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  1. Burkhard 🔵⚪ hizo una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

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    A Hans Wurst - Das Original, Claudia y 85 más les gusta.
    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      After a long compulsory break due to the side effects of the corona vaccination, which put me on the pump, today I tried out whether at least longer walks were possible again. In addition, I combined the visit to the Hertha game against Fürth with a little tour of Charlottenburg, of course with a focus on the round leather ... Today I made recordings and photos differently than usual with the phone.My first stopover was a place that was truly historic in football and that is almost forgotten today, the former athletic sports field. It was built in 1899 south of the Charlottenburg train station and is considered the first pure football stadium in Germany, as the field not only had grass, fixed goals with nets and a covered grandstand for several hundred spectators, there was also no running track or cycle track that would The audience was separated from the action (east of it was the cycling track opened in 1897 on Kurfürstendamm). In addition, at the opening it was the scene of the first two 'Ur-Länderspiele' in Germany, in which a German selection competed against an English selection. On November 23 and 24, 1899, there were two heavy defeats (2:13 and 2:10), as the DFB had not yet been founded, these games do not appear in the statistics ... After this brilliant inauguration, the place became mainly used by BFC Preussen until it was closed in 1903 and sacrificed for residential construction. The location of the sports facility at that time can be seen on this map from 1900:digital.zlb.de/viewer/resolver?urn=urn:nbn:de:kobv:109-opus-104299Usually there are enough information boards in Berlin about more or less important places, but I couldn't find anything for that.Then I made a detour to Halensee - it has nothing to do with football, but ice hockey is also a beautiful sport, and Germany's first (traditional) ice hockey game took place here on February 4, 1897, at which the Academic Sport Club Berlin took place won against a mixed student team 11: 4.I left the exhibition center on the right, although it is a real sports facility cemetery and would have fit thematically - maybe another time ...The Mommsen Stadium that is now being headed for is special because of its name - which other stadium is named after a historian? In 1930 it was opened as the SCC stadium. In 1934 the Theodor-Mommsen-Gymnasium moved into the grandstand wing, which was only a short episode, but the name stuck. At the Olympic Games in 1936, four eighth or quarter-finals took place here. Today it has two main users: Tennis Borussia fought at eye level with Hertha and Tasmania for the place as Berlin's No. 1 in the 1950s, but when it came to qualifying for the Bundesliga, the 'Veilchen' could no longer keep up. After two years in the Bundesliga in the 1970s and several years in the second division (most recently in 2000), the club crashed into the sixth division, today it is after all the regional league again. The SCC is better known as an athletics club, the footballers were in the 2nd Bundesliga in 1983/84, with the young Andreas Köpke in goal.
      Hertha fans fondly remember the 1992/1993 season when the legendary 'Hertha-Bubis' (the second team) stormed into the DFB Cup final - here in the Mommsenstadion, Hannover 96 (round of 16, 4: 3) and 1. FC Nürnberg (quarter-finals, 1-0) eliminated ...
      Then I climbed the Drachenberg to take a look at the Olympic Stadium - anticipation!After the Georg-Kolbe-Hain it became entig - in the pond on Sensburger Allee, ducks swam through the groats of the same name, and the Loriot grave in the Heerstrasse cemetery was lovingly decorated with rubber ducks.I left out the planned dangling over the Olympic site, this tour was pretty ambitious for my current performance. So I went straight to my destination, the Olympic Stadium, about which there would be a lot to say ... today just this much: I like it and associate a lot of memories with it - and yet I hope that it will have its own Hertha Stadium in the near future gives!

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  2. Frank Meyer y 39 más planificaron una caminata.

    Hace 5 días

    1. Frank Meyer

      Dear hiking friends,... unfortunately no specific invitation to the next group tour at the moment. This is expected to take place in October, more on this shortly. I'm just thinking about the mode and the route.My route selection for the hiking season 2022 at the Märkischer Wanderbund is pending, and I'm still undecided about the upcoming group tours, which I would like to offer monthly via komoot or via my hiking blog, in the best case scenario.Since I am always open to new concepts, 'acting at eye level' is important to me and I very much like to use technical aids in the hiking area, I would like to ask you for your opinion, your preferences and, if necessary, suggestions for optimization along the way.You will find a pre-selection of over 50 tours in the collection created for this purpose at: komoot.de/collection/1324721/-geplante-gruppenwanderungen, most of which I have already hiked in exactly the same way myself. For this purpose, I have checked hundreds of hikes over the past 6 years for their suitability as a group tour, in terms of attractiveness, accessibility, weather resistance and of course the length of the route.In the end I was amazed at how many tours I would hike alone again at any time, but not in a group, for a variety of reasons ...If you are interested, please vote anonymously which tours you would like to hike in the group with me at: wandern-berlin-brandenburg.de/abstimmung-geplante-gruppenwanderungen
      Until 30.09. open, 5 selections are possible there.
      Feel free to write your feedback, suggestions, your own ideas, etc. here or in the collection in the comment.

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  3. Burkhard 🔵⚪ y KN hicieron una caminata.

    5 de agosto de 2021

    7,75 km
    3,6 km/h
    90 m
    90 m
    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      The second tour in the nature reserve Bøtøskoven, this time from Bøtø, but again no horses seen ... Finally we went to a lookout tower and a bird watching hut at the nature reserve Bøtø Nor, through which there are no roads.

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      • 5 de agosto de 2021

  4. Burkhard 🔵⚪ y KN hicieron una caminata.

    1 de agosto de 2021

    12,3 km
    4,0 km/h
    130 m
    130 m
    A Burkhard, Diana aus Brandenburg y 51 más les gusta.
    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      Today's tour took us to the Korselitse Østerskov forest on the east coast of Falster. We started in the small coastal town of Hesnæs. After a short time we came to Ørnehøj (Eagle Hill), a long dolmen from the Stone Age. Then we reached the steep coast and followed its course to the north, mostly on beautiful coastal paths. At a point that was only slightly elevated, we were able to go to the bank, where we stopped for a rest. Since we liked the coastal path so much, we gave up the original plan of a round trip and hiked back the same way.

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      • 1 de agosto de 2021

  5. Burkhard 🔵⚪ hizo una caminata.

    31 de julio de 2021

    21,8 km
    5,0 km/h
    440 m
    440 m
    A Burkhard, Diana aus Brandenburg y 40 más les gusta.
    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      With good wind, but without rain, I made a tour around the southern tip of Falster. From Gedesby Strand I hiked south on the dyke path, as long as it was possible, since the marked exit to the beach was overgrown, I had to go back a little. I hiked on the beach to Gedser-Odde, the southernmost point of Denmark, where the sea was quite rough. After a short stretch on the beach, I decided to leave it because of the narrowing distance between the water and the cliff. A side street led me past the unfortunately scaffolded lighthouse and through fields back to the sea. At the entrance to the town there is a sculpture by the sculptor Jesper Neergaard called Dialog-Talerstolen, which was built in 2013 and is reminiscent of freedom of expression - it is nice that Denmark officially upholds this fundamental right, which has come under increasing pressure.In Gedser I went to the church built in 1915 and to the Gedser Remise, a railway museum in former railway buildings at the ferry port. Regular operations on the route to the north no longer exist, and on some days excursion services are offered by rail bus. Info here: gedserremise.dkThen I went through the small park Sansehaven (Garden of the Senses) to the former water tower (Gedser Vandtårn), which was built in 1912 and is used as a lookout tower. My next destination was the Kroghage nature reserve east of the ferry terminal, a bird paradise that can be explored in interesting ways. On the bank I hiked to the marina and further north. The following detour was not worth it, what looked like a lighthouse from a distance turned out to be an unattractive concrete tower, and the bank section, which I reached via a rather overgrown path, was not particularly beautiful.I hiked to Gedesby to see the windmill built in 1911 (Gedesby Mølle). Passing the very recommendable bakery, I reached the Gedesby Church, a white brick church. A stone commemorates the storm surge on November 13, 1872, in which 23 people died. Back to the starting point, I didn't go through the Gedesby Strand holiday home area, but went around it on forest paths and the dike path.

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      • 4 de agosto de 2021

  6. Burkhard 🔵⚪ y KN hicieron una caminata.

    28 de julio de 2021

    11,7 km
    4,1 km/h
    220 m
    220 m
    A Burkhard, Diana aus Brandenburg y 29 más les gusta.
    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      Konik horses and Scottish highland cattle live in the Bøtøskoven nature reserve south of Bøtø on Falster, but unfortunately the horses have hidden from our eyes. Nevertheless, it was a nice tour, partly on wide paths suitable for bicycles, partly on beautiful narrow paths. We reached the nature reserve from Gedesby Strand on the dune path and made frequent detours to the beautifully empty Danish beach on the Baltic Sea.

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      • 1 de agosto de 2021

  7. Burkhard 🔵⚪ y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    18 de julio de 2021

    27,5 km
    4,5 km/h
    840 m
    860 m
    A Micha S., Burkhard y 180 más les gusta.
    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      Shortly before I jumped on the bandwagon and took part in MitWandern 2021, the virtual relay hike across Germany. Many thanks to the organizers headed by Jan Verbüelte, you have set up a great project! It was very special to think while hiking about the fact that in many corners of Germany more hikers are 'knitting' through the country on the virtual ribbon ...The collection with the completed stages is here: komoot.de/collection/1243055/-mitwandern-2021-an-3-tagen-gemeinsam-durch-deutschlandThe planned stages with all information for last-minute travelers (a few stages are still free and can be completed until the end of July) can be found here: komoot.de/collection/1181370/-mitwandern-2021-an-3- planning-together-through-germany-planningMy stage in the Ore Mountains was planned in advance by Thomas from EF, thank you for that! The tour runs partly on the Kammweg Erzgebirge-Vogtland, a long-distance hiking trail that is one of the long-distance hiking trails marketed under 'Top Trails of Germany'. The Czech border was never far away. In principle, I kept the planning and only added a few detours, which were mostly worthwhile. In my experience today, it is an absolute must to take the Georgenfelder Hochmoor as well as the Little and Big Lugstein with you, if you ignore that, it's your own fault!

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      • 18 de julio de 2021

  8. Burkhard 🔵⚪ y KN hicieron una caminata.

    11 de julio de 2021

    A Simone, Lausitzsonne y 108 más les gusta.
    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      Today we did a tour in the Dahme Lake District. First we went to the NSG Radeberge on the 83 m high Sauberg. At the top there is an old concrete tower, from which one would surely have a nice view, but unfortunately it is closed because of its dilapidation. Our next destination was the Pätzer gravel pit, which we circled - it is impressively large and deep, from here you can even see the Tropical Islands Hall, around 20 km away, very well. From here we hiked to the Pätzer Hintersee, the beautiful shore area that we were heading for was unfortunately occupied by anglers. Now we went to the Großer Karbuschsee, a part of the Paul-Gerhardt-Weg. Unfortunately, this lake was a disappointment because at least on the east bank it was practically impossible to get there: In the northern area the bank area is completely overgrown, private land followed, and the only place where you could have gone directly to the lake (where the highlight is) was fenced off so that it stayed through the fence for a quick photo. There was also no access to the now following Kleiner Moddersee. But we were more than compensated by the final section on the wonderful natural riverside path at Klein Köriser See, where you can find bathing opportunities at short intervals, which of course we did not miss.Now I hope that the name of my next tour starts with an 'E' ... Because next weekend, 'MitWandern 2021' is the order of the day, the virtual relay hike across Germany! If you haven't fully planned this weekend, you shouldn't miss it, there are still free stages! All information here: komoot.de/collection/1181370/-mitwandern-2021-an-3-tagen-gemeinsam-durch-deutschland

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      • 11 de julio de 2021

  9. Burkhard 🔵⚪ hizo una caminata.

    4 de julio de 2021

    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      Einst war die neumärkische Kleinststadt Lagow (Łagów) als 'Perle der Sternberger Schweiz' ein bei Berlinern bekanntes und beliebtes Ziel für die Sommerfrische. Nach dem II. Weltkrieg geriet der nun zu Polen gehörende Ort westlich der Oder weitestgehend in Vergessenheit. Wer Lagow und Umgebung heute erkunden will, stößt auf das Problem, dass die Gegend ohne Auto nur schlecht zu erreichen ist, denn auf der Bahnstrecke zwischen Topper (Toporów) und Meseritz (Międzyrzecz) gibt es keinen Regelbetrieb mehr. Allerdings hat das polnische Bahnunternehmen Polregio auch in diesem Jahr wieder einen Ausflugsverkehr eingerichtet, der an Sonn­abenden und Sonntagen in den polnischen Sommerferien (also noch bis Ende August) betrieben wird. Für Berliner und Brandenburger ist die Verbindung von Grünberg in Schlesien (Zielona Góra) über Reppen (Rzepin) interessant, da Reppen mit der Regionalbahn oder EC von Frankfurt (Oder) recht gut zu erreichen ist. Da der Ausflugsfahrplan in den Fahrplandatenbanken nicht hinterlegt ist, habe ich ein Foto davon eingestellt. Die Fahrkarten können beim Schaffner gekauft werden, die Hin- und Rückfahrt kostet 25,80 Zloty. Wer die längere und etwas umständliche Anreise auf sich nimmt, wird mit einer wunderbaren Tour belohnt, die kaum Mängel hat. Lagow selbst ist ziemlich touristisch, es gibt unzählige Läden, Eisdielen, Restaurants, Imbisse und vor allem Bootsverleihe (ich glaube, dass ich noch nie so viele Tretboote auf so kleinem Raum gesehen habe, auf den großen Seen verstreut sich die Tretbootarmada aber doch), was mich aber nicht weiter gestört hat,denn der Ort mit den beiden Stadttoren und natürlich der Johanniterburg sorgt für ein angenehmes Maß an Kultur auf der Tour. Begeistert haben mich der Tschetschsee (Jezioro Trześniowskie oder Ciecz) mit seinem klaren Wasser und den sehr schönen Uferpfaden sowie der Buchwald (Buczyny Łagowskie) nördlich des Sees, ein beeindruckender Buchenwald in hügeligem Gelände, teils mit kleineren Schluchten - hier gibt es bestimmt noch mehr zu entdecken. Schon die Anfahrt war ein Erlebnis. Auf der Nebenstrecke rumpelte der Triebzug langsam durch eine schöne Waldlandschaft, bei jedem Waldweg bremste er nochmals ab, und bei Grunow (Gronów), dessen Bahnhof nicht mehr genutzt wird, musste das Zugpersonal die Schranken selbst bedienen. Kurz vor dem Ziel fuhr der Zug über einen Eisenbahnviadukt, von hier hatte man einen schönen Blick auf den Lagower See (Jezioro Łagowskie) und die Johanniterburg. Die eigentliche Tour begann am Bahnhof. Ich ging zur Straße, folgte ihr ein Stück nach links und ging links in einen Schotterweg. Hier kam ich an einer kleinen hölzernen Kirche vorbei. Der Weg führte mich zum Eisenbahnviadukt, von dort ging ich in den Ort hinein. Gegenüber vom Rathaus steht ein Gedenkstein für Gerhard Domagk, den wohl berühmtesten Sohn des Ortes, Pathologe und Bakteriologe, der 1939 den Nobelpreis für Medizin erhielt. Nun ging ich zur historischen Altstadt auf einer Landzunge zwischen den Seen, betrat sie durch das Polnische Tor (Brama Polska), ging an der Johannes-der-Täufer-Kirche (Kościół św. Jana Chrzciciela) und der Johanniterburg (Zamek Joannitów) vorbei und verließ sie durch das Märkische Tor (Brama Marchijska). Ich folgte der Straße und hielt mich immer links, möglichst nahe am See, und verließ den Ort über einen Waldweg. Im Wald begegneten mir kaum andere Wanderer oder Spaziergänger, dafür gab es sehr viele Angler - die aus Deutschland sattsam bekannte Unsitte, dass Angler gerne mit dem Auto durch den Wald bis zur Angelstelle fahren, gibt es leider auch hier. Der auch als Jakobsweg markierte Weg führte meist etwas erhöht in Ufernähe. An der Südspitze des Sees führte er vom See weg, ich nahm bald einen Abzweig nach links und ging zurück zum See. Auf einer schmalen Holzbrücke querte ich das Lagower Fließ (Łagowa) und ging am Ostufer nach Norden, hier gab es zum Teil auch Pfade direkt am Ufer. An einer Ferienanlage mit Campingplatz musste ich den See verlassen, über die Zufahrtsstraße und die Landstraße erreichte ich wieder Lagow. Dieses Mal schaute ich mir die Johanniterburg näher an - sehr viel davon sieht man nicht, weil das Schloss als Hotel genutzt wird. Den Turm kann man aber besteigen, von oben hat man einen schönen Blick auf Stadt, Seen und Umgebung. Hinter dem Schlosspark liegt der Falkenberg (Sokoła Góra), der Standort der ersten Burg, ein Burgwall ist noch zu erkennen. Daneben befindet sich hier ein alter deutscher Friedhof. Ich stieg hinab zum Tschetschsee und folgte dem Uferweg, eine schöne Stelle nutzte ich für eine angenehme Badepause im klaren Wasser. So erfrischt, entschied ich mich, noch durch den Buchwald zu wandern und zur Buchhöhe (Bukowiec) hochzugehen. An einem kleinen See ging ich nach links und wanderte auf Pflasterwegen, mich immer rechts haltend, bis zum ausgeschilderten Abzweig zur mit 227 m höchsten Erhebung der Gegend. Oben gibt es einen Picknickplatz mit Souvenirstempel. Hier traf ich einen polnischen Wanderer, mit dem ich mich über den kommenden Weg austauschte, witzigerweise pendelt er zur Arbeit nach Großbeeren (so weit ist das also gar nicht!). Ich wanderte auf einer Pflasterstraße bergab, nahm einen Abzweig nach rechts und ging über Waldwege durch eine interessant geformte Landschaft zum See. Hier folgte ich einem wunderbaren natürlich-wurzeligen Uferpfad. Zur Stadt hin kamen dann mehrere größere Badestellen mit Liegewiesen und Stegen, hier war es natürlich nicht mehr so einsam. An einer dieser Badestellen verließ ich den See, stieg eine steile Treppe hinauf und erreichte die Straße. Kurz darauf gelangte ich zum Bahnhof, wo die Tour endete.

      • 4 de julio de 2021

  10. Burkhard 🔵⚪ hizo una caminata.

    19 de junio de 2021

    1. Burkhard 🔵⚪

      With a hot 35 degrees in the shade and a Germany game in the evening, I was looking for a tour that met the following criteria: not too long, mostly through shady forest, swimming in the second half, cold drinks at the destination and a return trip that I can take in time to I'm home again at kick-off. With this tour through the western Große Schorfheide I was able to tick the boxes everywhere ... and it was also otherwise beautiful, apart from the fact that there are longer straight stretches on wide paths. Only the thing with the kick-off almost didn't work out, because a recalcitrant cyclist in Wandlitzsee didn't want to see that the train was too full for more bikes, so that he had to be fetched from the train by the police, which made the return trip by more than delayed half an hour.It started at the Vogelsang stop. I crossed the village, went into Storkower Straße and diagonally right into a forest path. This led me to two memorial stones for the battle of October 26th, 1806, one of the retreat skirmishes of the Prussians after the defeat at Jena and Auerstedt against the attacking French under Napoleon. In front of the country road there is a memorial stone for two fallen Prussian dragoons on the left, behind (a small detour) a memorial stone that generally reminds of the battle. Here the path was marked as "Historienwanderweg 1806".I followed a forest path that led me to the rather dry Zehdenicker Hauptgraben, here the path was heavily overgrown. After a while I crossed the ditch and hiked on a forest path and a piece of side road to the east, then again on forest paths to the south, via which I reached the Döllnfließ. I continued to walk to the pretty village of cap, crossed the place to the village church built in 1891. Here I left the place on a dirt road and walked along the edge of the forest to the somewhat foul-smelling Faulen Fließ, which I crossed. I reached the Trämmersee via forest paths. From here I looked for a place to swim, but nothing came up at Trämmersee because you could hardly get to the lake because of the swampy shore, and it also made a cloudy impression. So I hiked on to the Großer Glasowsee. I found an unrecorded beaten path that I took to reach the south bank; this lake also appeared rather cloudy. In return, the nearby Kleine Glasowsee turned out to be a wonderful bathing lake, with clear water and several small bathing spots around the lake. I found a free swimming area, refreshment was seldom so necessary ... Then I hiked to Groß Schönebeck, initially mainly on gravel roads, after a short stretch of back road on forest paths. In Groß Schönebeck I bought the cold drinks I had longed for at a snack bar and looked at the Immanuelkirche, the hunting lodge and the old smithy. The tour ended at the Groß Schönebeck train station.

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      • 19 de junio de 2021

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