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Ich bin kein übermäßiger Sportler, sondern genieße gemütliche Touren (oft auch in Begleitung) in schöner - gerne unberührter - Natur.
Motto: Ratsch & Hatsch


875 km

Tiempo en movimiento

267:09 h

  1. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    19 de julio de 2021

    13,7 km
    3,7 km/h
    140 m
    120 m
    A Flipp, wman47 y 38 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.97028 ° E11.36034 °
      Parking at the football field (or in the vicinity)
      14 km - 270 m ascent - 3:25 h walking time net
      First 2/3 lonely forest and meadow trampling between villas and lonely, shady wooded areas. Only around the votive chapel was there a little more "traffic".
      The way back is then no longer as scenic (fields, meadows) as the paths before, but hardly frequented and pleasant to walk.
      Since there is not much open on Mondays, on the way home we had a stop at the Buchscharner Seewirt with delicious fried chicken and blueberry pancakes in the beer garden with a beautiful view of the lake.
      We recommend.
      In Berg am Starnberger See it is said that the wild girls lived in a cave that the locals called the "Schmalzaloch". It was on a rocky slope not far from the lake and was almost obscured by trees and thick undergrowth. There was a small pond nearby, which was fed by a spring that later dried up. The cave opened into an underground passage that led deep into the interior of the hill. The wild young ladies are described as small, good-natured women who were kind to people and helped them wherever they could. Every evening they came out of their cave and went to the named pond. The locals knew about this and always put bread, lard and flour in this place for the friendly creatures. The young ladies gratefully accepted the presents and in return they washed the dirty laundry for the people overnight, which they left by the pond. That went well for a long time.
      But once a farmer, who took pity on the barefoot women, had a shoemaker make shoes and put them with the laundry by the pond. That must have annoyed the unpredictable beings, because they have never shown up since then.

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      • 19 de julio de 2021

  2. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    10 de julio de 2021

    12,2 km
    3,2 km/h
    430 m
    420 m
    A Erni, Matthias y 14 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.74944 ° E11.68482 °
      Marienstein Church, free of charge for 3 hours with parking disc
      Ascent on wide forest paths with numerous cyclists who want to head towards Sigriz / Aueralm.
      Last 1/3 of the ascent on a super beautiful lonely meadow and forest path - which was a bit muddy in flat areas after the rain, but is easy to cross with the planks.
      Short break at the (unmanaged) Florihütte and back down to Marienstein.
      Mainly paths in the shade - but hardly any viewpoints.
      There are none on the way - afterwards there was a stop at the Hoppebräu in Waakirchen

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      • 11 de julio de 2021

  3. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    26 de junio de 2021

    10,1 km
    2,9 km/h
    440 m
    440 m
    A wman47, Erni y 17 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.75963 ° E12.07606 °
      Free parking at the cemetery (or tennis courts) Großholzhausen
      11.3 km - 535 m ascent - 2:55 h walking time net
      (a few short walkers included)
      Mostly (semi) shady wide field and forest paths interrupted by short pieces of root paths and small meadow paths. Outside the forest with a beautiful view of the valleys and alpine pastures.
      Westspange hardly any people - moderate hikers and cyclists on the descent in the east
      Closed on Wednesdays
      We had airy egg liqueur Gugelhupf for Irena and a mountain cheese platter with spicy raw milk cheese (highly recommended) for me.
      Berggasthof Kogl
      Friday day off
      Closed Mon / Thu from 5 p.m.
      Only a drinking break with our obligatory non-alcoholic soot mass and the view (including deer + fawn sighting)
      Gasthaus Schwarzlack
      Closed on Tuesdays
      Delicious menu but we were still full and today we preferred a mountain meal to a big warm meal

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      • 26 de junio de 2021

  4. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    13 de junio de 2021

    11,6 km
    3,7 km/h
    120 m
    110 m
    A Flipp, Erni y 14 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.91202 ° E11.86489 °
      Unteraufham on the wayside
      Wide paths through fields and small districts. The actual way of the cross "Path of the Senses" then a beautiful shady forest path.
      Gasthof to the beautiful view
      Closed on Wednesdays
      We skipped - were still fed up from brunch and there were too many people there

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      • 15 de junio de 2021

  5. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    3 de junio de 2021

    5,97 km
    3,1 km/h
    200 m
    210 m
    A Daniela SJ, Erni y 19 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.77774 ° E10.95061 °
      Free parking for hikers
      6.9 km - 270 m ascent - 2:20 h
      (Brand "Short, but violent" - see below)
      First it goes over shady root paths with steps with varied information boards down to the Ammer. Over the Kalkofensteg over it and then immediately turning onto an idyllic little forest path.
      But this should not stay that way - more and more uprooted trunks would have to be crossed or crossed under, until suddenly there was no further progress due to a landslide including all kinds of branches.
      Piece back, down, bypassing the spot and then (very) laboriously with massive stick and hand use (i.e. on all fours) up the loamy steep slope again.
      After that the path was fine again, but we were flat ... Inasmuch as this path is currently only recommended for adventurous climbing monkeys !!!
      Since it was getting more and more humid anyway, we skipped the Schnalzgipfel and took the forest path to cross. Then again Wurzelweg (with numerous mud holes and slippery stairs) down to the Ammer and over there again. Enough for today.
      Nothing happened.
      On the way back, we stopped at the Urthalerhof (near Sindelsdorf) and recharged our batteries with the tongue of freshly slaughtered pasture ox with horseradish sauce (for me) and spinach dumplings with melted butter (for my lady).

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      • 3 de junio de 2021

  6. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    1 de junio de 2021

    11,3 km
    3,3 km/h
    300 m
    310 m
    A Flipp, tourmax y 22 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.70199 ° E11.52796 °
      Free hiking car park in Lainbachtal
      11.1 km - 380 m ascent - 2:45 h net walking time
      It goes uphill on the partly asphalted and gravel forest road that is well frequented until it goes up to the left on a beautiful and steeper forest detour.
      Once at the top you meet the forest road again and past the (now closed) Kirchsteinhütte, the Längental opens up and offers a view of Brauneck and Benediktenwand.
      We then follow the path to the managed Hinteren Längentalalm, before going back over the Jägersteig - a nice little forest path, initially high up along the Bachtal (and requires some surefootedness in 2-3 places - narrow and edge of steep slope) and later on becoming a wider dirt road.
      In between there is a beautiful vantage point with a bench and field cross over the entire Isar valley (within Weide).
      Kichsteinhütte (WED-SUN)
      Hintere Längentalalm (June-October)
      We had delicious homemade rhubarb cake
      And finally he went to the beer garden of the nearby Arzbacher Hof
      With delicacies (knuckle, duck, dumplings, red cabbage) and a cheese spaetzle pan.
      This is what a free afternoon should look like!

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      • 2 de junio de 2021

  7. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    30 de mayo de 2021

    12,6 km
    3,2 km/h
    400 m
    390 m
    A tourmax, Flipp y 15 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.70450 ° E11.71367 °
      paid parking lot (5-8 €) Sonnenbichl
      Alternatively, there is also a chargeable parking lot in Sollbach nearby
      12.7 km - 450 m ascent - 3:15 h walking time net
      (because I parked at the Sollbach parking lot, because I thought Sonnenbichl is full, a few more meters were added
      -> 14.7 km - 520 m)
      From the Semmelberg junction via Auereck up to the Aueralm feeder, lonely (0 encounters) shady forest paths - simply wonderful.
      The "Ziager" over the sunny cultivation path to the Aueralm then meet populated with mountain bikers and lithium walkers.
      The way back via the Zeiselbachtal is again shady, few cyclists - however, the day trippers woke up late at noon and the path was well populated.
      Usually at the Aueralm.
      But since we saw the streams of people and cyclists pilgrimage from all directions at the crossing point in front of it, we made ourselves comfortable at the bank in front of it and ate pretzels and apples.
      On the way home, there was a cozy stop at the Hoppe in Waakirchen
      It was also much more comfortable with a delicious medium burger and cool (early summer) beer

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      • 31 de mayo de 2021

  8. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    28 de mayo de 2021

    7,28 km
    3,6 km/h
    110 m
    110 m
    A Flipp, Anneke y 13 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.73785 ° E11.53054 °
      Free parking lot for hikers on Quellenstrasse
      7.3 km - 120 m ascent - 2:00 h (net walking time)
      Partly wooded, but mostly sunny, paved, wide paths. Only a short distance on a narrow meadow path. First half hardly any people, numerous cyclists on the main route.
      There is a beautiful legend about the plague chapel in Wackersberg.
      Is saved in the corresponding highlight
      Usually Waldherralm on the beautiful sun terrace - but it was still closed.
      So drove a little more and drove to the Arzbacher Hof and there in the beer garden end the day with delicious onion roast with colorful cheese spaetzle and a portion of (nicely juicy) knuckle in dark beer sauce.

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      • 29 de mayo de 2021

  9. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    22 de mayo de 2021

    7,18 km
    3,8 km/h
    50 m
    50 m
    A Erni, Matthias y 12 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.75722 ° E11.36849 °
      Cemetery parking lot - free for 2 hours (enough for the round)
      7.2 km - 75 m ascent - 1:30 h walking time (net)
      Mostly sunny solid paths. Small section via Wiesenweg. First and last part of the railway line more populated with cyclists / joggers - pleasantly little going on the rest of the way.
      We didn't really have on the way.
      On the way back we took a smoked fish from the Loisachtaler trout farm
      But then the sun really came out and spontaneously sat down in the beer garden with asparagus with smoked salmon and Bavarian sauerbraten in the Reindelschmiede.
      Definitely the right decision!

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      • 23 de mayo de 2021

  10. Nitro_Joe hizo una caminata.

    15 de mayo de 2021

    8,88 km
    3,9 km/h
    10 m
    20 m
    A Flo, wman47 y 13 más les gusta.
    1. Nitro_Joe

      N47.74106 ° E11.40669 °
      Free parking at the former Schönmühl inn
      8.9 km - 40 m ascent - 2:05 h walking time (net)
      Sunny paths (so be careful in midsummer).
      The southern path along the Loisach except for smaller spots on wide field paths and therefore a little more populated (but still hardly met people today).
      The northern route through narrow unpaved roads between Loisach and Filzn and thus naturally more humid after rainfall, but very attractive in terms of the landscape.
      The Gasthaus Schönmühl has not been in operation for a long time - so take a snack with you if necessary

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      • 16 de mayo de 2021

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