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  1. Christian hizo una caminata.

    Hace 6 días

    21,3 km
    5,1 km/h
    520 m
    510 m
    A Kai, Steff 🍁 y 54 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Today another piece of the green belt explored. There are some highlights along the Eichsfeld Grenzspuren circular hiking trail, be it the Sielmann Nature Center, the Grenzlandmuseum or the old town of Duderstadt with its impressive half-timbered houses.

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      • Hace 5 días

  2. Christian y M&M hicieron una caminata.

    20 de septiembre de 2021

    A Verena, Jan y 55 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Today we went again to the geo-nature park Frau-Holle-Land. After we had hiked the P16 earlier in the year and were totally thrilled, we wanted to explore the area further.
      After Eichsfelder, we went on the P4 through Hessian Switzerland.
      From the start in Hitzelrode, it first went up to the Hörnle for a while. In view of the still quite fresh 10 degrees this morning, this is not bad, because that way you quickly got up to operating temperature. The path then meanders wonderfully along a ridge path for a while, rooted, a few stones, up and down ... beautifully varied! After a slope passage up to the Hohestein, numerous viewpoints follow in the further course of the route. Nice view, Weißer Graben, wolf table, horse hole or salt woman, if you wanted to rest at all points ... then you should take a lot of time! But each of these points offers you the opportunity to rest and let your thoughts wander with a great view of the surrounding area. Absolute plus point on this tour!The following section of the path along the Grenzweg in the direction of the Silberklippe was then supplemented with a little dodging in the opposite direction to the Grenzck. This spot, which at that time marked the border between West and East, Hesse and Thuringia, is now used as a starting slope for paragliders. Mega view from there!On the last stretch back from the Silberklippe to the starting point, something happened to us that cannot actually happen on the premium hiking trails. We got lost!The paths are actually so perfectly marked that you could walk them without a GPS. But at one point, directly at the so-called lightning stone, we seem to have taken the wrong turn. Since we had a bit of time on our backs today, we decided to go straight through instead of turning around. After GPS it wasn't that far to the way back ... well ...
      You can also get that alpine feeling in the deciduous forest ... It was once a 100m down slope. Really down! ... So steep that it was then only on the buttocks ... Thanks to the leaves, it was pretty cool and was really fun ... I felt like an 8 year old in the city park in autumn ... nice in the piles of leaves ...
      The P4 is unreservedly recommended! Wonderful route, varied, dozens of views and resting points. Excellent (if you are careful). Almost completely through beech forest on forest floor.
      We were almost a little sad not to be there 3-4 weeks later. I guess when the forest is colorful, the tour gets a completely different flair.For us it was definitely not the last "P", the Geopark Frau Holle Land certainly has a few hiking pearls up its sleeve with its 20+ premium trails ...

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      • 20 de septiembre de 2021

  3. A David, Jan y 57 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      For the first time in hiking mode back to home after the incredible mountain summer tours of the last few weeks.Still influenced by the tour parameters of our alpine tours, I decided to go to the Inselsberg to take a few Hm with me.After we had already run from Tabarz, I started from Winterstein today. However, I created the round in such a way that the Inselsberg completed the tour.The round was inspired by a como tour that I had saved here. Note: winter routes are winter routes! They can look very different in summer. And so the start of the lap was also very bumpy ... after I threatened to get stuck in the undergrowth at some point, had to go under a wild fence, I thought for a moment to recreate the route. But at some point I had feasible paths and then it went ...I have to admit, I really needed the first km to switch over in my head ... the Thuringian Forest is not the Alps ... and somehow the enthusiasm just didn't want to set in at first ...But at some point it was there again ... the wanderlust.
      The magical R on the trees, the forest that looks like autumn, the smell of mushrooms ... you can't escape that, from then on I was able to enjoy the tour.
      Well, and from the profile it was ultimately also decent. I'm well into the climbs and that's how my body got its experience ...I like autumn in the forest. The seclusion, there is not so much going on ... because you can watch your feet wonderfully while running and look after your own thoughts ...In addition to the really great round at the end, the highlights of the tour: Open gastro! For me that meant: Soljanka + Naturtrübes on Dreiherrenstein and Thuringian Bratwurst + Pils on tap on Kleiner Inselsberg

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      • 18 de septiembre de 2021

  4. Christian y Hartmut hicieron una caminata.

    4 de septiembre de 2021

    A KatjaS, Micha y 33 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      After two days in the altitude, the descent was (already) in the travel planning.
      After yesterday's adrenaline rush to the summit, we were so exhausted that even sitting in the cozy dining room of the Neue Fürther Hütte demanded more than our hiking bodies had available. After the princely menu of wild garlic soup, goulash with noodles and apple-cinnamon cake, we disappeared into the bunks before sunset. The battery had to be connected to the mains!Accordingly, we were rested on our feet again early enough and were once again able to watch the alpenglow with fascination. Another ideal day in terms of weather technology in the Alps was on its way.We observed two hikers who had chosen the early bird breakfast and set off towards the Prague hut at sunrise. Equipped with a helmet and rope, it was clear to me what their goal was. The summit of the Venetian.Today's destination was far less spectacular, but we had another 17 km and almost 1400m descent in front of us. Enough potential for an exciting hike.Directly from the hut it went into the descent slope that brought meters quite quickly. We already met the first climbers there.
      We had a short conversation with some of them and for most of them, yesterday's summit of the Larmkogel was their destination for the day. Starting at the head of the valley, that means around 1500 meters of altitude on almost 7km. Athletic!
      In the direction of the end of the valley to the station of the supply railway of the Fürther Hütte then led down a nice path on which we ran into a cattle drive. A shepherd led down his flock of sheep. It was impressive to see how the herd moved close together on the slope. After our previous day's experience with the woolly creatures, however, we left a little distance. At some point we came out of the shadow of the mountain slope on the road and now walked down with the sun behind us.From then on, it was only time to do meters ...At the end of the Bachlehrweg, which leads from Hollersbach up in the direction of SenningerAlm, we turned off the road and wanted to continue on this trail. We had already seen massive scree fields in numerous places above and assumed that these must have been the result of powerful mudslides. And so we came to a point a short time after entering the nature trail, where the stream suddenly turned into a scree field of the same kind and there was nothing left of the hiking trail. We continued to meander along the edge of the demolition, which, however, led us directly back towards the road.The prospect of a further 8km of road was only moderately enthusiastic and so we decided to try again below to return to the hiking trail.The Bachlehrweg is actually marked as a red alpine hiking trail, which initially amazed us a little. As it turned out, the path actually has some steps and climbs that can be a really big challenge for less experienced day-trippers. In addition, there were numerous changes in the path, as several landslides and mudslides had partly destroyed the path.For us, that made the tour in the lower part really attractive again and, with the rushing brook in the background, offered an impressive backdrop. The Bachlehrweg as a day tour is warmly recommended.With the dam we soon reached the border of Hollersbach. From there we went to the church square, the destination of our tour.So there we were, at the end of the three days at the foot of the Venetian. We agreed that it could have been one more day and one more stage. But it can always ...... and it doesn't have to be the last tour of this kind.

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      • 5 de septiembre de 2021

  5. Christian y Hartmut hicieron una Ruta de alpinismo.

    3 de septiembre de 2021

    A Anja 🏞, Blacker1977 y 47 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      The hut night was short, including the sunrise. The daylight then revealed yesterday's hours of sunshine. The snow up to the Larmkogel seemed (!) To have receded significantly. Very good!After breakfast we took some time to start. An eleven-person hiking caravan - a company outing for some doctors - also had the ascent over the Larmkogelscharte on the plan, so we wanted to let the local mountaineers go ahead. Not only that they seemed more technically skilled and physically close to the ideal state, their traces should be useful for us when we march over the snowy areas.So we started our tour with a visit to the ruins of the Thuringian hut, which once could not withstand a rock fall. On the way back we were escorted by a herd of sheep, who made it clear through their behavior that they did not intend to allow our intrusion into their pasture area. I was able to shake off a somewhat intrusive mutton at first. When he returned in line with three sheep brothers, it was clear who was in charge of the field.The entrance to the slope was initially still free of snow and not yet too steep, but the terrain soon began to rise significantly and in combination with the snow that then began it was very exhausting. The trail of the Össis now turned out to be worth gold. Without them, the backup protocol would have come into effect there: Return to the Thuringian hut and either another night there or even a descent into the valley. So we decided to keep walking.The morale was good, the condition acceptable. The Salzburg hiking friends before us must have felt the same, because they had decided to drastically rejuvenate the zigzags of the Sepentinen ascent, which made the whole ascent even more sporty. About 50m below the end of the free snow surface, the girls and boys seemed to have blown their hiking protection. Judging by the tracks, the friends decided on "who is first up" and the zigzags became lines ...At this point the rationally sensible turning point would have been, but the conditions were really bomb and a hiker from another hiking group (who had started between us and the medicine women and men) was still ahead of us and continued to climb. Who decided to do the same to him.About 50 to 60m below the Larmkogelscharte, there was still a slope crossing to be mastered and the final ascent through a channel. Certainly not quite pillepalle without snow, but it was really a challenge. But we also mastered that (message to me: yes, we didn't need irons, but if we had had some, they could have been used there) and then at some point stood on the Larmkogelscharte.The hiking senior was initially busy with reducing adrenaline and was not available for any more climbing meters. So the two of us set out to climb the last 70m to the summit. They had it all again. A snow-covered rope insurance, a mighty overhanging slab of snow let me take a quick deep breath ...But then you stand up there after this awesome ascent, see the Tauern in winter dress ... unique!Already the descent from the summit back to the saddle revealed what lay ahead of us. 800 m downhill, initially over snow again ... which was now properly thawed by the abundant sun in the morning, so that it should be a slippery drudgery. Partially 50cm deep trudging, sliding on my butt ... nothing could disturb me anymore!It took 1.5 hours for the descent to the Fürther Hütte, we needed well over two. The terrain was just too difficult because of the snow.After almost 6 hours we had it and arrived safely at the hut. We were about an hour ahead of the time given (under normal conditions). More than okay for the tour in my opinion ... but actually completely irrelevant!This tour was more intense than expected, but ultimately went much better than feared. And the panorama was sooooo mega, it was worth it for that alone. And the fact that the hiking senior after the last ramp to the saddle did not overtax his luck with such presence of mind and omitted the summit, was really great! For this he rewarded himself with 35 minutes of enjoyable panoramic views.Even if the length of the descent stage tomorrow should not be underestimated, if nothing goes wrong, whatever happens may come ... we will grin down into the valley.It will probably take a few more days until this day is really through.

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      • 4 de septiembre de 2021

  6. Christian y Hartmut hicieron una Ruta de alpinismo.

    2 de septiembre de 2021

    A Kindskopf, DianaB. y 39 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      The grand finale of the 2021 alpine season: three generations in three stages with 2 hut nights and a 3000 meter.The plan: With vacation training, the junior and I take the hiking senior in the middle, the rest will be.Then a week of bad weather and the summit ridge shows in the finest powdered sugar. The planning is crumbling. Fortunately, the meteorological turnaround comes on time, not a day too early, the weather window turns. Forecast: pure sun!So on, let's go! Up to the Alpenrose in the family, the girls as escorts. But there it’s steep, we take the ascent to the Neue Thüringer Hütte via the Noitroi-Steig. If so, then right! Conditions are 10 out of 10. Sun, not too hot, no wind. Bissel firmly applied, the senior reveals conditional end-time mood at times ... But rest and bars then quickly lead away from the hunger streak. The boss bites his way into the tour and takes meter by meter. Talkative is no longer there, but great! Motivating. And at the end? We arrive satisfied, at the huts. Nobody will take that from you anymore!The snow level cannot yet be conclusively assessed, but if something should happen over the gap, it will be white tomorrow! Aim: Neue Fürth ... Extensive briefing from the hut team including a backup strategy, so you can tackle it first and we'll see if it works.Now a hops shower, food and just enjoy the flair. Absolute recommendation for post-hikers !!!

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      • 2 de septiembre de 2021

  7. Christian hizo una Ruta de alpinismo.

    19 de agosto de 2021

    22,0 km
    2,5 km/h
    1.650 m
    1.690 m
    A Steff 🍁, Baumschubser y 49 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Aller guten Dinge sind drei… deshalb sollte es nun im dritten Anlauf auch endlich klappen, den Hochkönig zu erreichen.
      Nach den letzten -für Hochgebirgswanderungen-wettertechnisch nicht so berauschenden Tagen, zeichnete sich nun wieder eine stabile Wetterlage ab, sodass wir die Tour in Angriff nehmen konnten. Auf dem Plan stand der „Normalweg“ vom Arthurhaus. Was auch sonst, sind doch alle anderen Zustiege, wie etwa der Königsjodler, für uns unmöglich.Leider hat sich bereits ab der Mitterfeldalm gezeigt, dass sich wenig zeigt. Eine satte Nebelwand hing im Hochkönig und ließ nur wenig Fernsicht zu. Na ob das mit der Wetterprognose so stimmte… Aber, sämtliche Wanderer, auch Wanderschulen mit Bergführern, bewegten sich unbeirrt nach oben, also gingen wir auch weiter.An der Torsäule erhaschten wir dann einen kurzen Blick auf einige Wagemutige, die dort die Kletterrouten nehmen wollten. Unklar, auf was für Freizeitbeschäftigungen man kommen kann…Absolut beeindruckend! Wir hatten da bereits die erste Lage übergezogen, da sich die Temperaturen merklich abkühlten. Ah, deswegen sagen‘se immer, man soll Mütze und Handschuhe im Rucksack haben, wenn man in die Berge geht, auch im Sommer…Wir passieren dann bald einen riesen Stein, ein Abzweig zwischen Aufstieg Torsäule und unserer Tour. Man sagt uns da dann ungeniert, etwa die Hälfte haben wir. Allerdings nur in Längenmetern. Nach Höhenmetern liegt der weitaus größere Teil noch vor uns. Na Glückwunsch! Bei manchen Wandervögeln deuten sich bei der bewussten Vorstellung da schon erste Wackelkontakte im Energiehaushalt an… Aber was soll’s, wir wussten, es wird hart und keiner hat gesagt, dass es nur Spaß machen darf…🥶Dann ein kurzer Blick auf die erste richtige Wand vor uns… Wahnsinn, was für eine Rampe! Jetzt geht‘s also richtig zur Sache… Der Aufstieg führt lange Zeit über Geröll, was ziemlich anstrengend zu laufen ist und geht dann über in einige Steilstücke, wo man auch mal die Hände nehmen kann. Alles nicht wirklich schwierig, aber anstrengend. Irgendwann sind wir dann auf einer Art Plateau (denke ich, gesehen hab ich es ja nicht) und ab da geht es eeeeewig, hoch und runter, hoch und runter, hoch und wieder hoch und wieder runter und so weiter.Das alles passieren wir mit mehr oder weniger Sicht von maximal vier bis fünf Stangen, die zur Orientierung auf dem Weg überall eingeschlagen sind.Dankenswerterweise war richtig Betrieb nach oben, sodass immer Wanderer von hinten aufliefen (ja, wir gehörten da hoch dem Tempo nach eher zu den „Genießern“. Tatsächlich ging’s auch einfach nicht schneller.) und es kam auch regelmäßig Gegenverkehr, sodass wir sicher sein konnten, immer noch richtig zu laufen. Fakt ist: Allein wollte ICH die Tour nicht gehen und ohne diese Begegnungen… das geht ruckzuck und du versteigst dich da mal irgendwo…
      Also bei unbeständiger Wetterprognose: andere Tour suchen!
      Nagut, irgendwann nach 5h stehen wir an der letzten Rampe, kämpfen uns noch die Leitern (die letztendlich nicht wirklich spektakulär sind) hoch und dann sind’s noch 200m und endlich sind wir am Matrashaus!!! Völlig im Eimer! Elf wirklich endlos zähe Kilometer bis da hoch. Es waren zwar keine Vögel da oben zu sehen, aber dennoch zwitscherte uns irgend eines: der Abstieg wird Killer… wieder hoch und runter, hoch und runter…uns so weiter.Trotz null Sicht machen wir stolz wie Bolle unsere Gipfelbilder (das Kreuz kann man ja zum Glück grad noch sehen) und dann geht’s erstmal aufwärmen und stärken. Es war wirklich frisch da oben, kaum mehr als 5 Grad. Aber die Suppn haucht uns erstmal neues Leben in den Wanderleib. Aus „Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod“ zwitscherte unser Wandervöglein danach zumindest wieder ein verhaltenes „Wieder alles im Griff…“Mit 5 Stunden Knips lagen wir absolut satt im regulären Aufstiegsfenster zwischen 4-6h. Für den Abstieg sind am Matrashaus 4h bis zur Mitterfeldalm angeschlagen. Uns war klar, wir werden es nicht sehr viel schneller runter bringen…Also auf geht‘s hinab, allerdings heute nix mit wilde Hatz… mir unklar, wie sich einige Schmerzbefreite da im Trailrun runter wagen. Hab’s ja selbst dieser Tage mal getestet, allerdings auf Beginners-Level. Das hier war nur Experts Only-Terrain.Da war es wieder, mein Abstiegs=Aufstiegsrouten-Dilemma. Kacke, wenn Du ganz genau weißt, was noch vor dir liegt…in dem Fall nämlich ein unendlich langer Geröllweg. Also mal fix auf der Garmin die Ansicht ändern, ich kann gerade die „noch 7,5km“-Ansicht nicht ertragen…Wenigstens zeigte sich Mr. Highking (wow, welch Wortspiel…) im Abstieg noch versöhnlich mit uns und ließ paar Wolkenfetzen ziehen, sodass wir dann im Abstieg ab 2300m freie Sicht hatten und sogar noch etwas Panoramen aufsaugen konnten.Wirklich auf der allerletzten Rille kamen wir dann irgendwann an der Mitterfeldalm an und trafen einige Gesichter wieder, die wir im Tagesverlauf schonmal gesehen hatten, meist im Vorbeilaufen von hinten… Nach einem verdienten Hopfen-Eletrolyt-Booster konnten wir auch die letzten 2 km bis zum Parkplatz in Angriff nehmen.Fazit: Wer mal richtig hochalpin will und es sich rein konditionell mal richtig zeigen mag, dem sei diese Tour allerwärmstens ans Herz gelegt.
      Ich hab schon paar längere Wanderungen gemacht, aber diese 22km haben mir so satt den Stecker gezogen… herrlich!
      Die drei Wanderprinzen aus der Provinzsteppe, haben Lord Highking herausgefordert! Er wird’s müde belächelt haben und war sich nicht zu schade, uns ein paar seiner Superkräfte zu präsentieren. Nebel und Temperaturen knapp über 0 gehören für ihn sicher zum Alltagsrepertoire, uns hat er damit ein Wandererlebnis auf Endboss-Niveau beschert. Aber wir haben ihn respektvoll gerockt und er hat uns artig und gesund wieder nach unten gelassen. Keine Ahnung wieso, aber irgendwas sagt mir, wir sehen uns irgendwann mal wieder… Round 2!Hoch lebe der König!🤴🏼

      • 20 de agosto de 2021

  8. Christian y M&M hicieron una Ruta de alpinismo.

    18 de agosto de 2021

    15,2 km
    2,9 km/h
    940 m
    960 m
    A Andreas Boger, KatjaS y 40 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Uh, I already mentioned that Kolm Saigurn is great for hiking ... 🤔On our Sonnenblick tour, the old miner's house ruin caught our eye on the ascent. On the descent we had no more strength and decided that this would have to be the goal of another tour.That was today!Conclusion: just do the rounds! Really worth seeing!But would recommend the ascent over the Gainschniggalm with kids. Longer, but more relaxed! As a descent route for us today, it was also worth seeing, as we didn't have the head of the valley from our perspective either.

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      • 18 de agosto de 2021

  9. Christian salió a correr.

    17 de agosto de 2021

    1. Christian

      Roads that were partly impassable after yesterday's storm-related mudslides, limited the excursion destinations a little today.The young hikers screamed chill day with pool and regeneration. The wandering body built up in training screams MOVEMENT!So the youth are chilling out and I tick the bucket list. Try a trail run once. So really, with real Hm and a lot of Rambazamba in the descent ...The local Rauchkögerl with its 1810m seems ideal for this!10km ascent and then the last 400hm upwards. Until then it was going really well, but on the steep section I hit the rev limiter twice, so I had to do a little piano first so that the asterisks don't come into the picture ... 🙄.At the top of the summit, a happy Juchiza and then the wild chase goes into the descent. The plan was simply faster than the pain, but the knees had the short wire into the cerebellum and so there was fairly constant feedback with every bump ...It doesn't matter, there is no other way, you can complain afterwards, because I moan along with you, I thought to myself.The trail was just amazing, nice and soft from yesterday's rain. Well the roots were a bit slippery, but my shoes actually made me feel good. In the end I came down really well and was almost a bit sad that the trail was over so quickly.The remaining km of forest road were not bad to get back into a steady running rhythm. Only then did I notice with every little ascent in the road how broken my legs were in the meantime and tired, so that I quickly discarded the plan, which had already been cobbled together in high spirits on the descent, to spontaneously make a HM out of it. We don't want to overdo it ...It was a great run either way!Now swim out and have a sauna at the back, what more could you want.

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      • 17 de agosto de 2021

  10. Christian y M&M hicieron una caminata.

    15 de agosto de 2021

    A Kai, Norbert y 36 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      From Dorfgastein today we first took the gondola up to Fulseck. The planned route to the Schuhflicker followed by a detour to the lake of the same name would also have enough vertical meters and after yesterday's scramble in Tour de France style, we were in the mood for a more relaxed hike today. Well, wrong route choice, so much in advance ... The Wanderjunior seemed to have suspected it and decided today to regenerate.From the mountain station it was first a lot of altitude downhill to the cute chapel on the Arltörl. From there the ascent up to the Schuhflicker begins, which many hikers had on the plan today. The ascent was like a hiking highway. From a distance it looked like ants swarming on the slope ...Immediately before the last climbing meters in the saddle to descend to the lake, it was time to wait to get up to the summit. I haven't seen it like this before. The scenery somehow reminded me of the pictures from the Everest summit. Admittedly, the comparison lags "a bit". While waiting too long there can potentially be fatal, we had the opportunity to re-apply the well-groomed SPF30.On the summit itself we were lucky enough to get a good spot so that we could actually stay there for a few minutes. Too much hustle and bustle, however, so it went down again from time to time. Now down to the lake. This in turn turned out to be a real power place. Wonderful, clear water, and everyone arriving was immediately captured by the scenery, and fell into silent amazement, so that there was really peace here! You could have spent a whole day here.But it also wanted to be returned, so we went on again after extensive foot bathing.We first descended in the direction of Grossarl and then at some point turned right back onto our ascent route. That's why I prefer to hike laps ... when you hike back the approach, you always know exactly what is ahead of you. More and more challenging for motivation ...Back at the Fulseck, we rewarded ourselves with a well-deserved hut snack and then we went back down with the gondola.Conclusion: nice day trip, which has a decent Hm, but is quite easy to master in itself. The last 500m ascent, however, require a certain degree of freedom from shrinking and surefootedness.For me, in the end, more vertical meters than I actually wanted. But to whom did I want to complain ... Tomorrow is definitely regeneration!

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      • 15 de agosto de 2021

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