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    1. Franz

      At the Igelshof hiking car park, I make my way towards "An der Realschule". The path leads uphill into the forest. At a crossroads, turn right onto the HÖHENPFAD, which runs along the slope above the Sieg. You follow the natural path uphill and downhill through the valleys. There are always views of Herchen and the victory. The path leads through deciduous forest up to a wide path and a SHELTER HUT. Here you have a beautiful view of the towers of St. Peter and the Protestant church in Herchen. The path leads past the hut to a monument. The so-called THINGPLATZ was built under the National Socialists and served as a memorial for the soldiers who died in World War I and as an open-air stage for party events.
      Via the Natursteig Sieg you continue to GERRESSEN, a hamlet on the open heights between Siegtal and Ottersbachtal. At the end of the village, follow the road to the right. Meadows spread out to the left, the view goes to the horizon where the mountains of the Siebengebirge can be seen behind the hills. The Mount of Olives rises prominently above the mountain range. Through a quiet forest it goes downhill to a small pond and on towards Neuenhof. You come across the hiking trail marked "S on blue ground". We continue along a meadow path onto a forest path and towards the Siegpromenade. Following the course of the victory you come to Herchen, past picnic areas and a boat rental. At the Löwenburg a bridge leads over the Sieg and back to the starting point.
      Igelshof hiking car park
      N50.774334 E 7.517779
      Forest paths, paths and farm roads, some asphalt.

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    13 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Franz

      In Seelscheid, on the ridge between Wahnbachtal and Naafbachtal, I make my way to the nature reserve. The Naafbachtal is a very rural area with small farms, hamlets, half-timbered houses and mills. Some of the old buildings were placed under monument protection to prevent their demolition, including the Naafer Mühle in the lower part of the Naafbach valley in the Lohmar area. A bridge leads over the Naafbach. At this point the Naafbach and the Lessbach converge. The next bridge leads over the Lessbach and towards Deesem.
      Around 1300 an ecbert de disimize appears on an interest card from the Cäcilienstift in Cologne. It goes on dirt roads to Breitscheid and back to Seelscheid.

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      • 14 de septiembre de 2021

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    8 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Franz

      Lush, wide meadows and fields as well as beautiful views are embedded in the cultural landscape of Hennef. The Kulturlandweg was opened in 2012 as the Sieg Adventure Trail and offers a variety of insights into the historical landscape of the region.
      The varied route is lined with information boards along the way, through which hikers can get to know the cultural landscape of the region. Dams tame the Sieg and protect the surrounding land from flooding.
      The church tower of the village of Happerschoss can be seen in the distance. The path leads over wide fields and meadows. The sometimes steep paths open up a view of the next relic of the cultural landscape: the former moated castle, Allner Castle, is on the right.
      Through a narrow passage it goes down to the Schloßstraße. The remains of a grain and oil mill can be seen on the banks of the Sieg. Along the castle wall and the victory it goes through the floodplains back to Hennef.
      At the Hennef train station.
      Hennef train station can be easily reached by S-Bahn.

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      • 10 de septiembre de 2021

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    6 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Franz

      The Marienweg is only a short hiking trail, but it offers an excursion into the long history of Bödingen. Since the 14th century, the origin and development of the place has been closely linked to its pilgrimage church, the late Gothic basilica "Zur Painful Mother", which can be seen from afar as a landmark.
      On this tour you can see stations associated with faith and pilgrimages. The path leads on a processional path to Lauthausen with its Joseph Chapel.
      The route leads back to Bödingen via Altenbödingen and through the Halberger Bachtal.
      Hikers' parking lot near Driesch
      N50.787174 E7.343202
      Because several small places are passed, the way is mostly over asphalt. The rest are meadow paths, forest paths or forest roads.
      Hiking possible all year round. Best season April to October.

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      • 7 de septiembre de 2021

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    5 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Franz

      In the middle of the metropolitan area on the right bank of the Rhine, at the gates of Cologne, lies the Wahner Heide, with a diversely structured landscape and valuable individual biotopes. The heather belongs to the European nature protection heritage and is an important bird sanctuary.
      From the Busenberg the path leads to the right through the heather to the old cemetery of the prison camp for the foreign victims of the Wehrmacht - or, as it says on the stone, of “hunger, disease and violence”.
      From here the path leads into the “Königsforst”, as the David bush is called on old maps. Over the Pestalozziweg it goes to the Wolfsweg. The route is probably of medieval origin, leads from Spich to Rösrath and is now interrupted by the airport. Over the Wolfsweg and the November firebreak it goes through the Geisterbusch, and over the Brandweg back to the starting point on the Busenberg.
      From its flat height you can see the edge of Cologne and Cologne-Bonn Airport, two and a half kilometers away with its terminals.

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      • 5 de septiembre de 2021

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    2 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Franz

      Immediately behind the Derenbachtal hiking car park, a path that becomes narrower goes uphill. In the middle of the forest you come across the "Nutscheid Höhenhandelsstraße", an old connecting route between Cologne and the Siegerland. Initially still on wider paths, later then alternately downhill and uphill - sometimes on very narrow paths - you continue past a refuge and steeply down to the vicinity of the Derenbach. Then the route leads uphill on a forest path in gentle serpentines until the village of Winterscheid with its beautiful Romanesque church of St. Servatius is reached. The path leads steeply downhill over meadows, then later uphill on beautiful paths through the forest to the village of Schreckenberg with its old fruit trees and half-timbered houses. We continue along trees of different ages and heights along the way. Past a refuge, a forest path leads steeply down the Rennenberg until you reach the starting point again.
      Hikers' car park at K 17 in Derenbachtal.
      For the navigation system: N50.79695 E7.341189
      Some ascents and descents.
      Nice resting places along the way.

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      • 2 de septiembre de 2021

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    30 de agosto de 2021

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    1. Franz

      At the parking lot of the Breitscheid sports facility, I make my way towards Breitscheid. Via Breidscheider Straße it goes about 500 m to the Lessbachtal. After approx. 1.2 km you reach Seelscheid. The path leads over Breite Straße towards Naafbachtal. At a distance of approx. 500 meters from the Naafbach, it is approx. 3 kilometers to Wahlen, back to the Lessbach Valley and back to the starting point.
      Parking at the sports complex.
      For the navigation system: N50.85991 E7.30440
      90% forest and meadow paths

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      • 30 de agosto de 2021

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    24 de agosto de 2021

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    1. Franz

      In Viersbrücken I make my way to the Naafbachtal. The path leads about 4.5 kilometers through the nature reserve along the Naafbach to Ingersaueler Mühle, and on to shortly before Seelscheid.
      Via the "KRÄUTERWEG" the Bergisches Streifzug 19, it goes through the Holzbachtal to Klauserhof, again into the Naafbachtal, and back to the starting point.
      Varied hike. In the nature reserve, the paths near the Naafbach are muddy in some places. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

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      • 25 de agosto de 2021

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    21 de agosto de 2021

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    A Franz, Patrick "Kathil" W. y 51 más les gusta.
    1. Franz

      A narrow path leads from the hiking car park to the edge of the forest and up to the top. Here you have a beautiful view of hills, meadows and forests. The path leads through the forest and through sparse birch stands towards Unterlüttingau. Via the Panoramasteig access path, you reach the Bevertalsperre dam after about 300 meters. It leads over to Großhöhenfeld. If you look to the left you can see the campsite. At the end of the village the path leads into a valley. In front of the houses in Hasenburg it goes steeply uphill through a forest and in the direction of EGEN. The Church of the Immaculate Conception is well worth a visit.
      Downhill, through a meadow valley, through a beech forest and along a forest path, you reach the banks of the Neyetalsperre. Continue straight ahead on the A 7 on the banks of the dam for about 4 kilometers to the dam of the Neyetalsperre. After about 800 meters you will reach the starting point.
      Forest paths, partly asphalt. Best time April to October.
      Parking lot for hikers. N51.146019 E7.389626
      Wigger Inn
      Tel. (02267) 48-30

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      • 22 de agosto de 2021

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    14 de agosto de 2021

    A Franz, Tilo y 59 más les gusta.
    1. Franz

      The hike around Thomasberg is a varied tour, as it shows the former stone quarrying, the agricultural uses as well as settlement structures in the Siebengebirge nature reserve.
      The hike begins at Heiserbach Abbey, leads past the Weilberg, through the Kassel Heath with its orchards and fields. Through the Lauterbachtal it goes towards Blauer See, and through the new building area towards Kleiner Oelberg and in the forest landscape on the edge of Thomasberg.
      Through light deciduous forest it goes to the Rosenauwiesen, with their orchards. The "Waimannsruh" inn stands by the roadside.
      The path leads to the Stenzelberg, a quarry that serves as a protected habitat and is closely connected to the Heisterbach monastery as a former stone supplier.
      The route leads outside of the localities largely on gravel field and forest paths.
      There are some very steep climbs, for example to the Weilberg and the Kleiner Oelberg.
      Refreshments in the Waidmannsruh restaurant and in the Heisterbach monastery room.

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      • 15 de agosto de 2021

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