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mein Profilname verrät ja schon meinen Vornamen.
Ich bin passionierter Wanderer, Geocacher, Radfahrer, Radwanderer, Wanderradler, Langläufer und nunmehr auch Mountainbiker (09/19).
Ich mache nichts davon wirklich äußerst gut, dafür aber gerne und viel. 😇
Und meistens erfülle ich meine Wege entweder mit erstaunten Blicken und tiefem Respekt für meine Umgebung oder Gesang - also, wenn euch mal ein summender Radler mit dickem Ohrwurm entgegen rauscht, bin wohl ich das.Bis bald im Wald. 🌳🌳


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  1. Torsten hizo una caminata.

    Hace un día

    4,07 km
    3,7 km/h
    110 m
    110 m
    A kubi ⚒, YvonneWeiss y 35 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      A little tradition that has developed between my dear parents and me is that we always go to a nice place to go on vacation.
      This year we're going to Böhm'sche during the October holidays and it should be the Hohburkersdorfer Rundblick. Highly valued by me, as one of the most beautiful views in the national park, completely unknown to the two of them.
      Actually, we wanted to stop by crouching down, but it doesn't open its doors until 3 p.m. on Friday. And so we centered our paths directly around Rathewalde.
      And everything was superb there !! 👌
      The panorama overwhelmed us all three 👀👀👀. I myself am always impressed by this wonderful panorama.
      We went back down to the delicious lentil soup in the Lindenschänke before we turned a little loop through the highly romantic valley to the Rathewalder mill.
      A nice little excursion to start your holiday. So it can go on 👍

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  2. Torsten salió con la MTB.

    Hace 6 días

    88,0 km
    13,2 km/h
    2.090 m
    2.110 m
    A Steffen, Jenny y 98 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      Good luck for! dear cairns and cairn fans.
      2 tours 14:55 hours 199 km 4 870 hm later the four of us happily held our silver stone in our hands today.
      Connoisseurs are sure to ask: “How now? Almost 200km? But the original track is almost 164km with 4400hm. ”Yeah, but we had the great pleasure of finding wonderful accommodation in the Landhotel Rittergrün, to which we drove down again on day 1 and thus up again on day 2 .
      That's why this tour took place in the double-loop edition 😎: komoot.de/collection/1347392/-stoneman-miriquidi-10-21-double-loop-edition
      So we got on our bikes close to freezing and drove straight to Tellerhäuser and over part of the C-Edition into the valley of the Große Mittweida. There, however, we did not turn off the long, hard ascent to the Fichtelberg - we already conquered it yesterday - but went straight to the Waldeck. A bit adventurous, thanks to komoot planning, but always beautifully landscaped 😜.Now we were back on track again and a fabulous descent followed, first to precipitation and then straight on to the Cranzahl reservoir. It's not actually in the track, but this time we didn't want to miss it.
      As a result, the following ascent on the Bärenstein was a different house number. At first it went really steeply upwards. But everything on the pedals. 💪
      After the brisk descent and the varied trails, I was looking forward to the Pöhlbachtal to Brettmühle. These river valleys have done it to me anyway. 🤩
      Well, and those who already know the Miriquidi know that they should really enjoy these flowing paths. Because everything else up to the summit of the Pöhlberg really likes to pull your tooth. Last year it was our last summit on day two. We were a little fresher today. And so we left the impassable slab path, the forest trail and various gravel paths well behind us, until the ultimate boss finally followed. First you get worn down on a quaint, mega-steep cobblestone road from Geyersdorf until the BOBBAHN joins the Pöhlbergsiedlung.
      I admit I can't and I don't want them either. That's why I push 😜. And at the same time you really have time to admire this great vegetation on the ruins and the wonderful incidence of sunlight. There are always advantages somewhere 😉.
      On our penultimate summit, we treated ourselves to a refreshment at 8 ° C in the sun and then shot down to Annaberg.
      It went smoothly through forests, meadows and fields over to Crottendorf, where of course we took the obligatory photo of the Stoneman statue and then the last hard ascent over the root trail up to the Scheibenberg began. Really fat ... again and again.
      From the mountain you can already see the upper reservoir of the Markbach pumped storage plant on the Hundmarter (848m). And that was our last ascent back to Rittersgrün.
      But this path is really very nice. First you get over a couple of bumpy trails and flowing dirt roads down to the Großer Mittweida (hmmm, somehow heard 🤔), which flows into the lower basin a little later. Along the water you can really warm up again before the long, but not so steep ascent to the upper basin begins.
      Once at the top, the track held a small diversion ready, as there was a lot going on in the surrounding forests due to hunting and forestry operations.
      And so I got back down into the valley to Rittersgrün, where the three sports rockets were already waiting for me, via very flat runs.
      Well, now I can even call myself Hero, because I defeated the Stoneman Miriquidi a second time (even differently).
      That has to be enough for this year.
      Although there are sure to be a few more tours to follow. But not in the caliber 😜
      PS: And Steffen was busy again, so please get a few impressions from his video:

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  3. Torsten salió con la MTB.

    Hace 7 días

    111 km
    13,5 km/h
    2.770 m
    2.750 m
    A Steffen, Francisco y 93 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      komoot.de/collection/1347392/-stoneman-miriquidi-10-21-double-loop-editionThere should still be a challenge this year. And so Daniel and I took another look at the Stoneman Miriquidi. But this time the original edition.
      Last year we drove the C-Edition for my first Stoneman - just in time for Dani's birthday 😉.
      And this year, just a week after his * cough * and * wheeziest day of honor 🥳.
      In the course of the last week Albi and Steffen joined them. And so yesterday evening we drove to the Landhotel Rittersgrün in a round of four, which should be our base for the two following days.This morning we went with 3 ° C and good frost on the roof and meadows of Rittersgrün to Rabenberg and started our hunt for the silver stone.
      Already above the trail center we made acquaintance with the closures and diversions due to the current forest work. Even after the first checkpoint and a couple of very nice trails, we encountered another major forest technology challenge. Tribes! Everything full of trunks! 😱
      But we also crossed that unscathed and trundled on to one of two 🗼 mountains, the Auersberg.
      It offered us a fantastic view of Eibenstock and Sosa, which we already visited back then for the C-Edition.
      At that time the Auersberg was my last checkpoint in the setting sun. And so today I enjoyed the following route to Johanngeorgenstadt in the light 😜.
      There we drove across the border and I really had a deja vu. Only 1 ½ months ago I drove up this path along the Černá. komoot.de/tour/462241121?ref=itd
      Today the fresh sun shone over the water and immersed the route in a wonderful atmosphere.
      Later we turned to our first Czech checkpoint, the Plattenberg. A short break and immediately afterwards the nearby Plessberg followed.
      This again came up with a real cream trail and we all enjoyed the shot ride through the forest. 👌
      From the Pleßberg we could already see our upcoming way to the Keilberg, the last Czech ⛰. That promised a small ascent on a ridge, a long descent into the valley and then a whopping 12 km ascent to the summit of the Keilberg 🥵. When I had to go up the long ramp to Fichtelberg last year, I cursed and got off at some point. Not this time, despite a few wounds.
      Because on the descent to Jáchymov I got caught. Not on the steep gravel heaps or roots, but simply in a washed-out path, it laid me directly over the handlebars. Big shock, but except for a few scratches on the body and clothes, everything is good, thank God 🤞🏼.
      Albi turned back and picked me up. The boys were real comrades and waited until I had collected myself again and Daniel then kind of pulled me up the difficult climb to the Keilberg. Big thanks for that !!
      Up there was heavy activity in the trail center and there was also really something going on on the Rubin.
      But what a great trail. So varied and really well developed. 1. cream 👌
      That we had to go up again afterwards to go down a pretty bad trail. I didn't like that quite a bit.
      But then we were already in Bozi Dar. And after an unopened pub and a pub that only served drinks, we went to the town center and stopped at the Anton-Günther-Schänke, which I really appreciate.
      Freshly strengthened, we were able to take our last climb to the Fichtelberg. Checkpoint check ✅.
      Chatted briefly with two racing bike stone drivers and then came a brilliant shot drive back to Rittersgrün.
      Namely via Tellerhäuser along the Pöhlwasser, which is actually a long climb in the C-Edition.
      1. Loop finished. The second can follow tomorrow 💪🏻
      PS: Steffen cut a nice video for us. Enjoy the impressions with us 🤩

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  4. Torsten y 4 más hicieron una caminata.

    3 de octubre de 2021

    A Der Rumtreiber🏔🥾, Hentschel y 114 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      The fact that Komoot brings people together again and again is a great side effect of this community. That this works even without private messages is a quality of the user, not of the product. 😉
      And so the fortunate circumstance arose that Axel and I, who we value and follow each other's tours, finally found a day for a joint action. 🤜🏻🤛🏼
      Short brainstorming about signal for a suitable goal. I didn't even know the north side of the Kirnitzschtal and Axel immediately brought in a few suitable highlights. ⛰⛰⛰🤩 The destination was also fixed with the ferry in Rathen. And so I connected these points and we were looking forward to a great, varied tour.
      We wanted to share this with our friends, and so our group grew to include Marleen, Dirk and Chrissy.
      So at an early hour we went into the Kirnitzschtal 🚌🚏. From the HS Sturmbauers Eck it went straight up to the first rock, the Kleinstein. The small stone cave with its rock gate is slightly reminiscent of the cowshed, only that there isn't so much to see opposite. And that's why you don't have such tourist crowds in view 😜.
      But the outlook should change quickly. Because a few quick steps later we climbed the Arnstein.
      This rock formation housed a robbery castle 🏯 in the 15th century, the remains of which are still impressively recognizable. My Rölke hiking guide also helped us with this and came up with a schematic drawing that revived the festival before our eyes.
      But not only the rock was of interest here, but also the wonderful view over the entire rear of Saxon Switzerland ⛰⛰🇨🇭😲.
      Shortly afterwards, it went back into the valley, only to climb very steeply up to the Großstein. That too was a real feast for the eyes 👀👀👀 before we said goodbye to this beautiful panorama and headed north towards Ottendorf 🥾. We approached Lichtenhain through meadows, forests and fields.
      This is where the wonderful panorama trail followed.
      Always on the ridge, it meanders towards Altendorf. And with every step you take a closer look at the Upper Saxon Switzerland and its striking table mountains.
      Despite today's haze, it is really a feast for the eyes.
      A quick look from the Adamsberg and then we started the tight way back 🥾🥾.
      From now on the elevation profile became much stronger. Because first it went down ↘️ into the Sebnitztal. And as soon as we passed the Kohlmühle, we immediately climbed the Kohlichtgraben again ↗️. After Waitzdorf it went straight back down the village ↘️ and the hard fire steps followed up again ⬆️.
      So, take a breather 🥵. Despite our evening plans, there still had to be time for a Rechenberger 🍻 from the Brandbaude. 😋
      Then we climbed down through the Schulzengrund ↘️ to Polenz and tackled the last climb up ↗️ to the Ziegenrücke.
      The relaxed Füllhölzelweg formed a successful conclusion and we reached the ferry ⛴ and train 🚉 super practically one after the other.
      Really a great day of enjoyment with beautiful weather. It couldn't have been better imagined.
      For me there were a few new perspectives and for the others there were certainly great conversations and a lot of fun with five people. 🖐🏼
      We can do that again 👍
      Happy start to the new week everyone 😊

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      • 3 de octubre de 2021

  5. Torsten salió con la MTB.

    2 de octubre de 2021

    134 km
    15,4 km/h
    1.320 m
    1.320 m
    A Petr, Nicole y 84 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      System- und Fitnesscheck vorm 🗿👨🏼„Die Wesenitz (obersorbisch Wjazońca) ist ein rechter Nebenfluss der Elbe in Sachsen.
      Quelle: im Hohwald am Valtenberg aus dem Mundloch des Valentin-Erbstollens
      Quellhöhe: 515 m ü. NHN
      Höhenunterschied: 400 m
      Länge: 83 km
      Mündung: im Pirnaer Stadtteil Pratzschwitz in die Elbe“ - de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wesenitz
      In freudiger Erinnerung an meine letzte, komplette Flusstour ( komoot.de/tour/189827484 ) habe ich mir im Frühjahr mal ein paar Zuflüsse zur Elbe in eine Collection gelegt. Für diesen Samstag suchte ich noch ein wenig Inspiration und fand sie genau ebenda.
      Und so hatte ich eine wunderschöne Strecke zusammen, die neben den herrlichen, liebgewonnen Trails an dem Fluss 🚵🏼‍♂️🌊 auch noch zwei Triangulierungsberge 🗼⛰ für mich barg.
      Los ging es ganz klassisch am Rand der Heide hinauf nach Ullersdorf und von dort hinüber zum Karswald, den ich komplett in Richtung Rennersdorf-Neudörfel durchfuhr. Immer wieder schön, dieser dichte Mischwald und die große Lichtung in der Mitte. 🙂
      Kurz vor der Buschmühle folgte ich mal wieder einem typischen Komoot-Weg. Das lässt sich auch leicht an der Verirrung und dem Gekrakel auf der Karte erkennen. Dort hieß es, Radl am Hang entlang über das Gebüsch tragen. 🤦🏼‍♂️
      Als ich die Wesenitz dann endlich fand, querte ich diese, entfernte mich aber gleich wieder davon, denn vorher wollte ich auf dem Weg zum Valtenberg noch eine Station der Königlich-Sächsischen Triangulierung aufsuchen: Großens Berg 🗼.
      Auch hier gestaltete sich der direkte Weg dahin nicht besonders einfach 🐄🚫🐄, aber irgendwann stand ich dann auf dem windumtosten Hügel und genoss den wundervollen Ausblick in alle Richtungen. Seien es die Dresdner Berge, das Sächsische Schweiz Panorama, der Valtenberg - mein nächstes Ziel - oder auch die Lausitzer Berge. Wirklich toll und nur zu empfehlen! 👌.
      Ich düste hinunter, stattete der seltenen Orgel in der Kirche Langenwolmsdorf einen Besuch ab und nahm dann den mehr oder minder direkten und mehr oder minder einfachen Weg hinüber zum Valtenberg in Angriff.
      Zwei Alpaka-Farmen passierte ich am Weg 🦙🦙🦙, da war ich schon sehr glücklich - ich liebe diese coolen Viecher 😍.
      Ein kleiner Blick auf den Valtengrund, die Quarkquetsche, den Teufelsfuß und den Angstberg und ein straffer Ritt auf den letzten Höhenmetern und endlich stand ich vor dem König-Johann-Turm, welchen ich dann auch sofort bestieg.
      Was für eine Aussicht!!! 👀👀👀
      Der Valtenberg war ja eine Station 1. Ordnung der Königlich-Sächsischen Triangulierung und muss als solche wirklich weite Sichtachsen gewährleisten (ca. 40km). Die Säule ist direkt in den historischen Turm eingelassen und quasi seit Anbeginn da oben. Die direkten, großen Sichtachsen sind unter anderen der Jeschken, Lausche, Schneeberg, Kahleberg, Borsberg, Keulenberg und viele mehr. Und alle waren heute wirklich glasklar zu erkennen. Einfach genial!! 🤩😎
      ⏯ So, quasi die Hälfte erreicht, von nun an ging es buchstäblich bergab.
      Zuerst noch eine Cola und einen leckeren Heidelbeer-Streusel. Dann nur ein paar Meter unter dem Gipfel die Wesenitz-Quelle! 🥳
      Nun konnte die Tour ja starten ▶️😉.
      Immer wieder begleitete mich hier der Grüne Punkt des Wesenitztalwanderweges. 🟢 Doch nicht immer folgte ich diesem, sondern hoppelte auch mal mutig durch’s Unterholz oder andere Alternativwege.
      Der kleine Ringenhainer Stausee ist ein wundervolles, idyllisches Fleckchen, wo ich gerne etwas verweilt hätte, wäre die Zeit nicht so fortgeschritten gewesen.
      Ringenhain selbst besteht noch aus sehr schönen Umgebindehäusern, die sich nah am Ufer der inzwischen schon breiteren Wesenitz sammeln. Da ist man auf einmal mitten im Lausitzidyll. Wirklich schön!
      Immer weiter folgte ich dem Gurgeln und Rauschen des Flusses, möglichst abseits großer Wege. Das stellte sich in Neukirch dann auch als Glück 🍀 heraus, denn dort fand wohl gerade eine Art Volksfest im Ortskern statt. Davon blieb ich gottseidank verschont. Und so bahnte ich mir meinen Weg durch’s schöne Putzkau bis nach Bischofswerda.
      Auch dort erwischte mich erstmal ein großes Fischerfest 🐟🐟🐟 am Horkaer Teich, doch danach rollte ich durch ein wunderschönes, kleines Parkstück direkt am Fluss, was wieder grün strömen ließ 🌿🌱.
      Nach Bischofswerda tat ich in meiner Planung zwei Fehlgriffe. Einmal stieß ich auf eine Art Einsiedler-Grundstück, was deutlich ausstrahlte, keine Besucher zu dulden 📛❌😱. Und wenig später wollte ich abseits des Asphalts einem kleine Waldweg an der Wesenitz folgen, wurde aber durch eine nicht unbedeutend tiefe und instabile Furt durch den Großdrebnitzer Bach jäh unterbrochen ✋🏻❗️.
      Und das mit der Furt sollte sich auch wenig später wiederholen. Kaum hatte ich den Schlosspark Großharthau gequert, wollte mich Komoot auch hier gleich mal durch die inzwischen beachtliche Wesenitz schicken. Dankend lehnte ich ab und nahm den kleinen Umweg erneut durch den Schlosspark in Kauf ↪️.
      Wenig später folgte nun endlich der erste Teil des Wesenitztal-Trails von Schmiedefeld zur Buschmühle. Der ist sogar technisch etwas anspruchsvoller als später der Abschnitt nach Dittersbach. Und trotzdem macht er einfach richtig Spaß - ein erster Teaser für den späteren, längeren Abschnitt 🚵🏼‍♂️💨🤩.
      Es folgte eine eher unspektakuläre Strecke an Stolpen vorbei nach Helmsdorf. Und dann hieß es 🔥 frei!
      Einfach mal ungehemmt durch den Wald heizen… 🚵🏼‍♂️💨💨💨
      Hier wollte ich’s mal richtig wissen und zog’s dann in Highspeed bis nach Elbersdorf durch. Ach herrlich! 😎
      Ein schöner Trailabschnitt fehlte dann natürlich noch. Und der schloss sich nach Porschendorf gleich an - nämlich die Lohmener Klamm, dicht gefolgt vom Liebethaler Grund.
      Letzteren durchfuhr ich bisher nur einmal, doch diesmal verströmte er eine wundervolle Stimmung in der einsetzenden Dämmerung. 😌😲 Wirklich mystisch.
      Der Rest des Weges bis zur Mündung war dann relativ unspektakulär und zügig bewältigt. Ein paar Dorfstraßen, eine garstige Hauptstraße und ein paar schöne Ecken in einem kleinen Park und schon war ich in Pratzschwitz und es hieß wenig später: Elbe voraus! 🌊🌊
      Einmal tief durchatmen und die letzten Lichtstrahlen über dem Wasser genießen 😌🌄.
      Anders, als die Weißeritz oder Müglitz gleitet die Wesenitz wirklich ganz leise und sanft in die große Elbe 🤫. Man hat fast den Eindruck, das Wasser hatte den ganzen Lauf über Zeit, sich auszutoben, in den vielen Mäandern und den rauschenden Wasserfällen und Wehren.
      Mit diesem Eindruck ging dann auch der sportliche und eindrucksvolle Tag zu Ende und ich tingelte schnurstracks mit starkem Rückenwind 🌬 nach Hause.

      • 3 de octubre de 2021

  6. Torsten salió con la bici de carretera.

    26 de septiembre de 2021

    A Coriander, Andrea y 60 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      "You think you are in the Italian Weinviertel when you are in the Spaar Mountains: fruit and grape groves on the left bank of the Elbe tempt you to stop." - PYCToday the PYC tour was like 🍑 on 🪣.
      Just in time for the grape harvest, the route took me straight to the Radebeul vineyards. Past beautiful views of the Spitzhaus and later around Wackerbarth, there were ripe grapes everywhere on the eyes and hardworking people gripping the first varieties (Goldriesling, Bachus, etc.) from the vines. 🥰
      On quite unknown roads I drove past vine-covered facades and old courtyards, which really give Niederlößnitz and the surrounding places that wine atmosphere.
      I was in heaven
      However, when I think of Saxon wine, the first thing that comes to mind are the winegrowers of the Spaargebirge. Then at some point come the Radebeuler, Pillnitzer and, last but not least, maybe the Meißner. But that has more to do with sympathy and authenticity. I gathered most of the great encounters and insights from the excellent winemakers in Sörnewitz and the surrounding area.
      And how cool is it that we have something almost right on our doorstep 🤩.
      Right up front is the Schuh 🍷👍 👠😍 winery.
      As if by coincidence, the route actually led me to the estate on the way to the Bosel. I don't know how that came about. I think my bike already knows the way and was magically attracted 🤷🏼‍♂️.
      This wonderful, unique smell of fresh must and fermented marc (leftovers from pressing - peel, stems, seeds, etc.) spread in the courtyard. If you've never smelled it before, head to the winery near you! 👍
      It was still quite early 🕚 and I was still pretty relaxed - the south wind carried me almost here - but I couldn't miss a break in the yard at the opportunity. So I chose a light 2020 Elbling and enjoyed the rising sun and a delicious lunch 😋👌.
      The ascent to the Deutsche Bosel could then come freshly strengthened. Here, too, there was a lot of activity on the left and right in the vineyards.
      The original route actually only led as far as the Bosel Tower. I couldn't quite understand that. So I activated the damping on the touring bike and hopped up to the Boselspitze - always a dream view 🤩 - including the Radebeul vineyards 🍇.
      The next view, namely from the Meißner Burg on the other side of the Elbe, was again very wine-heavy. On the left the Proschwitz slopes and on the right a view of the Spaar Mountains.So now there was a little stretch - felt for the sake of the route - but still very nice over various villages. Now the hills and valleys piled up and so it was time to collect altitude.
      Again and again I came across one or the other private vineyard / slope or a small ostrich tavern.
      Along the Kleine Triebisch, I used the well-known Meißner 8 section on the 🚂damm up to Taubenheim and on to Röhrsdorf.
      Once the planner wanted to know and, after a wonderful descent to Constappel, let the famous Stoppomat route follow up to Sachsdorf 🥵.
      I wasn't quite as fit then, but clenched my teeth and also faced this challenge 💪.
      After two motorway crossings and a surprise encounter with the triangulation column "Steinhübel" in Unkersdorf, it finally went downhill back to the Elbe valley and straight home.
      Today you could really use the top weather again. And with a fine sip of wine it was even better 😋.

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      • 26 de septiembre de 2021

  7. Torsten salió con la MTB.

    25 de septiembre de 2021

    A Devil C, Thomas F. 👉🚲 y 65 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      “There is a tree in the south of the city, valleys lead you back and forth, wide view of the Elbe valley? But always! ”- PYCTwo weeks ago, my dearest Scott Fully finally got his new drive after I drove through Germany's mountains with jumping 2nd and 3rd blades. komoot.de/collection/1294268/-von-eisenach-nach-dresden-2021
      And today was finally the opportunity to use full power.
      I also have to get going again, because a 🗿👨🏼 is still in the house 🥳.
      And so I took a nice Pace Your City tour and brushed it up a bit. Okay, to be honest it escalated a bit 😅. The actual tour is the Kringel from Leubnitz-Neuostra over to Kreischa ... You can do it.
      Or, once you are on your way in that direction, you simply collect a few more meters in altitude.
      So I added a nice curl over the Quohrener Kipse and of course the Wilisch. And because it was so beautiful, I also stopped by the castle in Reinhardtsgrimma and explored the Maxen natural stage.A little later I found out that I had two triangulation pillars 🗼 on the tour with the Gohlig on the original route and the Wilisch on the extension. Well, then it can also be a triangle ... What is in reach? ... The Borsi! 🤩 And that was a really nice occasion to enjoy the Friedrichsgrund Trail again for a long time, which I had completely to myself in the early evening. 😍And next to these pillars on the peaks, I had a lot of fun today on actually every trail that is available for various after-work laps around my home:
      Eutschützer Mühlen Trail >> Geberbach Trail >> Babisnauer Downhill >> Hauswaldmühlen Downhill >> Wilisch Downhill >> Teufelsmühlentrail (my 1st time 🤩) >> Lockwitzbachtrail at Reinhardtsgrimma >> Dreiberge Downhill >> Gombsen Trail >> Burgstädtler Linde Trail
      And one more beautiful than the other. Really lovely. And today almost deserted.
      Oh yes, and before I forget. I also collected at least three distinctive trees. 😉
      Babisnauer poplar >> three linden trees >> Burgstäder linden tree
      So many topics in a single tour. There was nothing left to be desired 👌👌👌

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      • 25 de septiembre de 2021

  8. Torsten y De Uschi hicieron una caminata.

    18 de septiembre de 2021

    A Eva, Francisco y 88 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      Oh, that was nice again.
      We had already made an appointment for a long time when the three of us could explore our surroundings again.
      Our goal today was somewhere near Freiberg, where the girls can get there easily by car and I by train.
      So meeting point at the train station 🚈 and trundled south for another quarter of an hour. 🚗
      The starting point was then the hiking car park at the Lichtenberg dam, which dams the small Gimmlitz into an impressive body of water.
      Flux over the dam and the first steep ascent followed, up to the castle hill. If it was a bit chilly at the start, we got nice and warm here.
      We walked steadily through the wonderful spruce forest to the summit at 622m.
      I practiced track reading again and noticed that there were also some bikers here. Among other things, a touring bike ... That would be really tough. Hagen with his red bowl would certainly also be there 🚴🏻‍♂️💨 😜.
      The summit of the Burgberg was already a first highlight. Not only the rock formations up here, but also the diverse vegetation and dense grass mats were a feast for the eyes. The view over Freiberg was surprisingly clear, so that we could even hatch to Collmberg. There was also a good view to the east as far as Keulenberg. 👌Back down from the mountain, we continued through Burkersdorf. A pretty village with a beautiful old core.
      And right on the other side of the village, we took an old embankment from the Ehe. Kleinbahn 🚂 in attack, which brought us to the Turmberg, evenly covered with trees. Here we marveled at some art and an impressive, old quarry, which revealed the Freiberg Orthogneiss that predominates here.
      As soon as we stepped out of the forest, we had the first view of today's turning point of the tour - Frauenstein Castle.
      On the way there we heard loud engine noises, which revealed a cross-section on the edge of the field. We stopped here briefly and took a few photos. The guys had a good time 👍.
      But now we wanted to satisfy our hunger and stop at the Goldener Stern on the market square in Frauenstein 🍲🍹😋.
      I can only recommend this restaurant to you! The card is original and very good. The decor is loving and rustic, woody, Erzgebirge. And it's a blockline partner. So, if you want to rest again in front of Blockhausen ... 😜.
      When we left the restaurant, luck with the weather also left us. If it was surprisingly dry that morning, a heavy drizzle fell over the mountains, which frustrated me a little because I wanted to show them both the wonderful view from the Sandberg.
      I got to know him when I visited some triangulation pillars on my tour from the Stoneman back to Dresden last year: komoot.de/tour/267571041
      The nicest question was Claudia's question when I was already starting to talk about lines of sight etc. and leaning against a prominent block of stone 🗼: “And where is the triangulation column now?” 😄 It's quite inconspicuous, as you can see in the picture . 🤓😅
      Well, we obviously had our fun anyway and took a few funny photos of the surrounding area and then went back to the valley.
      Flux went down to Gimmlitz 🌊, which we followed for the last few kilometers back to the reservoir. She always accompanied us, babbling. Sometimes close to the path, sometimes hidden behind thick weeds, undergrowth and trees. Until we arrived at the first pre-barrier on muddy paths.
      Now the water was steadily expanding, revealing mist-shrouded banks and hills on the other side. Really very nice pictures.
      And so we arrived fresh and happy at the dam and with it at our vehicle.
      It was again a great pleasure for me, both of you.
      And as I said, next time there’s a challenge 😜

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      • 19 de septiembre de 2021

  9. Torsten hizo una caminata.

    15 de septiembre de 2021

    A Torsten Wildner, Lausitzsonne y 57 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      "You walk effortlessly through the alleys and the Elbe Cycle Path. Have you already discovered the Elbe Island and Pillnitz Castle?" PYCAfter a full-day workshop, it should go out again. A PYC route was just the thing. However, because of the announced weather and the fast onset of darkness, I thought Road or Mtb was not so suitable. So on, walking shoes, sticks out and walking far.The original route actually only starts on the Kleinzschachwitzer Ufer. But what is the avarice 😜.
      And so it became a really nice evening tour to work out.

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      • 15 de septiembre de 2021

  10. Torsten salió con la MTB.

    4 de septiembre de 2021

    A Francisco, Coriander y 79 más les gusta.
    1. Torsten

      "Calf power leads to water power. On the left side of the Elbe, it's not just uphill and downhill for the water." - PYCToday should be a relaxed round. Get up late, have a long breakfast and then get on the bike. 😮‍💨Well, the first third of the tour almost made me dislike the tour. Contrary to my style.
      Unfortunately, I did the math without all the start-up societies 🍭🍰🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏽‍♀️👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 that were moving across the banks of the Elbe today. As a result, the journey was anything but relaxed.
      And the first km of the planned tour weren't so great either. I don't like Oberwartha that much, because I still see these pipes and these three towers as a disfigurement of the landscape. And the subsequent trail above the Drei-Brüder-Baches and later the Tännichtgrund was pretty washed out, smooth and close to the edge - exciting, but not exactly great from my perspective.
      Then it went up the Tännichtgrund twice (always these blocked creek crossings ... 🙄) and the first time then right towards Weistropp on a path that I wouldn't even go down.
      And immediately after Weistropp there were stretches over cow pastures, which thank god none of them were there 🐄🐄🐄, and lifted the bike four times over the fence.
      Actually, then I really had the channel full.
      But true to the motto: I will not give up, but curse all the time 🤬 ... it went on.And everything that followed after that was really a trail festival !! 🥳😎
      At first I was able to enjoy the wonderfully varied Saubach Valley. Followed by a small, fine ascent to the Gohlberg with a view of the Radebeul vineyards. And the next trail through the Kleditzschgrund. 👌
      Now I was appeased. That was fine.
      Before Niederwartha we went back to the Tännichtgrund over the beautiful Poetenweg, where the sun was now showing ☀️. And at the point mentioned, now turn left, a little further up to the upper reservoir.
      Quickly circumnavigate and cross the A14 🛣 along the Lotzebach.
      And it's hard to believe, but since I've really never ridden the Zschonergrund Trail 😱🙈, the following descent was really a celebration.
      In front of me I had two bikers who also explored the bottom. But since the path made such a buck, I rushed past a little faster today and through there. 🚵🏼‍♂️💨
      The second part, after the mill, was also very nice, just a little short 😉.
      So in itself a really nice lap despite the bumpy start. And got to know a couple of chic trails again. 👍

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      • 4 de septiembre de 2021

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