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Leider bringt das Corona-Virus viele Pläne durcheinander.
Zur Zeit heißt es für uns eher: Abstand halten, alleine fahren und gesund bleiben.
Danach wird einiges nicht mehr so sein wie früher, aber es wird dann wieder bestimmt auch Zeiten geben, wo wir gemeinsam in der Gruppe die Landschaften genießen können.
Meine geplanten ADFC-Touren für 2020 und 2021 lasse ich erstmal so in der Collection stehen, auch als Inspiration für andere.
Derzeit sind wieder die geführten ADFC-Radtouren möglich, allerdings führe ich diese nur mit Anmeldung und beschränkter Gruppengröße (10 - 15 RadlerInnen) ein.
Geführte Radtouren mit dem ADFC Berlin als TourGuide seit 2002.
Überall da, wo es schöne Radwege und schöne Landschaften gibt.
Vorher seit 1993 für den ADFC Frankfurt (Oder).
Aufzeichnungen mit GPS seit 2003.
Auf Radreisen mit dem ADFC Baden-Württemberg. Diese biete ich seit 2009 an, in 2021 geht es entlang der tschechischen Elbe (so jedenfalls ist der Plan). Private Radreisen unternehme ich gerne in den Bergen und am Wasser.
Bevorzugt in den Alpen oder an der Ostsee.
2020 war der Sommerurlaub lange unsicher, die erste Planung mit Provence wurde aber zu schnell verworfen.
Die Planung für Schweden wurde ein Tag nach Aufhebung der allgemeinen Reisewarnung, leider nicht für Schweden, verworfen.
Ganz schnell eine Alpenreisen geplant, Zugfahrt gebucht, sogar Fahhradstellplätze bekommen und dann meist täglich die Reise über Slowenien, Italien und Österreich neu geplant.
Aber auch Tschechien ist eine beliebtes Radreiseziel. Egal ob Böhmisches Paradies, Böhmerwald oder Mährischer Weinradweg. Da bin ich seit 2006 mindestens ein- bis zweimal im Jahr per Rad unterwegs.


120.875 km

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9267:01 h

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  1. RadlerJan dio un paseo en bici.

    6 de noviembre de 2021

    30,4 km
    17,2 km/h
    160 m
    180 m
    A Mac, Pirmin y 94 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      Back home in Köpenick from Dahlem.

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      • 6 de noviembre de 2021

  2. RadlerJan dio un paseo en bici.

    6 de noviembre de 2021

    A Sachsen Onkel, Ketschendorf y 72 más les gusta.
    1. Pirmin

      Oh ... cycling through Berlin has something 👍😃

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      • 6 de noviembre de 2021

  3. RadlerJan planificó un paseo en bici.

    5 de noviembre de 2021

    60,6 km
    17,2 km/h
    290 m
    330 m
    A RadlerJan, Peter y 6 más les gusta.
  4. RadlerJan planificó un paseo en bici.

    5 de noviembre de 2021

    20,9 km
    17,2 km/h
    80 m
    80 m
    A Peter, RadlerJan y 4 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      The following sticking points for a transport policy exploration for the delegates of the ADFC-BHV 2021 in Berlin.
      - Gradient from Grunewaldstrasse to the approach to the Rathaus Steglitz junction
      - Schlossstrasse cycle lane
      - Bend in Torgauer Straße and Schöneberger Loop, crossing traffic lights, push bike
      - Close guided tour at the intersection of Monumentenstrasse and the Lokdepot
      - Entry and exit Möckernkiez
      - Push the bike between Anhalter Steg and Luckenwalder Straße
      - Narrow jostling bars on the Bülowbogen, waiting point at Dennewitzstrasse
      - Motzstrasse meeting center
      - Southwest Corso, old cycle lane
      - old cycle path along the U3 towards Dahlem Dorf, alternative Englerstraße
      More information: touren-termine.adfc.de/radveranstaltung/56170-adfc-bhv-radtour-berlin

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      • 7 de noviembre de 2021

  5. RadlerJan dio un paseo en bici.

    3 de noviembre de 2021

    A Marita, RadlerJan y 95 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      Info and photos later.
      The last day of the West Pomeranian exploration began in Cedynia with fog.
      Short distance on the country road, then again for the last kilometers on the railway line to the bridge.
      Unfortunately, the sun did not come out here either, but I could see that work was progressing on the German side, now the last bridge segment is being worked on.
      In Hohenwutzen across the border, actually I wanted to end up in Bad Freienwalde, but now the sun came out.
      So quickly expanded the planning to Rüdnitz, ideal for me, C-Grenz, RB 24 and directly to Schöneweide.
      Unfortunately, in the evening I go back to work.

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      • 3 de noviembre de 2021

  6. RadlerJan dio un paseo en bici.

    2 de noviembre de 2021

    A RadlerJan, Lausitzsonne y 83 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      Info will follow, this time the Garmin recording online first, at Komoot I am missing the beginning
      Today, unfortunately, a full day in drizzle, sometimes a slight headwind.
      The first piece to Golenice with a bike path alongside the road, a small street to Row and a main street without a bike path to Goralice.
      A railway cycle path would be possible and useful here.
      Unfortunately only from Goralice on the 20 bike route from West Pomerania to the old Klepicz train station.
      Up to Cedynia quiet side road, the last part again with bike path.
      Detour to the former monastery, now a hotel and restaurant.
      Nice little place, nice hotel and restaurant on the main square in town.
      Tomorrow I hope for better weather, ⛅🙏🚴, the short distance to the bridge again and in the afternoon by train home.

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      • 2 de noviembre de 2021

  7. RadlerJan dio un paseo en bici.

    1 de noviembre de 2021

    A RadlerJan, Ri.Ka y 93 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      Today only a relatively short distance, unfortunately the weather was only great in the morning, but at least no rain.
      Apart from Lipiany a well-known route, it was important to me today to check whether the one railway cycle path is ready. 3 weeks ago still without asphalt, now finished. However, the route information for Route 20, various icons and signs are still missing.
      Possibly another layer of smooth asphalt will be added.
      The trip to Lipiany was interesting, lots of lakes and some nice buildings. There is also an old train station, but unfortunately no cycle paths.
      Up to Route 20 then main road, but with a wide shoulder and little traffic.
      At Glazow and due to the interruption by the motorway-like S3, there is only another railway cycle path at the entrance to Myszliborz. Turned another little round in the city.
      Pension by the water, nice room with a view of the lake and the bike is also in the pension.
      Today is All Saints' Day and a public holiday in Poland.
      Of course, this has an effect on the possible restaurants, and there is nothing in the pension today either. Fortunately, the gas stations were open and provided me with hot and liquid liquids. 👌🤣🌭🍕🍺

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      • 1 de noviembre de 2021

  8. RadlerJan dio un paseo en bici.

    31 de octubre de 2021

    A Axel, ALLY y 86 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      So, this is the first day of the third part of the West Pomeranian exploration.
      Today I enjoyed the beautiful weather all day, 2 sections of railway cycle paths.
      First of all, food.
      This time started by Tantow, some ONR and the new section BlueVelo. Outside of Gryfino then again to Borzym the railway cycle path and BlueVelo 3, this time with fantastic autumn weather, 3 weeks ago I had a bit of bad luck.
      Small streets to Pyrzyce. Unfortunately, there is no railway cycle path here, the old railway line would be there.
      Nice place with city walls and towers.
      A little further outside then a beautiful railway cycle path on the former Pyritzer Kleinbahn, but unfortunately with an unexpected end. This railway cycle route is also not integrated in the large system of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.
      Worth seeing is the estate and park in Przelewice.
      Continue on small streets with different asphalt surfaces to Barlinek to the hotel of the same name, where I was already 3 weeks ago.
      Nice rooms, right on the lake and nice food.

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      • 31 de octubre de 2021

  9. RadlerJan dio un paseo en bici.

    30 de octubre de 2021

    A Mac, RadlerJan y 143 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      My last official ADFC bike tour in 2021.
      Usually always a Berlin tour, mostly to the west.
      Perfect weather, nice and cheerful participants.
      Old railway line Görlitzer Bahn, old museum harbor
      A novelty for me: I've never been to the newly opened palace (Humboldt Forum). Worth seeing, but I think I should take a closer look.
      Then a nice stretch along the Spree, stopover at KPM, unfortunately the café there was closed. impressive again Charlottenburg Palace and the great autumn mood.
      Finally a nice break at the Caprivi Bridge on the Spree.
      Through the Volkspark Junfernheide to the water town of Spandau and a beautiful round on the Havel. The newly restored and rebuilt storage facilities are impressive, but there is also a lot of building activity everywhere.
      Large round hook field, specter green parade, Staaken and Bullengraben.
      By default, the graduation is in Florida, but this time not at the train station, but in Klosterstrasse.

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      • 30 de octubre de 2021

  10. A Radim, Rosefahrer y 51 más les gusta.
    1. RadlerJan

      Directions to the meeting point of the ADFC tour, but since I was close, without my own photos.

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      • 30 de octubre de 2021

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