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Begeisterter Genusswanderer. Überzeugter Wahlberliner und Brandenburger im Herzen. Zertifizierter DWV-Wanderführer. Zertifizierter Natur- und Landschaftsführer für die Region Fläming-Havelland. European Walk-Leader.
----------------------------------The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
(Robert Frost - Gedicht 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening')
----------------------------------An einem Sommermorgen
Da nimm den Wanderstab,
Es fallen deine Sorgen
Wie Nebel von dir ab.
(Theodor Fontane - Gedicht 'Guter Rat')
----------------------------------I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
(Henry David Thoreau - Walden)
----------------------------------Wenn ich im Wald unterwegs bin,
werden meine Gedanken immer ganz leicht und klar.
Nur was sich leicht anfühlt ist auch wirklich wichtig.
(Hans Beimer - Serie Lindenstraße)
----------------------------------This Love Has Got No Ceiling
(Eddie Vedder - No Ceiling, Soundtrack 'Into The Wild')
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  1. Frank Meyer hizo una caminata.

    Hace aprox. 4 horas

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    3,8 km/h
    70 m
    110 m
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I did the pre-hike for filming a ZDF interview on the subject of hiking / hiking tips with me, which will take place the week after next. I suggested the area myself, as there are some easily accessible parking spaces, because recording equipment has to be transported.Although I know the route almost by heart of course, it was a completely new challenge for me to take a close look at the surroundings, signs, installations and 'forest furniture' in order to be able to suggest suitable locations for interview situations based on the location and the topic. I hope that my pool of ideas contains some usable locations.The wonderfully designed and equipped circular path 'Wald' has existed for exactly four years. Berlin. Climate.' and I am always very positively surprised that after this time there are still no traces of wear and tear and vandalism.I was even more surprised today that the Havelhöhenweg was freshly given weatherproof signage, at least in the northern part up to the Großer Steinlanke, and many railings have also been repaired. Probably out of fear of vandalism, the signs were attached to the trees at a height of three meters. There are also numbered POI posts that have been newly set up, but you must have the corresponding PDF flyer to interpret them: my point of view, the Berlin Senate Department overslept to at least build a bridge into the 21st century using QR codes, NFC tags, beacons or similar aids. The 'province' often knows better how something like this works.By the way: if anyone has general questions for me about hiking, please ask them in the comments. Maybe one or the other question will make it into the interview.--------------Info and tour description:
      [follows in the evening]

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      • Hace aprox. 4 horas

  2. Frank Meyer planificó una caminata.

    Hace un día

    6,67 km
    3,7 km/h
    60 m
    110 m
    1. Frank Meyer

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  3. A Büchi (Jan) 🤠, Frank y 222 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I was back in my external office for the first time since mid-January to see if everything is still there, you never know in Berlin ;-)
      But everything was fine, only the mailbox was about to overflow.
      I was a bit late for the season, but I was speculating on getting something of the Japanese cherry blossom on the Mauerweg-Allee at the Bornholmer Bridge. It worked extremely well, and the particularly beautiful magnolia trees in the Elisabeth churchyard next to the notorious Soldiner Kiez were still in full bloom.It's unbelievable how the face of Berlin has changed again within a few months in places that I thought I knew well.
      The Pankeweg is always beautiful, even if it was a bit littered today. And the new part of the Mauerpark is actually still in good condition and much less 'rocked down' than I expected.
      ---------------Info and tour description:
      [not for this route that has already been described many times]

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  4. Frank Meyer planificó una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    28,6 km
    3,8 km/h
    210 m
    200 m
    A Heiner, Peter y 3 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I finally closed a hiking gap for myself, where I couldn't believe that I hadn't been in the area before.I was primarily concerned with the Buckowseerinne with its hill formations and small ponds, which turned out to be a particularly beautiful prime example of the 'glacial landscape generator'.I liked the picturesque landscape even better than the one around Brodowin and other similar corners in northern Barnim and in the Uckermark, especially because of the sometimes spectacular views and height differences for Brandenburg conditions.Very strong recommendation from me for the route, which partly followed the Creation Path and partly a second circular route. I continued crossing the nature reserve with a section along the Oder-Havel Canal and over to the brass works settlement with the huge water tower, then on and on along the well-known and popular towpath along the historic Finow Canal to the center of Eberswalde.Many thanks to Gérard for the inspiration for the first part of the route!Since the Buckowseerinne is completely in the community of Schorfheide and there was a wonderful ARD nature documentary about Schorfheide last week, I would like to refer you to the media library at this point: -earth / broadcast / thousand-moore-hundred-lakes-and-a-forest-100.html-------------Info and tour description:This tour begins at the train station in Golzow (stop when required!), On the cobblestone road it first goes through the fields into the village and through the old town center with a church worth seeing, then along the Britzer Straße back out of Golzow. You branch off onto the Lichterfelder Weg, which runs very nicely as a tree-lined avenue through the fields with wide views of the landscape.It is followed by a small swamp area, then a hilly forest area with a great beech population, before the path leads through pine forest to a hill on which boulders are arranged in a circular grid next to a rest area. The path leads through the gentle hills down to the Blumberg settlement, the most beautiful section of the tour follows on a field path through very hilly, alpine pastureland along the many small ponds to the Margaretenhof with many spectacular views.Now it goes on the natural meadow path through a depression between pastures and the Koppelpfuhl, then the little Buckow is crossed, the area of which seems to consist almost exclusively of the country butcher's and an educational institution. The bike path leads to the country road, after crossing it through the forest to the Großer Buckowsee, half of which is passed on a beautiful path on the southern bank.Now you turn onto the dirt road to Karlshöhe, then bypass the Clara-Zetkin settlement on the outside, right on the banks of the Oder-Havel Canal, up to the Mäckerseebrücke. After crossing it, the bike path next to the country road is used to the Finow brass works settlement, through which the path leads past the foot of the mighty water tower to the Finow Canal.The historic canal is followed for about six kilometers on the old, partly asphalted towpath, which has been developed as a narrow cycle path and is unfortunately often heavily frequented. Several locks and impressive old industrial ruins are passed on the varied route into Eberswalde. After crossing the Kupferhammerschleuse the canal is left, through the small Westendpark to Heegermühler Straße and after crossing the railway lines on the bridge, the destination of the tour is reached at Eberswalde Hauptbahnhof.

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  5. A Lausitzsonne, Lucy Lu y 151 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I was back in Bad Belzig, the 'gateway to Tuscany in Brandenburg', in the plenary hall of the Potsdam-Mittelmark district administration to discuss their new website with the board of the Märkischer Wanderbund, which I am implementing.In the meantime I've been to the very pretty town really often, where my stay always seems like a little vacation to me. I know only a few comparably attractive small towns in Brandenburg and it is definitely time for me to go on a regular longer hike in the corner.-----------Info and tour description:
      [not for this short tour]

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      • 28 de abril de 2021

  6. A Klaus Hoffmann, Steffi y 189 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... this evening an extensive tour of the zoo and the banks of the Spree with the handover of the presents to the two book winners of the 66 lakes hiking relay. As an exception, in the case of three, as the deadline cannot be done differently in the foreseeable future, of course at any time in strict compliance with the distance and hygiene rules.I was very happy to do this fun round with Lutz and Floh and to show them the zoo, or as I say 'The Beauty and the Beast', in all its facets. We experienced all kinds of diversity of flora and fauna, shortly before the end of a fox who was enjoying the to-go food leftovers from the rubbish bin right in front of us.Lutz and Floh had their large photon catchers with them, and I almost felt puny with my smartphone. I still think my photo from the ground through the water fountains on the Paul-Löbe-Haus was extremely successful today. Wouldn't have thought beforehand that such a recording would be possible with a smartphone.What an effort: months ago I had the Fontane statue in the Tiergarten secretly disappear, knowing full well that I would now have Lutz and Floh pose there on the now vacant plinth.Here is Lutz's recording:
      Here is Flea's recording:
      -------------Info and tour description:
      [not for this]

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      • 27 de abril de 2021

  7. A bgegg, Burkhard 🔵⚪ y 207 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today in extremely changeable weather a new 'combination attempt' of well-known premium sections, between Märkisch-Oderland and the Barnim, with the wonderful Cöthener Bergpark and the equally wonderful Nonnenfließ. I had connected both sections with Manfred Reschke's preferred variant of the 66-Seen-Weg between Gamengrund and Neue Mühle.In this form, it is certainly a successful tour and a great hiking recommendation if you can get over the longer monotonous straight section between Gamengrund and the village of Trampe. Otherwise I found the rhythm and the variety of the route very good, maybe you should end the tour at the zoo in Eberswalde and shorten the way to the train station by bus (runs every 30 minutes from there).I especially liked the fact that the nuns' river ran water again from beginning to end, which I had seldom experienced in recent years. Obviously, the beautiful path along the numerous meanders of the river is no longer an insider tip, I have met many walkers and hikers on the section. On the other hand, it is frightening to see that the northern Tiefensee at the end of the Gamengrund has now completely silted up within a few years--------------Info and tour description:This tour starts at the train station in Falkenberg / Mark, after a short detour to the village church, which is great on a hill, you follow Karl-Marx-Straße and Burgstraße, then the path leads up stairs to Carlsburg. We continue a short distance on the gravel road to the castle, then following the Oderlandweg on a narrow path through the forest up to the beautiful place at the Cöthener waterfall.A little further behind you pass the waterwheel and follow the path further up to the road, after which the path lined with apple trees leads over the fields towards the forest. After crossing the large forest area in a westerly direction, the 66-Seen-Weg in Gamengrund is met at the southern tip of the dried up lake and followed the riverside path in a northerly direction.
      This is followed by an approximately three kilometer long dead straight forest path, then it goes over the fields to Trampe. In Trampe the village is crossed towards the church, then the path leads through the Trampe Park to the Breydin castle ruins and on to the former military training area. The heather-like, almost treeless terrain is traversed completely in a south-westerly direction, and you continue on a farm road to Neue Mühle. From here, the strongly meandering Nonnenfließ is followed for a good five kilometers on wonderful forest paths in the narrow valley on both sides of the water to the dish mill, where you change to the high path that leads to Spechthausen.
      After a few hundred meters along a marshland, the wider blackness, which has now absorbed the nuns' river, is followed further through the valley until the water is crossed at the Wünschelbrücke. The area of the Eberswalder Zoo in the forest is bypassed towards the level crossing, after which the path leads parallel to the railway line along the edge of the forest to an allotment garden colony and further into the residential areas of Eberswalde. Via Drehnitzstraße and Heegermühler Straße you go to the bridge over the railway line, after which you will reach the destination at Eberswalde station.

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      • 25 de abril de 2021

  8. Frank Meyer hizo una caminata.

    24 de abril de 2021

    A Achim Wack, Kessie Lilli y 215 más les gusta.
    1. Frank Meyer

      ... today I asked for a tried and tested tour not too far away due to the expected heavy cloud cover. It was this round trip, easily accessible with the regional train, in the wonderful, slightly hilly and lake-rich landscape between Lindow and Meseberg, the place where the federal government's guest house is located.So far I had hiked twice from Lindow via Meseberg to Gransee and the route had convinced me very much, today the focus should be on the lakes around Meseberg. It worked out wonderfully in shape and I can highly recommend the tour I made, even if the Kleine Dölchsee and the Kirchsee near the village of Baumgarten are more to be seen as a 'saturation supplement', because the paths around them were quite beautiful, but I from the waters hardly got to see anything.--------------Info and tour description:This is a round trip that starts and ends at the train station in Lindow. The path leads over Bahnhofstrasse to the town church, where you turn off past the war memorial and take a side path to reach the Wutzsee at the Klostermühle. There, the settlements are bypassed in the forest on the south bank, at the first large bathing area the path then leads down to the water.Then the shore of the lake is followed closely on a narrow path to its eastern end, then it continues on sandy farm roads in a north-easterly direction. After about 3 kilometers on this section, the Huwenowsee is reached and on the southern side you pass on beautiful forest paths up to Meseberg Castle. The hermetically sealed castle area is bypassed with a detour to the village church, then briefly followed the quiet connecting road towards Gransee.After branching off onto a field path, it goes through the hilly landscape to the shore of the Großer Dölchsee and along it, at the western end you cross a small wooden bridge to the neighboring Kleiner Dölchsee, which you pass to the north to the village of Baumgarten. The neighboring Kirchsee is circled on a two-and-a-half-kilometer arc, Baumgarten is left in a southerly direction and the path leads back to Wutzsee via an alternative route that is more natural along the Lindower Rhin.Now the elongated lake is passed on the equally beautiful north side, here the use of a path near the shore is possible, alternatively the marked high path can also be used. Then the path leads on a narrow dam through a marsh area to the monastery area and on to the monastery mill, where the circle closes. Finally, the starting point of the tour at Lindow station is reached again via Bahnhofstrasse.

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      • 24 de abril de 2021

    1. Frank Meyer

      ... my little standard round of tasks today, during which I 'admired' the statue of Klaas Heufer-Umlauf that was erected the day before yesterday. In all honesty: I think that such cheap PR rascals degrades all statues of really important people who stand for social achievements of significant proportions. Hence the photo of the statue of Nobel Prize winner Robert Koch, who is considered the founder of the theory of infection, in contrast to it.Speaking of infection: seldom have I been so annoyed lately about an 'artistic campaign' like #allesdichtmachen, which has haunted the media world since yesterday evening. Every hour, prominent actors distance themselves from their participation in this more than borderline satire (?) Project because the applause is coming from the wrong side, which knows no irony.How naive can you be and how much fun do you have to have to play with fire for the benefit of your own vanity?--------------Info and tour description:
      [not for this]

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      • 23 de abril de 2021

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