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Wenn ich draußen bin, bin ich glücklich. Da ich mich gerne an meine Abenteuer erinnere und stets dabei bin, neue zu planen, blogge ich seit einigen Jahren über meine Leidenschaft. Als offizielle Collection-Redakteurin für komoot plane ich aber nicht nur mein, sondern auch dein nächstes Abenteuer.Mit Vorliebe wandere ich in den USA, wo ich mich in die kargen Wüsten verliebt habe. 2019 habe ich den 1.300 Kilometer langen Arizona Trail durchwandert und plane viele weitere Kilometer in den Canyons, Wüsten und Bergen – darunter den Pacific Crest Trail in 2022. In und um Berlin geht es flacher zu, dafür werden hier Kilometer für Langdistanzmärsche geschrubbt, mit dem Packraft die Fluss- und Seenlandschaft erkundet und die Trails mit dem Mountainbike gerockt.Aber egal, ob Berlin oder Grand Canyon – ich freue mich, wenn du meinen Spuren und Empfehlungen folgst. Einige Touren kenne ich selbst bestens. Genauso spannend ist es aber, völlig neue Gebiete mit komoot zu erschließen. Dabei finde ich für dich die schönsten Routen und interessantesten Highlights. Da sich Bedingungen und Wege ändern können, bin ich froh über dein Feedback, falls eine Route einmal nicht mehr passt. :)Viel Spaß!Arizona Trail Collection: komoot.de/collection/904668/-arizona-national-scenic-trail


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    1. Carola K.

      If you get away from work too late, you should have a headlamp ready - after what felt like an eternity, today we went on a short trek through the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Slowly it feels like a second home and yet I still find countless ways and paths that I don't know.Shortly after 6 p.m. we started walking at the Kleingießhübel parking lot. That was a great starting point last year and - in theory - it still is. The fact that the parking lot is now chargeable is still acceptable. However, I found it no longer entirely up-to-date that payment can only be made in coins here and that a mere 20 euros should be available in coins for our four days. And even worse: I was actually able to change so much change in the friendly Zschirnsteinbaude next door - only to find out that the great machine can only be paid for up to a maximum of 24 hours. Who would come up with something like that in the region that calls for trekking? So we paid 24 hours and left a nice note on the windshield with the note: "We'll be back on Monday."Originally, I wanted to make a detour to the Großer Zschirnstein on the way to the Grenzbaude to finally see the triangulation column that we just ran past on the Forststeig in 2018. However, as the time had progressed, we trudged on the shortest, albeit muddy, route to the border hut. The night caught up with us anyway and so the two hikers who had already moved into the hut were visibly surprised when we stumbled in shortly before 8 p.m. 🌙We spent the evening by the cozy fireplace and once again my little USB light chain turned out to be the perfect purchase. Coziness to the power of ten. 🕯

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  2. Carola K. y Advanture2Go hicieron una caminata.

    28 de agosto de 2021

    1. Carola K.

      The lap was supposed to be twice as long, but I let the weather report mislead me. But all the more reason to explore the hills of Märkische Schweiz again!Highly recommended: the Silberkehle, a very natural gorge, where you have a lot to climb. Arriving in good time is an advantage, especially when the weather is good, because even today the parking lot was busy.

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      • 28 de agosto de 2021

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    12 de agosto de 2021

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    1. Carola K.

      First of all: The route presented here does not correspond to my original route. If you follow the tour here, you will hike one of two fascinating hiking trails in the forest north of Jüterbog. An ancient shifting dune and relics from the time as a military training area await you next to an interesting, huge relief in the middle of the heather sand.Some of my discoveries are far from it. If I haven't just gotten lost, I've always followed old streets and paths. Most of them are still provided with old markings. However, these are officially not accessible. Since I would still like to take you on a journey into the past, here are a few photos of the ruins left by decades of military use. Quite a few of them are even marked on the map directly at the hikers' parking lot, from which the tour starts (and I started too) - you just have to take a closer look.A trip to this desert-like area is always worthwhile. Even if you “only” follow the path to the shifting dune and back and if necessary don't stumble across countless bunkers and observation towers like me. ;) By the way, I stayed at the Hubertusbrunnen in the north of the area. This is where the second official hiking trail joins. Part 2 of the tour is coming soon.

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      • 22 de agosto de 2021

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    25 de julio de 2021

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    1. Carola K.

      I really enjoy looking for my tour destinations using the satellite view. You discover places that you would not even notice "from below" or on a terrain map. Like the rust-red lake, a remaining hole from opencast mining times that has not made the transition from open-cast mining to a lake that is worth living in. The iron content is too high for anything to survive in the water. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, a place worth visiting.Unfortunately, since the sky closed in the course of the day, the photos are unfortunately not quite as brilliant as I would have liked. So I'll come back here in the sunshine. But then with a different approach to hiking: the rummaging through the forest and through the undergrowth with fly critters, which were not at all impressed by Antibrumm, was not ideal now. Oh yes, and by the way, you can't get over the yellow river either. : D

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      • 13 de agosto de 2021

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    24 de julio de 2021

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    20 de julio de 2021

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    1. Carola K.

      Turquoise blue water, visibility of up to 20 meters, a sunken forest and relics from bygone times - I absolutely love the Gremminer See. Actually I wanted to take my snorkeling equipment with me and everything that I could discover from the boat from the water surface confirmed me. It is worth it!The Gremminer See is an artificial body of water that was created by flooding a former open-cast mine. Relics from this time can be found on the bottom of the lake, which is sometimes only a few centimeters away from the water surface. And with a lot of luck we could even locate the location of the sunken coniferous forest. Several pines protrude from the ground to just below the surface of the water. Absolutely fascinating and one more reason to come back with snorkel gear soon. Even the former excursion boat “Gremmina” lies abandoned and forgotten on the shore and is left to its own devices. Pure Caribbean and adventure feeling!

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      • 20 de julio de 2021

  7. Carola K. hizo una Ruta.

    16 de julio de 2021

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    1. Carola K.

      To do a lap with the skates around the Gremminer See from Vanlife in FERROPOLIS was just too tempting. Fortunately, I had already dealt with the condition of the path beforehand, because the circular route is largely super paved - but only for the most part. In three places it just ends abruptly and turns into gravel. Stupid with skates ... so I just packed my shoes in my backpack. I simply bridged the short sections on socks, but then slipped the two-kilometer long section into my shoes.At a futuristic vantage point on the coal-steam-light cycle path, the skates continued. Skatehiking is born. Why the circular route is not completely paved, however, is not entirely clear to me. But as always, I'm probably not the right audience. 😅

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      • 17 de julio de 2021

  8. Carola K. salió con la MTB.

    11 de julio de 2021

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    1. Carola K.

      In painstaking, patient detail work, I was able to save the photos from my cell phone, which can no longer be saved itself. I resented the trip to the Sallgaster Castle Spring. Since then it has started, can be "operated" for about 30 seconds and starts again. The investment in a new device was actually only due for later ... Anyway, here comes the long overdue second part of my mini-adventure in the former Lusatian opencast mine landscape.On Sunday morning I broke off my camp relatively early and set off from the Poleysee in the direction of Finsterwalde. Not having driven 300 meters, a contact lens suddenly fell out of my eye while driving. Hopeless to find them again on the forest floor and putting them back in would have been at least questionable. Fortunately, I learned from my Arizona hike and have always had replacement lenses with me since then.The first goal was the pretty water tower near Sallgast. I wanted to skip the lock at first, but after the third intersection I thought "Oh, if I'm here ..." A decision that cost me my cell phone. : D A little thoughtlessly, I wanted to put it on the approximately 30 centimeter wide edge of the spring fountain and then just saw how it whizzed into the water. Immediately pulled out and turned off, of course. I gave him a few minutes, because so much water couldn't have penetrated in the short time. In fact, it went smoothly.We went on! A little detour led me past an asparagus field that had already been harvested, where some stragglers cheekily stuck out their tips. I just couldn't pass it like that. 😇On the outskirts of Lichterfeld, a gate blocked my direct route to the F60 visitor mine - and my cell phone suddenly went off. It started, but no app would open. Pretty stupid to have to navigate with it. So I followed the main road and the signs and tried to dry it again at the mine. After all, I was still a long way from Finsterwalde.Anything to persuade didn't help, however, so I turned it off and found that analogue signs on the side of the road are not that bad after all. Provided you are not in the middle of the forest. Every now and then I took out the phone again, because the only thing that still worked was, bizarrely, the photo app.After cycling past numerous yucca palms yesterday, the opportunity arose to nibble on a blossom shortly before the Finsterwalde train station. They are edible and taste like iceberg lettuce. A great meal if you are once again pacing through the desert - or through Finsterwalde. 😎

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      • 6 de agosto de 2021

  9. Carola K. salió con la MTB.

    10 de julio de 2021

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    1. Carola K.

      Adventure starts when something does not go as planned.The railway seems to have set this as its leitmotif. 😅 Yesterday evening I made a nice plan to take my bike and train to Finsterwalde to explore the former mining areas.Got up at 7:10 a.m., jumped in the shower and attached the last bags to the bike. On the S-Bahn to Südkreuz, I just look again in the app for my track for RE 2. Hm. Finsterwalde is crossed out in red. “Today no stop in Finsterwalde.” Oh, what… I've already bought the ticket, of course. So I look for the nearest train station: Doberlug-Kirchhain. But the RE 2 doesn't hold up at all. Instead the RE 5. It leaves half an hour later and takes another half an hour longer. So what…So while I am waiting for my RE 5 on platform 4, the RE 2 originally planned, which was supposed to leave at 9:01 a.m., shows a 15-minute delay. It is already 9:24 a.m. 😂 In the end my train comes and the other one is still not in sight.Shortly after 11 a.m. I start my tour from Doberlug-Kirchhain. It goes through lonely forests, villages that sound like Fischwasser, past delicious blueberry bushes and tantalizing white yucca blossoms, which I only recently learned to eat like salad.After almost 16 kilometers, the restricted area signs are piling up on my route. Do not enter, danger to life. I am obviously getting closer to the former open-cast mining area. I don't find the signs really clear. Are you still old? Wrong placement? I decide for myself that this should mean: using main paths is ok, but please don't jump through the landscape. After all, the grandiose Römerkeller vantage point with rest hut is located in the middle of the restricted area. I fritter away for over an hour, counting butterflies and enjoying the view over to the gigantic overburden conveyor bridge F60 - which is half a kilometer in size!You can see at first hand that the area around Lauchhammer is changing. Some paths are already paved with gravel, then suddenly there is an excavator on the same path and you roll over paving mats and a sand / gravel mixture. The further I roll into the area, the more it reminds me of the badlands in South Dakota - but which are repeatedly broken through by magical lakes with sometimes deep red, iron-rich water.On the last two kilometers to my destination for the day, I really get lost in the forest again, stumble over creepy children's shoes and fight my way back through the thicket to the single trail, which then absolutely rocks and takes me to the Poleysee: A relic of the opencast mine with crystal-clear, turquoise water and a lot of Caribbean feeling. Fortunately, my tent is small and narrow, because finding an area that is not totally sloping is not that easy here. The rest of the evening? I spent it swimming and chilling on the beach. Just perfect!P. S. Part 2 of the tour will have to wait a little longer before uploading. The next day my cell phone went to bathe once too much in the Sallgast castle spring. Now I'm trying to save the photos. Gravitation coupled with clumsiness is such a thing ...

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    21 de junio de 2021

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