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"MitWandern 2021 - An 3 Tagen gemeinsam durch Deutschland"Diese von einigen Wanderverrückten ins Leben gerufene Aktion findet statt vom 16.-18.7.2021. Initiator ist Jan, welcher über Pfinsten 2021 bereits eine 1200 km lange Staffelwanderung in NRW organisiert hatte. Bei der Organisation wird er unterstützt von Andreas, Christoph, Frank, Jens, Joachim & Thomas. Mehr als 150 Etappen, über 3.400 km und über 53.000 Höhenmeter! Das ist fast so weit wie der Appalachian Trail.
Wir holen uns das Outdoor-Erlebnis nach Hause. Dazu zählen wir auf Dich. Auch wenn bald wohl wieder Reisen in „die weite Welt“ möglich sind.
Die Touren sind alle gut mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln erreichbar, um möglichst Allen die Teilnahme zu ermöglichen.
Start- und Endpunkt sind nicht veränderbar. Sonst bekommen wir ja keine durchgehende Tour hin mit Euren Einzeltouren. Alle Teilnehmer sind notwendig, um das Große und Ganze zu schaffen: Eine Tour durch Deutschland an einem Wochenende!
Die Strecke zwischen Start- und Endpunkt ist als Vorschlag anzusehen. Hier haben wir - mal mehr, mal weniger - eigene Erfahrungen einfließen lassen. Deutschland ist dann doch zu groß, um jeden Winkel genau zu kennen. Aber da kommt Ihr ins Spiel! Wir sind gespannt, welchen Weg Ihr einschlagen werdet und ob Ihr den jeweiligen Abschnitt abkürzt oder sogar noch erweitert.
Also schnapp Dir einen Abschnitt, solange er noch nicht mit einem anderen Teilnehmer besetzt wurde!


3.536 km

Tiempo en movimiento

743:10 h

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  1. schubine76 y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    Hace aprox. 4 horas

    20,9 km
    4,4 km/h
    310 m
    310 m
    A MitWandern 2021, Söhni 🏃 y 15 más les gusta.
  2. Söhni 🏃 y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    Hace aprox. 5 horas

    A Söhni 🏃, Dietmar y 72 más les gusta.
    1. Söhni 🏃

      Even the journey by car to Steinbach am Wald was a little adventure and a time-consuming affair. It took me 1.5 hours. The car was quickly parked in the station car park and platform 4 was found. The train left Steinbach am Wald station punctually at 9:26 am and with a short stop of a quarter of an hour when changing in Kaulsdorf (Saale), I reached the station at my starting point in Blankenstein an der Saale at 11:10 am. It took me more than three hours to get to the starting point! That's pretty tough, but I didn't want to leave this gap on the Franconian-Thuringian border open any longer. That demands victims (laughs). After all, the MitWandern 2021 campaign should not fail because of a single missing route in Franconia!From the train station in Blankenstein an der Saale, I went straight to the Rennsteig, the most famous and much-sung high path in the Thuringian Forest, to start my day's stage. The hiking hub in Blankenstein is unique in Germany and something like the "navel of hiking". Five nationally known and partly quality-tested long-distance hiking trails start or end here at the former inner-German border. Hikers can set out from the Franconian Forest in all directions to explore the center of Germany over several hundred kilometers. The hiking hub symbolizes in an impressive way a miracle of history that is still barely comprehensible today: the peaceful reunification of Germany!Where for decades high barbed wire fences, mighty observation towers and threatening shooting and mine facilities separated the people in Bavaria and Thuringia by force, today we can experience "unlimited" history within Germany and immerse ourselves in an untouched natural biotope along the "Green Belt".In addition to the Rennsteig, another well-known hiking trail accompanies my tour, namely the Via Porta hiking route. The Via Porta is a pilgrimage route from the Protestant monastery Volkenroda in the Thuringian Unstrut-Hainich district to the Waldsassen monastery in the Upper Palatinate district of Tirschenreuth and is the historical connection between the former Cistercian monastery and its daughter monastery.This stage of MitWandern 2021 may not have found fans until the end, because it is not only difficult to reach by public transport, but also because of the demanding route length. The viewpoints and natural beauties along the hiking trail definitely make up for all the effort and let you forget the effort in a matter of minutes. For me personally, this stage was a stroke of luck: to hike along the high trail at the starting point of the Rennsteig and with the best hiking weather, heart, what more could you want ?!

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      • Hace aprox. 4 horas

  3. Mandelkern y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    Hace aprox. 9 horas

    A Güni, Susann y 22 más les gusta.
    1. Mandelkern

      July 29, 2021
      E022 | MitWandern 2021:
      Brahlstorf - Hagenow Land
      All good things come in threes or are three too many? A clear answer: My third trick on “MitWandern 2021” was the most intense, but also the most beautiful. So I'm relieved that I did it after all.It has gotten late, which means that I want to report in detail tomorrow and include more photos.

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      • Hace aprox. 4 horas

  4. W.G. & SamKito ✔️ y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    Hace un día

    A Kati, LOradler y 82 más les gusta.
    1. W.G. & SamKito ✔️

      Flap shut. No comment on today's tour. That just wasn't mine. E-bikers are sure to love it ...

      2021 one of the last remaining tours of the nationwide "MitWandern2021" campaign. Time to thank the organizers for putting this idea into practice. It was great to see how many people let themselves be inspired by this idea, participated themselves, or just left a like for every tour with others.
      Thank you for your commitment and your work! That was a pleasure.

      In alphabetical order they were:
      Andreas (,
      Christoph (,
      Frank (,
      Jan (
      Jens (,
      Joachim ( &
      Thomas (
      Until 2022. You read yourself. 😎

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  5. Lausitzsonne y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    Hace un día

    A Lausitzsonne, Steffen in MHD y 203 más les gusta.
    1. Dagi

      ... beautiful there! 👍
      Especially Kreba-Neudorf

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      • Hace un día

  6. Ein 🐟 namens Wander y 2 más hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 2 días

    A Ein 🐟 namens Wander, Michael y 107 más les gusta.
    1. Ein 🐟 namens Wander

      A wise person once said: "Sometimes you have to combine the beautiful with the pleasant".That prompted me to do some cosmetics (something nice) today, because on the complete MitWandern tour there was still a gigantic gap between the Heidelberg old town and the main train station. Of course I can't let that sit on me.
      So today at the end of the day a little stomach-legs-butt training was put in - the latter two were used on the sky ladder and the stomach afterwards when visiting the new "beer garden" at the Königstuhl (which was pleasant). It was more of a terrace than a beer garden, but at least with a beautiful view ... don't split currants 🤔 ... and the chain is knotted together again 😋

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  7. BinDannMalWeg y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 2 días

    A Hans Uwe Petersen, Wodi y 81 más les gusta.
    1. BinDannMalWeg

      Part two 🚶The second tour was less spectacular in terms of the views, but most of the time it was through the woods 🌴 The Waldwichtelweg was great 👍😊 There was something for everyone, big or small: discovering, guessing, diving, making music, climbing, browsing, searching and, and, and .... 😃Further on the way and a little hidden in the rock, a natural monument "Black Gate" near Rietheim-Weilheim 🧐👍
      I almost shot past the ruin / castle 🙄 "Fürstenstein" near Weilheim 🏃 if it hadn't been for a small sign ⚠️ Oh yes, you can hardly see anything from the ruin / castle 🙄 About the type and size of the former Little is known about the castle and its history. It used to be a Roman watchtower 💂
      You can breathe deeply and give your shoes a little break under the "Three Beeches" 🌲🌲🌲
      The rock vault "Bettelmannskeller" near Weilheim cannot be overlooked 😯 There is an open space on top of the "roof", caution is required ⚠️ Ventilation? Air conditioner? Who knows 😉
      Hidden in the zigzag trail path 👍 near Wurmlingen is the "nuns cave" Bei an interesting shelter 👍
      Hardly got going and it was over 🚶😕The rubber smokes, the sole glows 🥾 and the end result: I keep my shoes on 😊 No dents, hardly any scratches, socks 🧦 have survived this tour well and unscathed 😃Oh yes, the mosquitoes 🦟 I used to be able to stand in a swarm, nobody was interested in my little one 😕 I was always considered inedible 🤢 for this beast 🦟 And now, even under the backpack on their back, they let off steam 😕 Counted 18 bites 🧮 And please no jokes 👆 about "it's like with the wine, the older the ..." 🍷🤭😆

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      • Hace aprox. 15 horas

  8. BinDannMalWeg y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 2 días

    A Christof, Gordon Blö y 81 más les gusta.
    1. BinDannMalWeg

      The Guten Morgen newspaper has not yet been delivered 🗞️ the headlines of the day have not yet hit ⚒️ I'm going 🚶As for the weather, I was a little worried 😟 but not again 😞 The forecast was: clouds, rain and light thunderstorms ⛈️ The weather fairy and the toad were once again not in agreement 🤔 Pure sunshine in the morning, a bit drawn in at noon ☁️ but dark clouds were hanging around no rain and beautiful sunshine again in the afternoon 😃 So I was able to do both tours E143 and E144 in the land of ten thousand ⛰️ (Fortunately, nobody counted when "leafing through pictures" 🧮 I did not "pick" all ⛰️ 10 thousand 🤭) in one day 🚶In order to run in my new step 🥾 it was a perfect tour in Bergische Alb-Getho Gelände The terrain is mixed and varied, fantastic paths, paths, meadows, mountains, roads, pavement simply the best conditions for it 😃 A treat for soles 🤩 for the soul wonderful time out 😊The entire catwalk 💃 stretched from Schömberg to Tuttlingen for about 46 km. Sunshine was the ideal spotlight that illuminated the entire podium 😃 The fashion enthusiastic spectators such as crickets, butterflies 🦋 squirrels 🐿️ and slimy creeps 🐌 accompanied me on this way. DJ 🎧 van der Vogel conducted the beat for me 🎶 so that I didn't get out of step. Graceful as a gazelle staggered 7 km until the first uphill test phase, the Oberhohenberg ⛰️ with its 1010 m of crisp, steep ascent began 🥵 There is a refuge 🏡 at the edge of the path, perfect to breathe deeply. A play climbing paradise for children and a chill-out lounge with a barbecue area for adults 👍 Next up the mountain, second break in the very sweet and lovingly cared for St. Nicholas Chapel 😃 Further up I stumbled across the remains of Hohenberg Castle 😉 An imitation of the castle is due today octagonal steel frame, with drawings, explanations and information about the interesting unknown structure 🧐 The swaying suspension bridge 🌉 that leads down from the castle, for those suffering from seasickness 🤕 there is a path around it, is a truly shaky affair
      We continued over the Hochberg ⛰️ with wide views 🔭 over the prairies and metropolises of this area 😉 up to the "Gipfelberg" and the 33 meter high tower on Lemberg emberg The tower 🗼 both from below and from above looks much higher 😳 The first test of courage in terms of altitude for my new hiking high heels 👠🤭 A school class of 9-year-olds hopped around on it 😲 So what the children can do, I have to be able to do nothing like going up. The view from above is simply stunning 🤩 Pixels a few more photos 📸 and from there it went down steeply ⤵️ into the valley just so that you should crawl straight up again ⤴️ So, back up to Hochwald ⛰️ shortly afterwards Kehlenberg ⛰️ where a white cross which is illuminated by fireflies 💡 in the evening. From here you have a great view of the Baar level and the Black Forest 😃 For me that was the most beautiful transition -> from Kehlenberg to Hummelsberg 🤩👍😊
      At the Hummelsberg ⛰️ there is a flying 🛩️Men's paradise "Glider Airfield Klippeneck" 😃 For the waiting mothers and children until the dad has let off steam, there are beautiful resting, play areas and barbecue areas 👍 Then back into, around and through the woods to the Trinity Mountain 🚶 The many steps, the steep descent are very impressive 😲 And no, no, no ... I definitely do not go up! 👆🤭 Well, at least not again today 😉
      When I arrived in Spaichingen, I once again got misled 😞 and slipped to the bus station 😳 Who builds a station for buses and a station for trains and not in one place ?! 🤔 completely crazy !!! 😒😁 I screamed my navigation chick: "Take me where Thomas lives the locomotive Lok" Zicke 😤🤭 She regretfully gave me all the "Toys R Us, Max games, Lego" ect. Stations listed ... 😳 After a short hesitation: "maybe Jim Knopf can help me ?! 🤔", I stood firm and let myself be guided to the main station using "google maps" (beg) 🚶😅
      So much for the morning tour 😊

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  9. Heiner y MitWandern 2021 hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 2 días

    A Thomas aus EF, Lausitzsonne y 96 más les gusta.
    1. Peter


      • Hace 2 días

  10. MonacoTrail y 7 más hicieron una caminata.

    Hace 3 días

    1. MonacoTrail

      6%: could have a spicy beer that refreshes the throat after a strenuous tour. Until then, however, there are still 6% of the way ahead of us - just.
      Current status July 27th: still 0.9%!
      The response from the community to our hiking event is, to be honest, stunning - we did not expect so much interest and encouragement. Many a word of thanks has already been written. I would like to point out once again that it is worth looking through the tours in the Collection, because there are plenty of suggestions for creative, curious, open-minded hiking and being on the move. Some really made the proverbial a lot of fun out of it.Steff picked the first blueberries in the fog on Rennweg ( and Rolf was able to complete the last stage in the Allgäu Alps because of. Mastering bad weather only at the second attempt, but then terrific ( These are the first and last of 75 stages that are now available in one piece or will be completed in the next few days. In between there are a lot of kilometers and unforgettable hiking moments that are connected to each other, mostly virtual but readable on the map, sometimes with personal connections.There is now almost a week for the lookup and we still have 1 open stage. That is 30 km of the planned 3,420 km, i.e. 0.9% of the distance - it can't be that wild! So here is the offer of our "Resterampe" or actually very special tours for committed walkers at a glance, because some of them really have it all:Schleswig-Holstein:
      In the "Thank You Tour",, you will find the current water level for open stages clearly listed and the links to the doodle lists.

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