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Wandere schwerpunktmäßig in und um Wuppertal (ausser im Urlaub), bzw. dort, wo ich ohne viel Umsteigerei mit dem VRR hinkomme - hab keine Lust, immer zum Ausgangspunkt zurück zu müssen.


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  1. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    Hace 3 días

    17,7 km
    5,7 km/h
    110 m
    110 m
    1. Schrenki

      I had to completely reschedule this tour twice on the way! Originally, I wanted to cross the Wupper Bridge in the direction of the old Wupper estuary and then in the direction of Leverkusen station.
      For obvious reasons, this was not possible - i.e. for a short time oriented towards Bf Rheindorf.
      The S 6 didn't run there because of "a storm" and somehow replacement traffic didn't come either - so I had no choice but to go back to Opladen.
      Still, it was nice, except for the stretch of road - I would have preferred a bike there! The whole tour is also suitable for bikes!
      The everywhere visible traces of the flood were impressive!
      And: I have to go back to the area - I still miss the old Wupper estuary!

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      • Hace 3 días

  2. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    3,36 km
    6,0 km/h
    40 m
    30 m
    A Indi, Silvia y 25 más les gusta.
    1. Schrenki

      Once again brought the car to the daughter - and then took a short lap through W - Vohwinkel.
      Due to the onset of showers and unsuitable clothing (no jacket, no umbrella!) Very shortened, but once again rode the suspension railway. 👍

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      • Hace 4 días

  3. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    18 de julio de 2021

    A Peter 🌿, Ewa und Christof y 42 más les gusta.
    1. Schrenki

      Naturally, about 85% of this tour consisted of paved paths.
      Nevertheless, there were great impressions again - especially from the corners that are usually more familiar from driving past.

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      • 18 de julio de 2021

  4. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    17 de julio de 2021

    1. Schrenki

      Small evening tour after I brought my older daughter's car to her second job.
      Instead she brings the bread rolls for breakfast tomorrow and we have fewer chauffeur services. (Sunday is always family breakfast!)
      The traces of the flood are still visible everywhere.
      But: We wuppen that! 👍👌

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      • 17 de julio de 2021

  5. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    15 de julio de 2021

    5,90 km
    5,8 km/h
    160 m
    140 m
    A Indi, Petra Eva 👣 y 47 más les gusta.
    1. Schrenki

      To picture 10: St. Joseph Hospital, popularly "Kapellchen"!
      The water is currently receding around 5 cm per hour - as long as it doesn't rain somewhere in the catchment area.
      During the night the B 7 was under water - bus and rail traffic has been completely stopped. In the city center, the electricity was temporarily switched off.
      This was my after-work lap the day after.
      And I'm kind of happy that I live on the mountain.

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      • 15 de julio de 2021

  6. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    14 de julio de 2021

    A Peter 🌿, Ewa und Christof y 40 más les gusta.
    1. Schrenki

      In the bad weather I wanted to take a look at the Rhine, and I've never been to the Hofgarten either. So: bad weather and off to Düsseldorf.
      In the state capital it has even stopped raining in the meantime, and so the tour from the Rheinkniebrücke, for example, was very pleasant.
      But the S Bahn was delayed on the return journey and had to switch to the long-distance train tracks between Gerresheim and Millrath and stop several times because there was a backlog on the route.

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      • 14 de julio de 2021

  7. A Peter 🌿, Birgit y 59 más les gusta.
    1. Schrenki

      First of all: The time is right, but the tour was "only" 17.4 km! I had to briefly start the pausing tour again at home because I couldn't finish and save!
      Now for the tour itself: It started from the S Bhf HA - Wehringhausen and I wanted to get to the Hengsteysee via as few roads and as much green as possible from the start. Most of the time it worked. 😉
      Some of the trails were really adventurous and absolutely not feasible by bike.
      I was glad that I had an umbrella with me because of the weather forecast - it also helps against nettles and blackberries! 🤗
      The landscape protection area at the former quarry Vorhalle is a paleontological research area, I'm not sure whether the site fence at the entrance was rightfully open - but of course I followed the rules and stayed on the path.
      I ended the tour in HA - Hengstey, because even the bus from there takes another 25 minutes to Hagen Hbf and I had enough.

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      • 10 de julio de 2021

  8. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    6 de julio de 2021

    4,20 km
    5,0 km/h
    80 m
    110 m
    A Susie Bohl, Peter 🌿 y 26 más les gusta.
    1. Schrenki

      Small after-work round, which this time also includes the entire botanical garden. Going somewhere would not have been worthwhile today.
      The paths walked today are not all suitable for cycling due to various stairs - in this case one would have to look for alternatives or parallel paths. The botanical garden is only for pedestrians anyway.
      Due to the heavy rain about 4 years ago, when the city center was full, and many paths with a water-bound ceiling were simply no longer there, most of the paths on the Hardt are now paved. There are only exceptions in the botanical garden and on some side roads.

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      • 6 de julio de 2021

  9. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    2 de julio de 2021

    1. Schrenki

      A beautiful and varied tour along the southern Barmer green belt along the valley axis. It began and ended with paved sections, but in between there were also a lot of forest paths, some paved - some MTB-suitable.
      I actually explored the Kothener Busch myself for the first time and was pleasantly surprised.
      When you are out and about in the urban area, traffic noises are usually present - but especially in the Christbusch and Kothener Busch, the birds could at least drown them out! 👍 And the distant views over the valley are always beautiful.

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      • 2 de julio de 2021

  10. Schrenki hizo una caminata.

    27 de junio de 2021

    A Udo von der Kaiserpfalz, Carmen y 25 más les gusta.
    1. Schrenki

      Due to an approaching thunderstorm, the shortened tour through the Barmer facilities / the end of the festival in the amusement park was unfortunately a lot!
      At least there was a wine spritzer with live music beforehand

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      • 27 de junio de 2021

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