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Habe 2014 eine Ausbildung zum Natur- und LandschaftsfĂŒhrer gemacht mit staatl. Zertifizierung durch den Deutschen Wanderverband und BANU (Bundesweiter Arbeitskreis Natur und Umwelt).
Mache LandschaftsfĂŒhrungen, geologische Exkursionen. Aktives Mitglied bei Ortsgruppe Zang, im schwĂ€bischen Albverein, als WanderfĂŒhrer.
Mache WanderfĂŒhrungen auf dem AlbschĂ€ferweg im Ostalbkreis und FĂŒhrungen auf dem Meteorkraterrundweg im Steinheimer Becken.
Bin aktiv im Rahmen des Vortragsprogrammes des schwÀbischen Albvereins und mache Vortragsabende - Audio-Visuell und PowerPoint - zu vielen interessanten Themenbereichen.
Anfragen und Kontaktaufnahme ĂŒber die oben aufgefĂŒhrte Webseite möglich.


3.365 km

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880:45 h

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    A Uschi, Alexander y 52 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      Around 160 AD, Emperor Antonius-Pius was in charge of the administration of the area in what is now the Rems Valley. This also included the Römer-Castell above Böbingen. This castell was able to accommodate a Roman "cohort (approx. 500 men) of Roman soldiers. The castell was not only used for military purposes but also as a civil domicile.
      From the P + R car park in Böbingen, the tour took us over the red lintel up to the actual Limesweg. Over the mowing, sweet rain, we came to the pit, a beautiful oak and beech forest. Then we left the Limesweg for a short time, which we reached again after a short stretch. We continued on the Mögglingen-Heuchlingen connecting road towards Gollenhof. At the "BirnenbÀnkle" we took a short break, among other things to enjoy the view of the Remstal. At the Gollenhof we turned off the Limesweg to march down over the Breitenberg to Mögglingen. From Mögglingen we hiked back to Böbingen along the Remstalbahn.
      Conclusion on the Limesweg itself:
      When we made our way with the OG Heidenheim about 8 years ago, we walked past many beautiful orchards. Today the houses almost come close to the Limesweg.

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      • Hace aprox. 21 horas

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    A Walkleader đŸŒ», Dodo y 68 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      Since rainy weather was predicted around noon for the hiking destination we declared today, we left it at that and turned a lap up and around the Moldenberg above Schnaitheim. Once again discovered other ways, z. B. a wonderfully signposted forest and tree nature trail. Below the sports area we then hiked back and forth across the now heavily overgrown juniper heath down to the starting point.
      In this corner, a few years ago, the local group Heidenheim v. SchwÀb.Albverein, operated heather maintenance every late summer / autumn.

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      • Hace 3 dĂ­as

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    12 de septiembre de 2021

    A Uschi, Michael y 78 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      The sculpture path in Neuler and Niederalfingen is a themed path, designed by both communities together with the association, the "Sculpturies".
      The sculpture path is divided into three sections:
      1. Circular hike around Neuler
      2. Hiking through the Schlierbachtal
      3rd loop near Niederalfingen.
      We hiked the entire length of the path today.
      We started at the town hall (parking) in Neuler and then hiked on the first section around Neuler, where a lot of sculptures have already been installed. Then we hiked down the Schlierbachtal via the "Hartholz", Hartholzweg, and led us to Niederalfingen. In Niederalfingen we made a loop to walk past the natural swimming pool and back up the valley. After a while we came across the old route again to hike back up to Neuler in the opposite direction.
      The sculptures, which were created in elaborate work, are labeled with the corresponding topic for the sculpture.
      A wonderfully designed themed path with at least 83 sculptures.

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      • 12 de septiembre de 2021

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    8 de septiembre de 2021

    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      In warm weather, a hike on rivers and lakes can also provide mental cooling and have a relaxing effect. Therefore, today we made another circular hike on the Baden and Bavarian side of the Danube.
      The starting point was in the industrial area of Pfuhl, in the so-called Kammer-Krummen. From there we immediately went to the banks of the Danube where we first hiked in the direction of the dam / E-Werk Böfinger Halde. After the bridge we hiked back towards the vaccination center to "Friedrichsau" and the "GÀnswiesen". In the GÀnswiesen it was time to take a rest. Then we continued to walk towards the old town, or the fishing district. We changed at the touch and feel park Over the railway bridge to the Bavarian side of the Danube, i.e. to Neu-Ulm. On the Jahnufer we passed a beer garden. It somehow attracted us magnetically so that we could not pass it without allowing a cyclist. After we had rested a little we, making a little detour through Neu-Ulm, hiked back along the Jahnufer, towards Pfuhl.
      It was good to have a different perspective on Ulm. 😊😊.
      Since many "highlights" have already been set from this corner, I save myself the work of doing that again.
      Greetings ..

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      • 8 de septiembre de 2021

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    5 de septiembre de 2021

    A Walkleader đŸŒ», Lukas Blomquist y 90 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      The "Ellwanger - Kapellenweg" is a themed trail, projected by the "Tourismus" community "Ostalb". *
      We started this hike at the Kreßbachsee and hiked over the "high climb" on the bridle path (there were also enough horse droppings in the area) up to the village of Stocken with the Ursulakapelle. From Stocken it went via Eselshölzle to the Sebastian Chapel in Eigenzell. Then on a steeply sloping road we went to the Schönenberg forest to climb back up to the pilgrimage church "Schönenberg". We then visited them and enjoyed the beautiful interior. We also visited (again) the nativity scene, permanent exhibition in the pilgrimage church. Then it went back down the mountain, past Rotkreuz (a district of Ellwangen) to the Kreßbachsee (a reservoir with a natural outdoor pool). Then have circled this. The reservoir has an area of approx. 7 ha. We would have liked to have had a coffee at the lake, but unfortunately everything was still closed 😒😒.
      Since we were on a "chapel path" on the way, it was not surprising that we passed many corridor and path crosses.
      What annoyed us, however, was that the chapels, except for Schönenberg, were all locked.
      * Brochures on the themed trails and with hiking suggestions are available at all tourist information points in the Ostalb district!

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      • 5 de septiembre de 2021

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    3 de septiembre de 2021

    A Walkleader đŸŒ», eisiger y 84 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      The beautiful old women summer weather drove us to the Danube again today.
      From a parking lot on Industriestrasse in Thalfingen, the first step was along the Danube to the bridge on Glockerau-Strasse. We had to go around an industrial company belonging to the Bosch-Rexroth Company to get to the "Glockerau". As was to be suspected, the annoying bloodsuckers buzzed around us in the alluvial forest. In order not to come home completely bloodless, we had to protect ourselves with light rain capes. In the Glockerau we came to the pike or trout pond. We hiked through the Gewann Hölzle on beautiful trails, some of which are also used by bikers. Here we circled many beautiful dredging and fishing lakes, some with water lilies (which of course had already faded). We then hiked across a clearing with sunflower fields to the Antonius Chapel, where we took a rest, albeit a belated one. Then we went to Burlafingen to the Protestant town church St. Jakobus. When we turned the corner we were also at a bakery with a stand-up cafe - that was very convenient for us. After a little coffee break we went to a field cross on Klosterweg, further through the industrial area to the southern and northern Griessee. Unfortunately, they were not accessible because there are private weekend houses around these lakes. After the "Griessseen" we finally passed a field of flowers for self-pickers. We couldn't go by without cutting a Sunday bouquet. Then it went back to the start / finish point.
      Striking in Burlafingen were the many front gardens with nice smelling roses.
      Short addition Indian summer:
      The term Indian summer has nothing to do with old women etc. but is:
      1. a meteorological "singularity", i.e. a phase of uniform weather in autumn / late summer.
      2. Another explanation is that the canopy spiders weave threads and cobwebs over the grass on their spider flight. "White" used to describe the weaving of cobwebs.

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      • 3 de septiembre de 2021

  7. A Walkleader đŸŒ», Mic đŸ„Ÿ y 76 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      Since not everyone can go the long way to Santiago de Compestela - and maybe they don't want to - the city of Giengen has come up with something special. A small themed trail has been created around the Kagberg, which provides general information on the history and legends of the Camino de Santiago in the first section. Then the Way of St. James was equipped with information boards on a 2.5 km (scale 1: 1000) long route, which are set up at a distance from the corresponding stage lengths. In between you pass the "Cruise de ferre" (iron cross). On the original path, the pilgrims lay down specially marked stones here.
      After the "exhausting pilgrimage" it was of course necessary to strengthen yourself with a cup of coffee and a piece of sweet treat.
      Sometimes the sky didn't promise anything good, but it wasn't raining.
      In order not to strain the picture gallery unnecessarily, I have only added a few pictures of the stations.
      If you want more information, you can get a brochure from the city of Giengen that provides detailed information about the Camino de Santiago!

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      • 27 de agosto de 2021

  8. Walkleader đŸŒ» hizo una caminata.

    25 de agosto de 2021

    A Walkleader đŸŒ», Thomas y 73 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      Under the motto: Espachweilerrundweg - hike to angels and aurochs today made a circular hike in the Ellwangern mountains.
      We saw enough aurochs and herds of cattle. But where were the angels? Presumably it was those who, invisible to us, held their protective hand over us during the circular hike.
      The start / finish was at the Antonius Chapel in Schrezheim. From there we moved in the direction of the Schleifhalde, where the SchleifhĂ€usle * is located. In the Josefstal we also met a herd of aurochs. In the Josefstal there is also the monastery of the "Comboni Missionaries". We then hiked over the Hohe Feld, Salchen and Haldenholz to Espachweiler or Espachweiler See. After a short break at the lake, we hiked on to the "SĂ€gweiher" which we circled and then climbed up to the Lengenberg. After a short hike on the plateau of the front Lengenberg, we hiked down to the Lengenbusch. Then we made a detour to a newly built, small chapel on the K3333. After we had rested a bit there, we went back to hike around the "Lengenbusch". We then came across meadows to a larger repatriate farm with many geese and a large herd of cattle. Then we hiked down the Wintergerststraße to Schrezheim to the destination.
      * SchleifhÀusle: The SchleifhÀusle was a faience manufactory founded by Johann Baptist Bux. The glazes required for this were produced in a nearby glaze mill.
      Today the SchleifhÀusle is a nice eatery.
      PS: The angels refer to the faience putti in the Antonius Chapel in Schrezheim! 🙂

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      • 25 de agosto de 2021

  9. Walkleader đŸŒ» hizo una caminata.

    20 de agosto de 2021

    A Walkleader đŸŒ», Lexie y 67 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      Today's round on the SchÀfhalde we had also done with the ulterior motive to possibly get something edible (mushrooms) on the lunch table. But we weren't lucky. Only a few meadow mushrooms poked through the sward. However, these were still too small to be tapped. So we enjoyed the wonderfully blooming juniper heather with lots of Erikas, wild herbs such as wild marjoram (oregano), mint and thyme which also exuded a wonderful scent. The sloes are also slowly becoming ripe.
      However, it is frightening how the "shrubbery" of the juniper heaths has progressed. Even the runway of the flying group based there is astonishingly overgrown.

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      • 20 de agosto de 2021

  10. Walkleader đŸŒ» saliĂł a correr.

    15 de agosto de 2021

    A Walkleader đŸŒ», Raubach y 70 mĂĄs les gusta.
    1. Walkleader đŸŒ»

      Since the hut is burning on the Schlossberg this afternoon, 1. FCH against the "cog" Hansa Rostock (hopefully this will be sunk by the FCH 😂) we have postponed our usual city tour in the early morning. The city was still asleep in the morning, with the exception of those who fetched rolls for breakfast.

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      • 15 de agosto de 2021

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