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Ich bin hauptsächlich unterwegs in Berlin und Brandenburg.Ich fahre ganzjährig bei jedem Wetter. Egal ob die Sonne scheint (auch gerne bei 35°C), es regnet, aus allen Kübeln gießt, es schneit (bei -15°C) und die Straßen verreißt sind. Hauptsächlich aus dem Antrieb heraus mich bewegen zu müssen. Dies versuche ich so weit wie möglich in den Alltag zu verlegen und mit dem Alltag zu verknüpfen.Trotzdem ich Zeit meines Lebens in Berlin verbracht habe, finde ich immer noch endlegende Ecken, verborgene Orte und besondere Stellen die es gilt eindeckt zu werden. Komoot hilft mir diese für alle fest zu halten.Darüber hinaus lade ich als Tourleiter auch immer wieder gerne zu meinen Touren durch Berlin und die Mark Brandenburg ein. Radtouren unternehme ich gerne alleine, zu zweit oder mit bis zu 250.000 Teilnehmern.Oft bin ich auf der Critical-Mass-Berlin (siehe: komoot.de/collection/967686/-critical-mass-berlin) anzutreffen.Oder auch als Ordner bei der Sternfahrt des ADFC:


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  1. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    Hace aprox. 21 horas

    33,0 km
    14,6 km/h
    300 m
    280 m
    A Thomas 🚴 🚶, Rosefahrer y 28 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      Over 1000 participants drove this time for the motto: Climate crisis, no thanks. "With a cloudy, dry 15.8 ° C it was 33 km through the city.I was able to greet numerous familiar faces this time as well and have a chat or two on the Bösebrücke, where we had taken a break this time.Like every year, I was at the helm behind the command vehicle as a steward.This time the tour ended at the Kulturbrauerei, where this year's environmental festival took place.

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      • Hace aprox. 19 horas

  2. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    5 de septiembre de 2021

    59,9 km
    22,0 km/h
    520 m
    520 m
    A blackcharly, Havelbiker y 70 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      Since the train is still on strike, this Sunday should be at least a little tour around Berlin.This time I deliberately left out Wannsee and Babelsberg Park, as you have to pay particular attention to catchers on this passage, which are usually very numerous. In this way I was able to optimally adapt the speed to my training pulse.It was a relaxed day with 23 ° C and a mix of sun and clouds.

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      • 5 de septiembre de 2021

  3. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    21 de agosto de 2021

    119 km
    23,4 km/h
    640 m
    720 m
    1. Ducky

      On this tour, you shouldn't simply cycle up and down the Havel cycle path in the classic way. Rather, it should simply be about looking off the beaten track to see what else is possible.The tour therefore started in WUSTERMARK.And so it went at the beginning on many country roads.KM 8: Along the way we encounter a tree nursery owned by the Lorberg company. Some trees are already quite grown there and we are puzzling as to how to transplant such large trees. The name Lorberg should come across us again in Ribbeck.KM 17: A little off the road we discover a small ostrich farm. Who comes up with such ideas in the good couple of all people? Anyway, it's definitely worth a photo.K; 21.6: In Roskow we stop at the culture castle there. Since a wedding party is "making the puppets dance" there, we just take a picture and drive on.KM 27.5: We take the first break for breakfast at Backwahn!Go on. Again and again we discover apple trees whose apples are unfortunately still not ripe. Above all, we always come across many mirabelle trees that taste wonderful.And again and again we come across small herds of cows.KM 52: Nennhausen Castle: You should actually be able to eat here too. Unfortunately, the practice is different and we continue to drive without having achieved anything. Lunch has to wait.KM 61: That really sucks. And that's exactly where we are: You have reached Kotzen.KM 65: We discover the "small bar". The menu is small and manageable. Bettle with potato salad or french fries. Boulette optionally made from meat, tofu or salmon.I opt for the salmon ball and am pleasantly surprised. Everything is done by myself. The potato salad is not soaked in mayonnaise, but made with olive oil, apples and fresh potatoes.Km 73: We reach the town of Wagenitz and the "Schwedentrum" there. Originally, this belonged to the externally stored kitchen of a castle, which burned down in 1945. What was left was this tower, which was actually a chimney built.KM 88: Who does not know the town of Ribbeck and the words that go with it from Fontane. And of course we take a look at the castle and the pear tree there. By the way, the original one had to be replaced in the meantime. The new tree was donated by the Lorberg tree nursery from the beginning of our tour.KM 108: The day is drawing to a close and I take the opportunity to capture the evening sun in a photo.Now it is not far to Briesland, where we happily board the train to Berlin for this day.

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      • 21 de agosto de 2021

  4. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    15 de agosto de 2021

    45,2 km
    21,9 km/h
    310 m
    290 m
    A Ronald, Tbrnds y 48 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      Did you miss the first part? You can find it here:komoot.de/tour/455742506After Ketzin we decide not to continue on the Havel cycle path, but to take the route over the country roads. Less picturesque, but shorter.KM 159 (29): We have reached Berlin and take a snapshot of the two of us.The paths separate us on Heerstrasse. Uwe continues to Spandau, I follow Heerstraße towards the city center.Once again it was a gradual day.I covered a total of 175 KM, which was my longest tour in a row.

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      • 16 de agosto de 2021

  5. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    15 de agosto de 2021

    130 km
    21,7 km/h
    740 m
    750 m
    A Ronald, Sandsack y 61 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      Due to a technical problem with Komoot, this tour has been published in two parts. At least nothing has been lost ..I covered a total of 175 KM today. And so this is my longest stretch in a row so far!You can find the 2nd part here:
      I met Uwe today at 29.7 ° C to go to Magdeburg together.Once there, we spontaneously decided to explore the city a little. Only "very briefly" because we hadn't really planned any real time for it. Because we both didn't know Magdeburg before.So we drove off and had to discover that "very short" was definitely too short for Magdeburg. So we spent the first hour looking and marveling. We decided to come back. But then with more time.We first follow the course of the Elbe on great paths. We encounter various animals on the way. From sheep, cows, horses to a couple of donkeys, everything is included. Something that always inspires me as a city dweller.KM 35: Burg (near Magdeburg) has been reached. The old town center with the town wall and the Nicolaikirche are particularly fascinating here.We continue to follow the waterline. After the Elbe, Wusterwitzer, Möserscher and Breitlingensee lakes, the path leads us for kilometers through the middle of the forest.KM 121: Behind Weseram we keep discovering plum and plum trees on our way. We help ourselves, because that's why they were planted along the way.We continue through villages and towns.It continues here:komoot.de/tour/455743588

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      • 15 de agosto de 2021

  6. Ducky y Klobi planificaron un paseo en bici.

    9 de agosto de 2021

    111 km
    16,3 km/h
    290 m
    290 m
    A Schmieder, Peter y Bonnie24 les gusta esto.
    1. Ducky

      The tour starts at the RAILWAY STATION
      WUSTERMARK. We take Neue Bahnhofstrasse and turn right onto Hamburger Strasse. We cross the tracks and turn left at the first crossing in the direction of Wernitz. Straight ahead and over the railroad tracks again. At the junction we turn left towards Ketzin on the L86, which we leave after two kilometers over the level crossing to the right.
      A small grove greets the nursery school LORBERG, one of the largest and oldest in Europe, as a harbinger. Before and after Tremmen (turn left here in the village) we drive for kilometers through plantations, some of the trees are cut in bizarre shapes. In Zachow to the right. We drive through good couples and stay on the L92.1 [KM 21,2] In Roskow there is a handsome manor house in need of renovation. We continue on the main road and keep right at the junction onto the L91. It goes for kilometers through wide fields to Päwesin. It's actually too early to take a break, but the cake at BACKWAHN, which belongs to the Buddhist monastery school in Kreuzberg, is too tasty. We turn left directly in front of the bakery. Through Bagow it goes on hardly used roads to Gortz. In the village to the right, there are a few kilometers on rough asphalt through the forest.2 [KM 38.8] In Barnewitz we cross the main road slightly to the right and then reach Garlitz. Here right in the direction of Nennhausen, past the SCHLOSSPARK and continue on the Dorfstrasse in the direction of Stechow.3 [KM 55.4] After crossing the main road, we come to the HAVELLAND CYCLE PATH in Stechow, which accompanies us for 13 kilometers. Via Kotzen and Kriele we go to Senzke, where we leave the signposted path and follow Schlossstrasse with its 90-degree curve. We carefully cross the busy B5 and reach Wagenitz. In the village we look at the crooked and dilapidated SWEDENTOWER, the last sad remnant of the castle of Bredow. Via Brädikower Weg we reach Brädikow, where we turn right to Paulinenaue. Passing the decaying train station, we turn right into the small path to RIBBECK shortly after the BIENENFARM AIRPORT. After the obligatory detour to SCHLOSS and Birnbaum, we roll on an earlier railway line over Berge and Lietzow to Nauen.4 [KM 95,5] Passing the ALTSTADTKERN we leave NAUEN with many cars via Oranienburger and Berliner Straße. Parallel to the B5, we continue on our own route to the motorway-like intersection, where we turn left to Bredow. Cross the large canal and the A10 to Brieselang train station. There is a train to Berlin every half hour. We spend the waiting time at the bakery or in the ice cream parlor

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      • 11 de agosto de 2021

  7. Ducky y gysbert dieron un paseo en bici.

    7 de agosto de 2021

    A mbuna, Uwe y 135 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      Start: zoological garden!This time I met Uwe at the ICC for a leisurely round with a pleasant mix of sun and clouds and 26 ° C on the bike.On the spur of the moment, Gysbert came along too .. And we happily set off on our way.KM: First break in coffee, coffee clap. A small coffee with homemade cake, ice cream and coffee. We recommend.We continued in the direction of Templin., CaputhKM 52: On the spur of the moment, we take a detour to the island of Werder, which is always worth a look. The panorama there on the water invites you to pause.KM 62: The area also has a lot to offer historically: the Lilienthal Museum clearly shows it. Karl Wilhelm Otto Lilienthal made his first flight attempts in this area.KM 72: We have arrived at the ferry in Kezin. We drove comfortably to a (never-ending) queue of cars, all of which wanted to head towards the ferry. Here again the advantages of a cyclist were evident. Because of course we came with the next ferry straight away.KM 85: One last ice cream.Now it goes towards Spandau. As far as possible here again via secret paths, through the middle of the green, as far as this is possible.We say goodbye at the Spandau town hall.I still have to walk a short distance through the city of Spandau.KM 116: From here it goes continuously along the waterline, car-free to the Einsteinufer.A short hook on the Einsteinufer and I come out again right next to the Schleusenkrug. Hook to the right and I'm back at my starting point.Today I hardly noticed anything from the car traffic.Once again it was a great day with Uwe and Gysbert.

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      • 7 de agosto de 2021

  8. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    31 de julio de 2021

    125 km
    19,6 km/h
    900 m
    920 m
    A RadlerJan, blackcharly y 122 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      In great sunshine and 28 ° C on the bike, I met Uwe. at Breitscheidplatz.Since the "Runners City Night" took place on this Saturday (the dress rehearsal for the Berlin Marathon, so to speak), Kurfürsendamm was already largely cordoned off in the morning. So we had to go a little zigzag at the beginning.We were out of Berlin quickly.KM 9.42: At the Telltow Canal we could watch the ADAC helicopter take off. I even managed to take a snapshot.We circled the Zülow Canal over large lakes with a small dangling over Diedersdorf.It went on through villages and towns, beyond the hustle and bustle.KM 51: At the edge of the path we discovered a dwarf formation that could have sprung from a fairytale forest. And of course Snow White could not be missing either.KM 63.1: Uwe spontaneously got the idea to take a short dangling ride to Saalow to the barn windmill. Due to its unique construction, in which the wind flows directly through the mill building, it is always worth a special look.KM 74: You have reached the bunker town of Wünsdorf. Since I had visited the museum there (which it took several hours to take) some time ago, today I wanted to discover the traces that were scattered around the site.Then we slowly make our way back. Whereby we tried again to escape the hustle and bustle of the street (especially in Berlin).Back at Breitscheidplatz we said goodbye.It was a great day!

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      • 31 de julio de 2021

  9. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    24 de julio de 2021

    89,0 km
    20,4 km/h
    700 m
    670 m
    A Dieter, Cora y 98 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      Today I met Uwe at 33 ° C on the bike to spend a relaxed afternoon. Since he has to take it easy at the moment, we have agreed on a "small" tour. 😜So we met at the ICC and followed the Wannsee water line. We were able to observe a few alpacas at the Glienicke hunting lodge.Then continue down the Havel to Schwielowsee. The bright sunshine always invited to linger.In Wannsee there was a little ice cream at the end.

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      • 24 de julio de 2021

  10. Ducky dio un paseo en bici.

    18 de julio de 2021

    81,8 km
    19,3 km/h
    720 m
    760 m
    A blackcharly, cellidark y 94 más les gusta.
    1. Ducky

      Today I wanted to close a small gap on my map: Tegel. Because there is actually still one or the other corner there that I have not yet visited. I wanted to change this with a Tegel tour.Basically, the aim was to combine the unknown spots with the known ones in such a way that the result was a tour that was as car-free as possible. Although at the beginning I had to "torment" my way through the city.The tour is basically not a racing bike tour. This is mainly due to the fact that the water will always accompany you on the tour in the most varied of views. Far too often I just had to stop and take a deep breath. Mn is in the middle of the city and yet far, far away with his thoughts. If you like, you will have enough opportunities to jump into the water for a short or long time to cool off.Speaking of which: Today I had 29 ° C on the bike.As always, I started the one from the Zoological Garden in an urban and car-free way to the main station. If you want to be inspired by the tour, you can also start your tour here.KM11,3: There is still quite a lot of traffic up to the alien on the wall. After that, it quickly becomes quieter and you leave the traffic behind you.KM; 18: On the Tegeler Promenade I discover a stand that sells warm roasted almonds. And that at 29 ° C. I usually only eat this at Christmas time. Totally crazy. Who is eating it now, of all times?I strike and sit on a bench with my warm almonds. Next to me a saxophone is playing relaxed jazz. Is it better to let your mind wander? I suspect that this tour will probably be a little quieter. To say it in advance: it won't be my last break. The fantastic weather, the mild breeze and the great view of the various lakes and rivers force me to pause again and again.In addition to the airport lake, I was also accompanied by the Tegeler See, Spandauer See, the large Spektesee, the Havel and the Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal.All in all, it was once again a great day!

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      • 18 de julio de 2021

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