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  1. Thoreau salió con la MTB.

    Hace 3 días

    52,0 km
    16,7 km/h
    750 m
    790 m
    1. Thoreau

      The Friday morning tour began with great gratitude, 🥰 for having the opportunity to drive through my beautiful homeland on a Friday morning in wonderful weather. Herbisweiher, Wolfweiher, Urseen, Argen - natural nature and always beautiful. However, Komoot felt obliged to slow down my endorphin secretions and sent me into a few potato fields and thorn and stinging ass paradises, which were ready for the next broadcast " I'm a mountain bike star - get me out of here! ". Big stroke of fate for the fashion world - I will definitely not be able to wear a miniskirt for the next two weeks, my legs look that disastrous
      The beautiful valley from Rohrdorf towards Scharzen Grat or to the sky ladder was blocked by a sign and a flutter band, but I drove in anyway. It went up to the famous Himmelsleiter and after that there was no progress due to fallen trees. But I didn't want to climb up there anyway (by bike) - I still like it very much on earth

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      • Hace 3 días

  2. Thoreau salió con la bici de carretera.

    Hace 6 días

    91,9 km
    21,2 km/h
    1.670 m
    1.680 m
    A Thoreau, Little Miss Dynamite y 15 más les gusta.
    1. Thoreau

      This beautiful alpine road up to the Bieler Höhe is certainly one of my most popular and favorite pass tours. You can park in the industrial area at the Montafon exit and take the best cycle paths to the Partenen toll station. On these first 30 km, which roll very comfortably, you can easily do the first 500 hhm. From the toll station, it goes up bend by bend and the view becomes more and more beautiful. The Vermunt reservoir offers a great picture at approx. 1700 m - but please don't lean back too much - there are another 300 m towards the sky. The toll road was very quiet today - hardly any motorbikes - if possible drive during the week. The Bieler Höhe is always nice to look at, but with a lot of hustle and bustle, and that's why I will soon continue towards Landeck. After the toll station above Galtür I turn left towards the Zeinis basin. 5 km further and 150 m further up, I sit on the terrace of the Gasthof Zeinisjoch and enjoy the wonderful landscape and a fried soup.
      As a return trip I used the mountain bike road from the parking lot of the Kops reservoir to the Partennen toll station. Absolutely suitable for the racing bike. The road is completely tarred but partly sacrically steep - good brakes are required.
      But part-ners usually go full throttle towards Bludenz - today only the very gusty wind was a bit annoying. Summary: Still one of my favorite routes, even if it gets steeper year after year.

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      • Hace 6 días

  3. Thoreau y Karl Roth planificaron una salida en bici de carretera.

    14 de julio de 2021

    41,0 km
    25,1 km/h
    260 m
    260 m
    A Karl Roth y BruGer les gusta esto.
  4. Thoreau planificó una salida en bici de carretera.

    13 de julio de 2021

  5. Thoreau salió con la bici de carretera.

    12 de julio de 2021

    77,8 km
    20,1 km/h
    1.290 m
    1.280 m
    A Thoreau, Andi y 15 más les gusta.
    1. Thoreau

      For over a year I have been visiting the Calfeisental and thus the 700 year old Walser settlement of St. Martin. In the preliminary planning for myself and my three companions, I wanted to find as different paths as possible.
      The first highlight of my tour was our parking lot or starting point at the sports field Balzers and !!! right next to it a Kneipp facility. What a relief it was at the end of the tour. As an old caffeine junkie, after 17 km all over the Rhine Valley, I made a stop at the Keller pastry shop in Bad Ragaz. Strengthened, the ascent via Päfers to the first dam wall at the Mapragg pumped storage power plant. As far as Vättis you get a little loose legs before it really climbs up to the dam of the Gigerwald reservoir. What comes next, the next 5 km are really the nicest part of the tour - you can't describe - you have to drive. St. Martin at the end of the valley you have to take a closer look, also go to church and maybe read something about the settlement in advance. An inexpensive soup of the day with delicious bread ended our visit and we drove almost 1: 1 the distance to the lower reservoir. There we turned left and drove a hillside path to about 1000 m above sea level. NN permanently along - great route.
      Before the Tamina bridge (what a beautiful arched bridge - I had to take a closer look) we turned left and drove a descent to Bad Ragaz which is closed to cars and motorcycles.
      There I built an arch over Marienfeld and the vineyards before we were allowed to drive 6 km on the (boring) Rhine dam to our cars.
      And there a cooling refreshing Kneipp facility awaited us. People!! good planning is the secret !!
      It was a really nice day for us - great route, magnificent mountain landscape, friendly Swiss and the best weather.

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      • 12 de julio de 2021

  6. Thoreau salió con la MTB.

    10 de julio de 2021

    38,7 km
    16,7 km/h
    580 m
    580 m
    A Thoreau, beardman 🎉 y 12 más les gusta.
    1. Thoreau

      Today I followed in the footsteps of Andi and Moutain Racer, who had a great little lap from Wangen towards Lindenberg.
      A varied tour with really beautiful paths. (I only built a coffee break in Lindenberg for myself) Men !!! You did that well and the technique was exactly what I managed to do as a "warm shower mountain biker" ... only when crossing the stream did I underestimate the depth of the water a bit. But still: thumbs up - you’re sure to have a wheat beer when we see each other.
      This St. Wendelinkapelle on the Kinberg from 1670 is beautiful. You should definitely look at it from the inside.
      P.S. ... and of course the bike looked like hell afterwards, I don't even want to talk about me.

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      • 10 de julio de 2021

  7. Thoreau salió con la MTB.

    6 de julio de 2021

    64,4 km
    9,0 km/h
    3.020 m
    2.540 m
    A Thoreau, Il Pirata y 22 más les gusta.
    1. Thoreau

      The initiator for this tour came from Joe - he once mentioned the name… .KAMOR.
      I was already fascinated by the name - no pig and no mountain goat doch such a name thinks of the Swiss Rhine Valley or Appenzell - that sounds more like Tibet or the Himalayas or a mystical mountain of legends💀. And ... ..I wanted to see it.
      By the way, the name comes from the Romanic language: ganda mora, black Gand (scree slope, rock) became Gantmor in 1361 and from this the present-day Kamor
      After consultations (free of charge !! 🥰!) With people like Joe, Caro and Mario, who really know their way around the mountains, I was standing in the parking lot at the soccer field in Koblach this morning. Cycle a few km on the Rheindamm and from Rüthi you get down to business. Nice lonely good road - no car / motorcycle - an e-biker and two hikers, but really steep.
      At an altitude of about 1100 m I made a short detour to the Montlinger Sponge to fill up on some calories and caffeine. There was great cheese. Then back on the way towards the Himalayas, uh Kamor. The headwind became more and more violent with the height and did not motivate much. Shortly before the Kamor it was extremely steep again - hard on the limit. To the summit cross you still have to walk approx. 500 m - not possible by bike - but you should make the little effort - it's worth it.
      Then the question was: “Should I still walk the approx. 25 minutes long, sometimes steep path over to the Hohe Kasten. You cannot and must not cycle on the path. Here, too, a clear “yes”. You have to - fantastic views, gastronomy and super friendly wait staff.
      I left the bike by the camera, locked it a little and removed the front wheel and took the quick-release axle with me.
      After my hike and my (somewhat more exclusive) Franconian meal, I went back a little on the same path and then left over meadows, dirt roads and great roads towards Appenzell. I love the alleys of Appenzell, but apparently even more contemporaries do that - all hell broke loose there.
      Then I wanted to quickly get back to the Rhine Valley to the car because a storm front came up. Komoot then wanted to send me to the "valley of death" - that was annoying, turn around and back up the mountain and the first drops were already falling. (Hopefully heaven has not heard my unctuous and somewhat loud words)
      But all good - I found my car dry, but was critically questioned at the border by a corona control.
      Summary: a great tour with very, very lonely roads that require little technology for mountain biking and a landscape with really great visual impressions. What my thighs and calves will comment on tomorrow remains to be seen.
      P.S. The altitude difference given by Komoot is very flattering, but according to Garmin there was an altitude difference of 2,200 m

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      • 6 de julio de 2021

  8. Thoreau y Karl Roth planificaron una salida en MTB.

    5 de julio de 2021

    63,0 km
    12,9 km/h
    1.880 m
    1.880 m
    A Felix191190 le gusta esto.
    1. Thoreau

      So it's getting a bit more violent now - I'm a bit excited.

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      • 5 de julio de 2021

  9. Thoreau salió con la bici de carretera.

    2 de julio de 2021

    A Thoreau, Rolf born 1958 y 13 más les gusta.
    1. Thoreau

      And for the last time a few kilometers out with Rino Eis in Ochsenhausen.
      City cycling is a nice idea and I have now reached well over 20,000 km with my team (I had the honor of being team captain). Great result, but after three weeks it is good and we look again at the altitude meters, the sights and beauties of the landscape and not just the number of kilometers.
      Thanks to everyone on my team

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      • 2 de julio de 2021

  10. Thoreau y 2 más planificaron una salida en bici de carretera.

    1 de julio de 2021

    A Thoreau, Karl Roth y Paul Mura les gusta esto.
    1. Thoreau

      I got the tour from Enzo as a recommendation, it looked super good for me and I wanted to pass it on to the two of you, who are even closer to you.

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      • 1 de julio de 2021

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