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Beheimatet im südlichen Rheinhessen, auch Wonnegau genannt, finde ich immer wieder erstaunlich, wie sehr sich mit Komoot mein "Wander-Horizont" erweitert !!Nur in fünf der 136 rheinhessischen Gemeinden gibt es keinen eigenen Weinanbau. Eines meiner Ziele ist, diese fünf zu finden! Des Weiteren "sammle" ich Rittersteine, wobei dies auch ein eher langfristiges Ziel ist. Wandern ist für mich entdecken, genießen, an der Natur erfreuen.


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  1. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    12 de septiembre de 2021

    13,2 km
    4,0 km/h
    340 m
    320 m
    A Michael, Natalie y 71 más les gusta.
    1. Biitii 105

      Today we went from Siedelsbrunn, a district of Wald-Michelbach, down to the Eiterbachtal nature reserve, where the Eiterbach gurgled merrily. On beautiful forest paths we came to the ruins of the Lichtenklingen monastery, and from there we went up to the boot hut, which was kindly opened. A hike with a stop - what a wonderful tradition! It went back over boot height.Conclusion: Very nice hike, which shows the Odenwald as it is typical; with alternating old trees and clearings with wonderful views. In addition, the "Si 6" is perfectly signposted and the "economic route share" was limited. Despite the best hiking weather, there weren't too many people on the way.

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      • 12 de septiembre de 2021

  2. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    14 de agosto de 2021

    A Tanja, Biitii 105 y 66 más les gusta.
    1. Biitii 105

      Today we were in the partly unexplored, former settlement area of the Celts, which has a lot to offer, see also enkenbach-alsenborn.de.1st part: HochfelswegFirst, we walked parts of the high rock path, which could have been used to set stones from the Bronze or Stone Age, whereby certain astronomical processes around the moon seem to play a special role. The stone avenue of the Meisenberg, various menhirs (!) And the mysterious high rock are probably the most important stops.I am always impressed by what people in the distant past already knew and created - with the simplest means! Anyone who goes on such “journeys” should bring their imagination and other imaginative people with them, because together you can better beam your thoughts back, the information steles help.Part 2: Mehlinger HeideThe "Mehlinger Heide" is one of the largest heathlands in southern Germany!
      The nature reserve and bird sanctuary is 410 hectares - an XL soccer field has 1.08 hectares. Formerly forest, the area was used as a military training area at the time of World War I, then French, again German, US and finally returned in 1994. Congratulations to those who succeeded in giving this area back to nature!
      By the way: The summer or common heather (Calluna vulgaris), which characterizes the landscape of the Mehlinger Heide, is not an Erica, but forms its own genus Calluna. But it also belongs to the heather family. In contrast to most Erica species, the local common heather is deciduous and blooms in late summer, this year's highlight is August 20th.Just like lakes, this heather exuded a wonderful calm.

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      • 14 de agosto de 2021

  3. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    10 de agosto de 2021

    A Daniel, Frank Skibbe y 71 más les gusta.
    1. Biitii 105

      At the beginning there were beautiful vineyards and panoramic views - up to the mountain road - and the flag tower could be seen quite early in the distance. Shortly afterwards I continued on narrow paths and I followed the blackberry bushes until I found myself on a path in the forest that was nowhere marked - very adventurous. Immediately the Weinsteig crossed and now it could go up again. Cleverly done: you have the choice between two high-altitude trails - the upper one is a shady forest path, as you know it, and the lower one has a Mediterranean flair due to the plants there, you walk on sand (and stones), even in the sun and always has a view of wooded hills - from now on I call it the "Howard-Carpendale-Höhenweg", because there I have now also left my tracks in the sand. Both lead to the zeppelin tower, which has a special feature: at the bottom are the adult lizards, in the middle the middle ones, and at the very top - the reader already guessed it - the babies. And one of the babies jumped such a large step, paused for a moment, and ran away - considerable, because in relation to the size I would certainly have suffered several broken bones - but that's probably how it is with lizards.The way back was mostly on various forest trails and was great fun, as there were a wonderful number of boundary stones - I've never seen such an accumulation. Arrived in the shady Poppental the Schwabenbach splashed cheerfully, a knight's stone waited patiently and self-sacrificing insects offered more or less willing donors free blood transfers; there were also many reverse beetles on the way today.Conclusion 1: A tour rich in variety and vitamins.
      Conclusion 2: Those who dress too warmly sweat more.

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      • 10 de agosto de 2021

  4. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    31 de julio de 2021

    A Bernd, Biitii 105 y 53 más les gusta.
    1. Biitii 105

      When I heard about the menhirs there it was clear that I had to go there. I don't just collect knight stones and trulli ... Armsheim, with its approx. 2500 inhabitants today, is located on old long-distance roads, the Wiesbachaue has been inhabited for around 5000 years. Gatherers and hunters followed the game, Celts, Romans, Franks and many other tribes crisscrossed the valleys and ridges, more on this at armsheim.deFirst it went along the partially gurgling Wiesbach on meadow paths, then over the old signal box and along the water reservoir up the Geiersberg on a high path with 360 ° panoramic view, then over the Fléviller hut back down into the village to the place of the menhirs with the three menhirs , and from there past both churches and the old town center directly to the ice cream shop on the main street to enjoy the delicious (rhubarb) ice cream.There was no shade on the way, but 25 sunny ° C, wind and wonderful views that you can enjoy even without binoculars (if you have forgotten again). There were also many insects and two adult hares. Crossed paths: “Around the Wiesbach” and lots and lots of cycle paths - really lots!

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      • 31 de julio de 2021

  5. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    29 de julio de 2021

    1. Biitii 105

      This round is dedicated to all those who, far from home, are eagerly awaited by all two- and four-legged friends at home 💞💞💞

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      • 29 de julio de 2021

  6. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    20 de julio de 2021

    A Ein 🐟 namens Wander, Natalie y 46 más les gusta.
    1. Biitii 105

      After work round.The combine harvesters have to hurry because the next bad weather front is already on the march. Around the NSG Bordsberg there are not only rare plants and vineyards but also a number of fields, especially on the high plateau. Both the water tank and the ravine with the loess walls and the paved path were further highlights on this round, on which butterflies and grasshoppers accompanied me. 🦋 🦗🦋 🦗

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      • 20 de julio de 2021

  7. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    3 de julio de 2021

    1. Biitii 105

      Schillerhain, a district of Kirchheimbolanden, can actually come up with 3 towers: the water tower, the watch tower and the snail tower; they are all close to each other. You can start a city tour from the 360 m high Wartberg, because KiBo has a lot to offer. Due to the weather, today we went to the 730 hectare city forest, which extends from KiBo to the foot of the Donnersberg.There are an infinite number of different paths and types of paths, including a little incline or decline; a very positive surprise. So it went past FriedWald, through the wilderness on a "path" that was probably one in the past, to the so-called pulpit. From there, but also on the way, you could admire the Donnersberg again and again, and from start to finish there was an almost endless mass of thimbles. The Ludwigsbrunnen was unfortunately dry, but we were able to wet our throats at "Da Tino", an Italian restaurant on the sports field, where there is also parking.

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      • 3 de julio de 2021

  8. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    26 de junio de 2021

    A Bonnie24, gisi y 66 más les gusta.
    1. Biitii 105

      My very first Hiwweltour at a sunny 25 ° C and 600 ml of water as food for the march. You learn to ration there.Below the still closed Bismarck Tower, it went straight into the forest, and later there were always shady paths alternating with sunny ones, e.g. in the vineyards - this should not be underestimated.
      Along the entire route there were butterflies and flowers en masse in all colors, that was a real pleasure!
      Because of the many stony paths, I would recommend good shoes. In the meantime, the "mysterious Lemberg" on the Nahe remains my number 1 when it comes to "pre-planned" circular hiking trails.

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      • 26 de junio de 2021

  9. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    30 de mayo de 2021

    A Pedro Carrillo, gisi y 52 más les gusta.
    1. Biitii 105

      My 200th Komoot hike started in the late afternoon and just like yesterday in the Palatinate Forest, clothing would have been superfluous as there were almost no encounters with other people.Hochborn in Rheinhessen is located on the Kloppberg (290 m above sea level), but despite the altitude, almost every house has its own well (formerly "born") due to the abundance of water.There are also finds that indicate an early settlement (1200 BC).It is amazing what the people of Hochborn can do together, because there is a grain trail, barefoot trail, wind power trail plus a tiny forest next to the water house, which can be used as a barefoot trail, fitness trail or for meditation. Everything is kept in miniature but in great shape! Hats off to the 431 residents!Crossed paths: Jakobsweg, BohnErzWeg

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      • 30 de mayo de 2021

  10. Biitii 105 hizo una caminata.

    29 de mayo de 2021

    1. Biitii 105

      🙏 Thoughts 🙏Thank you for letting me find the right path, although at the beginning I could neither use my map nor the planned tour.Thank you that after 9.07 km there was the first bench on which I was allowed to rest.Thank you that many paths bounced or even crackled and of course also for the 7 (seven!) Knight stones, plus the other stones, which gave me similar great pleasure.And finally:Thank you for not getting wet today.✌🏼

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      • 29 de mayo de 2021

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