorway is annoying at the beginning. After a while we move away from the autobahn and it gets really nice here.
      Then it happened: Because I had set the cell phone to low in the fruit farm, we missed the planned branch to the train station. There is a big problem at the beach in Werder. The lido is tightly closed and the alternative, a flight of stairs up the mountain, has been missing for a long time because it was dismantled. We have no choice but to scramble up the sandy slope where the stairs once were. It was a very arduous business. If you want to hike afterwards, you should rather stick to the original route (komoot.de/tour/310048073).
      Through the Werder outskirts settlement, we go back to the Werder (Havel) train station, which we reach around 3:40 p.m. After a small salad we got on the next train to Berlin.
      Except for the paths through the settlement near Werder and the paved bike path from Glindow to Plessow on Bundesstraße 1, it was a nice tour. The path on the Großer Plessower See is particularly beautiful. Contrary to the negative forecasts, the weather played well. In the most beautiful sunshine it dripped a little from time to time, but that didn't matter.Opening times Obsthof Lindicke Plessow:
      Tuesday to Saturday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
      Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

      Whitsunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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      • 23 de mayo de 2021

  8. Heiner y dkozian hicieron una caminata.

    22 de mayo de 2021

    19,6 km
    5,0 km/h
    230 m
    230 m
    A Heiner, Der Waldkauz y 36 más les gusta.
    1. Heiner

      Opening times farm shop Kanow Mühle:
      Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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      • 22 de mayo de 2021

  9. Heiner y dkozian hicieron una caminata.

    16 de mayo de 2021

    A Der Waldkauz, Burkhard 🔵⚪ y 53 más les gusta.
    1. Heiner

      At around 10.50 a.m. we start our city tour at the University of Technology and Science in Karlshorst. First it goes through the Römerweg and the residential complex Splanemannstraße to Friedrichsfelde. Via Alfred-Kowalke-Straße we then reach the residential buildings on Straße Am Tierpark. Huge tree murals cover the walls of the GDR prefabricated buildings. We walk past Alt-Friedrichsfelde and the S-Bahn station Friedrichsfelde Ost to the Friedrichsfelde Central Cemetery and first visit the socialist memorial. There are memorial stones for everyone who was worthy of honor for the GDR leadership: Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Ernst Thälmann, Wilhelm Pieck, etc. Now we continue criss-crossing through the central cemetery, where there are many interesting graves to be discovered by Otto Nagel and Käthe Kollwitz, among others.
      We leave the cemetery through the gate in the north and come along the border ditch into the Alle der Kosmonauts. We continue to the Herzberge nature reserve, where we take a short banana break. Heading south we come to Herzbergstrasse and the southern entrance of the Queen Elisabeth Herzberge hospital. Here we refrain from the planned tour and immediately hurry south to the Herzberge landscape park. Here, the old, unused foundations for the heating pipes have been decorated with old agricultural equipment, which looks very funny.
      Past the StadtFarm Berlin and the Paradiesgarten, we now head towards Lichtenberg. Over the Lichtenberger Brücke and through it we reach Einbecker Strasse and later Archenholdstrasse. The Kietzbäcker is open here and is also quite well attended. Here we also treat ourselves to a cake break. We then walk past the Rummelsburg cemetery and the Kraatz-Tränke-Graben to our destination, the Rummelsburg S-Bahn station (S3), which we reach around 3 p.m.
      The whole thing was an interesting city tour steeped in history, which we started because of the bad weather forecast, which was not confirmed in this way. Except for two short drizzle showers, it was dry and mostly the sun was shining. The tour is of course very concrete and asphalt-heavy, but there were also some natural hiking trails in the parks.

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      • 16 de mayo de 2021

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