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Spitzname: Jojo, Jahrgang: 1979, Wohnort: das Renchtal im Südwesten von Deutschland.Hobbys: wandern, Rad fahren, fotografierenfür Fragen gerne E-Mail an: Mr_J0J0_Frischluftsommelier@t-online.de


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  1. M1ST3R J0J0 dio un paseo en bici.

    Hace 7 días

    78,8 km
    18,7 km/h
    270 m
    270 m
    A micnolf, Bergziege Doris y Oliver les gusta esto.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start / end: Oppenau im Renchtal / Black ForestThe path leads us out of the Renchtal, past farms, meadows, forests and along the Rench, which gives this valley its name.From Oberkirch we come towards the Rhine valley, we cross beautiful open landscapes and several villages with many half-timbered houses.Arrived on the Rhine, it goes to Kehl to the old state horticultural show area and the impressive pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Rhine.Now we are already on the way back, through villages, orchards and corn fields.On the Renchdamm we come back to Oberkirch, and from there we drive back to the beautiful Renchtal.

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      • Hace 6 días

  2. M1ST3R J0J0 dio un paseo en bici.

    12 de septiembre de 2021

    45,8 km
    17,4 km/h
    510 m
    460 m
    A Bergziege Doris, Ir📍s 🏞 y micnolf les gusta esto.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start / end: Oppenau im Renchtal, Black ForestThe tour has almost no pictures, but it is highly recommended in terms of scenery. The path is varied and leads mostly on tarred paths, through orchards, small villages with beautiful residential areas, forests and vineyards, with loose ground predominating here.You pass at least 4 schnapps / beer fountains and 1-2 ice cream parlors, restaurants are also right on the roadside.

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      • 12 de septiembre de 2021

  3. M1ST3R J0J0 salió con la MTB.

    20 de agosto de 2021

    68,9 km
    16,9 km/h
    780 m
    690 m
    A Rudolf Müller, Bergziege Doris y 13 más les gusta.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start / end: Oppenau im Renchtal / Black ForestFirst it was relaxed on the bike path to Lautenbach, in order to drive up there in the Vorder-Winterbach into the vineyard. It went down into Hell and then straight back to the vines above Oberkirch. Both times you have a beautiful view of the valley and the Rhine plain.In Niederlehen it went up again in the vineyard to the Fatima chapel, over the Ullenburg to Tiergarten and along the Baden wine cycle path via Haslach, Renchen-Ulm to Kappelrodeck.Direction Oberachern again through the vineyard and the vines to the Bienenbuckel with a beautiful view over Achern to the Strasbourg Cathedral and the Rhine Valley with the Vosges in the background.Then from Oberachern to Achern via Renchen and Erlach to Stadelhofen.Continue towards Bottenau past Zusenhofen, Müllen and Meisenbühl. The Schlatten over Fürsteneck to the Eckenberg to Butschbach.And from Oberkirch via Lautenbach back to Oppenau, in order to have a well-deserved conclusion in the form of a spaghetti ice cream in the ice cream parlor.

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      • 22 de agosto de 2021

  4. M1ST3R J0J0 salió con la MTB.

    13 de agosto de 2021

    40,9 km
    13,9 km/h
    980 m
    980 m
    A decano loco, Bumble-Bee y 12 más les gusta.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start / end: Oppenau im Renchtal / Black ForestThe beginning was very good, it went over the small climb, past the Hornbrunnen to the sand hut.From there down the Wernest a bit to then drive to the Renchtalhütte.I wanted to go to the Alexanderschanze along the middle Brandweg, but the main path was closed, which is why I was allowed to ride a single trail.This turned out to be an almost impassable mud hole after logging work and as wide as a forest path, which didn't make it any better.When I finally arrived at the Alexanderschanze, I followed the B28 a short distance and then turned left towards Glaswaldsee and Freiersberg.In the area of the Glaswaldsee and in the direction of Freiersberg, extensive forestry work and all roads were closed, so I had to break off here (it should actually continue over the Freiersberg to Lochwasen, on the Schäfersfeld in the direction of Ibacher Holzplatz and only then back to Oppenau).So it went down the Holchen to Freiersbergstraße, to Bad Peterstal and then the B28 back to Oppenau.I definitely don't like forest work, whether it's hiking or mountain biking.

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      • 13 de agosto de 2021

  5. M1ST3R J0J0 salió con la MTB.

    12 de agosto de 2021

    A Bergziege Doris, decano loco y 3 más les gusta.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start / finish: Oppenau im Renchtal / SchwarzwladAs the title suggests, a little round for a little bread through a fabulous landscape

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      • 12 de agosto de 2021

  6. M1ST3R J0J0 hizo una caminata.

    10 de agosto de 2021

    12,7 km
    4,7 km/h
    60 m
    40 m
    A Jürgen.S. 🥾, Kitty767 y 15 más les gusta.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start / end: Konstanz train stationOn the lakeshore path we went to the "Hörnle" lido. Continue along Lake Constance to the harbor in the State district.From Staad to Sternenplatz (Rheinbrücke Konstanz near the train station) we went by bus ;-)Continue along the Rhine to the "Seezeit" beach bar, which unfortunately is currently closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.Over the Rhine bridge at the Bodenseeforum past the same to the bicycle and pedestrian bridge.Along the bicycle road to the "Lago" shopping center and from there to the train station back across the marina.

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      • 12 de agosto de 2021

  7. M1ST3R J0J0 salió con la MTB.

    9 de agosto de 2021

    46,1 km
    11,1 km/h
    1.190 m
    1.180 m
    A Bergziege Doris, MSchöDo y 20 más les gusta.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start and finish: Oppenau im Renchtal / Black ForestFrom Hinter-Ibach on the Breitenberg from there to the Oppenauer-Steig and below the ski slope refuge to the 1000m path.This path goes up to almost 1000 meters in altitude with only a few ascent and descent to over the Schliffkopf, with some fantastic views.Below the Hornisgrinde it went downhill to Brennte Schroffen, my actual goal, the route through Komoot was adventurous, I still have to work on it.After a wonderful vantage point, we went in the direction of Allerheiligen, from there to Braunberg. There, too, there is a beautiful view of the Rhine plain.Over the Rinken with a small chapel, we went on to the plateau, then to the Kleinebene and then back to the starting point in Oppenau.Very nice tour with 4 single trails where I only had to drive one of them, I ran the other 3.

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      • 12 de agosto de 2021

  8. M1ST3R J0J0 salió con la MTB.

    5 de agosto de 2021

    22,2 km
    13,8 km/h
    630 m
    610 m
    A Fabian Gande, Bergziege Doris y Jacob les gusta esto.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Start / end: Oppenau im Renchtal / Black ForestWith the mountain bike with built-in tail wind, it went up the Haldenhofweg to the plateau. With only small ascents and descents it went to the Rinkenkapelle and from there it went up again to the Braunberg above Sulzbach.
      From the Braunberg the descent began down the Sulzbach to Hubacker in the Renchtal.
      In the Ramsbach, the route led past the new rest area with a drink house and seating until there was another ascent in the Kuhbach up the Lehwald to Guckinsdorf.
      Then a short descent to Huggenhof and towards Bauhof in Oppenau, where the tour ended.

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      • 7 de agosto de 2021

  9. M1ST3R J0J0 salió con la MTB.

    2 de agosto de 2021

    23,3 km
    10,1 km/h
    850 m
    820 m
    A Patrick Göser, bry_no.2301 y 10 más les gusta.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Tried a new e-bike and ended up in a dead end twice. Otherwise very nice route, with some great views.

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      • 2 de agosto de 2021

  10. M1ST3R J0J0 dio un paseo en bici.

    8 de julio de 2021

    15,5 km
    16,1 km/h
    20 m
    30 m
    A Bumble-Bee y Jacob les gusta esto.
    1. M1ST3R J0J0

      Part 2 goes from de Koog through forest areas and past the seal sanctuary Ecomare to the largest town on the island "Den Burg".And from the castle it goes back to the ferry port and another wonderful day is over.

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      • 3 de agosto de 2021

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