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-Förderer: Bergwacht Bayern (Allgäu Immenstadt)
-Mitglied: DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein) Sektion: Allgäu-Immenstadt
-Mitglied: Allgäuer Alpgenuss Verein
-Mitglied: Alpwirtschaftlicher Verein im Allgäu


2.476 km

Tiempo en movimiento

381:57 h

  1. Armin Allgäu😊 hizo una caminata.

    Hace aprox. 21 horas

    12,8 km
    4,6 km/h
    200 m
    600 m
    A Armin Allgäu😊, Malizia y 346 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: done a good job❄️🤴.
      Arrived yesterday evening🚙, this morning there was really snow upstairs for the first time this autumn❄️👆💪👍. I am often booked by ski resorts as a snowmaker🤭, get all inclusive free for 2 people in the 5 star hotel, unfortunately everyone never has time to come along😪🤪🤭🤷‍♂️🤣.
      Hiked from Kappl on the Panoramaweg, the weather forecast was rather modest and from approx. 2600m there was fresh snow in the morning, but the weather held up better than expected, so we rummaged a bit in the lower regions today. Past the primeval larch natural monument (Fig. 16), continue in the direction of Graun to Lake Reschensee🌊. Since the famous church tower in the lake goes around and on to the stopover🍺.
      A relaxed tour with very interesting views and a lot of nature😍👍, let's see what’s going on tomorrow 🥾⛰️🤔

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      • Hace aprox. 19 horas

  2. Armin Allgäu😊 hizo una caminata.

    Hace 3 días

    A Armin Allgäu😊, Barbara y 433 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: Tipple BBB beer belly barrier (Picture 11.18.19)
      According to a legend, transmitted by my great-grandfather, whose daughter, her friend Cousins, told that the subjugators were ahead of their time in the Middle Ages👆. At that time, the women had the right to have their marriage terminated without notice if the man should no longer fit through this column (Fig. 11,18,19) because of his beer belly, in addition they received an Amazon voucher of 10 Thalers and a flight as compensation to Malle🤪🤣😝😛
      From the parking lot at Unterjoch via a longer road to the ascent to the Zinken⛰️, from there it went serpentine-like through forest and meadows to the Zinken⛰️ summit. Continue through the crevice (can also be hiked around) to Sorgschorfen⛰️, there are also some beautiful little climbing passages, but it is secured on the side. Up there you have an all-round view😍, through the high fog it was particularly interesting🤩. A bit smudgy downhill, but it was still OK. By a long forest path back to the parking lot.
      Very nice tour, where everything is actually included👍, the middle third (above) is of course the icing on the cake.
      Mountaineering for beginners💪👍

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      • Hace 3 días

  3. Armin Allgäu😊 hizo una caminata.

    7 de septiembre de 2021

    A Armin Allgäu😊, Bergmädchen y 449 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: Welcome to life🐂 (picture 4)
      Walked from the parking lot in Baad over a gently sloping gravel path to Alpe Bärgunt 1393m🐄🍺🥩🧀, where the newborn calf (Fig. 4) welcomed 💪☺️. Further on a small path to the west, now the path was no longer recognizable, we followed Komoot, now it went right up to the Hinteren Üntschenspitze⛰️2011m, further on a ridge path to the Wannenberg⛰️1830m. The downhill path is not recommended, it was cross-country, a somewhat steep, wet grass meadow😬, was uncomfortable to walk😬, at the bottom, hiked back to Alpe Bärgunt for a refreshment break🍺🧀😋. The last piece over a wide path to the parking lot😊. Very beautiful area😍🙈 but this route is a bit adventurous, through bushes and sometimes pathless 🤭🤪🤣, this route is not hiked that often😬🤣, everything focuses on the large Widderstein⛰️, which we left behind today ☝️🤣🤣
      according to another recording it is 100hm more 🤷‍♀️

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      • 7 de septiembre de 2021

  4. Armin Allgäu😊 salió con la MTB.

    6 de septiembre de 2021

    43,9 km
    20,6 km/h
    460 m
    480 m
    A Armin Allgäu😊, Andi y 479 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: I can't see a mountain sea🤪🤣
      Cycled from Hopfen am See towards Forggensee near Füssen, took the cycle path nicely, and continued there except for a few small detours☺️😇. Now on to the beautiful Hopfensee🌊 the Caribbean of the Allgäu🤪 (or something like that, the specialists on site will improve me 🤷‍♀️☺️🤪). Nice afternoon tour with a mountain panorama🤩 and the castle of the Kini also in view👍 (Fig. 22), but rather a bit busy on nice weekends😬today it was absolutely OK👍☝️, I'll be back🔨👍

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      • 6 de septiembre de 2021

  5. Armin Allgäu😊 hizo una caminata.

    3 de septiembre de 2021

    A Armin Allgäu😊, Dominik Lorenz y 437 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: because of yesterday, today actually a deck chair👍🏖️🤷‍♂️🤪.
      From Höfle over a beautiful forest path to the Inner Kuhgehrenalpe 1673m🐮🍺🧀🍗, then on over meadow paths to the Kuhgehrenspitze⛰️1910m. Now hiked over the steeper north side of the Walserhammerspitze⛰️2170m. Up there, you're the king😍🤩, full range of mountain views🔨. Downhill over the south side back to the Inner Kuhbergalpe for a refreshment stop🍺🍗🧀. This alp is a must💪☝️👍, the location is terrific😍 and the snack platter is very tasty😋, but others have already noticed that😬🤷‍♂️. Further through woods and meadows, the last 1.5 km are not so burner, but I like to hike on different paths 🤷‍♂️🤣.
      Picture 4 oh that feels good 🤩 such a clever morningbrunz🤭🤣
      Fig. 27 Nobody can pass here without customs 😬🤪

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      • 3 de septiembre de 2021

  6. Armin Allgäu😊 hizo una Ruta de alpinismo.

    2 de septiembre de 2021

    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: go into the light or to the high light⛰️.
      Since I am not the type of overnight stay in a hut (Rappenseehütte), it had to be a day trip. I snuck out of the sleep base camp early in the morning, when my comrades and like-minded people were still asleep (picture 2), and saw that the horny Xaver could not keep his feet off the hot Zenzi again🤪🤭🤣.
      From the chargeable (9 Euro🤮🐷) parking lot at the Fellhorn valley station near Oberstdorf, the bike went in the direction of the Rappenalptal to the black hut 1242m🧀🍺🍖. From there I hiked through woods and meadows to the Rappenseehütte🏚️ 2091m🍖🍺🧀. Now it soon got steeper and further up some snow and ice came into play, since I had Grödels with me, they were also partially used, would have gone without it, but be careful👆, I was 1st up and the view is simply not there to top🤩.
      Taken the same path downhill to the Rappenseehütte, then there is the first stop-off turn🍺🧀. On to the very beautiful, large Rappensee🌊. Continue downhill on a path, the rest on paths to the black hut for the second stop for a stop. The bike descent was again very relaxed🤪👍. With this ingenious mountain weather🌞 it doesn't get any better in the Allgäu🥰🥰, absolutely 🔨🔨., I'm still flashing 🤪🤩
      The Hohe Licht⛰️ is the 2nd highest mountain in the Allgäu Alps, but is in 🇦🇹.
      360hm and 18km with 🚴‍♂️ ,, 1400hm and 15.9km with🥾
      My big 5
      No. 1 Hochvogel⛰️ 2592m. See 7/21/21
      No. 2 Hohes Licht⛰️ 2651m see today

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      • 2 de septiembre de 2021

  7. Armin Allgäu😊 salió con la MTB.

    27 de agosto de 2021

    A WanderIrmi, wittho1 y 437 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: I don't make a mistake twice☝️
      On my tour on 08/17/20 I rode the similar route☝️, but at that time the Alpe Berghofer Wald was closed on Monday😪, I remembered that☝️🤭💪.
      From Immenstadt past the water ski lift, over the Illerdamm to Burgberg, from there we went uphill, with a 15-minute rain break in between. Now a fall🍺 in the Alpe Berghofer Wald, we continued on the Königsträßle, past the ore mines🧀🍖🍺 and the Berggasthof Alpenblick🍺🍖🧀 on to the Alpe Weihele🧀🍖🍺 back to Burgberg. Past the petting zoo in houses back to Immenstadt.
      That was close to the weather😬 but got through dry, except for the completely wet feet at the end (Fig. 21) 😬🤭🤪🤣, the water level a little underestimated🤪🤣
      PS: mudguards correctly fitted 😬👍

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      • 27 de agosto de 2021

  8. Armin Allgäu😊 y Desmouaboudou hicieron una caminata.

    26 de agosto de 2021

    7,99 km
    4,9 km/h
    210 m
    190 m
    A Armin Allgäu😊, Elif y 451 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: Where's that little cheese 🧀 (Fig. 28).
      Before the bad weather comes😬, made a little pleasure tour with specialties🤭. From the free parking lot in the direction of Alpe Hintere Kölle 1160m🐮🍺🧀🍖started, as a small stop-off🍺 completed🤪, on to Alpe Vorderer Kölle 1180m🐮🧀🍖, but unfortunately closed on Thursday😬🤷🤪, now highly motivated to Alpe Burgschläg 1160m🍺🐮🧀 🍖 hiked and drank a bit, to denier🤪 to Alpe Metzeberg 1090m🧀🍖🍺 hiked💪, because I enjoyed delicious cheese bread, 🥰, the cheese slices are thicker than the bread slices 🤭🤪💪🤣, little snuggly tour🥰, also family-friendly👍 'Nice hiking area for young and old', there are a lot of asphalt roads on this tour variant, but there are many alternatives👍
      PS: see also my club membership:
      New members are welcome 🧀🍖🍺👍

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      • 26 de agosto de 2021

  9. Armin Allgäu😊 y Sabine hicieron una caminata.

    21 de agosto de 2021

    A Armin Allgäu😊, Herbert y 466 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: Today it muttered🤪
      Normally I jet around here in winter⛷️, interesting to see in summer🤭😊. Take the bus to the station Nagens 2103m🍺🧀🍖, from there through the marmot area🤪hiked up to the lower station Vorabgletscher 🏔️ 2564m🍺🧀🍖, further up towards the station🚠 Siala 2810m, before that it was steeper up to the summit Laaxer Stöckli⛰️ 2898m. Followed a nonexistent path downhill 🤷🤭 but was still cool. On the way back to the end point at Nagens Alpe 1980m🐂🍺🧀🍖.
      There are nicer mountain hikes (from the paths) in the🇨🇭 (but it's whining at a high level🤪🤭), but for those who are not that free from giddiness and still want to climb almost 3000m 👍, it was about 80 Percent paved alpine paths.

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      • 21 de agosto de 2021

  10. Armin Allgäu😊 y Sabine hicieron una caminata.

    20 de agosto de 2021

    14,6 km
    3,4 km/h
    1.260 m
    670 m
    A Armin Allgäu😊, Jutti y 427 más les gusta.
    1. Armin Allgäu😊

      Motto: 30min in a deck chair⛱️was enough😬🤪🤭🤷From Vals 1250m uphill via a beautiful forest path, then through blueberry bushes to No. 1 Selvasee🌊2297m, on to No. 2 Ampervreilsee🌊2377m, now to No. 3 Guraletschsee🌊2409m, from there downhill again to No. 4 Zervreilstausee🌊1862m , from there with the back to the parking lot. As always in this area, the panorama is, always works.PS: I even saw a rare Valser🇨🇭 grizzly hamster (picture 7) and beautiful old German daisies🌼 (picture 28,29,41) 😬🤪🤭, and my🇨🇭 fan girls (picture 21,37) sniffed me more closely😍🤪😬🔨

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      • 20 de agosto de 2021

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