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Liebt wandern in der Hohen Mark, Haard und Münsterland. Und eigentlich sowieso überall 😉Auch öfters mal mit Kind on Tour. Trainiert für den 55 km Mammutmarsch 🙈


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  1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hizo una caminata.

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    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      I have to admit ... I've never been to the Silver Lakes! High time to change that today!
      I started at the Waldfried parking lot in Sythen. Short stop at Sythen Castle (which was not open early in the morning) and continued through the village.
      It then went over fields into the forest, into the Mergelkuhlen NSG and past the WASAG moors. A beautiful piece of forest!
      In Lavesum the church and chapel of St. Antonius were taken. The latter is from the 15th century and really worth seeing with its paintings.
      When we arrived at Silbersee 1, we went along the a43 for a long time ... according to Wars ... which the deer didn't seem to mind and they calmly crossed animals in front of me.
      At Silbersee 2 I lost Komoot 😩 and wandered around a bit…. At some point the path went down in blackberries and I had to look for another way. And suddenly I noticed that I was behind the barrier 🙈 Silbersee 2 is cordoned off everywhere and entry is absolutely forbidden! How I got there ... I can't tell you! I then quickly tried to find a passage through the barrier! So please do NOT follow the path I took at Silbersee 2 !!!!
      When I was finally back on legal routes, I was relieved. I really don't like that 😩🙈and it was absolutely not my intention!
      Finally I visited the Silbersee 3.
      The path continued through a beautiful wooded area until it ended at the resting place of nature in Sythen.
      A nice and exciting round. But I don't need that at Silbersee 2 again and I haven't found Scatz either 😎

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    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      You all already know the house tour around the lake, so nothing new ... but I didn't want to withhold the beautiful sunrise from you ☀️ Have a nice Saturday to all of you!

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  3. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hizo una caminata.

    12 de septiembre de 2021

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    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      Looking for a tour with a decent altitude difference around here, I remembered this circular route. I once lived in Velbert for a few years and the Langenberger Rundwanderweg was already present there. However, unsportsmanlike as I was back then, I always asked myself which crazy people want to go out on a day 😎 now I am included in the circle of these crazy people 😂
      This circular route combines everything I needed today for training for the mammoth march in October:
      1. Crunchy vertical meters
      2. decent kilometers
      3. Despite enjoying nature, pure.
      When I started this morning at around 7 o'clock in the kidney yard, some “mammoths” of today's Wuppertal mammoth march happened to be passing through there. They wanted to do 100 km in 24 hours. And it must have been relatively towards the end ... just guess 30 km from the goal. I helped out with blister plasters 😎
      From Kidneyhof it went straight up to the top. Above the Wodan valley I ran into some deer…. The sun was just rising…. This view is wonderful.
      We continued along the Felderbachtal. Here you can hear the cows all the time, because even at this latitude they are equipped with bells.
      At the border to Elfringhauser Switzerland I saw some flood damage ... amazing what the water has done there.
      We continued on to a great trail ... unfortunately almost impossible to walk without a machete and therefore a bit of a disaster. I tore my jacket because of the blackberry bushes…. And it was wet too 😝 after that I was scratched and soaked and the shoes made slippery noises 😬
      In the Windrath Valley, past the organic farms, I took a break at the Windrath Chapel.
      There first shoes off ... socks off ... and the attempt to dry something in the sun. After all, I had a change of socks and a towel with me and that was also my luck, because otherwise I would certainly not have survived the tour without blisters (like now).
      We continued past the fish ponds and again over forests and fields, to the edge of Tönisheide (where I used to live) past the Naturfreundehaus.
      After that, climbs alternated with fields and forests. There was also some asphalt, but I wasn't angry.
      Overall, everything went well. The vertical meters killed me a bit in the end 😎 but still: October can come.

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      • 12 de septiembre de 2021

  4. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hizo una caminata.

    5 de septiembre de 2021

    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      Today finally a long tour again in the best weather! I started in Deut with friends. From there it went past the Lasthauser Moor into the woods. Early in the morning is simply the most beautiful in the forest!
      It went on to Lembeck Castle, but only the rear part. The tents from the events of the last few weeks remained here.
      I continued my way into the farming communities, past large vegetable fields (red cabbage, celery, chives ... everything included. And everything for Iglo, as I heard 😎).
      There was also a milk filling station and cheese dairy products for sale.
      We continued in the direction of Rhade. I treated myself to an ice cream behind the mill.
      Then across the Rhader meadows (storks were still there after all 😎) to the Üfter Mark. How beautiful it is there! Sometimes it reminds me of France with the pine forests there.
      And in between the blooming heather with its pink spots in the barren nature, wonderful!
      By the way, please do not follow the path from km 24 .. Otherwise you will run for one and a half kilometers through the pampas 😎
      When, thank God, I had solid paths under me again, something rattled through the forest and stopped briefly in front of me. Three Harleys and their drivers were so lost that they ended up in the middle of the forest!
      The three of them were very desperate and thanks to Komoot we were able to quickly find the next street. They just wanted to go to Lembeck Castle…. Was it something very far from 😎
      Then I went back over fields and further forests.
      A wonderful day. I will visit the Üfter Mark again, fantastically beautiful there!

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      • 5 de septiembre de 2021

  5. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 y Wilbur hicieron una caminata.

    4 de septiembre de 2021

    A Joe Outside, HWF y 65 más les gusta.
    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      After a long time, another hike with mouse and friends. The Römerweg has been on offer for a long time and can be walked in various lengths. We went the route with the blue cone.
      Nice little round through the Haard, with wonderful paths. You can tell that autumn is now arriving ... the light is changing and the forest is already shining golden.
      The only thing that bothered me was the beginning of the Römerweg, along the Bossendorfer Damm (a lot of traffic). Otherwise ... great!

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      • 4 de septiembre de 2021

  6. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hizo una caminata.

    22 de agosto de 2021

    A Monika Middeke, Armin Allgäu😊 y 78 más les gusta.
    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      She blooms again! The popular Westruper Heide. Since I really have a time problem at the moment to do nice hiking tours, this morning, despite the bad weather forecast, I was wildly determined not to miss at least this year's flowering of the Westruper Heide. And it was beautiful!
      I combined the detour to the heather with my obligatory house tour around the lake. On the lake it was regatta time, in the town mill bay there was again the concert series “Summer at the lake” at the cabin. And when, at the end of the hike, “I'm still haven’t found what I’m looking for” rang out to me from U2 across the lake, I was happy to be able to walk and live in such a beautiful spot on earth. Have a nice sunday!

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      • 22 de agosto de 2021

  7. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hizo una caminata.

    8 de agosto de 2021

    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      Every year in August we have this anniversary hike and we are always looking forward to the cake that will be served in Tecklenburg 😅. We start in Lengerich at the hiking car park behind the Helios Clinic. From here you have a great entrance to the Hermannsweg and various Teuto loops. Right at the beginning there is a beautiful vantage point where you can see the blue lagoon. Today it was gray due to the lack of sun.
      Then you go up through the forest along Hermannsweg and over the canyon ridge. Past goats and cows, back into the woods with a small descent over steps.
      Shortly crossed the street and back into the woods and up to Tecklenburg. The stairs to the ascent end at the market square. There we had flake cake at the well-known Cafe Rabbel 😋. Strolling through a few shops, we took the path towards the witch's path, which we have never walked before and I really wonder why, because it really has it all! Beautiful, with many rooted paths and a great stone formation.
      We passed the Marck house and crossed the Königsee. We went back on beautiful forest trails. Nice little tour! Again next year 😎

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      • 8 de agosto de 2021

  8. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hizo una caminata.

    7 de agosto de 2021

    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      Actually, I wanted to do some altitude today and had put together a nice tour in the Teuto. And then ... I actually overslept this morning and it would have been too late😅
      That's why there was this nice alternative today. I started in Olfen at the cemetery parking lot. The Hohe Mark Steig runs almost next door, in the stevedores. There I first met the big, shaggy Poitou donkeys, which I found quite cute and impressive. It went on to the Steverstrand and then on to the Dortmund Ems Canal. There it blooms so diverse and therefore it smells incredibly good there 🌺. And this scenery apparently beguiled me so much that I missed the junction and transition to Sandfort Castle ... I'll have to do that another time.
      Via “Die Alte Fahrt”, which I liked very much, I got to the Datteln Sea at the Wesel Datteln Canal and from there to the lock.
      Soon I went to the NSG Lippeauen. With some viewpoints, platforms and many interesting information boards. Beautiful there!
      Further on via Eversum and its forest holiday village, it went back through the woods towards the meadows of the Stever. From the start of the raft it was unfortunately teeming with bachelors parting. I really indulge them and I'm happy for all of them, but if you are constantly overtaken by booming party trekkers on the last few meters of the hike (and it wasn't my music either 🙃) then it can get on your nerves at some point 😅.
      Still was a nice hike. No hobbits, but Poitou donkeys and deer, beautiful butterflies and wonderfully chirping birds. Was fun.

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      • 7 de agosto de 2021

  9. Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hizo una caminata.

    1 de agosto de 2021

    A GRK ☀️🌳🤗, Monika Middeke y 85 más les gusta.
    1. Sarah wandert☀️🥾

      The last day of vacation is here ... a shame! So I was happy that the weather was better than expected and that I was able to go on tour with my (quasi) sister-in-law for the first time. Telgte has been appealing to me for a long time and that's why we first looked at the cute city center with the beautiful market square. Then it went on over the Ems into wonderful pine forests, this spicy scent is simply terrific! All the way to the Klatenberger Heide, a small, sandy heather formation that you can find every now and then in the Münsterland. There we took a short break and let the sun shine on our faces.
      On the way to the Emsauen we met a marten in the middle of the way. I don't know which of us was more frightened 😅
      The Emsauen are an absolute highlight because they are definitely beautiful! We also ran across the estuary, where the Bever joins the Ems.
      Over further fields and forests we came to the former manor house Langen. Today this is privately owned and not accessible. But the weir is and is nice to look at.
      Now we went back through the forest and over the fields part of the Way of the Cross until we got back to Telgte. On the market square, we stopped at the Altes Gasthof Seiling and let the beautiful day of hiking come to an end. Only then did some rain come down. We were really lucky with the weather. It was a nice tour 😊

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      • 1 de agosto de 2021

  10. Chris Walk y Sarah wandert☀️🥾 hicieron una caminata.

    30 de julio de 2021

    A Bettina S., jelo y 107 más les gusta.
    1. Chris Walk

      There are days when you know you shouldn't get up - that's what happened to me today, because first thing in the morning I rushed down the stairs and got a stupid bruise on my buttocks ... 🤕How good when you have friends who can still motivate you and turn the bankruptcy into a wonderfully romantic tour 😻Sarah answered a few days ago asking if I had time to go hiking today. I had 😻, and both sides were very happy - finally Münsterland again - finally queens together again 👍👑😻A goal was quickly set, I looked on the LWL page for locks that meant nothing to me and found Haus Welbergen in Ochtrup.Together we found out that Ochtrup consists of more than just FOC.
      From the train station it went first to the city center. The first goal (I already checked what Ochtrup has to offer) was the home, the old house of the Eiling family, who like so many people here have "made clay" over generations. After the family had sold the house to the community, it was extensively restored with the help of LWL and now houses the pottery museum. We came just in time to have the nice museum lady explain everything calmly and with passion for a contribution of € 1 towards expenses. I.a. she showed us a sample handicraft blanket made by young girls from the turn of the century (19th century).
      From the museum it went via the Pottbäckerplatz to the Stüwwenkopp, a remnant of the old city fortifications.I wanted to pass the FOC with the imposing Beltmann building (old textile entrepreneur), but my planned route went through it. It wasn't crowded there, but we skipped all business and got out. Only I would have liked to have taken the little Ravensburger penguin with me 😻, you will find in Sarahs Tour ...On the Heideradweg it went to Welbergen, one of the three districts of Ochtrup. A sweet, sleepy nest with a beautiful Romanesque church, a quaint, nice village shop and very nice Pättkes on the edge of the Vechte. These led us to the moated castle Haus Welbergen - the absolute highlight today! Not only the water system, the buildings and the location are great😻 - the Renaissance garden is teeming with butterflies, which I was able to photograph very well👌We could hardly part with this dream place, but we then moved on to Langenhorst to the Spieker and the boules area, where we took a little rest before we went back to the Ochtrup train station through Münsterland's fields.Conclusion: friends will be friends, and Sarah is a good friend who is incredibly good at motivating - and who smiled away my bruise😻👌😹

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      • 30 de julio de 2021

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