The Anton-Günther-Trail — a long weekend in the Ore Mountains

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The Anton-Günther-Trail — a long weekend in the Ore Mountains

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17:06 h

59,4 km

1.440 m

The Erzgebirge lie on the border between Saxony and Czech Bohemia. The picturesque landscape is characterized by densely wooded mountains, untouched moors, wide mountain meadows and quiet forest lakes. On the Anton Günther Trail, you can follow the traces of the folk poet on a four-day roundtrip — and experience the peaceful landscapes on both sides of the border.

Anton Günther was born in 1876 in Gottesgab, amidst the wooded mountains of the Erzgebirge. At that time, the border between Saxony and Austria-Hungary ran through the region, although Czechs, Hungarians and Germans lived here peacefully together. Anton Günther, who had initially worked as a lithographer and draughtsman in Prague, returned to Gottesgab in 1901. In Prague, he had already met with other people from Gottesgab and delighted the others with songs about his homeland in the Erzgebirge. Back in Gottesgab, he continued to sing and delighted people in Saxony as well as in Bohemia with his songs. Until his death in 1937, Anton Günther wandered through the Erzgebirge and delighted men, women and children with his songs.

After the horrors of the Second World War, the border in the Erzgebirge was closed for many years. Not until the 1990s did the Czechs and the Germans reflect on their common history. Even now, the memory of Anton Günther remains an important link. In 1995, the Anton Günther Trail was ceremoniously opened as the first cross-border hiking trail between Germany and the Czech Republic.

From Johanngeorgenstadt, the officially signposted Anton Günther Trail takes you on a four-day roundtrip to the most important milestones of the life of the poet and singer. In between, you hike through dense, untouched forests and up to panoramic mountain peaks. The four individual stages are quite short and therefore perfectly suited for occasional hikers. Sporty hikers can also hike the Anton-Günther-Weg without any problems in two or three days. At all stage destinations, you will find a good selection of comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation.

You can reach Johanngeorgenstadt on the region train or in your own car. As there is no cross-border bus service yet, the individual stages are not perfectly suited as day hikes. On the German side, the bus line 334 between Johanngeorgenstadt and Rittersgrün will serve you well, as well as the bus lines 330 and 414 between Rittersgrün and Oberwiesenthal. In the Czech Republic, you can take the bus line 421103 from Abertamy to Potůčky, the border village near Johanngeorgenstadt.

Timetables can be found at vms.de/startseite and dpkv.cz.

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    12,4 km
    3,5 km/h
    260 m
    360 m
    Caminata moderada. Se necesita buena forma física. Sendas de fácil acceso. Para todos los niveles.

    Your hike on the Anton-Günther-Weg begins in the tranquil spa town of Johanngeorgenstadt. Originally, the small mountain town was a thriving mining town. At the end of the 19th century, a busy spa was built. Anton Günther had a deep friendship with Carl Truckenbrodt, who ran the Hotel de Saxe in Johanngeorgenstadt. In addition to his activity as a hotelier, Truckenbrodt was also a trained ethnologist and local historian with a special interest in his own home in the Erzgebirge.

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  • Difícil
    14,8 km
    3,4 km/h
    520 m
    280 m
    Caminata difícil. Se necesita buena forma física. Se requiere tener paso firme, calzado adecuado y experiencia en alta montaña.

    The second leg of the Anton-Günther-Weg will take you along the border to the spa town of Oberwiesenthal, the highest town in Germany. After Oberwiesenthal, at the foot of the Fichtelberg, many tourists and spa guests traveled at the beginning of the 20th century. Anton Günther performed on entertaining evenings in inns and hotels and presented his songs in the dialect of the Erzgebirge - with great success.

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  • Difícil
    19,3 km
    3,5 km/h
    400 m
    420 m
    Caminata difícil. Se necesita muy buena forma física. Sendas de fácil acceso. Para todos los niveles.

    On your third stage we are heading to the Czech Republic for birth and death of Anton Günther. He was born in Gottesgab, today in Czech Boží Dar. Even his father was a dialect singer and so little Anton rose early in his footsteps.On the picturesque Old Post Road, it goes out Oberwiesenthal and continue to the border crossing at Bozi Dar. In the small Czech village you can visit the tomb of Anton Günther.

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  • Moderada
    12,8 km
    3,5 km/h
    260 m
    390 m
    Caminata moderada. Se necesita buena forma física. Sendas de fácil acceso. Para todos los niveles.

    The fourth stage takes you on silent forest paths back across the German border to Johanngeorgenstadt. It goes again high on the Plattenberg. On its slopes you can admire collapsed mining tunnels, which today form an exciting gorge landscape.Along further meadows and with magnificent views of the Plešivec, it goes out Abertamy. Soon, the gently rising trail leads you into a light forest. In the shadow play of the trees, you rise leisurely up to the Plattenberg.

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  • Rutas
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    59,4 km
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    17:06 h
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    1.440 m

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The Anton-Günther-Trail — a long weekend in the Ore Mountains

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