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Mein Name ist Daniel und ich bin viel + oft mit meiner MTB- oder Rennrad - 🥕 unterwegs, je nach Lust und Laune und was so auf dem 🗓 steht!! 😊
Mindestens genauso gern bin ich draußen in den ⛰ und 👀 mir den Sonnenaufgang oder Sonnenuntergang an oder gehe einfach ganz normal wandern!! 😊
Falls sich jetzt jemand angesprochen fühlen, dann meldet euch am besten via WhatsApp unter 0172/2592696 und vielleicht ergibt sich ja mal eine gemeinsame Tour?! 😊Instagram ➡️ kalter_lachsBleibt gesund + sportlich und vielleicht bis bald im Wald?! 😉Liebe Grüße Dani ✌🏻


31.215 km

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1675:24 h

  1. Daniel salió con la bici de carretera.

    Hace 2 días

    129 km
    24,6 km/h
    2.070 m
    2.000 m
    1. Daniel

      Price question ➡️ today without a price ➡️ what do you do against difficult 🦵🏻🦵🏻 due to a hiking and climbing tour the day before ??a little regeneration ride !! 🥳 and it's best to combine this with a culinary high-quality stop… possibly a bakery… and it's best not to go there directly, then that would be boring !! 🥱
      And since that is not fun on its own, it is best to drive in a small group and so Max, Albi, Daniel and I gathered at the palace in the Great Garden and drove to the best meister Konrad nach Schmiede⛰ at the Pfützner bakery !! 😊
      the start was then more or less relaxed, although that is more or less the "new" relaxed or in other words, never go on a tour with Max if you were active the day before ... you can send a "regeneration trip" into the realm of fables! ! 😅 and so it was first nice and brisk to Pirna and on towards Langenhennersdorf, from here something was done for the altitude meter account !! and we really got into 🥵 when we went to Augustus⛰, I have never been here and so I planned that in advance, was not entirely without it and Max even gave away the Strava segment - 👑, as it was just below waiting for us ... 😅Take a short breath and a nice descent to Hellendorf, then to drive a blatant ramp to Oelsen ⬆️, I've never been here and here you can train yourself a couple 🌾 !! 💪🏻 there 🔥 the thighs are pretty nice, but what do you want to do, get off ?! 🤣😂😅it was followed by a few 🌊 ⬆️ ➕ ⬇️, until we were at the Lauenstein dam, a touch of 🧱👨🏻 (C version) was in the air and a nice 📸 on the dam itself and on the 🏰 !! 😊
      I also deliberately chose the next section of the route in advance, because I've always wanted to go from Geising to Alten⛰ up 🐍 ... on the way up there we overtook another cyclist ... later at our little stop in Alten⛰ he caught up with us again, stopped next to me and said ➡️ you are Daniel !! 😅 um yes ... I am ... and you ?? 😅 Dirk ... but since I could not do that much with the name, he told me his Komoot name and it was ➡️ Baron Samedi ➡️ komoot.de/user/423723046220
      we chatted briefly and I suggested he accompany us to Schmiede⛰ and so he joined our group ... and so it went to 🦌sprung and again on the 🧱👨🏻 route along the bobsleigh run and on to Schellerau ... again a bit for something the thighs!! 😅
      past our main hotel “Naturhotel Bärenfels” and straight to the Pfützner bakery !! 🥳
      Dirk alias Baron said goodbye to us here ➡️ nice to have met you personally, if you would like to come with us, you can find my number "above" in the profile !! 😊
      with kettledrons and 🎺 we moved in with Konrad and were well fed ➡️ 🍰 ➕ ☕️ ➕ 🔥🍰 ➕ Domino🧱 !! 😊👌🏻
      it was a culinary explosion, v. a. the 🔥🍰 was extra class !! 🤩
      Max said goodbye to us after the food intake, he was under a bit of pressure and we had already delayed him a bit up to this point ... 😅
      It was still nice, as always, that it worked out again with a joint trip, see you soon, my friend! ✌🏻
      the remaining 3️⃣ 🥒 then back to DD, although there were still a few meters in altitude ... z. E.g. straight to Naundorf + Sadisdorf ... the faster it went through Reichstädt, there you can make a lot of speed, just somehow the people here today all had to walk around, it was a bit strange ... 🤷🏻‍♂️
      briefly through Dipps and the heather there and then again checked a new path around Rabenau, through the middle of the forest, but due to the storm the path was not quite as free as desired, but a great path in itself! 👍🏻
      via Freital and past the Wind⛰, we went back to DD and again a nice tour ended with great people in the best weather and even better food! 😊I thank you and say see you valerian ✌🏻

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  2. Daniel salió con la bici de carretera.

    Hace 5 días

    68,4 km
    26,2 km/h
    1.010 m
    1.010 m
    A René 🅰️rnold, Gerdi y 44 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      No. Watzke ➡️ unfortunately moved forward to Wed 🤷🏻‍♂️No. In🪟💩 ➡️ that will unfortunately come soon enough 🤷🏻‍♂️but that's not a problem, let's just do a little after-work lap on Thursday alone ... and to fill up the 1000 m, we made a little 🥒 for 🥙store at Wasaplatz !! 😅PS: the 🌬💨 was so good that Strava even got a 👑 at the end of the tour !! 🥳

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  3. Daniel hizo una caminata.

    17 de octubre de 2021

    25,1 km
    5,3 km/h
    460 m
    460 m
    A Albi, Cherin y 68 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      As announced yesterday in my report, I was picked up on Saturday evening by Dieter + Anton + Bakke, who gave me the 🎁 a joint 🥾🥾 ... and I shouldn't know beforehand where I was going !! 😊
      I really like those 🎁 because it’s really great when you ⏱ spend together ... THANK YOU for this great idea !! 😊 We were already traveling together last year ➡️ komoot.de/tour/276200077
      we took the 🚗 and the darkness made it a bit adventurous, but at some point we were there in ... Oberlochmühle 👍🏻
      Checked in and off to the village pub ➡️ I like this type of pub, yes, no big city - Schiggi - Miggi - 💩, but plain + simple menu + dishes and all for a narrow 💰
      then off to 🛌, briefly 5️⃣h 😴 and again for breakfast and then we started on the ➡️ 🔔wanderweg ➡️ de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glockenwanderweg
      the guys really thought about it again and we had a lot of fun, what did we laugh again! 😃 there is a total of 1️⃣6️⃣ 🔔 on the route and always a small board with the story, really well done !! 👍🏻on the way to 🧴fen we always had 👀contact to an old friend, the Schwarten⛰… 😍
      When we arrived in 🧴fen, we briefly rescheduled, for the time being away from the 🔔wanderweg and over to our old colleague, I was already three times with the Renn - 🥕 ... but never to 🥾🥾 ... and then it came to a super funny one Action!! on the way to ⬆️ we talked about Strava and the segments and 👀 just for fun, whether there is a segment to the summit here too ... YES 👍🏻
      briefly the ⏱ for the 👑 checked ... Dieter with the words ➡️ well, I have that in the beds ... 😂😂 and Bakke + Dieter were already standing after a short stretching at the starting line ➡️ on their seats ... ready ... go 🏃🏻💨 😂😂
      I just followed the two of them and walked very comfortably to the summit ... when I got to the top, Dieter was sitting on the bench, gasping for breath, completely exhausted ... he pumped like a May ... BUT ➡️ he got the 👑 with a ⏱ of 2️⃣: 5️⃣9️⃣ fetched !! 🥳
      when the air started again, we walked part of the blockline (blockline.bike), this is where the MTB is going next year - 🥕 I'm looking forward to it !! 🤩
      since it was slowly running at noon, we went to eat in Deutscheinsiedel !! 👍🏻
      with a full stomach we continued on the original route ... we saw a few 🔔 on our way and the ☀️ also came out ...
      in Deutschneudorf past the sports field, there was even a real atmosphere, typical village ... it's about something !! 👍🏻
      and a little later we passed a memorial by Anton Günther, before we got back to our starting point in Oberlochmühle a little later and drove back to DD !! 😊
      THANK YOU guys for this great gift and the incredibly fun time with you guys !! 😃😂 I hope I will go on a hike together again next year at the latest, but I think it will probably work out sooner, keyword men's day !! 😊 We already talked about one or the other variant today !!

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      • 17 de octubre de 2021

  4. Daniel salió con la bici de carretera.

    16 de octubre de 2021

    157 km
    25,3 km/h
    2.030 m
    2.020 m
    A Sandra, Nicole y 54 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      Today's report comes around the corner quickly and painlessly ... 😅
      Together with Steffen it was easy 🥒 to go to my home country to say "Hello" again ... 😊
      1️⃣. Lunch at Grandma ➡️ 🍝
      2️⃣. Have a chat with grandpa
      3️⃣. 🍰 + ☕️ with mom
      and since the Hock🧱schänke should not be missing, there was also 🍰 + ☕️ !! 😊an all-round successful + sporty tour under the current conditions !! 👍🏻in the evening I was picked up by the “travel group misery” (Anton + Dieter) and Bakke ... they had given me a surprise hike for my birthday without knowing beforehand where it was going ➡️ how exciting! 🤗

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      • 16 de octubre de 2021

  5. Daniel salió con la bici de carretera.

    14 de octubre de 2021

    A Sven Hollstein, Franka y 48 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      Sooo actually I wanted to spend my afternoon / evening on my 🛋 ... I cooked something delicious and series 👀 ... and the 🗓 was still there until shortly before the end of the day ... but then Steffen + Daniel wrote when we meet at the GG ?! and also the Knusperkopp Albi stood at 8️⃣0️⃣% ... really now ?!and since I can't send the boys to the ⛷ alone, I bit into the sour 🍎 and put on my robe too… 😅About 2️⃣0️⃣ people gathered despite the weather and we started in a large group together ... and today for a change not in 1️⃣. Row and slough off a bit in the slipstream ... 🥱Unfortunately, the Pannen👺 was a guest twice today and so the group split up… ☹️Hopefully everyone will be back at 🏡 safe and sound in the end… 👍🏻our traditional visit to the falafel - 🚛 also fell victim to the weather today ... we just don't have summer anymore ... 🥺

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      • 14 de octubre de 2021

  6. A Baron Samedi, Inge Müller y 67 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      let's go to round 2, or as the saying goes, just drive the thing to 🏠 and pick up the 🥈🧱 ... 😅 if it were that easy ...the 🌃 was short and above all again 🥶 and so today after breakfast we went back to the ⛷ ... and yes, it still felt 🥶 today ... the 🦵🏻🦵🏻 also a bit 😴🥱 from the day before, but since we were first Had to go back to the 🧱👨🏻-route, we had a few vertical meters on the clock right from the start, which immediately helped to thaw! 😅
      on the Waldeck below the Fichtel⛰ the time had come and we were "Back on Track" !! 👍🏻
      on the way to 1️⃣. Today's checkpoint ➡️ 🐻🧱, we stopped at the Cranzahl dam, if we are driving that close, then we can stop here ... said ➡️ planned ➡️ done ➡️ ⏸ in the ☀️😊
      and freshly strengthened it was then ⬆️ to the summit ➡️
      and then ... yes then it went back to Pöhl⛰ and meanwhile you know, if you have been attentive in the last few weeks, that there in my 👀 the boss is waiting for you ➡️ the old bobsleigh run
      the journey there is then determined by the thought of whether you can make it again without getting off, which is my 🏁 every time anew !! 💪🏻
      🌾 Saving is not really an option either, since the way there is exhausting! 🥵 we made a short 📸stop again right at the start and then it was time to take a deep breath and gather strength ...
      if I really made it ... just have a look yourself ➡️
      on the summit we took a short break in the ☀️ and there was ☕️ + 🧇 ... and freshly strengthened we made our way to the last checkpoint of our tour on the Scheiben⛰ ... meanwhile the ☀️ was also really busy and we enjoyed the tour in full 🚝🚝 !! 😅
      on the way to the summit we came to the typical 🧱👨🏻 - 📸spot in Crottendorf !! 👍🏻 from here it goes with a good few meters in altitude in 🎒 on the discs⛰ ... paired the path with borrowed roots from 🇧🇪, because they are no longer needed there, because the 🧱👨🏻 there for the year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ has ended… well off with the roots on the way up to the disc⛰ and have fun… 😅 but once this was over, we had made it ➡️ last checkpoint ➡️
      but of course we still had to go back to the hotel in Rittersgrün ... past the lower and upper Markersbach basins ... from there there was a relaxed diversion due to closed paths (🔫) !! 🥳 the original route would have kept a few meters in altitude ready ... 😅back at the hotel we had to 🚲 disassemble it and go to 🚗 with it !! 👍🏻 we were lucky again that we were allowed to check out a little later and could still leave relaxed 🚿🧼🧽 and after a graduation📸 !! 😊Men, it was an absolutely brilliant + funny + sporty weekend with you guys, we laughed again! 😂😂
      we'll do that again next year !! 😊
      I wish everyone a pleasant Sunday evening and a good start into the new week tomorrow !! 👍🏻Kind regards Dani ✌🏻PS: Thanks Steffen for the brilliant 🎥 ➡️

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      • 10 de octubre de 2021

  7. A Francisco, Steffen y 76 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      auf zum letzten 💃🏻 in diesem Jahr… auf zum 1️⃣0️⃣. und damit letzten 🧱👨🏻 im Jahr 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣!! 🥳 und die Begleitung ist ja mal eines perfekten Abschlusses mehr als würdig!! 😊da es auf den bisherigen Touren aus unterschiedlichen Gründen nicht so geklappt hatte, habe ich 🗼papa Torsten versprochen, dass wir dieses Jahr noch einen gemeinsam in Angriff nehmen!! 💪🏻
      und da die Wetteraussichten mit ☀️ satt super waren, sprangen Knusperkopp Albi und mein Schatz Steffen noch mit aufs 🐎!! 😊 da es in dieser Jahres⏱ mit dem 💡 so eine Sache ist und es ja bekanntlich auch schon „Off - Season“ ist, verständigten wir uns vorab den 🧱👨🏻 in der originalen Variante in 🥈 zu machen!! 👍🏻
      Ausgangspunkt war mein geliebtes Landhotel Rittersgrün (landhotel-rittersgruen.de/de/startseite.html), welches egal ob 🥇 oder 🥈 der perfekte Startort ist und das Hotel ist einfach der 🔨… das Essen super lecker, die Zimmer top und die Gastfreundschaft tippitoppi!! 😊
      Anreise für uns war gestern Abend… kurz die MTB - 🥕 soweit fertig gemacht und noch super lecker gegessen und jede Menge Spaß mit den Jungs gehabt… was haben wir wieder gelacht!! 😂🤣
      aber da wir ja auch fit sein wollten, ging es recht zeitig ins 🛌!!
      denn der ⏰ sollte bereits halb 6️⃣… 🥱 kurz eine 🩳 angezogen und auf zum Frühstück… Hunger ➡️ Fehlanzeige… aber muss ja gemacht werden!! und als auch das in Sack und Tüten war und wir unsere 🚲kutte übergezogen hatten ➡️ Sportzeug kurz war heute nicht möglich, denn zum Start waren stabile 2️⃣ Grad Celsius 🥶, konnte die wilde 🐷se losgehen!! 😊die Tour habe ich Jahr schon mal zusammen mit Steffen gemacht ➡️ komoot.de/tour/424251629, da war es aber ein paar Grad wärmer!! 😅
      ich packte mich dem Wetter entsprechend dick ein, musste aber bereits kurz nach Rittersgrün am 1️⃣. Anstieg feststellen, dass ich wie ein 🐷 anfing zu schwitzen… also Wind🧥 aus und schön wieder im Dynamo - Trikot weiter durchs Erzgebirge!! 😊
      und so kurbelten wir uns aufgrund des Höhenprofils ordentlich warm, so dass die 🥶 schnell vergessen war… und so war auch ruckzuck der 1️⃣. Checkpoint am Raben⛰ erreicht!! 👍🏻 da wir ja nur die digitale Variante fahren, hatten wir keine Karten zum Stanzen, Albi hat das mit seinem 📱 versucht, zugegeben mit mäßigen Erfolg!! 😅
      es folgten ein paar flowige und weniger flowige, aber dafür technisch anspruchsvolle Trails, wo ich auch einmal fast über den Lenker unsanft abgestiegen wäre… 😅
      plötzlich standen wir vor einem gesperrten Weg und keine Umleitung in 👀… na gut… dann müssen wir halt hier durch, was nicht ganz ohne war, denn die Forstarbeiter haben in den letzten Tag nochmal ordentlich ✋🏻 angelegt und so war es mehr eine 🧗🏻‍♂️Tour, aber 👀 euch einfach die 📸 an!! 😅
      aber nützt halt alles nix, schließlich wollten wir ja zum 2️⃣. Checkpoint nach Auers⛰ hoch… wie ihr ja wisst Sachsen 2️⃣. höchster ⛰ mit 1️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣m… und hier steht ja sogar eine 🗼 ➡️ da geht dem Torsten das ❤️ und auch der 👀 war super!! 👌🏻 und auch die Stimmung in der ⏸ ein Traum… was haben wir wieder gelacht!! über den Inhalt der Themen legen wir hier lieber den 🧥 des 🤐, da es auch U1️⃣8️⃣ Themen waren… 😂😂
      weiter ging es dann Richtung Johanngeorgenstadt und rüber ins 🇨🇿 und durch das Schwarzwassertal, ein absoluter Traum, immer am Fluss entlang… die ☀️ dazu… 😍 aber es sollte natürlich auch wieder anstrengenden werden, da es noch ein paar Höhenmeter bis zum Platten⛰, dem 3️⃣. Checkpoint, zu meistern galt!! der Weg dahin leider etwas unwegsam, so dass jeder von uns mal von der MTB - 🥕 absteigen musste… sogar die 🚀 Albi ging ein paar Meter zu 🦶🏻… ehrlich gesagt hätte ich sowas nie für möglich gehalten!! 🤷🏻‍♂️
      oben angekommen ➡️ ⏸ mit einer leckeren Kofola!! 😍
      und da es ja beim 🧱👨🏻 darum geht viele Höhenmeter zu machen, ging es erstmal weit nach ⬇️, damit es dann wieder lange nach ⬆️ ging zum Pleß⛰, dem 4️⃣. Checkpoint!! meine Freude darauf war ziemlich hoch, nicht ob des Weges dahin, sondern den tollen Trail wieder nach ⬇️… also verliere ich auch nicht all zu viele Worte… hoch… ⏸… essen + trinken… 🚽… und ab ging der Peter wieder ⬇️ und es war wieder mal ein absoluter Traum, total fetzig!! 😃und wie gesagt, es geht ja um Höhenmeter und zum nächsten Checkpoint sollten da die meisten am Stück hintereinander eingesammelt werden… und bevor der ewig lange Anstieg zum Keil⛰ selbst auf dem 📆 stand, gab es dazwischen noch einen Anstieg… na klar, man gönnt sich ja sonst nix… immer war dieser größtenteils auf 🛣 und so ging das schon in Ordnung!! 👍🏻
      auf der Abfahrt hin zum Keil⛰Anstieg stürzte Torsten… 😔 leider war dieser auch mit ein paar Schmerzen verbunden!!
      und so musste er zusätzlich zum Anstieg, auch aufgrund der Schmerzen ordentlich auf die 🦷🦷 beißen… und da ich ja selbst schon mal die Erfahrung gemacht habe, wusste ich, dass man sowas besser übersteht, wenn man Unterstützung bekommt… und so blieb ich bis zum Gipfel die kompletten ca. 1️⃣2️⃣ Km an seiner Seite, auch wenn man da natürlich nicht von Windschatten reden kann, es ist eher eine moralische Unterstützung!! und so meisterte Torsten diesen Anstieg trotz aller Umstände mit Bravour ➡️ ich ziehe den 🎩!! 💪🏻 5️⃣. Checkpoint ✅Albi + Steffen warteten schon auf uns… fix noch ein 📸 und in die Kniffte gebissen und ab ging es auf den 🔴 Trail hinab vom Keil⛰… auch dieser Trail, ein Traum… 👌🏻 und schon alleine dafür lohnt es sich den 🧱👨🏻 zu fahren!! 😊
      und da es aber auch langsam ⏱ für eine richtige Mahlzeit war, hielten wir wenig später in Bozi Dar in Torsten seiner favorisierten Kneipe ➡️ Anton - Günther - Schänke und dort gab es neben einer deftigen 🧄🍲, noch bissl was Süßes, lecker war’s und die 🔋 wieder geladen für den letzten Anstieg ⬆️ zum Fichtel⛰, welcher im Übrigen auch der 6️⃣. und somit letzte Checkpoint für heute war… dieser verlangte nochmal alles ab!! 🥵
      oben angekommen, waren wir einfach nur froh und glücklich… kurz ein 📸 und dann eine Sahneabfahrt zurück nach Rittersgrün… 🥰 Lob an Torsten für die ausgewählte Strecke zum Hotel, das hat nochmal richtig 🐏 gemacht!! 😊
      am Ende sind wir alle mehr oder weniger heil (Torsten hatte 1️⃣,5️⃣ Km vor dem 🏁 noch einen Platten) am Hotel angekommen und konnten noch vor Küchenschluss ein leckeres Abendbrot zu uns nehmen!! 😊was für ein toller Tag und liebe Komootler schaut mal her… Steffen war so lieb und hat ein kleines 📽 für euch gebastelt ➡️ morgen dann Tag 2️⃣, nicht ganz so viele Km + Hm, aber dennoch sportlich, aber ich freu mich drauf!! 😊Liebe Grüße Dani ✌🏻

      • 9 de octubre de 2021

  8. Daniel salió con la bici de carretera.

    7 de octubre de 2021

    A Albi, Jenny y 48 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      a Watzke - round without falafel - 🚛 ➡️ if that's not possible ... 😅

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      • 7 de octubre de 2021

  9. Daniel salió con la bici de carretera.

    3 de octubre de 2021

    159 km
    25,0 km/h
    2.150 m
    2.120 m
    A Albi, LifeOfMole y 68 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      Ladies and gentlemen,what shouldn't be missing on the weekend after your own birthday ?! come on it ?? na na na ... RICHTIG ➡️ a tour on the racing - 🥕 with very special people ... 😊 people who I got to know in the last few months and who became friends !! 😊
      And so today we went “on tour” together in a unique group and of course you have long known where to stop for refreshments ➡️ HOCK🧱SCHÄNKE 😍
      we carry each other around 0️⃣9️⃣: 4️⃣8️⃣ at the Palais in the Great Garden and soon I would even have been late myself, because the Knusperköppe Steffen + Albi caught me to 🏠 to give me a 🎁 ➡️ THANK YOU, YOU ARE REALLY GREAT !! 😊When we arrived in the big garden we had to gather together and say "Hello" to everyone and make a group📸, unfortunately the 👴🏻 was a bit overwhelmed and so I just took it over, I don’t have to be on everyone 📸 !! 😅
      were there, on the 📸 from left ➡️ right ...
      1️⃣. Max ➡️ the little flea 💪🏻
      2️⃣. Konrad ➡️ Master baker Pfützner from Schmiede⛰ with a lot of power in the pastry 😊
      3️⃣. Hagen ➡️ very respectful that you tried the 🦂 !! 💪🏻 soon you may have a racing - 🥕
      4️⃣. Albi ➡️ Knusperkopp 2️⃣.0️⃣ 😅
      5️⃣. Enrico ➡️ Thank you for getting to know each other and getting along so well !! 😊
      6️⃣. Nicol without E ➡️ I also thank you very much for getting to know each other and the tours together and mega, how you kept up today! 😊
      7️⃣. Thomas ➡️ RATA + Elbspitze - legend and such a nice guy 👌🏻
      8️⃣. Steffen my darling 😘
      in this high-quality and great lap it was then on the 🛣 and I had thought of a few very special highs for my birthday lap ... a few sections of the route that I just like very much and that are important to me ...Müglitztal + 🏰 Wesen🧱 ➡️ Seidewitztal 😍, I love this valley !! 😊 unfortunately the 🌬💨 was not very kind to us today and in between it was already heavy, but we are not made of sugar and still fought our way over Dobra ➡️ Waltersdorf ➡️ Breitenau, where we reached the roof of our tour !! There we met Hagen again, who tried to keep up as best he could, but the tour adapted a bit for himself with the 🏁, then also to be at the Hock🧱schänke against 🕞 / 🕒 ➡️ again, a big RESPECT for your today Leadership and that you did not give up and continued fighting !! 😊It went on via Bad Gottleuba ➡️ ⛰gießhübel ➡️ Bahra and into / to Bielatal !! 😊 what a beautiful spot 🌍 and it should be even better after the driveway to Cunnersdorf + Pfaffendorf, because the 👀 zum Pfaffen🧱 and the 🏰🤴🏻🧱 is one of the most beautiful views of the entire Saxon 🇨🇭 !! 😊we took the descent towards Gohrisch + Bad Schandau and up to the Hock🧱schänke there were only 2️⃣ climbs from now on ... number 1️⃣ the so-called Sense or Col d'Hohnstein and then for 1️⃣2️⃣8️⃣x the serpentines or L'Alpe d'Hocksteinschänke up ... there the guys took something out and so I was allowed to go upstairs as 1️⃣ just before Thomas + Max. arrive and to the surprise Hagen was already upstairs and shot a couple of great 📸 from us, really strong and thank you very much !! 😊For us it was then, with the best of luck, to take a seat on the terrace and have a delicious lunch and recharge the 🔋 !! 😊 Thanks again to the team of Hocke for the reservation and the supply, everything worked out great again! 😊the way back from the crouch was the classic !! 👍🏻 Stürza ➡️ zum 1️⃣2️⃣8️⃣x Dürrröhrsdorf - Dittersbach ➡️ Eschdorf ➡️ Schullwitz ➡️ Schönfeld ➡️ Cunnersdorf ➡️ Gönnsdorf ➡️ Grundstraße ➡️ 🌾platz
      At this point at the latest the paths parted and everyone drove to 🏠
      Albi + I and I then drove towards Neustadt and brought Nicol safely to 🏠 ➡️ a matter of honor
      and since I wanted to shoot a little 🥒, I took Albi to the far north before I went to 🏠 too !! 😊
      I thank you all from ❤️ for being there and giving me such a nice day, that means a lot to me and I am very grateful !! 😊Now it is time to rest a little + 🔋 recharge the week and then next weekend with the 🗼Dad Torsten + possibly Albi + possibly Steffen my 1️⃣0️⃣. 🧱👨🏻 to drive this year ... 😊
      come tomorrow all good into the new week and see you soon again in the old freshness !! 😊
      Kind regards Dani ✌🏻

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      • 3 de octubre de 2021

  10. Daniel y Hagen hicieron una caminata.

    2 de octubre de 2021

    2,89 km
    6,0 km/h
    50 m
    30 m
    A Hagen, Matthias y 37 más les gusta.
    1. Daniel

      Part 1️⃣ of my active “birthday weekend” ➡️ ⚽️⛳️ in Rumburk 🥳fotbalparkdymnik.cz/deIt is now just over 2️⃣ years since we were guests on the course for the last time and compared to Ottendorf it is simply better here ... here you have a "fun course" and a "professional course", where we always use the 2️⃣. play if already !! 😅and what fun we've always had in the past, but 👀 best for ourselves !! 👍🏻and so it went today with the brothers Kling Anton + Dieter, Stiff, Fase, Nemi and Hagen towards Rumburk and there was some good magic on the green !! 👌🏻 here and there, of course, there was a shot in the forest or the deep grass, which Fase affectionately called "vegetables" !! 😅
      what did we 😂 laugh at, but also swear, it was all there !!
      after playing 1️⃣8️⃣ 🕳 it was finally the birthday child himself who was the winner ... we didn’t count the rest in detail, but all of them were probably in 2nd place !! 😜
      All in all we needed about 3️⃣h for the professional course, which was longer than expected ...
      after that we went to the pub of trust in Mikulasovice ... and I probably don't have to tell you what was there, right ?? 😅 let's put it this way, I better not kiss a beautiful woman today, she would go away immediately🏃🏻‍♀️ ...so and tomorrow it will be active again, then the racing - 🥕 on the axle !! 😊😊

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      • 2 de octubre de 2021

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