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  1. Dan y Stefan Brünig salieron con la MTB.

    28 de mayo de 2021

    33,1 km
    11,2 km/h
    220 m
    220 m
    A Thomas 🚴 🚶, Lausitzsonne y 21 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      Today I made an appointment with Stefan. The MTB tour created the evening before should lead us to Hirschfelde (Barnim district).At the southern tip of the Straussee we left the city in the direction of Spitzmühle. Here we passed the "isthmus" between the Bötz and the Fängersee.We continued on forest and field paths and on a very old road we reached Wesendahl.
      The place is known for its fruit growing, especially the apple varieties are the best seller.
      Now the rain caught up with us and so we drove quickly past the seemingly endless fruit tree plantations.
      We passed the invisible border of the district and arrived in Hirschfelde. Just in time for the visit to the 300-strong community, the rain subsided again.
      We quickly took a few souvenir photos of the sights.
      This resulted in pictures of the remains of a park, the old country house and, of course, photos with the deer in the center of the village.
      We tremble out of town across a very old, apparently never-ending cobblestone street. After about 2km we drove downhill over muddy forest paths with momentum and through a very beautiful valley. After we had passed the lowest point, it was now very difficult to go uphill again. That took a lot of strength and I suspect we will remember exactly this section tomorrow.Near Gielsdorf we left the forest and took a swing on the beautiful bike path that led us downhill at speed to the Strausberg northern tip of the Straussee.
      Now we went along the banks and soon we reached our goal of the tour.
      Thanks Stefan, I had a lot of fun driving with you!
      We should do that more often.

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      • 28 de mayo de 2021

  2. Dan salió con la MTB.

    26 de mayo de 2021

    A Lausitzsonne, Stefan Brünig y 15 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      Today, after a long break, I went on a mountain bike tour again. I skilfully avoided the dark rain clouds in the sky, but had to do with a lot of wind, which slowed me down a lot.I left the city, drove via Herrensee and Rehfelde to my first destination, the pyramid in Garzau.
      From here I explored new field and forest paths that led me via Werder and Zinndorf to Rehfelde-Dorf.
      Finally, I made a detour to the Herrensee.
      At one point I came very close to the bank. Yes, the lake still exists and it is bigger than expected!
      Bottom line:
      It was a nice tour and the weather held up. I especially liked the dirt roads between the villages. The rapeseed blossom is always a beautiful motif.

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      • 26 de mayo de 2021

  3. Dan hizo una caminata.

    24 de mayo de 2021

    5,55 km
    3,3 km/h
    10 m
    10 m
    1. Dan

      At the end of the long weekend of Pentecost, I was out and about with my wife in the most beautiful sunshine in the Britzer Garten in Berlin. This was opened on July 8th, 1989 and represents an extension of the former area of the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) from 1985.
      The area extends to around 90 hectares and offers park and garden art in a great variety.

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      • 24 de mayo de 2021

  4. Dan y 3 más hicieron una caminata.

    13 de mayo de 2021

    10,0 km
    3,3 km/h
    120 m
    120 m
    A Stefan Brünig, Lausitzsonne y 19 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      Gentlemen's Day 2021 under Corona conditions, plus light rainfall and a very gray sky.Despite all these poor conditions, we (three households) were willing to hike a few steps through Märkische Schweiz today.
      The canopy of leaves of the forest offered good protection and so we started in the vineyards, ran parallel to the Stöbber and first reached the small and then the large Tornowsee.
      Now the time had come for a little refreshment (meatball with bread) and with a cold beer in hand, our eyes wandered over the beautiful lake.
      From Pritzhagen we went on through the woods, past "Drei Eichen" and soon we reached Buckow again. I love this small, tranquil place with its cobblestone streets and old houses that fascinates me again and again. Past the church, we went across the famous market square with the pump, then through the castle park.
      After a short tour of an old ice cellar, everyone got a soft ice cream at the Schermützelsee at the end of the tour.
      Here, too, there wasn't much going on, today it's not beach weather.

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      • 13 de mayo de 2021

  5. Dan hizo una caminata.

    25 de abril de 2021

    1. Dan

      On my tour no. 💯, my wife accompanied me again. It was also her idea and so I planned the round the night before.This time we started the search for the cherry blossom in Berlin-Lichterfelde on the Berlin Wall Trail. Here, where the wall once separated southern West Berlin from Teltow, around 1,000 cherry trees were planted in the early 1990s. The Japanese TV Ashani Group collected donations from compatriots and thus financed the plantings.
      The buds are about to break through, only a few days of sunshine, then the time has come.
      Unfortunately too late for us day tourists ...
      We continued on the Wall Path through a small birch grove, then past a garden colony, to the 62m high mountain of ruins.
      Unfortunately not a very nice place - very neglected, graffiti, rubbish and broken glass everywhere. The view is also very limited by the high undergrowth. Only the view towards Gropiusstadt is okay.
      Now we went back down the "toboggan run" and after a few hundred meters we reached the 12m high Fliegeberg, which was created in 1894.
      Here the aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal undertook experiments with his flight constructions and achieved distances of 80 meters.
      A memorial with a beautiful park has been located there since 1932.
      At the end of today's hike, we chose a path that led along the Teltow Canal.Conclusion:
      Unfortunately no cherry blossom again, but still a nice tour through a very interesting area.

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      • 25 de abril de 2021

  6. Dan hizo una caminata.

    11 de abril de 2021

    A Yve, Lausitzsonne y 19 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      The idea for today's city hike came from my dear wife, who wanted to see the cherry blossom in the capital.
      After doing some research, it seemed like the right time had come and so I put this tour together.
      The start / finish was Schwedter Strasse, not far from the Berlin Wall at the time.
      We crossed Mauerpark, Schwedter Steg and soon reached Bornholmer Strasse.
      A beautiful path begins below the famous bridge, on which many cherry trees were planted on both sides in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, the flowering is still in its infancy, so that unfortunately no spectacular pictures were taken here today. It's a shame, we were probably too early.
      We continued over the Bornholmer Bridge. Here some large display boards show pictures of the opening of the border, which everyone probably knows from television.The last place we went to today was the Humboldthain with the high altitude, former flak position. The ascent via the stairs and paths is worthwhile, the view over the north of Berlin is very beautiful.
      After the descent we crossed the beautifully landscaped park. Spring will soon come here too.
      After a few hundred meters we reached Mauerpark again, this time we crossed it on different paths. I also loved the little birch grove.

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      • 11 de abril de 2021

  7. Dan y 3 más hicieron una caminata.

    2 de abril de 2021

    A Sabine B, Ketschendorf y 18 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      A nice Good Friday tour with dear friends. Of course, the safety distances were always kept correctly.
      Märkische Schweiz still offers many beautiful hiking trails and will definitely see us again soon.

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      • 2 de abril de 2021

  8. Dan hizo una caminata.

    31 de marzo de 2021

    A Ketschendorf, Sabine B y 14 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      In the best weather for excursions we were today 20km south of Potsdam, in Blankensee. First we visited Blankensee Castle, a mansion that was built between 1710 and 1740 in the Brandenburg Baroque style, supposedly on the foundations of an old castle. The palace park designed by the Prussian horticultural artist Peter-Joseph Lenné is beautiful and is freely accessible.Then we hiked through the Glauer Berge, a hilly landscape consisting of sand, within the Thümenschen Winkel. After we climbed the Kapellenberg (79m) and the Kesselberg (91m), we went through a very beautiful valley and down again.At the end of our tour we went to the Blankensee, which is under nature protection. Bathing and driving is not allowed, the bank areas are overgrown and not accessible. There is only one possibility, a highlight in my opinion: The Blankensee Bohlensteg.

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      • 31 de marzo de 2021

  9. Dan hizo una caminata.

    29 de marzo de 2021

    A Sabine B, Lausitzsonne y 14 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      Today we were traveling south of the city of Fürstenwalde / Spree.Here, in the Rauener Mountains, you can marvel at the largest boulders ever discovered in Brandenburg, the margrave stones.
      The large granite bowl was made from part of one of the boulders in 1827/1828 and set up in Berlin-Mitte in front of the Altes Museum in the Lustgarten.
      A lookout tower has stood at the highest point of the Rauener Berge (153m) since 2011. When you have reached the platform at a height of 40m over the iron steps, you can see the land well.
      In the distance you can see the silhouette of Berlin, the cement works in Rüdersdorf, the gigantic hall of Tropical-Island ...
      An ascent is worthwhile and costs € 1.
      Our way back led us past the stone table, which was also built from parts of the boulder.Even further down, you can still see relics of a toboggan run and a ski jump.The area is huge, further south there is an old bunker ("Fuchsbau") that was used until the 1990s.The bottom line is a very nice excursion that I would recommend.

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      • 29 de marzo de 2021

  10. Dan salió con la MTB.

    24 de marzo de 2021

    10,5 km
    17,0 km/h
    30 m
    40 m
    A Diana, Lausitzsonne y 11 más les gusta.
    1. Dan

      Well, who would have thought that!
      After a dull, gray working day, the sun fought its way through in the afternoon.
      And so I drove once around our beautiful Straussee. The water surface was as smooth as a mirror and the sunlight made the lake and the landscape appear in a great light.

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      • 24 de marzo de 2021

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