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Ich wandere und fotografiere gern in der Stadt, auf dem Land und in den Bergen.Ich freue mich auf Touren mit Gleichgesinnten, vor allem, wenn auch sie vom Fotovirus befallen sind :-).
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  1. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    Hace 4 días

    15,6 km
    4,6 km/h
    310 m
    310 m
    A Floh, Frank Meyer y 61 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      After breakfast, Jörg, who already had to go home today, was greeted with a manly goodbye. Flea and I then did a little lap around the Diemelsee to run out and relax.This was a highly recommended route that Flea chose. At the beginning and at the end we went through the tourist town of Heringshausen, which will quickly be overcrowded during vacation times, at least if you take the masses of parking spaces as a basis for calculation. After we had left this village over the pier, we reached the lido, from where you have beautiful views of Heringshausen and the pier.Now we went west along the lakeshore and it became more and more lonely and beautiful. The nature reserve at the western end of the Diemelsee was really idyllic, a paradise for flora and fauna, especially for the bird world. Here the Itter also flows into the Diemelsee.After crossing this small river, the first sweaty ascent came to a mountain plateau, which lies exactly on the border between Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. In between we always had very nice views of the Diemelsee.After up comes down. We descended through quite dense forest to Helminghausen, a small town with a pretty church. In addition, the dam wall and the associated hydropower plant of the Diemelsee belong to this village, the next highlight of our round.For me personally, now came the most beautiful section, the panorama trail. First he had to gain height (about 120m) and then it went on very narrow paths through light deciduous forest for a longer distance at the same level. The lake below glittered again and again through the trees and foliage. Wonderful! Sometimes the path also ran through very steep terrain. Those who are not suitable for high altitudes could run into problems here.After the last descent, we walked again for about 1,000 meters along the lakeshore before getting back into our car in Heringshausen.to the tour of Floh: komoot.de/tour/362869503

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  2. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    Hace 5 días

    A Fredchau, Michael y 75 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      This last stage of the Boniface Path made every effort to make it as uncomfortable as possible for us.While the weather has been gracious to us in the last few days and with a few exceptions only made it rain around us, today it struck with all its might. Right at the beginning, icy winds were joined by hail, sleet and snow and that of course on an open field on a ridge. As soon as we were in the forest, the irrigation stopped, and then we could rain on us again unhindered on the next free dirt road.So we tormented ourselves in the direction of Burg Herzberg and were delighted when we not only reached the castle, but also read tempting signs that promised food and drink to go in the courtyard from Friday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. Finally the tide turned in our favor, had it not been for the massive, locked oak gate at the castle entrance. Shit ...Flea sought his salvation in the embrace of the pilgrim cross and then let his preserved strength penetrate to us, so that despite all the hardship we happily made the descent from the Herzberg to our car with heated seats.At the end of a long-distance hike of several days, a conclusion should of course not be missing. But for me that is brief. I am amazed how the three of us worked, almost like clockwork. That started at the almost general staff-like start of the day. The bathroom was divided into exact time windows. Jörg took over the kitchen service without grumbling and after he had understood the principle of the coffee machine, it went absolutely smoothly. During the tours there were the typical problems of triangular relationships, where 2 against 1 always mopped. But since the assignment changed evenly, everyone had a turn, so this peripheral problem had also been solved. The afternoons and evenings were divided into work, food, developing photos and serving Komoot. Since I was always the last to develop, I accordingly had to endure the most ridicule. But since I am the oldest in our group, I endured this with serenity.
      So: I'd love to do it again
      Tour of Fredchau: komoot.de/tour/362243030
      Tour from Floh: komoot.de/tour/362243794
      to the 5th stage: komoot.de/tour/361809723

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  3. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    Hace 6 días

    A Betty 🐌, DreiFarben y 96 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Today's tour was quite unspectacular, but still very nice for us. A mix of forest, field and meadow paths paired with village or city crossings.The settlements all looked relatively deserted or on the decline. In Neukirchen, for example, half of the city center was for sale. This shows that the North Hessian area is relatively structurally weak. In Frielendorf, the city's progress seems to depend solely on the success of the Hexion chemical factory. But in between there are always houses, homesteads and farmhouses that can hold their own wonderfully.Today we enjoyed the hike itself, the "eating" of the kilometers, the conversations, our breaks, especially the one where we beheaded the sparkling wine in our holiday home. There was also a great feeling that we were almost there.Tour of Fredchau: komoot.de/tour/361809535
      Tour from Floh: komoot.de/tour/361809498
      to the 4th stage: komoot.de/tour/361367909
      for the 6th stage: komoot.de/tour/362243249

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  4. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    Hace 7 días

    A Fredchau, Floh y 82 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      It was very cold, very windy, sometimes stormy and very rainy today. Constant peeling off and on of the outerwear was the order of the day.
      But there were also some spectacular skies and great colors to see that can only be experienced after heavy rainfall.
      Yesterday we left one of our cars in Fritzlar and this morning drove directly to Frielendorf, thus turning the direction of travel.Today's stage differed greatly from the previously hiked sections of the Bonifatius Path. Instead of in the forest, we were out and about in fields, villages and towns today. A nice change.We didn't see much of Frielendorf because we started right on the outskirts. We will catch up on the inspection tomorrow.This was followed by the villages of Welcherod and Stolzenbach, small pretty towns, before heading to the town of Borken, which can look back on a long history of brown coal mining. The city is quite interesting, but there are also a few kilometers to be covered on pavement and one wonders why the Bonifatiuspfad leads through it for so long, but e.g. leaves the nature reserve Borkener See on the left.The little village of Kleinenglis was rather inconspicuous, but with an excellent butcher shop that is well-known beyond the village limits. Shortly before the lunch break we were able to buy some goodies there.Continuing through smaller forest passages and across fields, the Rothhelmshausen and the Büraberg were visited before reaching the town of Fritzlar. The latter houses the pretty St Brigida Chapel, a Calvary Path and a cemetery. You can also visit parts of the foundation walls of the former Büraburg there.Then we finally ran into Fritzlar and enjoyed the dry weather. A few photos and an ice cream on the market square later, we had made this highly recommended tourTour by Jörg: komoot.de/tour/361367963
      Tour from Floh: komoot.de/tour/361368039
      to the 3rd stage: komoot.de/tour/360957186
      to the 5th stage: komoot.de/tour/361809723

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  5. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    4 de mayo de 2021

    1. Lutz - Berlin

      We should have known: Boniface is one of the ice saints! It is accordingly cold here at the beginning of May. We even had to put the beer from the terrace in the fridge to warm up. After this necessary and vital measure was done this morning, we nevertheless started our 3rd stage of the Bonifatiusweg from Naumburg (Hesse) to Fritzlar.We crossed the huge hiking area of the Habichtswald, which was at least partially spared from the bark beetle due to the high proportion of deciduous trees. Striking along the way were the many boundary stones, here called Herrensteine, which separated the various properties from one another a long time ago.Also very interesting is the Johanneskirche, whose foundation walls from the 8th and 9th centuries can still be admired in the middle of the forest. A trade route protected by the Franks ran from northeast to southwest here.The absolute highlight today, however, should be the city of Fritzlar, founded by Bonifatius in the 8th century. However, there was a brief interlude in the marketplace. We were literally driven from this beautiful place by the onset of heavy rain and fled to our car. But tomorrow we'll be back!The tour description from Floh: komoot.de/tour/360957538
      Jörg's tour description: komoot.de/tour/360957272
      to the 2nd stage: komoot.de/tour/360502112
      to the 4th stage: komoot.de/tour/361367909

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      • 4 de mayo de 2021

  6. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    3 de mayo de 2021

    A Kathrin, Floh y 90 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      That was a lot better today than yesterday. Weather great, tour with many highlights and the forest in much better condition, although it is ailing here too.The evening before, we had already parked a car at the end point in Naumburg and were able to start this morning directly from our holiday home on the Twistesee. First we went down to the lake and then to Braunsen, where we crossed the Twiste. Now a long, strong ascent in the forest awaited us, which we left after about 4 kilometers at the French oak. From here we already had a nice view of Volkhardinghausen, which we reached half an hour later. The highlights here were the monastery, the monastery pond and the Haflingerhof.
      We reached our next major stopover in Höhnscheid after hiking through the Wattertal, further, partly dense forests and along the Sieberinghauser pond and the Jeppenteich.
      Incidentally, the route from Twistesee to Höhnscheid is almost identical to part of the cultural hiking route from Bad Arolsen (komoot.de/tour/344034630). Höhnscheid with its castle and horse stud is well worth seeing.Now our main goal of this stage came closer: the Weidelsburg. Before that, we had to walk over other forest and field paths to Ippinghausen, a small town near Wolfhagen, before we could tackle the ascent. The castle itself is the largest of its kind in Hesse, built on columnar basalt, a top foundation.The descent was quick because we took the direct tour down the mountain. Arrived at the foot of the mountain, we visited the former basalt quarry before we walked straight to Naumburg.Tour of Fredchau: komoot.de/tour/360502414
      Tour from Floh: komoot.de/tour/360502132
      to the 1st stage: komoot.de/tour/359875988
      for the 3rd stage: komoot.de/tour/360957186

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      • 3 de mayo de 2021

  7. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    2 de mayo de 2021

    A Floh, Anette y 88 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      At last it was time. The first stage of the St. Boniface Path was taken under foot. The start was in Wrexen, a small town in the very north of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. We (Floh, Jörg and I) then followed the path south through the forest to Helsen, a suburb of Bad Arolsen. Actually, you should write that we hiked through the remains of a forest that the bark beetle left behind. Very very sad. But there was also reforestation, which spread a little hope.Whoever has chosen the trails for our path must be a non-hiker. Shortly before Helsen it was 2.5 kilometers on a frequently traveled country road. Such a thing can only please masochists.The route was otherwise quite modest, but tomorrow it will certainly be better, if only because we will then pass several lakes that we absolutely missed today.But the entertainment value was still great. Seldom laughed so much. Floh and Jörg are the ideal companions for uninterrupted fun :-).Tour of Fredchau: komoot.de/tour/359875828
      Tour from Floh: komoot.de/tour/359877660
      to the 2nd stage: komoot.de/tour/360502112

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      • 2 de mayo de 2021

  8. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    1 de mayo de 2021

    A Fredchau, Floh y 73 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      That was a little warm-up session today for our hike on the Bonifatius Path, which starts tomorrow.
      Our arrival was very relaxed, hardly any cars on the autobahn. As soon as I arrived, I started my first little round through the Aartal, which I always enjoy going. After two unscheduled stops, both at the golf course above the Twistesees and at the Luisenmühle with sausage and beer stations, we came under a little pressure to arrive at the holiday park in time for the keys to be handed over. But that also relaxed in the end and afterwards we spent an extremely relaxing evening with food and drink on the terrace of our domicile.

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      • 1 de mayo de 2021

  9. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    27 de abril de 2021

    10,1 km
    3,9 km/h
    30 m
    20 m
    A RaMona, Silvia D. y 61 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      At 6:00 p.m., Floh and I met Frank Meyer for a short evening hike through the zoo. It was wonderful again to listen to Frank's words, who, with his knowledge of our city paired with many anecdotes, made the time fly by in an instant. At the empty, because it was stolen, Fontane monument, Floh and I received our prizes from the recent relay hike '66 Lakes in a Day ', each with a hiking book signed by the author Manfred Reschke and an embroidered 66 Lakes each Patch. Of course we had to pose. You can see the corresponding photos in Frank's tour description (komoot.de/tour/356547433).
      You can see the documentation of Floh here: komoot.de/tour/356704856.

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      • 28 de abril de 2021

  10. Lutz - Berlin hizo una caminata.

    25 de abril de 2021

    A Jürgen, frank y 51 más les gusta.
    1. Lutz - Berlin

      Today was a hike to get to know each other between Florian (Floh) and Jörg (Fredchau) with my companion. The three of us want to put in a week of work and hiking in the north of Hesse in KW. Of course, you have to plan who will bring what tools, food and drink.We have chosen this 66-Seen-Weg stage so that Floh comes one step closer to his goal of having run the entire lap around Berlin and thus getting the coveted Manfred Reschke pin. There is now only one part missing!Today's route followed directly from the stage I ran with Mandy last week on the virtual relay hike 66 lakes in one day. The landscape was accordingly similar. Wide fields, different forests and of course one lake after the other. The Dahme flood canal and its two weirs near Märkisch Buchholz were added as an additional highlight. a really nice hike.The roads were also good. Of course there was always a stretch of tar or concrete track, but mainly we had a lot of natural things under our feet. In contrast to the route from Leibsch to Wendisch Rietz, the terrain was not quite as hilly, although the altitude meters determined by Komoot were almost identical. Strange.The weather should be cloudy with a few clears. But it didn't come. Instead there were a few drops every now and then. Already fits. I'm used to it this year 😂.

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      • 26 de abril de 2021

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