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Keine Gnade der Wade!! Der Kampf gegen sich selbst erfolgt jeden Tag.Übersicht🥶Highlights🚴🏿🚴🏿03 14.05.21 Stausee💨Kleine🚲Kinzig
04 16.05.21 Salamander🦎Tour🔥
05 22.05.21 Kaiser Wilhelm🔥Murg🔥Runde
Die italienische Regierung hebt ab dem 16. Mai die Quarantäne Pflicht bei der Einreise nach Italien auf. Die Einreise ist ab diesem Datum mit einem negativen Test möglich.Anfang Juli "Ortler-Week" (Vorbereitung abgeschlossen!)
07.01 Der Gaviapass
07.02 Branca Trails am Forni Gletscher
07.03 Stilfserjoch zum Bormio
07.04 Stelvio Trail Paradise
07.05 das Highlite "Madritschjoch" der höchste, schneefreie Alpenübergang und die Abfahrt ins Martelltal
07.06 Singletrials rund um den Goldrain
Anfang-Mitte September Zugspitze Trails (in Vorbereitung)
08.01 "Big Karwendel" komoot.de/tour/331590057
08.02 "Isertal-Runde" komoot.de/tour/343156432
08.03 "Lamsen-Trail" komoot.de/tour/332924988


2.217 km

Tiempo en movimiento

189:34 h

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  1. F®️anjo salió con la MTB.

    Hace 2 días

    80,6 km
    18,3 km/h
    550 m
    550 m
    A 𝑭𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒌 😉, Flo D y 39 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      With a lot of sun in my luggage 🧳 I visited Windeck Castle today. I didn't necessarily want to take the panorama trails, but rather drive a little off the beaten track, if possible. So we went directly over the racetrack in Iffezheim along the Rhine dam to Greffern. The swan garden was also complete, it felt like there were a lot more swans this time than two months ago. From there via the "Käffer" like Ulm, Moos etc. directly to Bühl. The ascent to the castle was moderate but the view above was awesome. Continue in the direction of Bühler Stein, which I thundered past. Then back to the Rhine plain,
      was a mega excursion😎🤜🤛Greetings Franjo

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      • Hace 2 días

  2. F®️anjo planificó una salida en e-MTB.

    5 de junio de 2021

    40,2 km
    13,3 km/h
    1.780 m
    2.460 m
    A uebender le gusta esto.
  3. F®️anjo dio un paseo en bici.

    4 de junio de 2021

    62,1 km
    15,5 km/h
    1.050 m
    1.050 m
    A Lober Sarah, Haibike 2012 y 53 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      We started in Hinterzarten directly towards the Hinterwaldkopfsattel. The climb was a bit difficult
      but doable. One of the party was Adam who somehow liked the bike.
      From up there we had an amazing view of the Dreisam, Kaiserstuhl etc. up to the Vosges.
      There was still some snow on the Feldberg that just didn't want to go away, madness. But somehow explainable
      as we had to postpone this tour several times due to severe weather warnings. For comparison, in Hinterzarten we had 20 ° C and up here at the Hinterwaldkopf a maximum of 12 ° C, crazy. From the saddle we drove directly to the small Feldsee via the Raimartihof (which was open and was well attended). This is idyllically located at the foot of the Felberg, totally inconspicuous and super beautiful.
      It is oxygen-rich from the surrounding areas
      Creeks and the Seebuck are fed (swimming prohibited).
      From there we took the descent towards Schluchsee via the Wasserhütte or the Kapellenkopf (about 1200m). Attention, you should definitely take the view of the Schluchsee at km 25.6 with you for a few pictures, an absolute must for me. Arrived down at the lake, what a panorama, simply beautiful. The rest (french fries with cake) was taken at the Unterkrummenhof, the classic !!
      I like coming here, it just tastes great.
      We cycled once around the lake and past the Windgfall pond in the direction of Titisee.
      Once there, you immediately notice that you have arrived in a popular seaside resort.
      There was a lot going on here, but we kind of liked it after a year of abstinence.
      So we are then further over the Brugger Forest (small section) directly back to the starting point in Hinterzarten. What can I say, it was a super nice tour with many highlights.
      With today's tour, the collection of my Karseen circuit in the Black Forest is almost complete.
      Greetings Franjo

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      • 4 de junio de 2021

  4. F®️anjo salió con la MTB.

    2 de junio de 2021

    42,1 km
    15,1 km/h
    770 m
    770 m
    A MSchöDo, Stefan y 37 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      At what felt like 30 ° today we went directly over the house route, the butterfly path, to the Battert.
      Wasn't there in ages and just wanted to sit on the rocks. Once at the top, the mega panorama. Directly in the south the Hornisgrinde and in the west the Mercury, which I have never seen from this perspective. The paragliders could also be seen directly at the Merkur. Since I still felt like it, I went on to the nightingale and past the game. On the way home, there was a stopover at my "ice cream dealer des Vertaunes".
      In short with this weather and the many impressions it was a mega tour.
      Greetings Franjo

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      • 2 de junio de 2021

  5. F®️anjo dio un paseo en bici.

    30 de mayo de 2021

    30,4 km
    15,7 km/h
    710 m
    700 m
    A Markus W.🐸, bry_no.2301 y 37 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      According to the motto the best comes at the end, today's tour was dedicated to the m.M. Dedicated to the most beautiful Karsee in northern BlackForest, the Huzenbachersee. So I drove directly to Schönmünzach to the church and from there over the Schönmünz directly to the Huzenbachersee which is about 900m. The climb was moderate but not a big challenge now. Arrived at the lake, what a panorama !!
      The pond roses were still closed, but their size was a stunner.
      They decorate the shore and give the lake its special charm. There are enough seats around the lake.
      Sure, you have to stop here to observe the flora or the small island in the middle (swinging lawn). What is quite noticeable, however, are the dead spruce trees along the way or by the lake.
      They accompanied me the whole tour. If you take a closer look, you can see the habitat for other animals, moss grows on it, lichen spreads and the different types of mushrooms. So I drove up the Lieberg to come down on the other side, what a descent. Down in the Ailwald we went straight back to the starting point on the panorama path. As announced, the best at the end was the ascent to the Silberberg, I kept to the speed information.
      In my opinion, every single lake is a highlight in itself.
      Here goes to the collection, have fun

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      • 30 de mayo de 2021

  6. F®️anjo dio un paseo en bici.

    28 de mayo de 2021

    35,0 km
    17,2 km/h
    710 m
    720 m
    A Christian Müller, CoachL y 33 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      After the exhausting last few days, today was a
      somewhat different round announced. For this purpose, a parking space was looked for at the BHF in Baierbonn and the bike was brought to the start. It went straight up the Stökerweg and then straight into the forest where the red deer met its family on the game reserve. You can tell right away that the animals have got used to people and therefore had no fear of contact. The first lake on my gate was the Sankenbach. This small lake is really idyllic and is very easy to get to when coming from Baiserbronn. You have enough seating and can just walk around the lake, great.
      The right highlight m.M. but after is the Sankenbach waterfall, is on the tour.
      The steep Karwand rises tremendously and lets the Sankenbach plunge into the Sankenbachsee as a 40m high, two-tier waterfall, mega.
      You should definitely have seen it.
      A stone's throw away is the Ellbachsee, which is now very well known in the BlackForest. Today I was right on the water and couldn't hit it completely due to fallen trees.
      The tour got better and better because you could hear the water rushing and splashing along the way and that all the way. The third was the Buhlbachsee. This is at about 800m and the ascent is difficult, especially the last few meters. The highlight here is the floating moor island, I've never seen anything like it. In any case, super idyllic and with a special charm. Back the Panroamweg along the Murg was taken with an ultra-long descent, biker heart what more could you want.
      Buhlbachsee, Baiersbronn district, Freudenstadt district, in the southern part of the Black Forest National Park;Ellbachsee, Baiersbronn district, Freudenstadt district;Schurmsee, Forbach district, Rastatt district;Click here for the collections, have fun

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      • 28 de mayo de 2021

  7. F®️anjo salió con la MTB.

    25 de mayo de 2021

    63,0 km
    17,1 km/h
    890 m
    890 m
    A Christian Müller, Carolin y 36 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      We started today in Freudenstadt, directly in the new development area of Jaspisstrasse. Ultra runner Adam was part of the party, first of all he goes organic, what else? According to the legend, Zeus was the weather god💨🌧, it felt like he wanted to show us again today😬 Right at the beginning there was a sleet shower that turned into rain, which had followed us to the dam. On one picture (km 13.5) you can even see that we are driving through a wall of clouds (I haven't had it before). And then there was the wind, the heavenly child who lived up to its name. At the edge of the road the trees have bent, so that one thought they would all fall over. We are on the panorama path to the dam where we had a little rest (photo shoot). Here the wind gave everything again! From there we went straight to Völmlesmühle. And, as if Zeus and the heavenly child belonged to us together, the rain and wind have completely disappeared. At the Kohlmühle and the Zinnbach entlag, the change in weather made the tour super nice, what an amazing panorama with a bit of sun.
      Unfortunately, this doesn't come out so clearly in the pictures, but it was fantastically beautiful. Another rest at the Königskanzel Dornstetten and the wind was there again. But since we still had a few kilometers left, we didn't care. It went back to the starting point via the Weiler Weg.
      In this tour everything was included, whereby we wanted to drive the 4Seen Tour on the Feldberg today. Due to storm warnings "violent gusts" was relocated.
      I say yes, the gods have to calm down.
      Greetings Franjo

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      • 25 de mayo de 2021

  8. F®️anjo hizo una caminata.

    24 de mayo de 2021

    5,20 km
    3,1 km/h
    130 m
    150 m
    A Elke🐕👣, Haibike 2012 y 25 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      Today the family took a short walk on the panorama path around the Eck- / Schafberg.
      The starting point was the valley station of the Merkur mountain railway. It was great weather and a lot going on in the parking lot. Most of the people wanted to go up to Mercury.
      However, we are on the Panoramaweg
      Game along. I had to find out that the pack has increased significantly and that the freshlings have clearly been washed since my last visit on April 2nd, 21st.
      Unfortunately, the red deer hid in the small forest, so there was no photo in it.
      Our Josef, for whom everything was new and foreign, was also part of the party. He obviously had fun with the whole thing, so his batteries
      were clearly empty at the end. On the way we met a small blindworm (reptile of the year 2017), which was clearly trying to leave the panorama path as quickly as possible and to seek shelter in the foliage. It is also often mistaken for a snake, but it is a species of lizard. The list of their predators is long, snakes, birds and mammals such as fox, badger and house cats hunt the blindworm.
      When we arrived at the corner courtyards below, we made our way back to the starting point.
      It was a very relaxed tour.

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      • 24 de mayo de 2021

  9. F®️anjo salió con la MTB.

    22 de mayo de 2021

    88,9 km
    13,3 km/h
    1.040 m
    1.080 m
    A Bergziege Doris, Horschtl y 54 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      After the new setup on the bike, a visit to the Hohloh Berg, also known as the Kaiser Wilhelm Tower, was announced today. The start was early in the morning although the weather app warned me several times about the wind and rain! Via the Tour de Murg Bisschweier, Gaggenau, Gernsbach we went straight to Langenbrand. The path was paved and easy to drive on.
      Arrived in Langenbrand the bend was taken with the third ascent to the tower. Here it became clear what a 600 m ascent means, anything but relaxation! Not all the more, owing to my motto, no mercy the calf or thigh became stronger again
      stepped on the pedals. Once at the top, the light was somehow missing, as if someone had switched it off. The rain came and also the thick clouds, had thought the app was wrong, unfortunately no! To regret I had to find out that the power bank was at the start, but the charging cable for the mobile phone stayed at home, mega stupid! So the cell phone said goodbye to the well-deserved holiday evening and I still had it
      about 30km home. But shouldn't be a problem, as the paths are completely signposted and the descent was super nice, even with clouds. The same route was taken back home. In the valley the sun finally came back and burned the asphalt, finally.
      After I tried to position the pictures, I don't know exactly if it's true. The total travel time is also a little longer, approx. 7.5 hours. It was definitely a mega tour with the faux pas charging cable at Home and the setup of the bike is perfect.
      When I got home I got scones with clotted cream and jam as a reward,
      Biker heart what you want more. regards

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      • 22 de mayo de 2021

  10. F®️anjo salió con la MTB.

    16 de mayo de 2021

    31,4 km
    12,7 km/h
    750 m
    750 m
    A sandro bastian, Stefan y 38 más les gusta.
    1. F®️anjo

      Very demanding tour with many highlights. After checking the weather data, we went directly in the morning from the Lichtentaler parking lot along the Oosbach to the Herrenwieser See. Rain was announced for 9 o'clock and this came almost exactly to the cloud, amazing what such technical aids can do. Probably this one lured the protected rainman out of his hiding place. Then there he stood, the fire salamander.
      So it was clear to me that I had to rename the tour after the "little one". I also had a few vertical meters to go so that I didn't want to disturb the "little one" any further.
      Arrived at the lake, a lap was turned.
      Super nice also with the sun that partly came through. We went on to the summit cross Streitmannskopf or planned to do so. Unfortunately I had to cancel this because of numerous fallen trees, I didn't feel like "pushing". So the plan was changed in the direction of the "Kleines Matterhorn". Once there, the full panorama was revealed, especially when the sun was no longer covered by the clouds and came through, what a view, wow !!
      Thanks to Manuel who recommended this place to me, great. From there we went back towards the starting point. Not only the descent but the whole tour was an experience.

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      • 16 de mayo de 2021

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