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Das Leben und die Natur genießen, mit dem Fahrrad 🚲 oder auch gerne mal zu Fuß🥾🥾 auf hügeligen oder bergigen Wanderwegen 👣
Fahre z. Z. mit E-Bike KOGA (Standard-E-Gang ist Eco) Bei Steigungen oder Gegenwind mal einen E-Gang höher, so macht "Fahrradfahren" Spaß und man kann die Landschaft genießen.
Die längste Tour war bisher auf dem Donauradweg -von Passau nach Wien- (aber ohne Komoot und ohne E-Bike)
Als Ausgleich für zwischendurch kann ich mich auch für Nordic-Walking begeistern.


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  1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣 dio un paseo en bici.

    Hace 2 días

    46,9 km
    18,4 km/h
    380 m
    390 m
    A kschumec, Elvira D. y 70 más les gusta.
    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      Today we had to go to Mülheim Saarn. So it made sense to combine the necessary with pleasure and to realize a tour that had been planned for a long time.
      From Saarn it went over the RS1 railway line and over the Gruga cycle path further over the Annental cycle path and then along the Ruhr to the Baldeneysee.
      The cycle expressway over the old railway lines is so great to drive on. At roof height through the middle of Mülheim and in no time you are in Essen and the Ruhr. I am still thrilled and amazed how much green there is in the Ruhrpott. On the Ruhr, the cycle paths were still partially flooded from the last flood. In general, the water level was almost at the same height as the bike path.
      In Essen Kettwig, a long break was taken at a beautiful ship's cafe. The Schiffscafe` also has a narrow terrace on the waterfront with a view of the Ruhr. At the end we continued on the other side of the Ruhr, once under the impressive Mintarder Bridge towards Saarn.
      When we had just lashed the wheels to the car, it began to pour heavily. So, lucky again. I say yes when angels travel 😉

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    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      Since our wooden garden fence is getting on in years, we needed an inspiration to replace it. So up on the saddle and into the nearby new development area, which was created on a former colliery site. There was a lot to see there. In the vicinity of the thoroughfare you could see a lot for the small budget and further back the pure luxury was to be admired. With a rich insight and a nice conversation with a garden owner, we also did a nice little round on the side.

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  3. Koga-Willi 🚲👣 dio un paseo en bici.

    25 de julio de 2021

    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      Open gardens in Alps on the Lower Rhine on July 25, 2021
      11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      The municipality of Alpen is pleased to be able to offer a colorful variety of gardens again.
      All gardens are not comparable, but varied. They differ in size as well as in type.
      You might visit the gardens on a bike tour.
      >> We did that today. In total there were 6 beautiful gardens <<The first garden almost blew us away, a real paradise.
      It went on to the next and the next garden. Some free drinks were also offered for free viewing.
      The only exception was the last garden in the district of Veen. There was 3 € entry fee and no drinks were offered. In addition, the huge garden was not particularly well-kept.
      What we liked best was the garden across from the Alpener Bahnhof. Here you could see how much love and work went into it. I think the pictures speak for themselves.
      (Sorry that there were so many pictures)
      Further information on this: alpen.de/de/veranstaltungen/offene-gaerten-2021

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      • 25 de julio de 2021

  4. A CS, MOBL👣 y 72 más les gusta.
    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      This varied tour took us from Rees, partly over the Rhine dike, to Emmerich, where our favorite cafe - the eight on the promenade - unfortunately didn't open until 3 p.m. But there was still a piece of cake for us next door. We continued over the Dutch border 🇾🇪 to `s-Heerenberg to our destination, Kasteel Hues Bergh.
      Incidentally, the “Orange Bicycle Route” also leads from Moers via Kleve to the Kasteel. This magnificent castle / castle complex, or whatever you like to call it, is a feast for the eyes and very well preserved.
      After a short visit, we continued through 's-Heerenberg on a zigzag course via Netterden back towards Rees. On the way on the German side we passed Hueth Castle. In Rees there were two delicious blueberry cups at the end.
      Another note about wearing a helmet when cycling:
      On the way we saw again how important it is to wear a helmet. Shortly before us, a cyclist fell while turning and fell with his head on the road. Apparently it went well again because he didn't want any help from us. His company took care of him.

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      • 24 de julio de 2021

  5. Koga-Willi 🚲👣 dio un paseo en bici.

    21 de julio de 2021

    A Lothar Cieborra, Jowi y 86 más les gusta.
    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      Alps inspire ...
      "because the nature in the Alps is beautiful and there is always something new to discover"
      This tour took us to the 25 m above sea level. NHN located alpine region, through Kamp Lintfort and the beautiful Leucht. However, the forest paths were pretty washed out by the rain and therefore a bit bumpy. Also worth mentioning are the mouse-gray, almost invisible "warning pillars" on the newly created cycle paths in Kamp Lintfort. But send very dangerous!
      Then it went in the direction of the Rhine and then always along the Rhine dike. We found it amusing that there are also birds in the vicinity of the Alps that are called “dunlins”. In Orsoy we had been looking forward to coffee and cake, but unfortunately the Cafe 'Frau Ella was closed on Wednesday. But there was something hearty to eat at “Mütterlein” in the beer garden. Then we went back strengthened across the Rhine dike in the direction of home.

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      • 21 de julio de 2021

  6. Koga-Willi 🚲👣 hizo una caminata.

    17 de julio de 2021

    A Christa, Frank 🚲 👈 y 50 más les gusta.
    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      Part 2 of the Prince Moritz Tour went to Moyland Castle, where hydrangea tours are currently also offered. But the castle and the beautiful park with the flowers and unusual sculptures are worth a visit alone.
      Part 1: komoot.de/tour/422440389

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      • 18 de julio de 2021

  7. Koga-Willi 🚲👣 hizo una caminata.

    17 de julio de 2021

    A Christa, Frank 🚲 👈 y 55 más les gusta.
    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      Highlights of the tour: The landscape park and pleasure garden of Prince Johann Moritz von Nassau-Siegen and Moyland Castle. The princely landscape park extends for kilometers southwest of Kleve. A special jewel is the open-air mausoleum that the prince had built as a burial place. A fairytale castle, a wonderful castle park, the largest Beuys collection in the world: this is Moyland Castle.Prince Johann Moritz of Nassau-Siegen (1604 - 1679)
      After the tour through the landscape park and pleasure garden of Prince Johann Moritz, we first went to the Cafe 'Lindenhof in Donsbrüggen, 2 km away, to take a break with coffee and cake and then in part 2 to visit the gardens at Moyland Castle.
      (The 2 km to the Cafe Lindenhof were covered by car)
      Part 2: komoot.de/tour/422441567

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      • 18 de julio de 2021

  8. Koga-Willi 🚲👣 hizo una caminata.

    11 de julio de 2021

    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      A Sunday walk on the Ruhrorter harbor promenade is always interesting and there is always something new to discover. A mighty river cruise ship had moored at the pier on the Mühlenweide. Past the level tower, we continued on the harbor promenade. In passing the water level showed a value of 5.44, half an hour later it was already 5.46. We continued through the old town center of Ruhrort with some buildings steeped in history.
      (Unfortunately, at the beginning the first 2 to 3 km with the recording and the photos were lost)

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      • 11 de julio de 2021

  9. A Jörg, Lothar Cieborra y 74 más les gusta.
    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      Today was a pleasure tour at its finest, even if a rain shower surprised us at the end. From the parking lot at the Reeserschanz it went first over the Rhine dike and over the listed village Hanselaer to Kalkar. From there around the Wisseler See in the direction of Grieth to the first ferry that had already been waiting for us and only crossed with the two of us to Grietherort. We continued through small towns and through beautiful nature towards Rees. Since we had been looking forward to the delicious lentil soup at the Landhaus Cafe on the other side of the Rhine, we also took the bicycle ferry "Räasses Pöntje" right away.
      When we arrived at the cafe, we immediately sat down in the already well-occupied beer garden and were surprised by a vocal performance by the hostess, who also has a passion for singing and art.
      After the delicious lentil soup and after the singing, there was a downpour and we had to consume our dessert - coffee with eggnog cake - on the premises.

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      • 9 de julio de 2021

  10. Koga-Willi 🚲👣 dio un paseo en bici.

    7 de julio de 2021

    A Gazelle, Si Bi y 72 más les gusta.
    1. Koga-Willi 🚲👣

      With increasing wind and increasing clouds with 3 to 4 drops of rain it was a nice tour again today. It went over partly newly created dike paths through beautiful nature with a lot of foresight. The goal was the Cafe 'Landluft with the large and delicious selection of cakes.The starting point was a shady parking lot in the village of Bislich

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      • 7 de julio de 2021

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