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Per Rad und zu Fuß quer durch Brandenburg und Berlin.
Man kann mich gerne über bea.pusteblume@gmx.de
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  1. Bea 🌬️🏵️ y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    29,1 km
    4,9 km/h
    290 m
    260 m
    A Ⓜ️ario, Curry King y 590 más les gusta.
    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      Today's relay hike, organized by Frank Meyer, follows the original tracks of the popular 66-lake hiking trail that Manfred Reschke and his wife Christel explored between 1977 and 1979.Frank Meyer's collection
      This time I was allowed to accompany Netti and Tina on this impressive section of the 66 Lakes Trail.Nice: komoot.de/tour/646507379
      Tina: komoot.de/tour/646506604
      Almost in time for sunrise, we started through the beautiful old town of Trebbin to then climb the Löwendorfer Berg and 3/4 of its tower. As a reward there is a magnificent view of the sunny early morning forest.Through fields and meadows we went to Blankensee, where there is a beautiful view over the lake from the boardwalk.
      Between the nice conversations with Netti and Tina and the wide landscape of the NSG Nuthe-Nieplitz Niederung, the paved road was quickly completed.
      For a worthwhile extra round around the Kähnsdorfer See, this tour leaves the current 66-lakes-path. Finally, it was about the northern Seddiner See, with lots of nature and views.With the setting sun and a few delicacies + mulled wine, we made ourselves comfortable again at the lake and let the day end with a relaxed return to Seddin train station.

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  2. Tina y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    A Bea 🌬️🏵️, Rainer Scheel y 480 más les gusta.
    1. Tina

      This weekend, the original version of today's 66 Lakes Trail, which Manfred Reschke and his wife explored from 1977-1979, was hiked by several participants in the form of a relay hike. This great project was planned and organized by Frank Meyer.Due to an invitation from Netti, who got hold of a wonderful stage, Bea and I were able to act as a "decorative accessory" so to speak 😊We started in Trebbin, which we hiked through a bit and got to Löwendorf, where a nice and steep climb to the Löwendorfer Berg was waiting for us 😅. Afterwards we continued climbing up the observation tower. However, only up to the penultimate floor, as the viewing platform is currently closed.We continued through forest and fields in the direction of Blankensee, where things got a little busier. The subsequent path to the enchanting village of Stücken "pulled" a bit along asphalt, but due to stimulating conversations and with the sun on our necks, this scenically very beautiful stretch was mastered in no time and there was first a little refreshment (halftime 😀).On the way towards Seddiner See, we continued happily through forest and field, then around the northern part of the lake. With wonderful views of the same🌞🤩And since we wouldn't have gotten the next possible train in Seddin anyway, we let this wonderful day end in peace on a stretch of beach at the end of the lake in the "evening sun"...Many thanks to Netti and Bea for this enriching day. 🤩🌞👍And many thanks to Frank for planning and organization. 😊 How nice that I somehow got to be part of this great project.

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  3. Bea 🌬️🏵️ hizo una caminata.

    Hace 5 días

    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      With this great sunshine and landscape dusted with powdered sugar, it could be a little more outside today. ^^

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  4. Bea 🌬️🏵️ hizo una caminata.

    15 de enero de 2022

    A Adelbert, Andreas Scheurer y 809 más les gusta.
    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      Today we went to several lakes with the Dammsmühle Castle.The first 3 km along Buchhorster Strasse until you cross the A10 are rather desolate.
      From the beech forest it looks completely different again, even in winter the forest paths to the Mühlenbecker See are beautiful.
      The path now runs along the water all the way to Dammsmühle Castle, which is apparently currently being renovated.
      It continues on the beautiful forest paths along the Mühlenteich, the Teufelssee, Summter Karpfenteich and the Summter See to Summt.
      Here a "new" signpost shows a different route in the direction of Mühlenbeck. It starts over the fields to a new bridge.
      This is easily passable on a sandy path and after a refreshment in Mühlenbeck it goes back to the S-Bahn.
      Conclusion: a recommended tour except for the first 3 km

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      • 16 de enero de 2022

  5. Bea 🌬️🏵️ hizo una caminata.

    8 de enero de 2022

    A Andy, CyklistCR11 y 845 más les gusta.
    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      Today's route belongs to Green Hauptweg 18 (Innerer Parkring), which runs a generous 52 km around downtown Berlin.It started on U-Samariterstraße, less green but more colorful and urban, through Friedrichshain to the Osthafen. Here you can marvel at the old granaries on the Spree until you cross the Oberbaumbrücke to Kreuzberg.
      In summer, almost more rubber dinghies than water can be seen on the Landwehr Canal and the Neukölln Shipping Canal.
      Once across Rixdorf, when the sunshine is again beautiful, it goes through the Anita Berber Park to the Tempelhofer Feld. Even at 3 ° C there are plenty of walkers, skaters and kiteboarders out and about.
      The tour ends at S Schöneberg with a look at the Gasometer, an industrial monument on the EUREF campus.

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      • 8 de enero de 2022

  6. Aus der Natur | Jan Verbücheln 🤠 y 34 más hicieron una caminata.

    31 de diciembre de 2021

    1. Aus der Natur | Jan Verbücheln 🤠

      My annual balance sheet 2020 (komoot.de/tour/299727733?ref=aso) was already very positive despite (or because of) Corona. I didn't think 2021 would be much better. 😁In addition to my first two relay hikes in 2020, there were a few more, which got bigger and bigger over time:- Niederrhein 🏕: komoot.de/collection/1096254/-virtuelle-komoot-staffelwanderung-niederrhein-maerz-2021- The Easter bunny was probably out and about in the Eifel 🐇: komoot.de/collection/1110199/-virtuelle-komoot-staffelwanderung-nordeifel-ostern-2021- My "birthday present" 🥳: komoot.de/collection/1122809/-virtuelle-komoot-staffelwanderung-1000-km-durch-nrw-pfingsten-2021- Absolute megalomania 😍: komoot.de/collection/1243055/-mitwandern-2021-an-3-tagen-gemeinsam-durch-deutschlandAnother praiseworthy action was by Melchior, who called for people to collect rubbish along the way (komoot.de/collection/1366787/-komoot-ler-sammeln-muell).I usually always present my statistics in numbers. However, since I left the pioneer program at the beginning of the year and am focusing on "Enjoyment & Community" and no longer on "Higher-Faster-Further", I will forego the statistics. In addition, this is "fake" anyway, which I don't really care about for the reasons mentioned.Outside of komoot, I also experienced many highlights this year, as well as meeting new people and making new friends. I finished my forestry apprenticeship in June, followed a month later by the Alpentraversale and now I'm studying in my second home, the Allgäu.I would like to thank you all very much: for your support, your nice comments and everything else! You are what komoot is all about: a lively and active community that holds together even in times of crisis. I would especially like to thank my family, without whose support I would not have been able to achieve so much. Thanks very much! ❤I wish you a good start in 2022 with the hope that things will look up again. I hope I can get to know a lot of "new" faces and meet "old" faces again in the next year.---komoot.de/user/410868532251/2021---Anyone who was also part of the relay hikes can add themselves to the tour via the invitation link:

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      • 31 de diciembre de 2021

  7. Bea 🌬️🏵️ hizo una caminata.

    20 de diciembre de 2021

    21,1 km
    3,8 km/h
    130 m
    110 m
    A JavierCR 🇪🇸, Heiko Donath y 865 más les gusta.
    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      With the morning sun we went through the Kamper forest, past the Kamp Lindfort monastery, along a railway embankment, to the Oermter Berg with its game reserves.
      On the paths of the Schardenberg and the Scharphuysener heights you have many panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

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      • 20 de diciembre de 2021

  8. Bea 🌬️🏵️ hizo una caminata.

    19 de diciembre de 2021

    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      Today there was, gray in gray, an interesting tour through Sonsbeck Switzerland to the new lookout tower. With its height of 26m you have a great view to Xanten and the Lower Rhine.

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      • 19 de diciembre de 2021

  9. Bea 🌬️🏵️ hizo una caminata.

    12 de diciembre de 2021

    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      Today we went through a not so white winter landscape.
      Through the Biesenhorster Sand, along the B. Baggersee to Biesdorf Castle with its beautiful park.
      In the castle there is currently a list of the Spanish painter Gustavo, who with his colorful pictures was the color highlight today.

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      • 12 de diciembre de 2021

  10. Bea 🌬️🏵️ hizo una caminata.

    11 de diciembre de 2021

    A Luca, Ondschi y 837 más les gusta.
    1. Bea 🌬️🏵️

      Organized by Frank Meyer, today we went across the southeast of Berlin.komoot.de/tour/596193206for Jürgen the mandatory placeholder;)

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      • 11 de diciembre de 2021

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