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Geh mit The Gravel Club auf Schottertour. Egal ob bei regelmäßigen Rides an unseren vielen Standorten in ganz Deutschland, bei unseren Reisen in die Dolomiten oder bei den schönsten Gravel Events des Jahres: Wir schottern mit euch los. Dabei richten sich unsere Rides ganz bewusst an Radfahrerinenn und Radfahrer jeglicher Couleur. Und ist egal woher ihr kommt, worauf ihr fahrt oder wie fit ihr seid. Was zählt ist die gute gemeinsame Zeit auf dem Sattel - und vor allem danach bei Kaffee, Bier oder Kräutertee. Ganz nach unserem Motto #FeelFreeRideGravel


10.160 km

Tiempo en movimiento

559:46 h

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  1. Morksen y The Gravel Club salieron con la bici de gravel.

    1 de enero de 2022

    108 km
    22,4 km/h
    950 m
    970 m
    A Mirko H., Timo Ellrich y 69 más les gusta.
    1. Morksen

      What a start into the new year. I wanted to test drive a few sections of the route in the Burgwald between Rosenthal and Ernsthausen.
      So I drove the R6 all the way to Gemünden and from there on a direct route through the forest to Rosenthal. We went on to Ernsthausen and to the construction site of the bypass road. That was definitely not a great idea, but I made it through without a fall. Most of the 10kg mud flew off the bike on the way to Wetter.
      The consistency of the surfaces in the forest was such a wild mixture of chewing gum and soap. But I still made really good progress. Even if these chewing gum sections made every turn of the crank a torture.

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      • 1 de enero de 2022

  2. Trailfritz y 2 más salieron con la bici de gravel.

    31 de diciembre de 2021

    29,2 km
    19,3 km/h
    360 m
    360 m
    A Ste, Jens y 13 más les gusta.
  3. Christian y 2 más dieron un paseo en bici.

    19 de diciembre de 2021

    66,6 km
    16,0 km/h
    740 m
    690 m
    A Cinja, Carsten y 16 más les gusta.
  4. Trailfritz y 2 más salieron con la bici de gravel.

    14 de diciembre de 2021

    41,8 km
    20,2 km/h
    270 m
    270 m
    A Verena, Jens y 38 más les gusta.
    1. Trailfritz

      "Meet up"! 666 days of Gravel Collective, you just have to get on your bike!
      And to a "devilish place";)
      Our night ride goes from Bonn over the Bornheim Heights to the Rhine. At the beginning we go through industrial areas and back roads, which we then leave. The mostly well-developed farm roads reveal beautiful views of the illuminated Bonn and towards Wesseling, it just makes you BOCK. But what is special is above all the darkness! Because during the day one or the other section of the route is certainly rather unattractive! ;)

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      • 15 de diciembre de 2021

  5. Gravel Collective y 2 más salieron con la bici de carretera.

    14 de diciembre de 2021

    42,0 km
    20,0 km/h
    230 m
    230 m
    A Petitdepot, Michael y 43 más les gusta.
    1. Gravel Collective

      666 days of Gravel Collective! Happy Devilsbirthday to us. Such a devilish occasion must of course be celebrated - with a tour from the legendary Café Schranke bicycle office in Bonn to Rhine kilometer 666. With a little dangling over the "ridges" on the left bank of the Rhine near Alfter and Bornheim. A really nice after-work gravel mulled wine tour. We have to do it more often. For example for the 999th ;-) #GravelON!

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      • 17 de diciembre de 2021

  6. Marcus y 2 más salieron con la bici de gravel.

    11 de diciembre de 2021

    58,6 km
    19,2 km/h
    290 m
    340 m
    A The Gravel Club, Michael y 33 más les gusta.
    1. Marcus

      ✅ Killerstrasse (Allach)
      ✅ Teufelsberg (Aubinger Lohe)
      ❌ Devil's Stone (Grafrath)
      ❌ Toteisloch (Unteralting)
      ❌ Sacrificial stones (Schöngeising)
      To celebrate its 666 day anniversary, the Gravel Collective has called for a special gravel ride.
      Under the motto “Drive to Hell” you should drive to a “devilish place” 😈.
      My plan was as follows:1️⃣ First in Allach via Killerstraße. The namesake, Karl Killer, was a sculptor and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich - but the name sounds devilish nonetheless.
      2️⃣ Then into the Aubinger Lohe on the Teufelsberg (542m). According to a legend, there was a castle on this hill, which sank together with its riches in the depths of the mountain. Since then, the lady of the castle is said to have been walking restlessly as a white figure through the woods of the Aubinger Lohe.
      3️⃣ Next destination, the Teufelsstein in Grafrath. It is said that the devil once wanted to destroy the small pilgrimage church of Grafrath and to do this he dragged in a huge boulder. On the way he is said to have met a woman who informed him that it was still very, very far to Grafrath. Out of sheer anger, the devil turned into lightning and disappeared. Only the Devil's Stone remained. Since then, many walkers are said to have seen witches and devils dancing at this point.
      4️⃣ Then the route leads over the dead ice hole (a remnant from the last ice age) to the last diabolical place of my round,
      5️⃣ the sacrificial stones in Schöngeising. These are two limestone / sandstones that are almost parallel to each other and are criss-crossed with furrows (blood grooves). It is believed that they served the Celts as ritual sacrificial sites. Because of these stories, many esotericists, occultists and satanists are drawn to this place today to perform their rituals.
      At the end of this lap, the clock should then be exactly 66.6 km. So much for the theory, now for the practice.
      It started on Saturday evening 🚴🏻, as always, befitting with a headlamp at this time of the year. The first two points were also quickly taken. After the Aubinger Lohe came the exciting part. Mainly on dirt roads and forest highways the route leads towards Grafrath. Unfortunately, it was quite naive of me to believe that the snow ❄️ (which had fallen the night before) would melt again over the course of the day so that the paths could be driven without any major problems. So I fought my way through ankle-high slush from Puchheim via Alling towards Bernried Forest. The driving experience was like driving over sandy ground. Memories of this year's orbit in Brandenburg were awakened - only it was warmer, bright, and the sandy sections were only a few hundred meters long.
      Less snowy sections along rows of trees made me hope that from the Bernried Forest it will be more relaxed to Grafrath. Unfortunately this was not confirmed. The snow became more and more felt the further I drove west. At the level of Schöngeising there were no more lanes, so I sped through the forest in hike mode. At a junction, the decision was made - to break off at this point and head home in road bike mode.
      My first time a DNF (did not finished) this year 😞.
      But I'll definitely catch up on the round (at the latest as a Halloween ride in the coming year).
      It was always an exciting trip and even if I didn't drive all the scary places as planned, it was still devilish - devilishly exhausting 👹😰.

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      • 12 de diciembre de 2021

  7. The Gravel Club salió con la bici de gravel.

    27 de noviembre de 2021

    41,8 km
    16,6 km/h
    200 m
    200 m
    A kiesreise (MandyB.), Tony247 y 28 más les gusta.
  8. The Gravel Club planificó una salida en MTB.

    21 de noviembre de 2021

  9. The Gravel Club planificó una salida en bici de gravel.

    21 de noviembre de 2021

    26,7 km
    11,5 km/h
    410 m
    410 m
  10. Trailfritz y The Gravel Club salieron con la bici de gravel.

    20 de noviembre de 2021

    87,5 km
    12,0 km/h
    1.560 m
    1.560 m
    A Silke Hamacher, Thorsten Graf y 26 más les gusta.
    1. Trailfritz

      # SolidAHRityThe events around July 14th, 2021 belong from now on to the history of several contiguous regions of the Eifel. Countless places in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia were hit massively and unimaginably by the floods.The # SolidAHRität tour starts in Rheinbach. The small town is located in the Voreifel and can also be reached by train. So the starting point is at the train station. From there you start to the high places of Merzbach and on to Loch / Queckenberg. Shortly afterwards you pass the Steinbachtalsperre. A water reservoir that already forced many people in the Rhein-Sieg district and in the Euskirchen district to evacuate on the evening of July 14th, 2021! Thousands of people had to leave their partly flooded houses for several days!The local Waldgasthaus Steinbachtalsperre is a nice restaurant with a house brewery and is controlled on the round. The waffles are delicious!You continue into the forest, beautiful gravel leads you uphill to Scheuren.You come to the area around the Hochthürmer Berg and drive past the radio telescope. Then it goes up to the heights around the Sahrbachtal. A fantastic side valley of the Ahr.After you have passed Lind you go down to Ahrbrück. The Café Ahrwind has temporarily set up and is open. Here you cross the Ahr. Then you follow the side road to Kesseling before you take the circular route 2 up to the Steinerberg and thus to the highest hut on the Ahr.A piece of cake and a coffee later you roll over the ridge to Krausberg and there down to Dernau. There is mulled wine at the provisional vinotheque and they look forward to your stop. The Hofgarten (Meyer-Näkel) at the church is also open. You can continue over the vineyards to Mayschoss, you will pass Michaelishof. From there you go past the "Grotte Maria" via Esch. Then you roll on the "Rhenish Apple Route" which leads back to Rheinbach.Notice:
      Sometimes there are flood damage to the paths. The tour is easy to drive! The open restaurants for the Ahr valley can be viewed at Otherwise just take a look at the companies' homepage.
      The tour is designed as a loop. So you can get on the route at different places and deviate from Rheinbach. Take your time on the tour and support the restaurants in the disaster area! The companies can only survive with turnover!Establishments near the loop:
      Marienthal Monastery
      Försterhof winery
      Do not run sensational tourism!
      be # solidAHRisch ...
      THANK YOU!!

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      • 26 de noviembre de 2021

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