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  1. Thomas aus EF y 9 más planificaron una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    744 m
    4,9 km/h
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    A Bonnie24, Stanley01705 y 20 más les gusta.
    1. Thomas aus EF

      Here is the invitation to the stages I have planned on the Germany-wide relay hike, because everything was probably not clear yesterday.Brief key data for the entire season:
      July 16 until July 18, 2021
      - 159 stages
      - over 3400 km
      - over 53,000 hm
      Here are the two doodle surveys again:
      E053 - E067:
      E084 - E106:
      It would be great to have all of the stages occupied.
      Since the doodle surveys only contain the numbers, here are the complete stages of my area:
      E053 "MitWandern 2021": Bad Muskau - Nochten
      E054 "MitWandern 2021": Nochten - Mücka
      E055 "MitWandern 2021": Mücka - Niesky
      E056 "MitWandern 2021": Niesky - Reichenbach / Oberlausitz
      E057 "MitWandern 2021": Reichenbach / Oberlausitz - Löbau
      E058 "MitWandern 2021": Löbau - Schirgiswalde
      E059 "MitWandern 2021": Schirgiswalde - Neukirch
      E060 "MitWandern 2021": Neukirch - Sebnitz
      E061 "MitWandern 2021": Sebnitz - Hinterhermsdorf
      E062 "MitWandern 2021": Hinterhermsdorf - Schmilka
      E063 "MitWandern 2021": Schmilka - Altendorf
      E064 "MitWandern 2021": Altendorf - Kurort Rathen
      E065 "MitWandern 2021": Kurort Rathen - Rosenthal
      E066 "MitWandern 2021": From Rosenthal to Augustusberg
      E067 "MitWandern 2021": From Augustusberg to Geising
      E084 "MitWandern 2021": Blankenstein - Steinbach am Wald
      E085 "MitWandern 2021": Steinbach am Wald - Neuhaus am Rennweg
      E086 "MitWandern 2021": Neuhaus am Rennweg - Eisfeld
      E087 "MitWandern 2021": Eisfeld - Hildburghausen
      E088 "MitWandern 2021": Hildburghausen - Vachdorf
      E089 "MitWandern 2021": Vachdorf - Meiningen
      E090 "MitWandern 2021": Meiningen - Mellrichstadt
      E091 "MitWandern 2021": Mellrichstadt - Schönau an der Brend
      E092 "MitWandern 2021": Schönau an der Brend - Oberweißbrunn
      E093 "MitWandern 2021": Oberweißbrunn - Gersfeld
      E094 "MitWandern 2021": Gersfeld - Milseburg
      E095 "MitWandern 2021": Milseburg - Fulda
      E096 "MitWandern 2021": Fulda - Bad Salzschlirf
      E097 "MitWandern 2021": Bad Salzschlirf - Lauterbach
      E098 "MitWandern 2021": Lauterbach - Alsfeld
      E099 "MitWandern 2021": Alsfeld - Ehringshausen
      E100 "MitWandern 2021": Ehringshausen - Nieder-Ohmen
      E101 "MitWandern 2021": Nieder-Ohmen - Grünberg
      E102 "MitWandern 2021": Grünberg - Gießen
      E103 "MitWandern 2021": Giessen - Albshausen
      E104 "MitWandern 2021": Albshausen - Weilburg
      E105 "MitWandern 2021": Weilburg - Aumenau
      E106 "MitWandern 2021": Aumenau - Limburg an der Lahn
      Here is the entire collection:

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      • Hace 4 días

  2. Christian y M&M hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    A The Walking Dad, Ronny y 53 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Wonderful hike right on the Green Belt. The round had everything, great views, rest areas, superbly signposted, mega trails and ridge paths, crisp climbs and short technical descents. Good length with the feeder from the border museum. That itself is not high-end, but rather lovingly and authentically put together.Very clear recommendation for post-hikers !!!The highlight of today's tour was an encounter with a mature hiking couple who made a fast pace with 65l backpacks in front of us. I asked them how long they'd been out with the equipment. She replied that they run the entire green belt. They managed 600 km in 3 weeks and another 4 weeks for the remaining 800 km. I skipped it briefly and was amazed at first, because for 7 weeks about 30km a day, tent up, tent down ... you have to want to! In any case, that was so inspiring ... great respect!

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      • Hace 4 días

  3. Christian y Christian hicieron una caminata.

    30 de mayo de 2021

    A Andreas Boger, Armin Allgäu😊 y 85 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Next dam 🧩 part, today with the Schmalwasser-Runde!
      Mega weather, great route, just a 💣 tour! Whether Altenfels, Falkenstein or Röllchen, the tour is not short of highlights!
      Due to a few dodges here and there, we ended up over 20km. Thanks to the professional electrolyte supply of my current hiking sous, that wasn't a problem at all

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      • 30 de mayo de 2021

  4. Christian y M&M hicieron una caminata.

    29 de mayo de 2021

    19,3 km
    4,8 km/h
    380 m
    380 m
    A Jörg, Verena y 54 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      I discovered the tour here some time ago and saved it. Unfortunately I don't know from whom, but thank you anyway! Was worth it.The tour didn't have the mega highlights and still had its own charm. Nice round mainly on forest roads through the forest.In places it was pretty muddy and therefore slippery, but everything was manageable without any problems.To speak of a waterfall at the Amselfall is almost a bit of an exaggeration, but the place is really nicely prepared and so it is wonderful to linger there and just enjoy nature while splashing.

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      • 29 de mayo de 2021

  5. A Verena, Fanny y 47 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Whitsun around, two days of international track race completed. What do you do alone in the hotel on such a Monday evening ... 🤔The Komoot app reveals that it is just 7, Knips km to the local sightseeing hotspot here in Singen, the Hohentwiel with its fortress ruins.So we decided to go for a little sundowner round!Unfortunately, it didn't go all the way to the top, since you can only get to the fortress with a ticket, but the little evening round was worth it!
      The head resets and with the tour even managed a little Whitsun hike!

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      • 24 de mayo de 2021

  6. Christian y M&M hicieron una caminata.

    16 de mayo de 2021

    A Kai, Armin Allgäu😊 y 55 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      The tour today was initially planned as a family round. However, the morning mood barometer of the young hikers did not point towards the forest but on couches & binge watching.The weather forecast met 100% today and so we have enjoyed a real outdoor tour for a long time. Sun, clouds, wind and rain in regular alternation. In between, I felt as if the day was booked by the clothing industry so that the average hiker can understand what sense the onion technology makes, how to pack a rucksack sensibly and, ultimately, why it is also not wrong to change things at the destination / car deposit.The lap itself was really great! Even if the paths were really softened in places due to the weather, the tour is definitely worth going back to! Great views, beautiful route, not too difficult and long and especially these days: the GREEN! The Thuringian Forest is exploding and everything is in the richest possible green! Just walking in this great sea of leaves will put you in a good mood!Conclusion: Wonderful Sunday round and celebrated by us today as a pleasure hike! Oh, it rained in between? No matter, when the weather is nice, everyone can! Oh yes and: I was a little jealous of the countless boys and girls who beat their bikes through the trails there! They all looked like a pig, but they all had the big grin on their faces. I guess that was kind of fun in the weather!

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      • 16 de mayo de 2021

  7. Christian y Christian hicieron una caminata.

    15 de mayo de 2021

    19,0 km
    4,7 km/h
    580 m
    560 m
    A Murki, Micha y 46 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Today a long-planned tour with a favorite accomplice worked out!After having been on the antics a few times in the last few weeks, we got the idea to explore the opposite area around the Frauenberg.At the start, my current hiking accomplice says: "Boy, you had to take the electrolytes beforehand, you will benefit from nothing more afterwards!" Well, let's believe the experts and first recharge our batteries ... 🤣 In any case, today neither speed nor time should be the focus, but rather the shared experience.It started at the Berka Lakes. First, after a 2km hike, the first climb of the day was athletic. Then followed too many kilometers, although beautiful but still completely unspectacular, monotonous forest on exclusively forest roads. I already had official doubts as to whether today's route planning was successful.After we were through the forest, a worth seeing panorama opened up for the first time. The potash shaft in front of us, the Harz with chunks in the distance and an interplay of sun and clouds with drizzle. Time for a first rest and a few rounds of threats.We continued through the corridor, along the edge of the forest until we turned right into the forest at some point. Today's executioner was waiting for us there. The planned ascent up to the Frauenberg turned out to be an easy climb through the forest in search of the supposed path for the first few meters. Fortunately we found it at some point and after a short oxygen rest we fought our way up the remaining switchbacks.The Frauenberg plateau with its view over Sondershausen and on the antics fully compensated for the admittedly ambitious ascent. Fix a few more drone laps and then it went down again.After a last ascent through another piece of forest, we finally came back to our starting point and landed back at the starting point, somewhat tired!Conclusion: The group initially required some patience until it revealed its charms. Ultimately, however, I am absolutely reconciled with the group! Great view, ambitious passages, good length. I think it would have been less appealing to walk the other way around, but like us, running counterclockwise, it only offers the highlight at the end and rewards for the way!

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      • 15 de mayo de 2021

  8. A “MountainGhost”, Murki y 73 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      What a great tour! The weather was awesome, the lap too.I'm completely in the bucket, but it was worth it! I definitely drove my limit a good 10km in front of me today. Eat your head, run your body! Further!I don't know how I can get 50+, but whatever, everything has been achieved for today. The 30+ is now officially!Pheasants caught mating, deer grazing. 4.5l drunk, and water scrounged by the local rural population. Wrongly turned and the calf scratched bloodily in the undergrowth. Blisters on both feet and sunburn included!And then 6 hours later you sit back in the cart and think: How awesome was that?

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      • 9 de mayo de 2021

  9. Christian y M&M hicieron una caminata.

    8 de mayo de 2021

    A Micha, Murki y 47 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Next Thuringian dam that we can remove from the list!Today we hiked the Bleilochtalsperre. And once again we noticed that we really like the not-so-well-known eastern part of Thuringia! A wonderful area, landscape and a great round.The absolute highlight was the somewhat short but still wonderful section of the path in the Kobersfelsen nature reserve. Screwed directly into the rock a few meters above the water, the path meanders directly along the rock face.Some people travel to Northern Ireland to experience such a flair on the path "the Gibbons". With us it’s almost as impressive, practically on the doorstep. Brilliant!Unfortunately, the hall tower was closed and we couldn't visit Burgk Castle any more. Screams to come back again!In any case: crystal clear recommendation for post-hikers!

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      • 8 de mayo de 2021

  10. Christian hizo una caminata.

    2 de mayo de 2021

    29,9 km
    5,9 km/h
    630 m
    650 m
    A Murki, Armin Allgäu😊 y 72 más les gusta.
    1. Christian

      Even though the weather forecast was not expecting the best weather today, I set out and tackled a lap that had long been on my list of planned tours.After a patient journey by bus and train, we started from Bad Berka. 8 degrees and a constant drizzle demanded a quick start to get up to operating temperature.The paths were a bit softened here and there due to the rain, but everything was still within limits and generally easy to pass.I found the wooden bridge in Buchfahrt worth seeing, which I then remembered, as it is located on a section where Goetheweg and today's tour converged. Already a few years ago, but still recognized!The actual tour highlights: Hainturm, Carolinenturm and Paulinenturm. Well, what can I say ... towers ... 🤣 Certainly in better weather and not alone, the cultural focus would have been a little higher. So I was more with myself and the journey was the goal.On the way there were also a couple of taverns where you could certainly get supplies under normal circumstances. However, Sunday morning, rain and Corona = nothing with economy ...All in all a really cool extended tour, with nice changes. Forest, corridor, villages ... made it entertaining. Post-hiking recommendation !!!In Belvedere, with a detour to the castle, a little dangling could easily be built in to make the tour a 30+.In the end, my stamina went really well today and I decided to do a little trail running. So I got the return trip an hour earlier and can now end the Sunday comfortably!

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      • 2 de mayo de 2021

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