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  1. Marcel Schaller y Janet salieron con la MTB.

    12 de septiembre de 2021

    60,3 km
    16,3 km/h
    360 m
    370 m
    A Albi, Cherin y 73 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      After the original Sunday plans were thrown upside down, it was time at the breakfast table to conjure up a little home round out of the hat. Since I had never found the old Russian site in Koenigsbrück, the rough goal was already clear. Until then it was on well-known routes through the Lausitzer and Königsbrücker Heide to make a short stop at the Lake of Friendship. Unfortunately, the Grünmetz bridge is currently being built over the Pulsnitz, so we had to turn around here and take a longer detour. The suggestion of a water crossing was, for the sake of the peace of the family, not discussed further. When you arrive at the Russian site, an almost surreal sight awaits you, because the dilapidated buildings, residential complexes and bunkers are silent witnesses of a bygone era. Then the loop continued into one of my absolute favorite valleys - the Tiefental. The wonderful trail on the water is simply a pleasure in every season. With the Keulenberg in the back, we went over forest and meadow paths to Ottendorf-Okrilla for a delicious ice cream. It's funny that there are two ice cream parlors here, only separated by the Röder river. We have our favorites ... but everyone has their own taste. The rest of the way scratched a bit on the edge of the Hermsdorfer Park before it was said again - always there again.

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      • 12 de septiembre de 2021

  2. Marcel Schaller y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    4 de septiembre de 2021

    50,5 km
    5,3 km/h
    640 m
    640 m
    A Sven FG ⚒, "Sachsenmädel" y 121 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      Today it was called out of any comfort zone, into adventure and just see where the personal limits lie. 50km of march lay ahead of us, which we tackled early in the morning in the fog next to the Elbe. The Elbradweg led us pretty quickly to the Blue Wonder, which then shone in the sun. Via a nice mix of roads, forest paths and trails, we were "quickly" in Pillnitz, where the first confusion arose. The GPX track originally provided by the organizer led to the Elbleitenweg above the vineyards, while the analog arrows pointed to the ugly path on the street. Logically which way we chose and so we could enjoy the wonderful view while many participants had the road dust in the sun. In Graupa both routes reunited and after the second refreshment point (every 10km) it went steeply up to the highest mountain in Dresden - the Triebenberg. The path should lead us over dirt roads and the old railway embankment to the third refreshment point, where a lentil pot was advertised in advance. This then turned out to be COLD, so that there was already a small kink in the state of mind. But since the rest of the food was really great (the pickles are legend!) Everything was kept within limits. The Dresden Heath was the next destination and a short piece of the picturesque Priesnitzgrund was also there, before we went through the completely overcrowded Neustadt towards the Elbe. This had to be crossed twice before the steamer parade that was taking place received us properly at the destination. All in all, a wonderful experience in our dreamy home. Now it's time to take care of the blisters on your feet and put your legs up while enjoying a well-deserved beer.

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      • 4 de septiembre de 2021

  3. Marcel Schaller y 2 más salieron con la MTB.

    27 de agosto de 2021

    63,6 km
    15,3 km/h
    640 m
    620 m
    A Anne 💚 Berge, Hentschel y 74 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      Last sporty excursion today on Lago di Como by bike. We rented four beautiful Bianchi e-bikes from bikeitbellagio.com/bikeitvarenna-it.html and enjoyed the excellent service of the rental company. The bikes were ready, complete with helmet, lock and filled drinking bottle and each bike was readjusted to the body size. Even if we had the helmets and bottles with us, this service is still very strong. The GPX track of the tour came via WhatsApp and off we went to Varenna on the ferry to cross over to Menaggio, where the tour actually begins. From the beginning, the path was simply a dream, because it always went directly along the water and the numerous tunnels were bypassed on their own bike paths on the outside. One or the other trail over narrow meadow paths on the mountain slope or through narrow alleys was also there and put you in a good mood. From San Vito the most beautiful section followed, because now the path led permanently right on the beach and thus along the water. You have to be careful now and then if an air mattress suddenly slides in the way from the left because a holidaymaker “overlooks” the bike path, but otherwise it's just a dream. At the edge of the path the waves rustle on the beach and now and then on the path and in the distance you can see the steep mountains around the lake. In Pianello des Lario we fortified ourselves with pasta right by the lake and then we continued on this dream slope. In Sorico the northern end of the lake was reached and now it went back in a strong headwind. Initially still on wide hiking trails or on the embankment of the Addo river, we then switched to side roads and rolled through the small picturesque towns. Of course there is always a bit of unease, because the Italians drive, now let's say “a little brisk”. There were also two tunnels and we were glad that we got through there safely. As a reward, I went back to narrow trails on the mountainside away from the traffic. Shortly before the goal, the serpentines went up again steeply to Gittana, from where you have a wonderful view of the lake. Shortly before the last bend uphill, there was a blow on my rear wheel, the rear derailleur suddenly stuck in the spokes and the broken chain was on the road. Great…! Without further ado, the rental company rang the bell and immediately set off on his bike from the other side of the mountain and stood 10 minutes later with tools on the mat ... no ADAC is better or faster. Since on the other side the only way to get to the rental company was down steep serpentines, he unceremoniously rolled down on the broken bike and I followed him with his bike. So the wonderful and highly recommendable lap ended a bit chaotic, but it definitely didn't spoil the great day. So whoever is in the area at some point - Bike It Verenna and then the North Face round. Just thank me later. ;-)

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      • 27 de agosto de 2021

  4. Marcel Schaller y 2 más hicieron una Ruta.

    26 de agosto de 2021

    3,71 km
    3,9 km/h
    240 m
    A "Sachsenmädel", Rico 82 y 54 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      Today there was again some action and adrenaline, because like every year, we went canyoning again today. Despite my own fear of heights, I think this sport is simply terrific. The journey to the starting point was a highlight, as it went up a very narrow mountain road to the small town of Bodengo. As long as there is no oncoming traffic, such streets are pure fun ... as I said, as long as ... The guide is already waiting for us at the top and we have been equipped with the best equipment. The fact that the wetsuit does not provide complete protection from the cold is noticeable when you first immerse yourself in the "refreshing" mountain water. Now it was always downhill in the water of the canyon and slides, jumps and abseiling routes alternated. We "old" jumped up to 7m, the children up to 9m. At the highest jump from the rock at a height of 10m, we waved off together. All in all a beautiful, highly recommended and demanding route for which we needed a total of 3.5 hours (time at Komoot is not correct due to our own planning). Since I forgot the GoPro for Hirni this year, the canyon photos are all from canyoningvalbodengo.com/de/routen/val-bodengo-2. So if you ever end up on Lake Como, then you should definitely take part in this adventure.

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      • 26 de agosto de 2021

  5. Marcel Schaller y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    25 de agosto de 2021

    9,87 km
    4,3 km/h
    710 m
    750 m
    1. Marcel Schaller

      After the extensive tour of Milan yesterday, today we went on a short tour of the city that gave the lake its name - Como. Close to the port, a funicular leads to the climatic health resort of Brunate, which we used for both the ascent and descent from the mountain. Incidentally, the railway was built a year before the Dresdner and beats the home railway in terms of incline and length. The only drawback is the color, because as a black and yellow one having to take a purple train ... ummm ... well. At the top, the path then led steeply uphill, towards Faro Volitiano, the lighthouse on the summit that can be seen from afar. From the tower itself you have a wonderful view of part of Lake Como and can enjoy the Alpine panorama and the view of Monte Rosa. Back at the lake, the further way led us to the harbor with his "Life Electric" statue by Daniel Libeskind, who created the piece in honor of Alessandro Volta. Of course, the obligatory ice cream was a must and a visit to the Cathedral of Como rounded off the little round.

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      • 25 de agosto de 2021

  6. Marcel Schaller y Janet salieron con la MTB.

    21 de agosto de 2021

    54,0 km
    10,8 km/h
    1.440 m
    1.450 m
    A Frank Winkler, Rico 82 y 72 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      Last tour in Ramsau and what haven't we had yet? Right, ride a bike, so rent a couple of e-bikes right away, because I just don't want to ride organic here. According to the wish of the lady of the heart, stations of the series “The Mountain Rescue” were of course built in ... exactly, the series that we men only watch because of the landscape. So it went past the mountain rescue station and through the Emilie farm, but then it was already steep uphill, past the Brandalm, to just below the mountain station of the Dachsteinbahn. Past the picturesque Neustattalm, the path now leads over gravel slopes, narrow wooden bridges and forest paths to the Bachlalm. From up there, an asphalt mountain road leads down and enables a wonderfully long descent. Unfortunately, the next stopover, the Mandlberggut (Daniel's stamp office from Taurista Stoneman) was closed on the weekend, so the planned cake was canceled. After a wild descent into the valley, we were then able to rest in the "Geringer", an absolute recommendation on my part. The next few kilometers then lead leisurely on the Enns Cycle Path, always along the water. Since I really wanted to go into the Talbachklamm, it was time to screw my way up again, but unfortunately partly over the serpentines of the main road. But then the upper end of the gorge was reached and now a dreamlike path followed along the wildly rushing mountain river. What a great way. In Schladming we were surprised again by the Komootkasper, where there should be a path, there was a house and where there should be a beautiful trail, there was a stony hiking trail. But in the end the last ascent towards Ramsau was still completed and so a great lap and our first week of vacation came to an end.

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      • 21 de agosto de 2021

  7. Marcel Schaller y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    20 de agosto de 2021

    A Rico 82, Der Rumtreiber🏔🥾 y 73 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      After we only looked at the Dachstein massif from below, today we took the cable car up to the glacier. Thanks to the Sommercard, it was practically free, because otherwise the money will be pulled out of your pocket for the driveway. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the gondola with the outside balcony, which you can ride on outside on the roof. Too bad. When we arrived at the top, we had a first look at the glacier and it cannot be overlooked that it has unfortunately shrunk a lot. Who knows how long we will still be able to enjoy this sight, not to mention skiing up there. For a fee we could then go to the suspension bridge, which luckily does not swing. Puhhh ... but even so, the part isn't from bad parents. But there is also the so-called "staircase to nowhere", which ends in the same. Thanks to the rising fog, the view into the abyss was denied and so this highlight could also be "overcome" without a sewing machine in the legs. Then it went on to the ice palace, which is located under 6m thick glacier ice. In this, various events of the time are exhibited as ice figures and even an ice wine is stored there. Definitely worth seeing and nice and cool. Then we continued on the glacier in the direction of the Seethalerhütte at the Dachsteinwarte, which is located at an altitude of 2740m. Since you take every step almost twice on the snow-covered path, the ascent is really demanding. At the top, however, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view back to the glacier. Unfortunately, the view on the other side of the summit cross down into the valley was foggy. After a hot extended ride, there was a little slide down again and at the mountain station of the Dachsteinbahn this short but wonderful round was already over.

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      • 20 de agosto de 2021

  8. Marcel Schaller y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    19 de agosto de 2021

    14,8 km
    3,0 km/h
    870 m
    890 m
    A Dirk, Lausitzsonne y 83 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      Today's hike is one of the most impressive and beautiful hikes in the Ramsauer Almen area at the foot of the Dachstein, because no other hike will get you closer to the steep south walls of the Dachstein than a hike through the gate. Imposing and impressive, the path leads past the Südwandhütte and then below the mighty Dachstein south face. Partly over scree fields it goes up to the "Tor", the natural cut between Raucheck and Torstein. After a fairly steep ascent up to 2030m, you cross the “pass” and now it's always downhill to the Bachlalm. In the vicinity of the Alm, marmots have got used to people and literally eat out of your hand. But when I look at some parents who motivate their children to stroke the animals just so that the best photo ends up in the family calendar, then the best thing to do is to sink these people upside down in a marmot den. The rest of the way then leads steadily uphill over forest roads to the starting point. So, that was the short version of this great round, on which you have to stop again and again to take photo after photo and enjoy this backdrop. What a dream area.

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      • 19 de agosto de 2021

  9. Marcel Schaller y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    18 de agosto de 2021

    5,32 km
    3,1 km/h
    270 m
    270 m
    A Rico 82, Hans-Peter & Heidrun y 66 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      After the morning was rainy, it was nice to sweat in the sauna in the morning. In the afternoon the cloud cover came up and so the Silberkarklamm was immediately visited. Over stairs and steps it went uphill past the wild water and the effect was the same as in the sauna. The gorge can certainly not be compared with the larger of its kind, but it has its own charm and the alp of the same name was waiting up in the valley basin to pamper us with a freshly tapped and delicious buttermilk cake with cranberries. The way back then led over the wonderful high path, over roots and rocks and partly secured with a rope, steeply downwards. Nice little round for in between in a wonderful green environment. Styria 💚

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      • 18 de agosto de 2021

  10. Marcel Schaller y Janet hicieron una caminata.

    31 de julio de 2021

    A Sven FG ⚒, Heikster y 69 más les gusta.
    1. Marcel Schaller

      The start was today at the mountain station of the Lazidbahn at an altitude of 2346m. Since there should be storms in the afternoon, we had chosen a slightly shorter route with the marmot trail. The tour started on a narrow ridge path, which brought us up to the Moosbahn at almost 2500m, where the fog often tore open and thus provided wonderful views of the peaks on the opposite side. Now we always walked on a narrow path along the slope, whereby for a long time, the now thickening fog, used the view of the valley basin. Nevertheless, it was varied, because there were also passages over scree fields or wooden planks again today. But no sooner had we arrived at the Furglersee than the fog temporarily disappeared and gave a great view of the heart-shaped lake. A short rest at the lake showed how quickly a bright blue sky and thick fog can alternate up there. After the lake there was almost only a clear view and we were able to observe some of the animals that gave the path its name. These "marbles" are funny and you have to really struggle to discover the animals in the scree fields. The path now goes steadily downhill and at the latest at the Cologne house at the Lazid middle station, you have reached civilization again. The pirate trail that followed, which was created especially for children, was a lot of fun for us too, and so we finally reached the Högler Alm with its great lake. After a hearty refreshment in the alpine pasture, we treated ourselves to a ride on the "Schneisenfeger", a grandiose and adventurous coaster that conjures up a really big grin on your face with up to 40km / h over a length of 1.5km.

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      • 31 de julio de 2021

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