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Man muss Menschen nicht anfassen, um sie zu berühren. Wanderin & Bio-Bikerin aus Prinzip mit Husky - Unterstützung."Der Mensch ist eine Sonne, seine Sinne sind seine Planeten."
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    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      Eyed by aristocratic-looking conspecifics, we approach Olivaer Platz. (Distribution boxes can be dressed so nicely). Salome kisses seductively, the pure incarnation of female cruelty.
      Today is my first vegan day, Manfred is also participating and the restaurant with an Italian ceiling painting is within walking distance. "Take the umbrella with you," I recommend and lo and behold, the weather forecast is correct.
      It gets really cool very quickly and as a consummate gentleman Manfred unpacks his tank top.
      "State of exception_Weather". The fire brigade reports that operations are processed with priority.
      We see bubbles that the rain produces on the sun-drenched asphalt.
      The downpour cleared the air, watered the plants and spared the Berlin cellars. Walter-Benjamin-Platz is also designed with umbrellas to match, and when we pass the old olive trees with the still prevailing humid 30 degrees, we are happy with the children who enjoy the games of the water fountains. Parents wait on steps, armed with towels. We see the beautiful St. Georg fountain on Hindemithplatz, talk about the 'crank' that once received in Giesebrechtstrasse and about all the other film theaters that had to close. My companion wouldn't be the real Manfred if he didn't tell again about Novgorod on Lake Ilmen and the ancient trade route, but that's a completely different story. Today my seat is on rain-soaked pavement, back then I would have sat in the swamp. Now the day is clean and like new, but over.

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    A Andrea M. 🥾📷🌞, HzP I. y 78 más les gusta.
    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      There is really something going on at the Hirschbrunnen. Pop champagne corks, dogs play, people feast. The flea market has already been dismantled and the gusty, refreshing wind can play with the tarpaulins undisturbed until tomorrow. As always, the cemetery is an oasis of calm. In the farthest corner a middle-aged woman has made a bed on a hidden park bench. Obviously we're bothering us, she babbles inexplicably drunk.
      I find my favorite saying reliable, even though I only met it once a dozen years ago, at the time by chance.
      And then the meeting with the older, very smartly dressed lady inspires me and at first sight makes me suspect a location.
      "As healthy as you can get at my age," replies the lady without flirting with her age. We talk about the purpose of undergarments and she says that as a young girl she hated them, but now ... "the effect is that of a fan". That makes sense with the sweaty humid temperatures of today. Perhaps the city will have a cooling thunderstorm? The full moon supposedly speaks of it.

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    A Peter 😎, HzP I. y 70 más les gusta.
    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      There are corresponding advantages to moving around the city: no mosquitoes, no ticks. The disadvantages quickly catch your eye ..."People were standing inside
      silently absorbed in conversation,
      as a shot dead rabbit
      Skating on the sandbar.
      And a young man with blond curls
      with coal-black hair
      sat on a green box,
      which was painted red.
      (...) ".
      comes to mind when we see the 🐇. Definitely not Raya's account. He looks like he's sleeping.☕ must also be because the steps fit my feet so well and the wolf girl is almost as dead as the hare at the time.
      "Have I already paid?" Asks the young woman after she has already been outside.
      It starts early with oblivion ... and Raya is no longer in condition. Black Beauty is also much faster than the MTB ^^

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    A RadlerJan, oro96 y 74 más les gusta.
    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      We humans act according to the principle of logic, wash ourselves when we are dirty, go to the hairdresser ... Now explain that to your dog. "Hach, my hair, neeneenee, that pulls". To comfortably lean against a bench and later a tree trunk and to distract my wolf girl, we are moving the aria of grooming on day II to the zoo. Yesterday, Peter made himself unpopular in this regard.
      "What a beautiful animal. It is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen," enthused a passerby.
      Raya grows with joy, then is allowed to swim extensively and smell the animals in the zoological garden.
      At the train station I wonder for a moment why the place is so dirty and then it occurs to me that the barracks were dismantled to buy tickets and everything that was underneath is now revealed.
      What is left in the end.Pssst ... I smuggled in picture 1, thinking longingly of the foggy sunrises in Portugal (Odiáxere / Portimão). But when I think of Mallorca, I better stay in the country. Obeying need, not one's own instinct.

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  5. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour hizo una caminata.

    18 de julio de 2021

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    A Lausitzsonne, Rostvogel y 79 más les gusta.
    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      Without image processing at breakneck speed, but in the right order and with Manfred and Raya.

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      • 18 de julio de 2021

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    17 de julio de 2021

    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      Intoxicated by the life music, but much more by the blues from the Quasimodo, we return from the zoo. There is the last resort, but the people of Cologne already seem to know that and so they are making a noise right outside my front door, in the pub, almost across the street. Yes, they don't have a home. Nenene, the hotel at my place is home again, which is not only noticeable through the noise until the early hours of the morning, only to be replaced by the screeching cheeping of the sparrows at some point.
      There will always be people who had a dubious nursery.
      In Grenander, on Wittenbergplatz, I have a coffee and order a piece of chocolate cake. Help ! Super Size Me ... as I lift the second fork full of deliciousness towards my mouth, my eyes meet a young couple with a huge backpack.
      'Looks like hitchhiking,' I think.
      "We're hungry who has money," I hear.
      When I think for a moment whether I should give them 10 euros for lack of change, a fat passerby stands between the couple and me.
      "She's got a fat chocolate cake," she yells without being asked and scares the couple, who start looking for the distance. Of course they don't understand anything and I feel so sorry for them. I don't like the cake anymore.
      The city and its crazy people are back, it has never been different, I have to get used to it again after sooooo long abstinence.My condolences to everyone who is affected by the incredible mass of water !!!

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      • 17 de julio de 2021

  7. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour hizo una caminata.

    13 de julio de 2021

    A Wolfram/Ts., Andy y 98 más les gusta.
    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      Märkisch-OderlandAt first I flirt with the Black Mountains, but notice that as soon as I leave the cool shores of the Straussee, it is reliably unbearable. I think of Scarlett O'Hara. Let's postpone it ... just to a cooler day, maybe in autumn.Strausberg has four S-Bahn stations and in * Strausberg * you have the luxury of choosing ➡ or getting off on the left (depending on your attitude).We are 94 m above sea level. NHN
      have 67.95 km2 to explore
      and do not encounter 26,939 residents (as of Dec. 31, 2020).
      We start at the last train station: Strausberg Nord
      We are quickly at the lake, dogs are not allowed here. Nevertheless, Raya is allowed to go into the water briefly. The bloodbath is limited.
      After meeting a blind sneak that is no longer sneaking, the gentle tinking of a tower bell blows from the opposite bank. At this point we had already been swimming twice. The wolf girl at the end of the tour even refreshed four times.
      A gentle wind blows over the lake and I am greeted by a few, but very friendly people.
      There are worse backdrops to wait for a ferry.
      The original ferry, unique in Europe, was moved by means of a handwheel in 1894, and it quickly became a listed cable ferry with more space. Emission-free, of course. From the beginning, people wanted to get to the other side, into the forest, which has not changed.
      Old town
      I enjoy Vietnamese food in front of a half-timbered building from the 16th century and at some point a boy drags his inflated seahorse across the sidewalk, stays on the greengrocer's umbrella and continues undeterred towards the ferry. I am entertained from all sides. A four-year-old parrot struts past in a pram; I'm interested in asking, not an Amazon.
      That was again extremely entertaining, relaxed and very varied 🙆🐺Orlando also traveled through the centuries

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      • 13 de julio de 2021

  8. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour hizo una caminata.

    9 de julio de 2021

    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      Today we visit a terminal moraine landscape, the hilly landscape that was formed in the Vistula Ice Age was formed 20,000 years ago. We hike through varied terrain with old oaks and climb mountains up to sixty-two meters high, and then dive into basins up to thirty meters deep. Right next to us is the Waldbühne, built in 1936 under the direction of the architect Werner March.The day is well chosen because we are completely alone and I guess that in different weather conditions many of the trails are used by mountain bikers. In addition to the steps, there is enough space for nice rounds in this regard. The extensive area around the Murellenberg, after all a stately, inner-city mountain without a summit cross, was declared a nature reserve in 1993 because of its biodiversity in flora and fauna.
      As in many other places, there is also a dark past here.
      👉Menkzeichenweg / traffic mirror
      "In the so-called Murellenschlucht, on the slope of the Murellenberg, between August 12, 1944 and April 14, 1945 deserters, conscientious objectors and those who refused to give orders of various ranks were shot dead, mostly after the rulings of the Reich Court Martial."
      Source: inzuam.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/geschichte-vor-ort-der-denkzeichenweg-am-murellenberg"Contrary to what is stated otherwise, the shootings very probably did not take place directly in the Murellenschlucht gorge. After a site inspection in 1995 with contemporary witnesses and a topographical analysis, an area near today's ammunition depot or a sand pit in the Schanzenwald come into question as a place." . 👈Westend, at that time I moved into my very first apartment in Berlin in the Rüsternallee and yet today I was for the first time in the Murellenschlucht, but already several times in the Waldbühne. The natural monument Murellenteich is fenced in to protect against wild boars and so on, but there is a secure access and before we get on the underground, my riotous wolf girl can freshen up. When I was thinking about walking back to the Olympiastadion S-Bahn station shortly before, I saw stairs again. Nothing there, that's enough for today.

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      • 9 de julio de 2021

  9. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour hizo una caminata.

    6 de julio de 2021

    A Andy, HzP I. y 85 más les gusta.
    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      Today we encounter the striking yellow of the Balsaminaceae, the patiently persevering silver of the herons, the colorful chatter of the ducks, the cheerful, exuberant tones of the children, swimming in the lake and climbing at dizzying heights.
      That was not always so.
      We are in Jungfernheide, where on May 28, 1813, death sentences were carried out for the last time in Prussia by burning at the stake.
      Nowadays barbecuing is forbidden, bathing is only allowed in designated places and dogs must be kept on a leash, which makes sense at Raya anyway. However, there is a nice and spacious dog exercise area, right next to the high rope course in the forest and a wonderful beer garden around the water tower.
      Not only meerkats and seahorses adorn one of the paths, but also numerous other bizarre things made of wood. Someone has lost his glasses on the trunk of a birch tree and is now probably lacking a perspective. I leave it behind, even though the burning glass effect occurs to me and we should better avoid fire.

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      • 6 de julio de 2021

  10. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour hizo una caminata.

    4 de julio de 2021

    A Rosefahrer, HzP I. y 77 más les gusta.
    1. R 🐺 & G 🚶‍♀️on Tour

      👉 Prime Time 👈We start with Manfred and Raya at Gesundbrunnen and cross the Humboldthain towards Panke so that the wolf girl can swim. And since she is in the mood for her own exploration or rather for grounding instead of water, she gives full throttle.
      The figure, armed with helpful quivers, promises confidently to capture them, but today it says: 'The police, your friend and helper'. After looking in all directions with the help of three young people, we agree that it was stolen and split up, thanking for the help. And then my smartphone rings "We discovered your dog in a shisha bar". The patrol picks us up by car at the Invalidenfriedhof and takes us to Müllerstrasse.

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      • 4 de julio de 2021

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