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Wann immer möglich Wanderungen ,ob klein ob groß,meist bergige Gegenden,aber auch flachere Strecken.Dabei immer bekannte Ecken besuchen , aber auch
Neues entdecken.Sächsische Schweiz ,Zittauer Gebirge und Ostsachsen am meisten unterwegs.


533 km

Tiempo en movimiento

107:42 h

  1. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    18 de septiembre de 2021

    7,49 km
    3,9 km/h
    190 m
    200 m
    A Der Rumtreiber🏔🥾, Sandro y 44 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      Today our destination was one of the few dry opportunities for hiking. The starting point was in Berggießhübel. From there we first went to the Hochstein. A very interesting rocky landscape awaits. The view is not there, due to the tall trees, but the great rock formations From there it was still very relaxed to the Jagdstein, which offered the best view today. In the further course, the rock path was next, but the path was almost invisible In general, but not a great experience. So better leave it and take another path to the right. You would meet the path again anyway. Furthermore, it went past the Giessensteinen and then back to the starting point. Conclusion is that Hochstein and Jagdstein are good goals but you missed nothing with the rock path.

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      • 18 de septiembre de 2021

  2. Enrico planificó una caminata.

    17 de septiembre de 2021

    12,0 km
    3,6 km/h
    110 m
    110 m
    A Lausitzsonne, Bernd y 2 más les gusta.
  3. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    15 de septiembre de 2021

    5,78 km
    6,6 km/h
    120 m
    130 m
    A horome, Cherin y 45 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      This time we went along the grounds near Uttewalde, with the Kluftsteig as a very interesting descent into the Schleifgrund and a very natural path with the Müllerweg. The Schleifgrund is always beautiful with its rocks and mosses, which make everything seem mystical. Of course Since the Uttewalder Felsentor is not missing. And then I got some refreshment in the wonderful restaurant Waldidylle, currently only the garden terrace is open, but is of course wonderful with the temperatures.

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      • 16 de septiembre de 2021

  4. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    8 de septiembre de 2021

    9,19 km
    4,2 km/h
    170 m
    180 m
    A "Sachsenmädel", Molly y 47 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      Today I did a lap in this corner. Narrow paths, meadow paths, some of which are not recognizable, were the ingredients for this tour today. Apart from that, you get completely new impressions.

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      • 8 de septiembre de 2021

  5. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    4 de septiembre de 2021

    3,27 km
    5,5 km/h
    20 m
    20 m
    A Mona, Katrin 🌼 y 25 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      Again on business trips and this time in Nordhausen, so I used the morning to visit the beautifully designed city park.

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      • 7 de septiembre de 2021

  6. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    26 de agosto de 2021

    6,32 km
    4,7 km/h
    30 m
    30 m
    A Lausitzsonne, Erlitzsche y 45 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      Exactly the right weather or the right time and got through to the last few meters dry. A very pretty area with a lot of nature, water and nice bridges. You can see many herons and walk on pleasant paths.

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      • 26 de agosto de 2021

  7. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    25 de agosto de 2021

    4,18 km
    4,0 km/h
    150 m
    160 m
    A Claudia, Katrin 🌼 y 49 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      When there was a lot of activity, it was once on the Gamrig. You always get wonderful views. The round then went through the Diebskeller to Rathen. The way back then over the Aspichgraben, which most people use there.

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      • 25 de agosto de 2021

  8. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    19 de agosto de 2021

    3,64 km
    3,5 km/h
    170 m
    180 m
    A Lausitzsonne, Annett y 50 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      Today we went to the Lilienstein in the afternoon. There were a lot of people on the way. Always nice the different views you have there. The restaurant is open from Friday to Monday. Always very nice the obelisk and also the weather pine.

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      • 20 de agosto de 2021

  9. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    8 de agosto de 2021

    3,56 km
    4,4 km/h
    140 m
    120 m
    A A. Layne, Cherin y 43 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      This afternoon we shot a chic lap around the millstone quarries. The weather played along. But a lot of people on the way and the parking lots very full. Of course, there was also a classic car meeting in the Zittau Mountains.

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      • 8 de agosto de 2021

  10. Enrico hizo una caminata.

    5 de agosto de 2021

    1,68 km
    5,8 km/h
    60 m
    70 m
    A Wolfgang Berger, Molly y 34 más les gusta.
    1. Enrico

      As time was short, a tour of the Waitzdorf view was just the right time - as always, with beautiful views of the area.

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      • 6 de agosto de 2021

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