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Party pacing gravelista, bikepacker, photographer & general creative person living at the Veluwe, Netherlands.> Komoot ambassador 💚
> Shimano Gravel Alliance member, riding multiple awesome gravel events in 2020 & 2021 🤎
> Cannondale & Schwalbe ambassador
> Brain behind the GREEN DIVIDE
> Photographer for Mantel.com, Shimano, Wielrenblad & others 📸
Follow my bikepacking and gravel adventures via Instagram, GravelUnion.cc and here on Komoot 🔍


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588:08 h

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  1. erwinsikkens_com y 3 más salieron con la bici de gravel.

    11 de julio de 2021

    24,5 km
    14,1 km/h
    570 m
    580 m
    A Sébastien, Alfred Bollen 🍀 y 39 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      On Sunday, the Where The Streets Have No Name Alpine edition hangover ride was scheduled, although it was also simply referred to as the coffee ride.Contrary to the official tour on Saturday, the ride started with a smaller group without a start climb. In fact, within a good kilometer we were able to descend into the valley on a gravel road from our start at Mountainhotel Saint Roch in Puy-Saint-Vincent. After crossing the highway, the gravel road quickly turned into a single track, which in my opinion only made the descent even more fun.At the bottom of the valley we went - entirely according to my philosophy - party pacing towards the northwest, further into the valley. Soon we had a view of the beautiful glacier further down the valley and we drove for miles along the rippling mountain river, backed by beautiful views of the surrounding peaks.Somewhere on the way back, local Simon found the opportunity to take a sketchy singletrack high above the river back towards the village, which was mountain bike to say the least. He and I didn't get to know us, however, and turned up on the trail, where the rest picked their money's worth and drove the last stretch on the other side of the river on gravel.In the village of Les Chambonnettes we visited the local bakery. There was no coffee to be found on this coffee ride, but the cold cola with treat tasted just as good or even better and turned out to be fine fodder for the friendly asphalt climb back to Puy-Saint-Vincent.The WTHSNN Alps weekend was more than successful and an absolute must to plan in 2022!

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      • 15 de julio de 2021

  2. erwinsikkens_com y 4 más salieron con la bici de gravel.

    10 de julio de 2021

    63,8 km
    13,9 km/h
    1.970 m
    1.990 m
    A Mark ten Napel, Simon Rosmolen y 55 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      Normally from Buiten de Kuil in Lage Vuursche, but this time from Puy-Saint-Vincent in the beautiful French Alps, this first 'Where The Streets Have No Name' Alpine edition!The day started after a good breakfast at Mountainhotel Saint Roch with an equally steep climb. With a compact but friendly group of gravel enthusiasts we worked our way up with cold legs towards the partly unpaved Col de la Pousterle. A solid but wonderful warming up, after which a rough gravel descent brought us back to a lower point.The second climb of the day took us back up through 11 unpaved kilometers around the same mountain top we were almost all the way up earlier. A long but beautiful climb later, we find ourselves at the top in a beautiful flowery Alpine meadow with an even more magnificent view. The group waited for each other and not much later we sit together at a delicious and extensive lunch in Refuge de la Pousterle.The unpaved descent that follows is one of the most beautiful you can imagine. An Alpine descent at its best, but then with a gravel bike on a deserted gravel road. Through the valley and along wildly flowing rivers we then make our way back towards the final final climb... a steep mountain bike climb in time... because, WTHSNN ;-) Part cycling, part walking we all find our way up, where finally at the Mountainhotel the organization is waiting for us with a delicious isotonic beer and matching burger.The Alpine landscape may be very different from Buiten de Kuil... but some things never change at WTSHNN! A solid pot of Jeux de Boules was played in lycra and the beer was still flowing ;-)WTSHNN Monkeys had a very successful first edition!

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      • 11 de julio de 2021

  3. erwinsikkens_com y William van der Staaij salieron con la bici de gravel.

    9 de julio de 2021

    80,0 km
    14,8 km/h
    2.410 m
    2.390 m
    A Tommi, Thomas Hurkmans🍁 y 43 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      Especially for True Grit's WTSHNN Alpine grave event, I went to the French Alps with William.On the first day after arrival, we immediately went exploring. With Komoot I went on 'nice trails hunting' and soon discovered an old fortress on top of a mountain just outside Briançon among the local highlights... Fort Infernet, which we renamed Fort Internet... A gravel conquest to the best WiFi in the region!The tour took us through many quiet asphalt and gravel roads through the valley towards Briançon, where the climbing already started in the city with solid gradients! The light GRX gear on my Cannondale Topstone gravel bike often came in handy here (and later in the climb).After climbing past several old defensive fortresses above the city, we soon found ourselves on the flanks of the steep mountain, with nothing but stony gravel paths to take us to the top.
      The climb was hot and fantastic. Always steep, but with beautiful views.
      Towards the top we found ourselves increasingly on stony paths, partly due to crushed stone from the past. Some hike-a-bikes were inevitable here, but all part of the adventure. The fortress itself was everything we hoped for - and more. A beautiful crown on an 11 km long steep gravel climb, with 360 degree views all around from the top. Unfortunately we did not find WiFi in Fort Internet ;-)After some rolling at altitude, we descended unpaved back at the back of the mountain towards Briançon, from where we made our way back to the hotel after a stop at the local boulangerie.A wonderful and memorable day on the gravel bike... and a wonderful warming up for the official WTSHNN Alps event!

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      • 11 de julio de 2021

  4. erwinsikkens_com salió con la bici de gravel.

    27 de junio de 2021

    139 km
    20,3 km/h
    1.520 m
    1.560 m
    A Alfred Bollen 🍀, Ineke y 55 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      Le Fabuleux is a small-scale two-day bikepacking / gravel event in Belgium by the organizers of Smugglers' Path and #Gravelride13.During the second day of this second edition we drove back to the start of the day before, starting in Sy in the Ardennes. Finish in Ham in Flemish Limburg.
      The day had the same character as day 1, but via different roads and paths. The center of gravity of the route was also different this day, with a tough climbing course directly from the start. Climbing, interspersed with mountain bike-esque descents (which my Cannondale Topstone Lefty handled perfectly, by the way) marked the first hours of the day.
      From the Voer region and Limburg the landscape started to take on more friendly forms and after the lunch break and coffee break in Maastricht, we would mainly cycle narrow local forest and field paths. 'Should', because not long after we crossed the Belgian border back to Maastricht, a rain shower broke open above our heads that can safely be categorized as a storm. The heavy rain soon turned into floods and not long after, everything was wet through and through. Paths became impassable and the shower moved precisely with us and the route. It was here that we decided we'd enjoyed our route enough that a short cut wouldn't detract from our experience.After about 40 paved kilometers through Flemish villages, cities and landscapes, we reported back to the starting point of the day before. A warm shower and Mathieu van der Poel who won the yellow jersey on the Mur de Bretagne in the Tour de France were waiting for us.All's well that ends well. Le Fabuleux is a beautiful tour and a must for everyone in 2022. But be quick, because they keep it small ;-)Footnote: The ride has been put together with great care by the organizers. Take inspiration from it, but please do not copy this route. Enthusiastic? Keep an eye on the Instagram page of Le Fabuleux for the next edition!

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      • 1 de julio de 2021

  5. erwinsikkens_com salió con la bici de gravel.

    26 de junio de 2021

    171 km
    21,2 km/h
    1.580 m
    1.520 m
    A Alfred Bollen 🍀, Ineke y 40 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      Le Fabuleux is a small-scale two-day bikepacking / gravel event in Belgium by the organizers of Smugglers' Path and #Gravelride13.During the first day of this second edition we drove from Flemish Limburg ham to Sy Walloon. A long mostly unpaved ride full of beautiful gravel roads, local trails, mountain bike trails, climbs and descents. Most local, small and great found. The passages of a city like Liège and even a disused highway gave the ride enormous character!After having already camped at the start in Ham on Friday, we slept with about 50 participants at a campsite in Sy, where we enjoyed a beer and good food by the fire at the end of a beautiful - but hard - ride .Footnote: The ride has been put together with great care by the organizers. Take inspiration from it, but please do not copy this route. Enthusiastic? Keep an eye on the Instagram page of Le Fabuleux for the next edition!

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      • 1 de julio de 2021

  6. erwinsikkens_com y Dutch Divide Series salieron con la bici de gravel.

    5 de junio de 2021

    297 km
    8,4 km/h
    1.200 m
    1.210 m
    A Michiel Blokker, Hanneke Brouwer y 105 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      GREEN DIVIDE by Erwin Sikkens
      300 KM of nature in line over the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Veluwe.
      I created him... and became his first finisher! :-)
      With this my 'GREEN DIVIDE patch' is in the pocket. No. 1 of the 50 is gone... in fact... Bas Rotgans drove the entire GREEN DIVIDE the next day as 2nd person and thus earned patch no. 2....
      Curious about this route and that patch? Then read on!
      * What is the GREEN DIVIDE?
      The GREEN DIVIDE is the longest and most beautiful unpaved natural traverse in the Netherlands. What started years ago as an idea to cycle unpaved from Arnhem to Zwolle, has now grown into this 300KM long super route. The route mainly consists of double track forest paths and gravel paths, interspersed with concrete paths and a few roads where there is no other option. The GREEN DIVIDE is therefore the perfect gravel bike and bikepacking trip in line over the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Veluwe.
      * Game rules and tips
      Above all, the GREEN DIVIDE is not a race! The route uses open paths in nature, which you share with walkers and other cyclists. When cycling this route, respect the rules of conduct of the gravel code. See gravelcode.nl
      Rules in the forest change regularly. Therefore, always read the signs of nature managers and adhere to the applicable rules.
      There are also a number of practical things to keep in mind:
      - You are not allowed to cycle or stay in nature at night. Not even on official bike paths. So plan your trip well in advance.
      - Be mindful of water. You regularly cycle past villages on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, but you come across them less regularly on the Veluwe. Places like the Woeste Hoeve or the snack bar near Assel are perfect places for a stopover to refill your water bottles.
      - Parts of Kroondomein het Loo in this route are closed to the public between 15 September and 24 December.
      - A Natuurmonumenten MTB permit is required for a small part of the route. Make sure you have these with you while driving and if necessary order them online:
      * 300 KM too long?
      Drive the route in several days or drive one of the other routes from the GREEN DIVIDE collection, such as the HEUVELRUG DIVIDE or the VELUWE DIVIDE.
      * Social Media
      Do you ride the GREEN DIVIDE or one of the other routes from the GREEN DIVIDE collection? Share your adventures with me! Here on Komoot, but also via Instagram
      *GREEN DIVDE Patch
      Komoot has made a special patch available for the first 50 finishers. For this you have to drive the route in 1 or more consecutive closed days.
      The first 2 patches have now been released... 48 pieces left (*written in June 2021).
      Drive the route and earn this collector's item for your bag, cap or blouse!

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      • 9 de junio de 2021

  7. erwinsikkens_com salió con la bici de carretera.

    29 de mayo de 2021

    143 km
    27,4 km/h
    980 m
    1.020 m
    A Luc, oele2dutch y 60 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      A wonderful Rapha RCC Veluwe transfer ride in the (finally) warm spring sun!For Rapha Amsterdam I drew the route for the day and together with RCC Coordinator Vincent I invited the Amsterdam RCC to come and cycle for a day in the beautiful Veluwe.The ride had been planned for some time, but suddenly coincided very nicely with the late arrival of spring and the release of group rides by the government. The consequence? A wonderful day on the bike under a scorching sun and after a delicious post-ride beer + bitterballen.A ride that almost felt like 'normal' again and made me realize how we should actually squeeze our hands with these simple things in life.Thanks to all RCC members present!

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      • 30 de mayo de 2021

  8. erwinsikkens_com salió con la bici de gravel.

    28 de mayo de 2021

    72,1 km
    23,5 km/h
    590 m
    600 m
    A Martin Ganser, Bert B. y 46 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      I met Sven from Cannondale and armed with our two Topstone gravel bikes (one normal, one Lefty) we drove from the parking lot at the Deelerwoud towards Loenermark. Two cool bikes and two well-groomed Rapha men. To put through a ring ;-)Our approach was to play around outside with our bikes, freestyle and see where we would end up. The route therefore has some strange crossings, but in practice it was great for cycling! I also discovered again a number of trails that I had never cycled before ... Proof to everyone that an ugly route on paper can still mean a great day on the bike ;-)

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      • 28 de mayo de 2021

  9. erwinsikkens_com planificó una salida en bici de carretera.

    25 de mayo de 2021

    A Hans le gusta esto.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      Rapha RCC Transfer Veluwe 2021.If you come to Arnhem by train, here is the route from Arnhem Central to the start at the Mountainbike Museum.Can you kick your cold legs nice and warm on the Zijpendaalseweg climb ;-)

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      • 25 de mayo de 2021

  10. erwinsikkens_com y 2 más salieron con la bici de gravel.

    15 de mayo de 2021

    85,2 km
    17,4 km/h
    1.280 m
    1.290 m
    A Bram de Beurs, Tim Spijkerboer y 107 más les gusta.
    1. erwinsikkens_com

      Just like many people go to the Veluwe for the beautiful gravel cycling ... someone who lives on the Veluwe sometimes likes to go to other beautiful places to walk his gravel bike.My (re) discovery of the South Limburg gravel sky recently asked for yet another exploration, this time with good friends Bram and Bas (Detour Studio).The result? A beautiful gravel ride through the hills, with enough variety in character as well as climbing and high plains without too much climbing. Two to three mountain bike-esque climbs provide an extra satisfied feeling + underline that a gravel bike gets most MTB work done in the Netherlands and is really a Swiss army knife. Musti's kebab at Maastricht station was a legendary good end to a wonderful day of rolling over grit.

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      • 16 de mayo de 2021

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