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  1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ hizo una caminata.

    Hace aprox. 6 horas

    14,6 km
    5,4 km/h
    360 m
    370 m
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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Today I actually wanted to go back to Annweiler. But since my app informed me that it would not be quite as sunny there as in the north and the view from the window suggested the same, I rummaged through my tour memory. In the corner near Eulenbis I had already been on the devil's tour, but hadn't seen a lot. Since the tour goes over open fields and meadows on many sections of the route and offers wonderful views, I thought that would be it for today! I was also right with the expected high fog, which held up in the early hours and then dissolved and released the sun. Yes, I was out really early today and I'm a little proud of it. 😉I’m usually one of the not very early ones! 🤫😅

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      • Hace aprox. 5 horas

  2. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ hizo una caminata.

    Hace un día

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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Appointed to meet Angelika on the Wachtfels. We were up on time and enjoyed the sunset with champagne 🌅🥰!
      I was happy to have made this decision and not to have gone home straight away.
      Nice end!
      Thank you Angelika! 😘

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      • Hace aprox. 23 horas

  3. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ hizo una caminata.

    Hace un día

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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Today we went to Wernersberg. From the parking lot in the center of the village we went along the Keschdeweg to the Heimelstein. This elongated rock massif stretches steadily uphill. It went on to the Rödelstein, which you can also get to the top. Once around the impressive large rock and back again towards Osterbrünnel and Wachtfels. From there it went downhill on a beautiful path and along the Rimbach, which, as a channel, supplies the Kaisernühle with water. The mill seems to be still in operation ... the saw blades could be heard clearly.
      The next step was a steep uphill to the round hat and along the Geiersteine tour. At the junction I thought for a moment: Hornstein yes-no! OK. down and up again ... it doesn't matter, it's always worth it!
      Then in the sun on the vulture stones! Perfect 👌!
      ... and who came around the corner? ... Angelica! Immediately recognized-😀
      That was awesome!
      What a coincidence!
      Long story ... and she ran almost the same tour only in a different direction!
      We said goodbye without knowing that we would meet later for the sundown on the Wachtfels
      For me it was over beautiful meadows in the evening sun back towards Wernersberg. In the parking lot I looked at the quail rock, which was illuminated by the evening sun. Now home?… No… Angelika radioed… I'll come up too!
      Said and done!

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      • Hace aprox. 23 horas

  4. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ salió con la MTB.

    Hace 2 días

    30,9 km
    16,5 km/h
    540 m
    550 m
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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      After Axel patched my flat tire yesterday ... Thanks, honey! ❤️👍 Today we went on a nice after-work tour. First enjoy the beautiful sun in the vineyards and then off to the forest. There was a keschde soup by the linden tree and then relaxed to the lake. To still see the beautiful sunset, we drove through the vineyards near Sausenheim back to Kirchheim.
      ... so beautiful 🥰🌅

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      • Hace 2 días

  5. A W Schulze-Möbius, Bettina y 54 más les gusta.
    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Today we went to Hinterweidenthal to cycle again "relaxed" through the Zieglertal ... well, the relaxation was only short, because in the middle of the valley there is a path on the right side along the Lembach, which spits the Wieslauter. I had to take a closer look at the springs ... mostly on unkempt paths with stones and dead wood I reached two enclosed springs.
      Back on the bike path we went up to the castle. You can see the Graefenstein again and again and the view is great. Then a great trail area begins! This time I stayed up to date ... a nice flow trail towards the baumwald head. But then I was drawn back into the valley to the actual Wieslauter spring. At the very end of the valley, an overgrown path leads to the source, which rises under a rock. Now it went uphill again to the Baumwalder Kopf and on to the Wildsaufelsen. A beautiful trail called the "Höhenweg" leads to the Rotenstein. I was thrilled! A couple of men with mountain bikes were there too. After a nice chat and an exchange about material and tours, we went to the Waschtal. I must have gotten a nail in the tire on the track. On the bike path I immediately heard this noise with every turn and would prefer not to hear it ... but then the tire was already flat ... 😳😨. There was nothing more to want with pumping up. But then I was shortly before Hinterweidenthal ...
      Nevertheless, I did not let the joy of the Nutrias be taken away from me ...

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      • Hace 6 días

  6. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ hizo una caminata.

    Hace 7 días

    A Bettina, W Schulze-Möbius y 46 más les gusta.
    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Today we went on a rock tour again with the best hiking weather! That was unbelievable today ☀️☺️
      I started in Erfweiler to run the Hahnfelstour counter-clockwise. So first in Bottental. On the beautiful Dickkopfpfad it went to the waterfall and the Eibach spring and on the love path back to the landscape pond. I knew all of that, but the Wiesental is just too beautiful
      At Wolmersberg I hesitated for a moment ... no, not today! That was a good thing, because that would have been too much!
      There was a closure on the original route for sewer works. Today is Saturday and through! Others did too!
      Why then a section leads along the road and not over the beautiful meadow path is unfortunately not understandable ... the meadow is probably private property, but not fenced.
      Then there were a lot of beautiful rocks up to the Dahner castles, which I recently viewed. Before I went to Wasgaublick, I built in the Kapellenfels. Was worth it. On the Kahlenberg I built a detour to 2 viewpoints over Schindhard. The sheep stones were also very impressive. I circled the Hegerturm and then the best came for the end.
      I thought the Bänderfels was great, especially because it goes straight down into the depths. You shouldn't take the wrong step, otherwise that's it!
      But the view is great, especially with the gigantic evening sun from right in front. At Hahnfels I could have just stayed until the sun went down, but I had to go home too ... That was fantastic today 🤩

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      • Hace 7 días

  7. A Annemarie Ohmer, helli-man y 50 más les gusta.
    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Today I went to Lemberg to hike the Graf-Heinrich-Weg, which has been on my list for a long time. I also built in the former US ammunition depot. In order to get a circular route out of it, I then left the Graf-H.-Weg on a piece of gravel (it wasn't nice anyway) and walked along the entire bunker road from behind. Some bunkers were open. These were mainly filled with wood witches.
      At the end of Bunkerstraße I automatically came back to Graf-H.-Weg.
      In advance, I had already considered whether I should not add the Arius tour, after all, this is a perfect option, because the two premium hiking trails have an intersection in the area of Ruppertstein Castle and a piece of descent from the castle in common. Actually, I had rejected that again ... but a little long, I thought!
      So now I was at this point ... what to do? ... I had just warmed up and to be honest I had
      Hikers withdrew from the last weekend!
      Come on ... now I'm already here, I thought! At the beginning I was a little disappointed with the Arius tour. The road could not be overheard, the path not exactly beautiful either, partly muddy ...
      From the little Maiblumenfels it got better. There are also 2 Mayflower rocks, by the way, I realized ... after reading the signs on the rocks, a little puzzled.
      I also saw the landmark of the tour, which cannot be seen on the original tour, the transmission tower in red and white stripes.
      In the Beckenhof there was my break and strengthened I was now able to start the ascent to the Ruppertstein ruins. From there I was back on the Graf-H.-Weg to Lemberg Castle. Then I got a mango choir (still had to drive) and then I let the sunset work on me. The car was parked in the castle parking lot, which is not far below.

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      • 8 de octubre de 2021

  8. A Axel, Biitii 105 y 70 más les gusta.
    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Today I started in “Kärchem on de Eck”, as the old Kirchheimers say. Yes, the Eckbach flows through Kirchheim an der Weinstrasse.
      On the Eckbach Mühlenwanderweg it went to Dirmstein. From there it got exciting, because the paths along the stream from there were no longer as nicely maintained as before. Most of them were meadow paths that had not been mowed for a long time. But I wanted to stay by the stream. Only before Bobenheim-Roxheim did I leave the stream, because I had to somehow have to cross the tracks, but shortly afterwards I had him by my side again. Also because of the B9 I had to take a detour and couldn't stay at the Eckbach, because the path ended as a dead end before the B9. But then I soon reached the Eckbach estuary.
      A little further along the Rhine and I was at the Isenach estuary.
      From there I went back and this time I managed to stay on the course of the stream as far as possible. The paths, if you want to call them that, are only passable with mountain bikes, hence my tour assignment.
      Enjoy cycling again along the Old Rhine. We continued on the old dam cycle path, which is no longer maintained, to Mörsch and Frankenthal. Past the lido and Monte Scherbelino via Eppstein, a beautiful trail through the Birkenheiden forest to Erpolzheim and Ungstein.
      In the Wolfsbrunnen there was finally a break with onion cake and something new!
      Then I drove back to Kirchheim quickly, without detours, but not because of the effect of my food! 😂
      The Isenach then flows on to Bad Dürkheim and through the spa gardens, where it has been flowing above ground again for several years. That has given the spa park a lot more value

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      • 3 de octubre de 2021

  9. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ hizo una caminata.

    1 de octubre de 2021

    5,89 km
    5,1 km/h
    40 m
    30 m
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    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      A short hike to the Becherweiher. A delicious snack with a view of the lake was waiting for us there.

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      • 1 de octubre de 2021

  10. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️ hizo una caminata.

    1 de octubre de 2021

    A Manfred🇩🇪, Bettina y 30 más les gusta.
    1. Simone 🏂⛷🚵🏻‍♀️

      Practice excursion to Hornbach Monastery!
      The ruins of the monastery were rebuilt and opened as a hotel in 2005. Old and new were perfectly combined. Each room is unique ... beautiful!
      We experienced a great day with many highlights ...
      After a good breakfast 🍳 and a tour of the monastery complex, we experienced a Thai Chi lesson.
      Then a short hike to a nearby lake with Vespers at the hut.
      After referring to the "cells" 😅
      A herbalist took us through her herb garden.
      A meditative singing bowl concert in the monastery chapel followed.
      Now it's off to the BBQ followed by a party ...

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      • 1 de octubre de 2021

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