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Ich bin gerne draußen an der frischen Luft - am liebsten in der Natur fernab jeglicher Autostraßen oder sonstiger künstlicher Lärmquellen. Ab und zu begleitet mich meine Frau. Das sind die besten Momente! Stadtgeschichte und Stadtplanung begeistern mich, insbesondere die Entwicklung der jeweiligen Infrastruktur. Außerhalb der Städte versuche ich, alte Bahnlinien oder die Geschichte der jeweiligen Wege und Gegenden zu erkunden. Und natürlich Natur und Ruhe genießen!Das Urheberrecht © für alle von mir hier im Rahmen der Tourendokumentation oder zu Highlights geposteten Fotos und Texten behalte ich mir ausdrücklich vor, eine Verwendung außerhalb von Komoot.de bedarf meiner schriftlichen Zustimmung.Bei Komoot seit 28. September 2018


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  1. Scout Jens y Ina hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 3 días

    15,5 km
    4,0 km/h
    250 m
    260 m
    A Ina, Scout Jens y 114 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      Ina wanted a sequel after the wonderful tour last week. So I sat there for a long time and went through different tours. I've rescheduled some of them. Because of the weather forecast I ended up at the Enzschleifen. Not too sunny, not too much rain. That struck me as ideal for this area with no forest. Several versions were planned, then I had something presentable with a manageable length for us connoisseurs of the details and without too many vertical meters.In order not to have to become hectic, we got up at 6.30 a.m. and then weren't too late at Vaihingen an der Enz train station.
      From there it went differently than planned over a meadow path to the concentration camp cemetery, which I now had to describe as a highlight for hiking.
      We walk through the open field past the quarry, where we can observe a brown hare, kites and other birds through binoculars.
      We save the section on the main road and take a detour past Illingen. We are fascinated by an old farm. Calves and pigs are kept there as they were before the industrialization of agriculture. A construction sign makes me fear that it will soon be over here too.
      We've been on the road for some time, so I'm preparing Ina for an outlook that can lead to serious heart damage in the case of weak nerves. At least that's how I explain it, because I'm really excited and full of anticipation.
      Then we stand above the Enzschleife with the steep vineyards and rock gardens. It's breathtaking there! We enjoy the wide view and look at the details. Dry stone walls with all kinds of life and beautiful flowers. Cloud fields and sun alternate and illuminate the scene again and again. A dream of a landscape!At some point, however, we still pass the castle in Mülheim and the next highlight, as expected, is the NSG Kammertenberg, where we sit on a bench on a dry lawn under pine trees with a beautiful view of the meandering Enz before meadows in various shades of green take another rest.
      Through a green tunnel with strawberry and lily of the valley flowers we go down to Enz, where we have to rest again on the stone blocks there. It's just too good to go straight ahead.
      A beautiful church awaits us in Lormersheim, which is unfortunately closed. Large half-timbered houses and the history of an old steel arch bridge are explored. I will then get new energy at Burgstumpen Lomersheim. The Eppinger-Linien-Weg runs from there on our route to Löffelstelz Castle. The economy there has been waiting for a new start after extensive renovation for a long time. Keep up! It must be possible soon, we think.We follow the Eppinger-Linien-Weg which leads us past the beautifully renovated fruit house and wine press built by Maulbronn Monastery in 1596. Since we still have a little time before a "good" train leaves, there is still a coffee that is taken on the Enz in the grounds of the 2015 garden show.We continue to the train station through an exchangeable shopping street. The station convinces with historical buildings and a punctually departing train that brings us quickly to Durlach, from where it is a stone's throw home.A hike that expands your horizons, which does not replace a vacation in distant countries, but has softened the longing for long journeys. Large cinema in the vicinity of Karlsuhe, which can be reached by public transport.The weather was kind to us. Thank you sun / God / Yahweh 🙂

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  2. Scout Jens hizo una caminata.

    Hace 5 días

    18,0 km
    4,1 km/h
    60 m
    60 m
    A Scout Jens, Kathrin y 97 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      Actually, I just wanted to get tested so that I can keep my hairdressing appointment tomorrow. After almost 600 meters, the tour was almost over. For the ASB, a public holiday is apparently no equivalent to Sunday. In any case, the test center was closed. Undecided, I looked at the Gottesauer Castle from a rare perspective and then researched on a quiet bench. The measuring station should also have a test station. Well, I'm over there. There I first had to download an app, enter all of my data and then it went on.
      I'm still undecided about the former haulage company and my favorite underpass on the old embankment. There was a chair wide for me, where I received the positive result (negative!).
      I wanted to walk a few more meters. So through the city park to the war road tunnel. Unfortunately, I didn't buy a property there. The gain in value must be exorbitant. Instead of the B10, now green light rail tracks with a view of the Baden State Theater, which is currently being expanded.
      The onset of rain wanted to end the round. So I went to the Konzerthaus stop. There, however, a wonderful flowerbed and a table made me think differently. The city garden ... I still got a test result ... So I downloaded an app (again entered a lot of personal data) and bought a card. There were only a little over 200 available 🤓
      It was still raining. But I wanted to use the option that was now open to me. I knew that was nonsense. But it doesn't matter.
      The exotic house was closed. I wanted to warm up and dry myself there. So a beer ToGo and placed under the chess courts. Enjoy freedom. 🙄
      Then it stopped raining. The sun came out. The light and the wet nature of the garden made me go pretty much every path in the city garden. The garden has a history that is almost as old as Karlsruhe is young.
      I've never been to the Lauterberg, nor did I know the name to this day. The view from there gave me a whole new perspective on Karlsruhe. And that after 29 years of living in the city.
      Further sensations in the great light were the Kriegststraße, the natural history museum from behind, the central directorate of the state railways, the knowledge gate (to BLB), a fountain by Wachter (creator of the Baden-Baden motorway church), some buildings by Weinbrenner with a newly designed market square Dörfle, the bridge restaurant and St. Bernhardus.So, quite unexpectedly, the day passed with miracles in a city that is actually known as thoroughly. The discoveries not mentioned are shown in the photos, some of which are labeled.————————
      Placeholder post:
      A long story about this incredible tour could be here.Let's see 😁

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  3. Scout Jens hizo una caminata.

    Hace 7 días

    A Kauai, Scout Jens y 93 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      In addition to the pandemic and the extensive mask requirement, the inner city of Freising has the handicap that large parts of the pedestrian zone and the Domberg are construction sites. The many old buildings and the long history of the city are definitely exciting. Today I wasn't so excited about it. The often branched Moosach, on the other hand, spoke to me and led me to the “Klosterberg”. I call it that because the old monastery stood there until the secularization of 1803. Today better known for the oldest brewery in the world.
      The upper snake path led me there (I had worked on MonacoTrail according to my planning and that was a good idea). The path leads along the slope through a forest. It was nice and quiet; only the birds gave me a concert.
      The monastery-brewery-university complex with the nested buildings, the gardens, the views of the surrounding area and many old trees is exactly my thing.
      The section along the Mühlenanger Canal through wide meadows with a view of the Klosterberg was really great and mood-enhancing. So, despite the late hour, I went to the Isar to look a little into the rushing water.

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      • Hace 7 días

  4. Scout Jens y Ina hicieron una caminata.

    8 de mayo de 2021

    A Ina, Scout Jens y 109 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      A round through great forest with some game sightings and over beautiful meadows with a wonderful view. Right at the beginning you can also ascend over the Hasenklamm. That seemed too steep to me for a leisurely round. The seepage spring with the wooden walkway is a natural gem. The old beech forest on the Wattkopf is also very remarkable.The 500 meter long section between the empire oak and the water reservoir was not brilliant, it was just beautiful. I have received great praise from my otherwise rather reserved Ina for my planning, which contains elements from Kauai, Chipmunk, Joachim, Petra and Andi.

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      • 8 de mayo de 2021

  5. Scout Jens hizo una caminata.

    5 de mayo de 2021

    A Scout Jens, Jens y 93 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      I know this area so well that I was able to take a nice lap after work without planning.
      The fish pond is a totally quiet place when - like today - no other people are there. You can also see on the map that it is the place there that is the furthest distance from all busy roads. You can hear it there: birds.
      The beginning of the interception ditch is one of my favorite places in no man's land and again the place for my Vespers.
      Along the Hüllgraben to the Pferdeland, the trail was without exception on unpaved paths that riders like to use. But they weren't on the road today either.
      I am more and more surprised that this area is not totally overcrowded. You can go for a wonderful walk there near Munich.

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      • 5 de mayo de 2021

  6. Scout Jens dio un paseo en bici.

    1 de mayo de 2021

    A Michael, Ojah y 192 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      Ich wollte schon lange mal mit der Bahn nach Stuttgart, um dort eine Tour mit dem Fahrrad zu starten. Bei der Planung hatte ich viele schöne Touren von Euch im Hinterkopf. Namentlich erwähnen kann ich nur Tom, der mich auf den Fahrradweg auf einer ehemaligen Nebenlinie der Bahn durch Vaihingen aufmerksam gemacht hat. Und vor Kurzem ist Nicolet bei einer Wanderung am Enztalviadukt vorbeigekommen, den ich auch unbedingt mal von unten sehen wollte.
      Die hier gefahrene Variante ist in vielen Planungsdurchläufen entstanden. So habe ich die zu überwindenden Höhenmeter optimiert und alle Highlights in Komoot berücksichtigt, damit ich keine Sensationen verpasse.
      Ich starte um 8 Uhr 30 auf dem Hauptbahnhof in Stuttgart und bin gleich mitten in der Baustelle zum Großprojekt „Stuttgart 21“ (S21). Noch einige Zeit wird man hier jede Woche ein anderes Bild erhalten und man kann gespannt sein auf das Ergebnis. Dem Vogelvieh ist das eher gleichgültig und ich werde von einer ganzen Familie erwartungsvoll begrüßt.
      Den unteren Schlossgarten durchquere ich auf einer langen, alten Platanenallee bis zum Schloss Rosenstein, das heute eine Nebenstelle des Naturkundemuseums beherbergt. Von dort habe ich einen ersten Blick von oben auf den Neckar mit den vielen Brücken, von denen mir die neue Eisenbahnbrücke zu S21 sofort ins Auge sticht.
      An den vermutlich wegen der Großbaustelle stillgelegten Zapfstellen der berühmten Thermalquellen vorbei gelange ich über die König-Karls-Brücke. In der weitläufigen Unterführung unter der Brücke staune ich über die ganz offensichtlich rege Aktivität der Sprayer dort. Die Flächen dort sind dafür freigegeben und das wird rege genutzt. Mir gefällt nicht jedes Graffito aber insgesamt wird der sonst hässliche urbane Platz immens aufgewertet.
      Viele Eindrücke weiter, von denen ich ein paar auf Fotos festgehalten habe, gönne ich mir an der Tankstelle hinter dem Kohlekraftwerk mit dem tollen Kranbagger einen Kaffee ToGo. Dann geht es über den Münstersteg wieder über den Neckar. Das hin und her an den Ufern habe ich genau so geplant, um möglichst immer auf der zum Radfahren schönere Uferseite zu sein, weil ich Brücken mag und wegen dem Blick auf das Wasser. Schon hier stelle ich fest, dass das eine gute Idee war.
      Auf einer heute für den Autoverkehr gesperrten Straße geht es vorbei an imposanten Weinbergterrassen und an einem weitläufigen Park. Der Max-Eyth-Steg wird nicht überquert, gefällt mir wegen der Konstruktion aber ausnehmend gut. Im Volksmund wird er wohl „Golden-Gattle“ genannt.
      Bis zur „Fellbacher Landungsbrücke“ halte ich wieder nur ein paar der vielen auf mich einprasselnden Eindrücke fest. Dort aber mache ich wieder einen längeren Stopp, um mir die Hintergründe zu dem Kunstwerk durchzulesen. So erfahre ich auch, dass hier am Neckar ein längerer Abschnitt seit einiger Zeit zum Landschaftspark Neckar entwickelt wird. Die planungsrechtlichen Schwierigkeiten dabei erschließen sich dem Laien vermutlich nicht. Das Problem ist, dass der Neckar eine Bundeswasserstraße ist und die jeweiligen Gemeinden erstmal kein Mitspracherecht an der Ausgestaltung der Ufer haben. Wie man aber sehen kann, wurden viele sinnvolle Kompromisse gefunden. Das Thema begleitet mich nun bis nach Ludwigsburg.
      Eine Schleuse weiter erreiche ich das Remseck, welches für die Landesgartenschau 2019 aufwendig umgestaltet wurde. Die mit Glasplattendächern ausgestatteten Holzbrücken, der Strand (an dem nicht gebadet werden darf), der sensationell gelegene Biergarten (natürlich geschlossen), der Spaziersteg auf der Rems und vieles mehr hält mich hier länger fest. Ich kann gut verstehen, dass der Ort von vielen Menschen als Ausflugsziel genutzt wird. Das merke ich später auch bei der Bearbeitung der Tour. Haufenweise Highlights mit zum Teil gleichem Thema zeigen die immer gleichen Bilder. Ich habe mich vorerst für das am meisten Beachtete entschieden. Es trägt auch den passenden Namen: „Remseck“.Ein leichter Regen beginnt und ich schaue auf meinen Regenradar, um den Zeitpunkt nicht zu verpassen, die Regenhose überzustreifen. Dass das bis zum Ende meines Ausfluges nicht notwendig wird, empfinde ich als großes Glück.
      Inzwischen bin ich am Neckarbiotop Zugwiesen angekommen. Dort parke ich mein Fahrrad und mache den kurzen Abstecher zum Aussichtsturm zu Fuß. Auf dem Turm ist mir zu viel los, aber ich gewinne auch so einen Eindruck von dem einzigartigen Biotop. Wer sich in die Hintergründe einliest wird mir zustimmen, dass hier die Politik eine sinnvolle Lösung gefunden hat für die verschiedenen Probleme zu Wasserstraße, Landwirtschaft, Natur, Verkehr und Naherholung. Mein Respekt und Dank an alle Beteiligten!
      Durch Erkundungen wie hier am Neckarbiotop und wegen der vielen weiteren Eindrücke komme ich nur langsam voran und ich bin froh, dass ich relativ früh gestartet bin. Wie so oft steht der sportliche Aspekt nicht an erster Stelle. Ich will die mir noch unbekannte Gegend kennenlernen und begreifen.
      So nehme ich mir nach dem Aufstieg vom Neckar hoch nach Ludwigsburg auch Zeit für einen weiteren Kaffee mit leckerem Rhabarberkuchen beim Café Luckscheiter, das sich in dem ehemaligen Wachhaus einer umgewidmeten Kaserne befindet.
      Weiter fahre ich in großem Bogen durch Ludwigsburg, da ich die Königsallee komplett durchfahren will bis zum Schloss. Dort schaue ich mich um und gewinne einen ersten Eindruck. Ich stelle fest, dass man in Ludwigsburg viele schöne Entdeckungstouren zu Fuß unternehmen kann. Weitläufige Parks, viele Baudenkmäler und nicht zuletzt die 23 unter Naturschutz stehenden alten Alleen faszinieren mich schon vom Rad aus auf meinem Weg zum „Monrepos“.
      Wunderbar finde ich dann den Enztalviaduckt, über den ich schon einige Male mit der Eisenbahn gefahren bin. Endlich sehe ich ihn von unten und die Wobachfelsen aus der Nähe. Auch hier kann man viele Entdeckungstouren unternehmen. Heute aber ist das nicht geplant und der leichte Regen in Verbindung mit einigen Ausflüglern in Feiertags-Feierlaune lassen mich weiterziehen an der Enz, der ich nun bis nach Vaihingen folge.
      Von den vielen Stopps sei noch die Rommelmühle erwähnt. Neben diesem industriegeschichtlichen Bauwerk entdecke ich historische Mauerreste, die auf ein altes Klostergut hinweisen, dass heute vermutlich komplett verschwunden ist. Auch dieser Ort ist eine genauere Erkundung zu Fuß wert.
      Und genau das Gleiche muss ich über Oberriexingen denken. Diesen Ort streife ich auf dem Enztalradweg, der mich an einem Bauernhof mit Ursprüngen in der Römerzeit zum neuen Eisenbahnviadukt bei Vaihingen führt. Der Bauingenieur in mir findet diesen dem vorher Gesehenen unbedingt gleichwertig.
      Es folgt der mir größte bekannte Gewächshauskomplex außerhalb der Niederlande. So langsam bin ich voll mit Eindrücken. Mein Körper ist auch schon zufrieden mit der Länge der Tour. Aber beim Erreichen der Reste der ehemaligen Nebenlinie der Bahn nach Enzweihingen (übrigens noch ein Ort, der eine genauere Erkundung lohnt), strömt Adrenalin durch meine Blutbahnen und so bin ich weitere Stunden auf Erkundungstour: Neuer Radweg, eine alte Gruhe und der Themenkomplex KZ Vaihingen/Enz. Dort werde ich auf jeden Fall bald wieder sein, deshalb endet mein Bericht hier.
      Platzhalterpost zur Veröffentlichung der Tour am 02.05.2021, 4 Uhr:
      Eine kurze Beschreibung der Tour, die mich fast komplett durch mir unbekannte Gegenden geführt hat, folgt vielleicht noch.
      Mit Fahrt war ich fast 12 Stunden unterwegs. Dann bin ich 8 Stunden alle Highlights auf der Strecke systematisch durchgegangen und mich noch von einigen Fotos getrennt.
      Nicolet: Der Enzviadukt
      Tom: Die alte Nebenlinie in Vaihingen
      Alle: Gute Nacht

      • 2 de mayo de 2021

  7. Scout Jens y Ina hicieron una caminata.

    24 de abril de 2021

    A Scout Jens, Ina y 90 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      I have saved over 200 planned tours. A good 10 of them depict a walk near Karlsruhe. Ultimately, however, following a tip from Ina, I planned a completely different tour, adapted to today's needs: A tour around the Knielinger See (with NSG Altrhein Maxau and Burgau).
      The area is part of the Rheinpark, which one encounters time and again with information boards there in the region, also across borders (Baden, Palatinate and Alsace).
      As I read on the older signs today, everything that is promised there has actually been implemented. The Maxau S-Bahn station was part of the plan, as was the development of the Hofgut of the same name. The renovation of the Knielinger See with NSG has also been completed for some time. The result is impressive!I can highly recommend the tour, also because of the opportunity to buy all kinds of goodies at the Hofgut. Orchards, pastures, fields, alluvial forest, the harbor, the lake and of course the Rhine. This provides plenty of variety and can also be easily expanded. Further paths in the NSG Burgau and also in the harbor are available. If you can't get enough, you can also go to the Palatinate side with the NSG Goldgrund and the village of Maximiliansau.

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      • 24 de abril de 2021

  8. Scout Jens hizo una caminata.

    21 de abril de 2021

    1. Scout Jens

      And again, after an appointment, I had to explore a little bit of the Bavarian Forest. While looking for a nice place, I came across the Buchberger Leite. One of the most impressive canyons in Bavaria, according to the Bavarian Forest Nature Park: "Scree-rich streams, steep rocky ridges and unspoilt forests characterize this natural spectacle of water and wilderness".At the start I dutifully let myself be guided by the signs to a parking lot for hikers and did not follow the tip of a local who would have brought me directly to the forest.
      The good signage made me deviate from my original plan right from the start. It should be a little more of the gorge and not a large circle.
      The increase was remarkable: I started on a narrow, paved road. Then gravel forest path, unpaved field path, meadow path, forest path and finally a narrow hiking path over rocks and roots. The gorge is actually as described above and the rain just made everything even more beautiful.
      I really wanted to go through a tunnel, just because it is there and there I was able to understand what the “legendary rocks of the Bavarian Stake” were all about - also because of the information board there. Unfortunately, I couldn't go any further in the gorge. But I only had a few hours and I wanted to see a castle ruin and a chapel.The castle ruins were great. In fact, there are still remains of three large walls. That easily added something big to my imagination. It must have been a bigger castle once.The castle chapel is a few hundred meters away. I thought nothing more than that. Unfortunately it was locked. But I got into conversation with a resident of the farm right next to it when two large dogs drew my attention. He explained to me that the small property with the large chapel is the older castle that is mentioned on the plaque near the first ruin. Parts of the courtyard stand and still consist of the original walls. 13 hundred something "shot down" the man explains to me. I look at him confused and he only points to something like stone balls in his courtyard. So catapults.
      I also learn that the whole area on the mountain was a fortress. In the courtyard there is also the shaft to a large vault, which served as a cistern and half of which is said to have been preserved. But everything in his yard behind fences and guarded by the big dogs. I didn't ask for a viewing. Which kind of annoys me now. 🤔
      Then I went to a dead end because GoogleMaps shows a way there. So I discovered the inlet to the water pipe to the power plant, which I had seen in the gorge below. However, Google invented the approach mentioned. Nevertheless, I fought my way through and the residents of a house watching me there withdrew discreetly and let me do the job. I cannot recommend this so-called off-grid section for imitation and especially for larger groups. For me, it made the adventure complete that afternoon.A little view over the hills in the vicinity, a nice path through the forest and I was back in the gorge.
      There I saw a large canal that comes out of the mountain and carries significantly more water than the actual brook, the Wolfsteiner Ohe. Probably another power plant? The water gushing out next to the stream is ominous. From another, small channel? Why?
      So there is still a lot to work on and research about this exciting piece of earth. And only then can I give a tip or two or even add additional highlights.
      The rain was great, but I like to watch it again in dry weather - with sun if necessary. 😁

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      • 21 de abril de 2021

  9. Scout Jens hizo una caminata.

    18 de abril de 2021

    A Michael, Ein 🐟 namens Wander y 72 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      Today I met the tree in various forms. A new discovery, the tree on the facade at Gerwigbrunnen - that's where I start most of my tours. The tree at the MRI - the last in the series of numbers that describes exponential growth. The trees that grow on the Jewish graves. The nicely branched plane trees in the cemetery (no picture). The chestnut did well towards the end of the walk.After a repeated visit to the main cemetery, which I have now explored to some extent, I felt a little difficult this time. Not because of death itself, but because of the war dead in the First World War with the simple soldiers' graves and the special ones for higher-ranking soldiers. Not new in terms of the matter, but nevertheless very thought-provoking then the Jewish grave of a soldier in the same war who volunteered for the fatherland and died for it."Remember the victims with reverence and loyalty. May holy power and courage to do acts of peace flow from their death." is written on the memorial by the soldiers' graves. Another time. But I take away for myself that one should remember and that reconciliation pays off.Otherwise I have discovered new things, paths, etc. in my immediate vicinity again and again. And that's not just due to the construction sites. So I'm going to change a few things at OpenStreetMap. Such as the backyard, in which, according to the map, I suspected a path through gardens.

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      • 18 de abril de 2021

  10. Scout Jens hizo una caminata.

    17 de abril de 2021

    A F71, Dosch y 82 más les gusta.
    1. Scout Jens

      The cherry trees are even in bloom behind the new tax office on the site of the former Wolff & Sohn perfumery factory. More impressive, of course, are the older trees near Gottesauer Castle. But those on the Esplanade in the Citypark are also making an effort.In the south-east of the city, which some people call the “Emanzenviertel” because of the street names, I also looked around again. When it came to finding a name for the streets in the new part of town, the aim was to compensate for the many male names for Karlsruhe streets.
      I then examined the status of the soil renovation and the underpass to the railway site. And I went up there on the old embankment. However, it does not look good for my wish to reintegrate the underpass into the road network. Well, let's see.
      The weather was pleasant and I had time. So I'm back to the main cemetery. I don't know my way around that well yet. I really enjoyed the last walk with Ina there and again I saw new things. Is it also because of the facility that death doesn't feel oppressive there?It went back over the Humboldtstrasse with the indicated industrial track. I had already forgotten the photos of the railway there and happened to see them today in daylight. By the way, because I avoided the family with the playing child (distance and such).

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      • 17 de abril de 2021

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