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Ich bin der Markus, liebe die Natur! Ich bin begeisterter Bergradfahrer, egal ob mit oder ohne Motor, radel und wander gerne.


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  1. Rombea hizo una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    5,82 km
    4,2 km/h
    120 m
    280 m
    A Gerhard 300, Albert Brickl y 77 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      Today I looked again for my drinking bottle (I lost it while cycling on Friday) and unfortunately I couldn't find it. But it wasn't too bad now because I went on a nice little hike through the forest. The rain paused and the sun came out to accompany me. Sure, with better light you can see more. It's great how life in the forest wakes up again with the first rays of sunshine, birds are chirping everywhere and squirrels scurrying through the leaves. It's also nice to experience this route without a mountain, you gain different impressions and have a different view of nature.

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      • Hace 4 días

  2. Rombea salió con la MTB.

    Hace 6 días

    A franco, illywhacker y 100 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      After I picked up my new bike today from my trusted dealer, "Radsport Müller" in Hartmannshof, the part naturally had to be properly tested. So far I've ridden a hardtail with the Brose, now it has become a fully with the new Bosch engine. The part is a lot of fun and is also a bit "sloppy" to drive, because a suspension forgives significantly more mistakes and really convinced me on the first ride. The bike is also very easy to handle for an e-bike, but it also tempts you to drive faster. Conclusion: Tested and found to be good - I'm already looking forward to the next rounds. A water bottle with a magnetic holder is not suitable for fast cross-country drives and jumps and is somewhere on the "Lichtenstein 1000er", so I have to go there again tomorrow.

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      • Hace 6 días

  3. A Armin Allgäu 😊, PasV4R y 96 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      This tour went with a good mix of single trail, field - forest - and bike path to the viewpoints "Hohler Fels" and "Jungfernsprung". First it went over the Fallberg (Hartmannshof) to the Stoamandl - Trail (one cairn stands here next to the other, very nice to look at) and then on to the "Trail through the rocky world". For me this is one of the most beautiful trails in our region, very varied it goes through smaller rocks and past the rock formation Johannesburg, great. The "Hohlen Fels" is then reached via the Arzlohe Trail, which is easy to ride. Great rock, great view, but only recommended during the week. Via the "Steinerne Gaßl" (the trail at the "Steinerne Gaßl" is partly S2 and more suitable for experienced MTB enthusiasts, if necessary you can push a bit) it then goes past the reservoir to the beautiful limestone terraces of Kainsbach. The trail runs a little steeper up to the "Jungfernsprung" lookout point on the Deckersberg, for which you are rewarded with a beautiful view. The way back runs through Happurg (with the nice refreshment stop "Glücksmühle") and over the Lama Trail to Pommelsbrunn. From there you can take the bike path back to the starting point. Again a nice, but also exhausting tour through our area with great viewpoints. Towards the end of the tour you can also refresh yourself with a cool drink 🍹🍺, e.g. in the rubber dinghy or the "Osteria".

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      • 27 de abril de 2021

  4. A Armin Allgäu 😊, Markus y 99 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      This time we went to the area around Hirschau, starting at the parking lot of the amusement park on Monte Kaolino. With the best Sunday weather, this round should be a "sightseeing tour" with a part of the trail, goals included the Rödlasberg with the observation tower, the Kohlbühl and of course the "white mountain". The result is a calm, relaxed tour on which there were some great things to see, plus two small detours through the Hirschau and Elbart pump tracks. It was fun again.

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      • 26 de abril de 2021

  5. A franco, Stephan y 91 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      This very trail-heavy tour has the "Heinz Walter Trail", an approximately 13km long path in the area of the Norissteig, as a framework. On flowing trails you pass great highlights of the region without major difficulties, e.g. the Dürrnberg caves, the Mittelbergwand, the Noristörl and the Osterloch. A detour there is definitely worth it. The historical oak, the Pingenfeld of Deinsdorf and the Oedmühle are also worth seeing on this tour. Those who want to climb can also climb the Neutras rock and enjoy the view from there. All in all, a really nice round with great sights and great views over the beautiful area around the villages of Neutras and Bürtel. Those who like trails of various difficulties will get their money's worth here. Information about the namesake Heinz Walter: The Heinz-Walter-Weg was laid out as a "memorial" for the longtime mountain rescue worker. Two memorial plaques also commemorate him and his more than 50 years of active mountain rescue life. Until his death in 2007 he was the regional manager of the Franconian Jura, he has a large share in today's high standard and reputation of the Bavarian mountain rescue service. A nice place to stop for a break is, for example, in the café and restaurant "Zum Res`n" in Neutras. Nice beer garden, good cuisine with nice service at fair prices. Opening times Thursday and Friday from 1.30 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 11.00 a.m. At the end of the tour you can of course also visit the beer garden at the inn "Zum Bavarian Johann".

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      • 23 de abril de 2021

  6. Rombea hizo una Ruta.

    22 de abril de 2021

    A Rolling Rudi, Markus ✌️ y 64 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      Today after the physio we went again to fitness walking in the local recreation area "Obere Wagensass". Nice round, first "walk" and then something for the muscles. Finally sun again, finally out again.

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      • 22 de abril de 2021

  7. A A.M.O., Albert Brickl y 88 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      Today I had work to do in the area around Waldmünchen and I took the chance right away and looked at the Gibacht circular hiking trail. I had seen the circular hiking trail in a hiking Facebook group and had been on the list for several weeks. Today it worked, even if it wasn't so sunny, so my colleagues packed up and off we went. The result is a great hike with some sights, viewpoints and interesting places to go. The Gibacht, I didn't know that beforehand, is a real border mountain. The mountain forms the border between Bavaria - Bohemia, Germany - Czech Republic, Upper Palatinate - Lower Bavaria, the "Upper Palatinate Forest" - "Bavarian Forest" and the "Bohemian Forest". The approximately 5 km long circular hiking trail runs over the entire mountain range from 845 m to 938 m, the starting point is at the hiking car park of the Gibacht mountain inn. The path offers great views when the weather is nice, and with the slight difference in altitude of around 100 m, it is also quite pleasant to walk on, making it family-friendly and also suitable for children.

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      • 20 de abril de 2021

    1. Rombea

      Today we went back home with the mountain bike in great spring weather. After the 3 NSG valleys, Schottenloch near Heldmannsberg, Rinntal near Alfeld and Molsberger Tal near Förrenbach, we went to the lookout point on the Vogelfels. Thanks Carmen and Tim Frank for the tip. Then we went home via the chapel ruin "Zum heiligen Baum" in Arzlohe. Varied, easy to drive, easy tour with a relatively low proportion of single trails, so to be driven by "every man / woman".

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      • 11 de abril de 2021

  8. A Rolling Rudi, Gevge y 84 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      Today I hiked the “Blauer Pfeil” hiking trail around the Johannisberg and Hirmerberg, at least I tried. The path established by the Freudenberg Heritage and Culture Association was only presented in November, and now it is history again. I saw the circular route in a FB hiking group and on some hiking apps, so of course I wanted to take a look at it. The description sounded good: A great new hiking trail! The “Blue Arrow”, via Jägersteige to the Keltenwall, to Kohlenmeilerplatten and old streets. Past the 3 crosses, under the ski lift and past the death boards and Marterl. Always follow the blue arrows! As it turned out, the markings no longer exist, with a few exceptions, and so it was probably that with the circular hiking trail. The markings were applied (according to the locals) by the Heimatverein without application and "approval" and were removed by the Bavarian State Forests. Typically "German", nothing works without a38 pass!

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      • 10 de abril de 2021

  9. Rombea y Bea👣on👣Tour hicieron una caminata.

    4 de abril de 2021

    A Ge⚽️rg, Markus ✌️ y 91 más les gusta.
    1. Rombea

      Today again a little round with the girls through our beautiful area with the goal of climbing rock "Alter Fritz". Enjoy the wonderful weather again before it gets rainy again. A "Happy Easter" to you all and stay healthy.

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      • 4 de abril de 2021

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