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Begeisterter Genusswanderer. Überzeugter Wahlberliner und Brandenburger im Herzen. Zertifizierter DWV-Wanderführer. Zertifizierter Natur- und Landschaftsführer für die Region Fläming-Havelland. European Walk-Leader.
----------------------------------The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
(Robert Frost - Gedicht 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening')
----------------------------------An einem Sommermorgen
Da nimm den Wanderstab,
Es fallen deine Sorgen
Wie Nebel von dir ab.
(Theodor Fontane - Gedicht 'Guter Rat')
----------------------------------I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
(Henry David Thoreau - Walden)
----------------------------------Wenn ich im Wald unterwegs bin,
werden meine Gedanken immer ganz leicht und klar.
Nur was sich leicht anfühlt ist auch wirklich wichtig.
(Hans Beimer - Serie Lindenstraße)
----------------------------------This Love Has Got No Ceiling
(Eddie Vedder - No Ceiling, Soundtrack 'Into The Wild')
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  1. Frank Meyer hizo una caminata.

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    A Kaatz, StadtLandFuss y 116 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I hiked the first part of the big 'Spreeprojekt-Finale', tomorrow the second part will follow. Since it made sense in that case due to the long journey, I stay in a guesthouse just a few meters from the Spree.The stage from Bautzen to Taubenheim really struck me with its partly unbelievable idyll. There were three wonderful natural sections with the Spree rushing in its rocky river bed.Since the valley is relatively narrow, I often had to pass settlements with heavy through traffic along the main roads.The landscape became more mountainous from hour to hour and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.Thanks again to Burkhard for the 'preparatory work' in the opposite direction (, which helped me a lot with the planning.There are only a few unedited photos in advance, an update will take place on Sunday.-------------Info and tour description:
      [follows on Sunday]

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I hiked this short distance to meet Manfred Reschke in Schloss Diedersdorf, as part of a small group dinner, Manfred was the first member of the Märkischer Wanderbund to receive the certificate of appointment as an honorary member.I have often written and told about the role Manfred played and still plays for me personally as a 'hiking mentor' and hiking friend. His reputation as a book author and the creation of the 66-Seenwanderweg make him one of the light figures of hiking far beyond Brandenburg. It is perhaps less well known that he was also significantly involved in actively stimulating hiking in the MWB club area, the (Hohen) Fläming. In any case, I am also a little proud of having helped to thread this long overdue honor for Manfred a long time ago.About the tour: the combination of Glasowbach and Diedersdorfer Heide was purely earmarked in this case, the resulting route was not so bad at all. It was actually supposed to be a real circuit, but when I started my planned way back from the castle it started to rain and I drove with the car. I will certainly continue to explore the Diedersdorfer Heide, even if no hidden 'hiking delicacies' are to be expected there. The path on the Glasowbach, on the other hand, has long been one of the recommended 'basics' for me and I hike it at least once a year.------------Second topic, my next group hike in November in the Spreewald: I think that no group tour has been fully booked up so quickly, it has barely lasted 12 hours. Even though I only invited through my newsletter and not at all through komoot. Thank you again for the overwhelming interest, I'm looking forward to the tour with at least 25 participants in just under four weeks!In the meantime, a second option for a - smaller (?) - group hike in November has spontaneously opened up, organized and planned by hiking friend Axel ( from Eisenhüttenstadt. First of all, the question: who would like to join us on November 7th. Hike from Eisenhüttenstadt via Möbiskruge and through the Dorchetal to the Neuzelle monastery (approx. 25km)? This time we do it like this: If you are interested, write in the comments here and in a few days you will receive an invitation to a private planning from me with all the details and times.

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  2. Frank Meyer hizo una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    A Sonja H., Inspirationsschmiede y 143 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      Finally!!! In the evening I went to a small club concert in Berlin for the first time since February 2020. For me, the small concerts - among other things - are still one of the main arguments why I live in Berlin and not in Buxtehude, Bielefeld or Bullerbü. The veterans at komoot will remember: After the concerts, I still like to take a short tour of the city at night to let the impressions sink in.The 2G concert was almost like a trip to a better world: sold out with almost 300 spectators, no gaps, no masks ... actually like it used to be, in the good old days, when Corona was only hip for a short time and not at all delicious beer was. In my opinion, the admission controls could have been a bit stricter, ID cards were not compared with the digital vaccination certificates. I had a long chat with the organizer, whom I have known for a long time, and we were both of the opinion that the 'restart' can only work in this way under normalized conditions in the context of 2G events.In order not to forget the most important thing: Thala played, a band around the singer of the same name from Wedding, which is currently also taking off internationally with its excellent retro dream pop and expressive voice. It was absolutely her first headlining concert ever and I predict her a great career beyond the indie pop niche.I liked the concert very much, the music was much more powerful in a 5-piece band than on the album, which was a bit too 'fluffy' for my taste.Here are two session recordings, which from my point of view best reflect the live characteristics, as well as the regular video for 'diditagain':About the 'after-gig' tour: nothing special, I had already recorded the route from another concert in the Badehaus in Friedrichshain. Nevertheless, the silence at midnight in Karl-Marx-Allee and around Alexanderplatz is always impressive, when there are no roaring masses of party-goers on a Monday.I didn't have a good position for a band photo today, so you can only see the empty stage before the concert ...
      Information and tour description;
      [not for this]

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  3. A Hans Wurst - Das Original, Uwe y 204 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... in the series of my tours on the outskirts of Berlin, after a long time, it was the turn of the Spandau Forest again today, on a shorter afternoon tour. It is always astonishing how you meet many walkers in the outskirts, but then often deeper in the forest you are completely alone and undisturbed for a long time.This time I had varied the route again compared to my last tours there, so that the start and finish could be easily reached with two different bus routes that ran regularly and frequently in Hakenfelde. The hiking area is one of my favorites in Berlin anyway, I found the route in its current form beautifully compact and almost flawless, except for the short asphalt, inevitable section of the Wall Trail. Because of the high water level, the Teufelsbruch is still not passable again on the narrow dam in the middle, unless you have rubber boots with you to change ...The great foliage coloring and the heavy post-processing saved many photos, otherwise there was unfortunately a lot of waste (70%) due to the dim and dim light.--------------Info and tour description:This tour begins at the 'Cautiusstraße' bus stop in Hakenfelde, after crossing the street the elongated pond-like part of the Kuhlake is reached and is passed in the forest on the eastern side. A short stretch along Schönwalder Allee, the path then leads to the game reserve and then turns back to the Kuhlake.After passing the game reserve, the wonderful hiking trail begins on forest paths next to the stagnant water, which is sometimes quite swampy and overgrown with reeds, at other points again almost completely clear on the canal-like courses. The landscape almost looks like a mixture of Spreewald and Briesetal. The narrow hiking trail is followed over the crossing Oberjägerweg, the Kuhlake is very channel-like from here and runs alongside the hiking trail on a slightly elevated dam next to it. The rest area 'Kreuztränke' is passed and the body of water is followed to the edge of the forest.Then you follow the Eiskellerweg to Schönwalder Allee, after which you can take the field and bridle path as an alternative to the asphalt bike path a little further away around the Laßzinssee. After a few hundred meters on the Wall Trail, it branches off again at the level of the Rohrpfuhl and on beautiful lonely forest paths it goes to the Teufelsbruch, which unfortunately cannot be crossed on the narrow dam at the moment (10/21).Instead, the southern path is followed to the end of the moor area, the route of the disused 'Bötzowbahn' is crossed and the end of this tour is reached at the exit of the forest on Niederneuendorfer Allee with the bus stop 'Aalemannufer'.

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  4. A Uwe, Flo y 209 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today the first 'regular' group tour organized by me took place this year, the announcement and invitation of which was primarily made via my hiking blog. Despite the unfortunately mostly cloudy weather and the rather long route, 16 hiking friends came together to complete this wonderful tour between Barnim and Uckermark with me.On my preferred variant of the route, which was as close to nature as possible, we hiked around the eastern part of the Wolletzsee, crossed the most beautiful part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Grumsin as well as the old quarries in the Ihlow Mountains and passed the Grimnitzsee.Unfortunately, the autumn foliage color of the beeches was far from being fully developed, but the number of other walkers and hikers at the 'hotspots' was within pleasant limits.Many thanks to all participants on the tour together on one of my absolute favorite routes in Brandenburg.Here is the recording of:
      Frank from Hönow:
      Hans Wurst - The Original:
      ---------------Info and tour description:This tour begins at the bus stop 'Mitte' in Wolletz, just a few meters from the shores of Lake Wolletz. First of all, during the first five kilometers, the shore of the lake is followed very nicely on the slope and also directly on the water, which also includes the small detour around the mouth of the creek of the catfish, which is crossed on a bridge a little away from the lake.At the lido, take the Höhenweg around the settlement at the end of the lake, then the path continues for a while along the south bank of the Wolletzsee until the lake is left in a southerly direction through the forest to the county road. After a very short stretch on the road, a dirt road leads through the rolling hills to the Louisenhof settlement and soon afterwards into the Grumsin.The path in the beautiful beech forest always stays at the edge of the nature reserve, passing the Buckow Lake in a westerly direction, then bends south to the Great Black Lake, and continues on a side path to the exit of the forest at the experience location Sperlingsherberge with the Sundial. On a hidden and idyllic path, it goes through the small 'gorge' of the old quarries, past a shooting range and on the gravel road that follows in a south-westerly direction before turning off into the Ihlower Mountains. Here you cross the adventure site of the same name with its display boards to the 'Baumannschen Gruben', then the path leads partly on the old paved road to Althüttendorf.In the village it goes past the church to the Wiesenweg and on this and the following lake path along the Grimnitzsee, then branch off onto a forest path that crosses Angermünder Straße and after a final short meadow path section, the end of this tour is reached at the Althüttendorf train station .

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    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I did another 'official seat tour', this time quite close to the outskirts of Berlin. The aim of the hike was to integrate the town of Spreenhagen, the seat of the office of the same name, into a route that was as attractive as possible. Interestingly, the core of Spreenhagen is a bit off the Oder-Spree Canal and a long way from the eponymous (Müggel-) Spree. Since I had already hiked the canal in the area, but not the nature reserve 'Swatzke- und Skabyberge' right next to it, I chose it.I didn't expect much from the former military training area of the Soviet armed forces, but in real life I hiked there along the edge of a very beautiful open heathland, the eastern part with gnarled pines and sandy paths reminded me a lot of the Glauer Berge. Definitely should be seen!While the initial stretch of water along the canal was quickly monotonous, I was all the more delighted with the Müggelspree, which meandered through the fields between Kirchhofen and Mönchwinkel. Only the country road section at the end between Mönchwinkel and Hangelsberg, which is a little more busy today, was not really fun, instead I advise imitators to continue the tour in the direction of the Fangschleuse or Fürstenwalde, which, however, means a few kilometers of additional distance.Highlights next to the Müggelspree today are the NSG Swatzke and Skabyberge as well as the architecturally special church in Spreenhagen.Definitely a nice reunion with one of the most attractive sections of the Spree that I have known so far, and an 'appetizer' for the last two remaining stages along the Spree in Upper Lusatia, which I will complete in the middle of next week.----------------Info and tour description:This tour starts at the bus stop at the lock in Wernsdorf, after crossing the bridge it first goes on Dorfstraße die, Haasestraße and August-Bebel-Straße in an easterly direction to the end of the settlement, where the Oder-Spree Canal meets. Now, almost six kilometers away, the natural dike path is used a little higher up next to the water, right up to the harbor basin near the gravel pits.Here you leave the canal and briefly follow the asphalt road and a newly created aisle, then the path leads through a dense pine forest around the gravel works, then you pass the beautiful open heathland on the edge. Then it goes on beautiful sandy paths between the small elevations and after leaving the forest over the fields to Spreenhagen. The path leads over Alt-Hartmannsdorfer Strasse and Hauptstrasse to the village green with the church, then in an arch back over Friedhofstrasse and the Hauptstrasse to the Oder-Spree Canal.After crossing it, the side road is followed, later the cycle path through the forest to little Kirchhofen. After passing the settlement, it goes along the edge of the forest and across the fields to the banks of the Müggelspree, which forms particularly strong meanders in this area. The Mönchwinkel bivouac site is reached along the arches and the Spree is crossed on the wooden bridge. Now the narrow country roads are mostly followed for four kilometers between Mönchwinkel and Hangelsberg. Here and there, however, there are opportunities to visit the Müggelspree again on paths or alternatively to shorten the paved path in the forest until the tour ends at the station in Hangelsberg.

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      • 13 de octubre de 2021

  5. Frank Meyer planificó una caminata.

    12 de octubre de 2021

    A Bernd Ferdinand, Xray2307 y 4 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      That would be the route for those who only want to hike as far as Altkünkendorf.The regular 'WelterbeBus Grumsin' (line 496) departs from the Altkünkendorf / Mitte stop at 2:01 p.m. and at 3:01 p.m. to Angermünde with a connection to the RE3.

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  6. Frank Meyer hizo una caminata.

    10 de octubre de 2021

    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I was on the way again from Golzow near Eberswalde, but this time not to the Buckowseerinne but in the opposite direction. So far, I had only looked at the extensive moorland between Chorin and Britz selectively on a wide variety of tours, today it should be compact and comprehensive about this area.I chose to start from Golzow along the river Ragöse, which supplies many of the wetlands further south with water and which you will encounter again later on on the tour. Unfortunately, in the first section up to the railway underpass, not all connections were passable as planned and the Ragöse was also hardly accessible, but I really liked the forest paths, which are often natural and easy to walk. The area around the Chorin monastery was of course very familiar to me, but I hadn't hiked the subsequent second part from the Nettelgraben to the destination like this.Here there was literally one idyllic moor after the next, these were mostly connected to one another via very beautiful marked hiking trails and there were only brief contact with settlements at the Ragöser Mühle and in Neuehütte. I really liked the shape of the route and I will definitely try another variant in the area soon.--------------Info and tour description:This tour starts at Golzow train station, first of all follow the very quiet road towards Senftenhütte, then branch off onto the forest path that runs parallel to the pasture area on the Ragöse. After using a short gravel section, you continue straight on on natural paths in a large curve through the forest to the railway underpass, the path continues south of the track to the village of Chorin, which is crossed to the village church.Now the path leads over the Klostersteig, then over the beautiful hiking trail in the forest to the Amtsee and up to the Chorin Monastery. The area is left via the Westweg, the path leads over old cobblestones down to the Nettelgraben, on the asphalt bike path around a moor area, then along it again in its natural state. A longer section of forest on forest paths leads to the Ragöser Mühle and there over the country road to the marked hiking trail that roughly follows the Ragöse to the Neuehütte settlement.After a detour to the Bachsee, the settlement is crossed, the path leads along the Eberswalde rest forest to the historic waterworks at the Stadtsee and again a large moor area is passed in the direction of Britz, where this tour ends at the Britz train station after crossing the 'Kolonie' district.

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  7. A Micha S., Jan Verbücheln 🤠 y 212 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I took part in the second Fontane hiking marathon, which has already been postponed several times, in the Stechlin-Ruppiner Land nature park, which is certainly one of the most beautiful areas in Brandenburg. I had already enjoyed the first edition in 2019 from Rheinsberg, today a top highlight was on the program with the tour around the iconic Stechlinsee from Fürstenberg. In the ideal autumn hiking weather I was on the 'short' half marathon route.On my early start, I ran into Cornell and Marion by chance and we hiked together most of the time. As expected, the event was well organized from start to finish, there was a 'goodie bag' for the 400 participants, various checkpoints with drinks, lunch in Neuglobsow and the bus transfer from there back to the train station in Fürstenberg. Despite the fact that it was called a 'sports hike', I was surprised by the high speed of most of the participants, which was rather borderline for a real pleasure hike.I don't have to recommend the route at this point, it is definitely one of the 'primary hiking cultural assets' in Brandenburg. Although today I liked the Peetschsee even more than the Stechlin.Through my short chat with co-organizer Dr. Pagel from the Berliner Wanderverband am Ziel, I already know where the event will take place next year ... I'll definitely be there again!Here is the website for the event: and tour description:This tour begins at the train station in Fürstenberg, first it goes over the Bahnhofstrasse, the Havelstrasse, the Brandenburger Strasse and the Berliner Strasse to the multi-purpose hall in the Bergstrasse, then over the Rheinsberger Strasse and the Steinförder Strasse to the Röblinsee-Siedlung. Here the hiking trail over the lakeshore is used, on an asphalt section the path leads past Russian military ruins and then turns into the forest.Now it goes in the natural forest to the northern end of the Peetschsee and on the wonderful path along the lakeshore for a while, then up stairs to the Augustablick with a view far over the water through a lane. On mostly wider forest paths and after several changes of direction, you pass the vantage point on the Fenchelberg with a view of the Stechlinsee, then the path leads down to the wonderful riverside path, which is followed over a length of six kilometers to the bridge over the outlet channel of the former nuclear power plant.After a section across the forest, the Polzow Canal meets the bank of the Stechlinsee again and the beautiful path - only interrupted by bypassing the Leibniz Institute's water measuring station - is followed to the main swimming area at Neuglobsow. The village is crossed on the Stechlinseestrasse with a view of the Dagowsee and at the end of the village this tour ends at the local bus stop.

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  8. A Niels Lauenroth, Wandertom y 213 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... for a few weeks there has been a freshly certified 'Quality Trail Wanderable Germany' in Brandenburg, right on the border with Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the Stechlin-Ruppiner Land nature reserve. Today I took a closer look at a good half of this route around the Wummsee, 'packed' it into a long hike between the two bus routes north of Rheinsberg. That worked out well in its form, but it also takes a lot of discipline to keep the time window, otherwise you have to wait a long time for the very seldom driving bus with a connection to the regional train.I found the part of the actual circular route with the motto 'Klarwasser Se (h) en' wonderful, here almost all forest paths and paths were very natural and you can tell that the area is not overly frequented by hikers due to its remote location. Small drawback, however, is that through the reed belts of the Wummsee you rarely had direct contact with the water, the same applied to most of the other lakes on this tour. I also found the section along the small Giesenschlagseenkette wonderful, here the path was a bit more rustic and partly barely visible in the foliage.At the Tietzowsee at the end of the tour, it was not entirely clear to me how to start the riverside path and time was pressing a bit, so I 'played it safe' and preferred to use a forest path away from the lake.Overall, a really nice tour that is relatively easy to reach from Berlin, which I can definitely recommend. However, it is a mystery to me how you can certify a quality trail in 2021, which in its original form as a circular route can only be reached by your own car and not by public transport, unless you get 'creative' as in my case today.Here is the official page for the hiking trail: and tour description:This tour starts in Flecken Zechlin at the bus stop directly at the school, first it goes over the Töpferweg, the Hirtensteig and the Wittstocker Straße to the village church, then the Amtstraße on the bank of the Black Lake is followed to the Parkstraße. Then the path leads uphill over stairs and along an allotment garden, on the bike path it goes to the Pariser Eiche settlement and on to the forester's house, then finally the forest is reached.The forest path is followed to the Plötzensee, on lonely forest paths we continue to the southwestern end of the Wummsee. Now the Kleine and Große Wummsee are passed over a length of a good six kilometers, mostly close to the shore on very beautiful, natural paths up to the parking lot at the northern exit of the nature reserve. On a sandy field path, you pass a large organic farm and the village of Diemitz is crossed, then the side road is followed to the northern Giesenschlagsee. Along the small chain of lakes the path leads again like a path for two kilometers and in the forest it goes over to the Großer Prebelowsee, which is circled about halfway, unfortunately also partly on the bike path, separated from the water by a country road.Shortly after crossing the Hüttenkanal, you branch off into the forest, on natural paths and partly on cobblestones, you go in an arch in the direction of the Jagow Canal, then the path leads past the village church of Zechlinerhütte to Neustrelitzer Strasse and finally is at the 'Alfred' bus stop Wegner-Haus' at the central August-Bebel-Platz reached the end of this tour.

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